"When myth becomes truth, an unfortunate accident shall mark the rise of education and the return of dragons."

One of Jeni's predictions in Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster as well as one of numerous Eastern Vixen prophecies in Defenders of Earth

Jeni Lungu is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Romanian criminal and a member of the Romanian Vixens, the Romanian branch of the Eastern Vixens and alongside numerous others is one of many to know about the monsters plaguing the Earth in the 51st Century but only in the East.


She is a thirty year old Romanian woman with tanned skin, brown hair and green eyes. Alongside many of the other Romanian Vixens who wear traditional attire undercover as well as the Romanian sisterhood, Jeni is dressed in a Carpathian Shirt, a Fota or a richly-ornamented wrap-around skirt made out of a rectangular piece of woolen fabric worn at the waist and a headscarf or as it is known in Romania, a Marama.

Unlike her leader Stela Rudeanu who wears knee highs and character shoes, Jeni wears black sandals on her feet.


Many of the Vixens who are telepathic or otherwise know of the other monsters in the East of the world such as Alexandra Zhivkova and Boyana Strashilova are mystical and seemingly disconnected from reality but in the case of Jeni, she is said to live in cloud cuckoo land owing to her bizarre behaviorand soothsayer tendencies. This is also highlighted when she can be perfectly sane one minute and then end up rambling on the next all the while switching from one topic to another in quick succession.

Also, most of the Vixens who are mystical and know of the monsters are pretty soft spoken but Jeni takes up the ham acting scale to eleven and has the tendency to have no indoor voice which is believed to be the reason why the Romanian's hide underground instead of on land because of fears their cover will be blown.

Defenders of Earth

Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster:

Jeni is first seen with the other Romanian Vixens in their hideout in Wallachia seated on top of an Incan temple like structure within the hideout like an oracle. For the most part, she remains quiet until the new Romanian sisterhood leader Denisa Candea mentions merging the Sisterhood into the Vixens:

""Why did you come here?"

"I came with the intentions to integrate the Romanian sisterhood into your organisation. When I do, hopefully we can get revenge on those who kidnapped our six members including our leader!" Denisa exclaimed

"You are like many other criminals that are composed of women! You are brave!" Jeni declared. Denisa took this as admiration and replied with a strange sense of calm:

"Why not? To be a criminal, you need to be brave, you need to be nimble and you need to be...""
At this stage, Jeni stops listening and instead goes off on a rambling match equaled to the speech of a schizophrenic: Rambling with rapid switching from one topic to the other and the speech is so unintelligible that only one thing can be recovered from it:
"When myth becomes truth, an unfortunate accident shall mark the rise of education and the return of dragons."
This of course refers to the first events of Defenders where the Bulgarian Vixens' greed led them to steal from Firroth and has caused the rise of dragons all over the East. Just as Denisa is about to leave however, Jeni makes another prediction involving the return of Firroth and Kilarth as well as the rise of an un-named dragon at Transylvania yet does not describe their intentions. Following on from her predictions however, these events actually come true; at least, two of them do with the rise of Firroth and Kilarth.

Once the Sisterhood leave, Stela and Jeni are left alone while the other Romanian Vixens are changing into their uniforms where the latter praises Denisa's determination and drive into integrating the Sisterhood into the Vixens and while Stela does as well, she turns contemptuous when asking Jeni about anymore predictions and it is here where Jeni's no indoor voice is finally revealed:

"Those who have been outside may have seen a meteor shower, one was harmless but the second is deadly. Once the meteor crashes, it will unleash the Eight Headed Monster...The Human race will perish when the Hydra comes. As Zhakuh and Hydras pass, all that remains is a barren wasteland, a shell of a thriving community." Jeni replied. She also added another prediction:

"On this day, enemies will become allies to face the Eight Headed Monster. At the end, one shall rise, one shall fall and two will become Defenders of Earth."

"And who are those dragons who shall face the Eight Headed Monster?" asked Stela

"Those who shall face the monster are the King of the East, his one time opponent, and a third dragon. The dragon of sapphire. A dragon who shall awaken in Transylvania as the Hydra passes...while the King of the East shall face his second opponent. He had defeated the Eastern Tyrant; on this day, the King of the East SHALL PROVE HIMSELF WORTHY AS HUMANITY'S PROTECTOR!" Jeni ranted."
Once Saphira arrives at the Carpathian Mountains to confront Firroth and Kilarth, Jeni becomes a huge source of concern to her leader because once Saphira roars at the pair, the Vixen starts to act as though she is having an epileptic seizure and also acts as if she is dying.

Jeni's fit not only causes concern from Stela but also the rest of the Vixens in Romania, however Jeni is still alive and is actually trying to find out more about the dragons; when she does, Jeni learns of Saphira's attempts to get Firroth and Kilarth to put their differences aside and help in a larger fight with Zhakuh but they refuse with Firroth stating that monsters hate humans and humans hate them to which Kilarth agrees.

But also mentioned in the fight between the three dragons is another dragon known as Venia who Firroth claims he's ten times the king that this dragon is.