James Harrison is a character from The Mammal Wars. He is a British judge who is involved in the trial and sentencing of criminal Forbflaith Hennessy.

Harrison is not to be confused with the British Junta general James Harrison depicted in Invasion of the Reptiles


Like his colleagues William Houghton, Nikolaus Clements, Charles Williamson and Grayson Randall, Harrison bears resemblance to a real life person thanks to the fact he is based on Gordon Ramsay which is suitable, given the fact that Ramsay's full name is Gordon James Ramsay.

He is a fifty year old British man with fair skin, brown eyes and blonde, wild looking hair. It is also said that of Clements and Houghton he is the most suitably dressed as Harrison wears navy blue trousers, a white shirt, a navy blue waistcoat, a navy blue blazer and a black judge robes but seemingly no tie.


Alongside prosecution judge Grayson Randall, Harrison is one of the more belligerent judges involved in Forbflaith's trial and it is also for good reason that he is chosen to pass her sentence given the fact that Forbflaith expresses no remorse or responsibility whatsoever. Unlike Randall and Houghton however who also appear in sketches of University Challenge and The Chase respectively, he is also considered the most serious judge, having no other occupation outside of law.

The Mammal Wars

Seslinian the Invincible:

At the end of the trial of Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, Harrison is the last judge to enter the courtroom in Salisbury to deliver sentence. However, when Houghton sentences Katja he remains quiet and waits until the distressed scientist leaves the courtroom ready to serve her sentence; once Forbflaith is ordered to rise, the trial begins.

In contrast to Katja's trial, Forbflaith ends up with a particularly fiery one as shown:

""This is a lie! A barefaced lie spread by miserable activists! A lie in my face! My conscience is clear!" Forbflaith declared

"SILENCE!" Harrison bellowed and the scientist calmed down; "Would you MIND not being so rude?!" he added. Clements continued and asked her:

"Yes, I was saying, how do you plead?"

Forbflaith rolled her eyes and exclaimed: "How do I plead?! I plead not guilty!"

Clements turned to the much more abrasive Randall and asked the man; "Randall, how do you find the accused?"

Randall delivered his damning verdict in his regular abrasive tone, he was a lot more abrasive probably because he always used that technique and was younger; Randall was sixty five years old with white hair like Williamson, fair skin and brown eyes. His attire was the same as Williamson's as previously mentioned.

"Your honor, we find the accused guilty of all charges!" he declared. It was now time for Harrison to deliver his verdict:

"Forbflaith Hennessy, this court finds you guilty of all charges. By the power invested in me, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment in HMP Bronzefield and I hope that you are never released or transferred to another prison. Even if you are transferred, I hope the security will keep you there for the rest of your life."

As Harrison delivered his verdict, the only movement Forbflaith made was shaking her head then after the verdict, she exclaimed:

"You're not really sentencing me there, are you? You know I'm innocent, don't you?!"

"Goodbye Forbflaith! Get out! Get out..." Harrison seethed, but ultimately Forbflaith protested even more to the point he shouted: "GET! OUT!"

The scientist calmed down and police escorted her out of the room."

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