Ivana Atanasova Manoleva is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal and a member of the Bulgarian Vixens which is ultimately revealed as the Bulgarian branch of the Eastern Vixens.


She is a thirty year old Bulgarian woman with very fair skin like a vampire or the skin of Abigail Huntsman, blonde hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. Like the other Vixens shown in King of the East or who make their first appearance in King of the East such as her temporary leader Boyana Strashilova, her default form is not known but in disguise, Ivana is dressed in a black dress, a beige overcoat, black tights and cream flats.


Much of Ivana's personality is in a sense re-used from Abigail Huntsman from The Mammal Wars and before that The Yeti Factor; She has one of the best composures of the Vixens and is shown to be a lot more understanding than the much more easily irritated Victoria Nankova, especially towards Kalina Zhelyaskova when she claims to see another dragon in the skies.

It is also very rare for Ivana to lose her cool and she rarely puts herself forward for anything in the hope that she will be selected to do a particular task.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

Ivana is one of many Vixens to come to larger prominence in the story of King of the East along with the following Vixens:

Along with the rest of the Vixens, Ivana is first seen heading back to the Falcon Sanctum where she accepts her fall from grace alongside a few other Vixens such as Alexandra Zhivkova thanks to them never being allowed in public again for fears of being exposed, arrested and imprisoned or even worse being captured by either PHANTOM or the Lionesses of Turkey.

However, the Vixen's isolation does not last long when Ivana's true leader Stanislava Blagoeva phones another Vixen leader in the form of Yevgenia Agrafena who tells the Vixens to go into the dining room where they hear their instructions: The Vixens are to split into two groups with half leaving Bulgaria immediately by means of Sofia International Airport while the other half are to go to Burgas, collect all the arms left behind by the Army and leave Bulgaria through Burgas International Airport.

During these instructions, Ivana is placed in the group with Boyana Strashilova and the group to go to Burgas. After the briefing, Ivana and the other Vixens are told to change their clothes, pack their bags and be ready to leave Bulgaria at 8:30pm. When the time comes, all the Vixens are ready to leave and leave at 8:30 on the dot.

Because the only strict deadline set by Yevgenia was the time to leave the Falcon Sanctum, Boyana's group takes a diversion to the house of the sergeant who killed Firroth in Stranger of the Past where Ivana is pulled out of the truck and sits back in an attempt to make herself be chosen to kill the sergeant but when the job goes to Mira Adamova, she is sent back into the truck.

While Ivana is killing the sergeant, Ivana has to calm a worried Kalina Zhelyaskova but also becomes scared herself when she appears to see a huge figure in the sky. When she asks herself what it is, she attracts the attention of a friend of hers Vladimira Petrovaa; sooner or later, the sergeant is dead and the Vixens flee to the Burgas coast.

On the Burgas coast, the Vixens rush out of the truck and begin hurrying to take the guns for themselves and are further distracted by two things: Firroth and the figure that Ivana saw with Kalina...Tyrath. The latter kicks Firroth out of the sky although one of the Vixens believes that the flying figure is Firroth, but Boyana tells them:

"The dragon on the ground is Firroth! That one, is Tyrath!"
She then tells them of the dragons and that their battle signifies a power struggle between democracy (Firroth) and autocracy (Tyrath). The dragons fight each other as the Vixens watch on, but when Tyrath protects himself from Firroth's flames they can no longer watch on and instead continue to take the guns for themselves, at a speed they have never done before.

Once the guns are loaded, the Vixens speed away to their destination; Burgas International Airport and out of Bulgaria. At the airport, the Lionesses get there first and so they capture Boyana forcing the Vixens to leave Bulgaria without her; at their destination in Russia, Ivana reports Boyana's kidnapping which leads the Vixens to declaring war on PHANTOM.