Hester Cartidge is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of a group of students who are part of a resistance group fighting the Great Intelligence. Alongside her fellow students, Hester returns in The Mammal Wars.


She is a twenty four year old British woman who is probably the most unique student to be first met by the Eleventh Surgeon: While she is not unique in her appearance she is unique in her clothing because Hester's clothing consists of blue jeggings, black boots, a white top, a black belt, a black leather jacket and like Felicity Barbrige, her hands are almost always covered with black leather gloves.

Hester appears as a twenty four year old British woman with fair skin, brown eyes and black hair.


Hester is probably shown to be one of the most sophisticated students if not the most sophisticated student in the group because of her clothing. She is unique because of her clothing because Hester is usually seen dressed in leathers particularly with gloves, boots and a leather jacket.

This does not make her unique among female characters full stop however because many female characters wear leather clothing in one sense. When she is introduced, a friendship is hinted with Felicity Barbrige although whether Hester copies Felicitiy's style of dress or vice versa is not known.


The Surgeon stories:

The Yeti Factor:

Alongside four other girls including her leader Abigail Huntsman, Hester first appears in The Yeti Factor as part of a group of five girls who attack the Greyfriar's Kirkyard so that the Surgeon and his sole companion Ghazal Rashidi can escape from the cemetery. When the girls also retreat, it is presumed that Hester releases the girl's own Yeti into the cemetery to attack the Yeti controlled by the Great Intelligence.

As the two Yeti groups fight, Hester retreats with the girls to Edinburgh Castle and is the last girl to be introduced by Abigail but before any further explanations can be decided the group head to a new location: The Kirk of the Canongate. On the way, Hester further sees more Robot Yeti attacking civilians in the streets.

At the Kirkyard on the other hand, Hester gets into an argument with Felicity and Ghazal which ends with her being threatened by Abigail that if she or Felicity behave that way again then the both of them will be handed over to the Yeti to which Hester begrudgingly backs down.

Hester is later shown entering the chapel of the Kirkyard with her group and looks keen when she hears Abigail shouting to a shadowy figure in the distance because she knows who that figure is: The figure is revealed as Abigail's second in command Amelia Bedingfield.

She watches Amelia's girls introduce themselves to the Surgeon and Ghazal before eventually merging with the other girls and is dismissed to mix with other people in the room. When the Surgeon and Ghazal return from Greyfriar's Kirkyard, Hester is seen mixing with other girls but is called to attention when they return.

Hester listens attentively when the Surgeon declares that he is going to help the resistance take back Earth from the Great Intelligence but unlike her leader, Abigail is fully confident in helping the Surgeon take back Earth when he takes control over the students. This is shown because when Abigail tells the Surgeon "I choose Hester." she takes a big stride forward and joins the Surgeon's side ready to help him.

While the Surgeon leaves Ghazal with the resistance, Hester joins the Surgeon's side with Kierra on the journey to the Outlook Tower. But on the way there, she ends up in a trance and sings a discrediting song that is meant to hinder the journey to the Tower; however, she snaps herself out of it and continues on to the tower.

At the tower, the Surgeon allows the girls to leave him so he can enter the Outlook Tower on his own but they refuse with Kierra being especially vocal and while Hester opposed him, she soon gives in and enters the tower with the Surgeon...all the way to Earth's master.

During the search inside the Camera Obscura, Hester and the Surgeon are attracted to the alien's prisoner by Kierra who reports seeing one of the students tied to a chair seemingly in a state of exhaustion: That student is Eleanor Davidson. As Hester and Kierra begin to untie Eleanor, they are halted by a gun cocking which causes them to turn to the source of the sound: Clarissa Wainwright, the student who was hypnotized by the Great Intelligence.

Alongside Kierra, Hester is held hostage by Clarissa but expresses frustration and irritation when the Surgeon does not care about being held hostage...until it is shown that when the Surgeon and his accomplices reached Eleanor, he ordered the girls to untie her. But when Clarissa came along, they only managed to untie her ankles...the result is that Clarissa is on the receiving end of a very powerful kick similar to that of a Cassowary or an Ostrich.

Once Clarissa has been tied up by Eleanor, Hester and Kierra take her prisoner and are ordered to take Clarissa back to the Kirk of the Canongate. At the Kirkyard, Hester joins the resistance in turning Clarissa back to normal by impregnating her with The Human Factor and further joins them when they make their journey up to the Camera Obscura.

Despite accompanying him alongside Kierra Hastings to the Camera Obscura, Hester is ultimately abandoned with the rest of the students to the Great Intelligence which is destroyed.

The Mammal Wars:

Return to Buckinghamshire:

Hester returns in The Mammal Wars where she is no longer a student and instead acts as a criminal. The name of her original group is also changed to "Britain's Angels" all of whom have the ambition to integrate into the Vixen criminal organization or rather its British branch and become Vixens themselves, like the Romanian sisterhood in the East.

She first appears with the rest of her gang at the Buckinghamshire New University in the events hall, a building that has been abandoned a month prior to the events of The Mammal Wars and like the rest of the Angels, listens attentively to what her leader is telling them; unlike Felicity Barbrige however who is distracted by the sound of whooping and two shadowy figures, Hester remains focused.

That is, until the whoops start to get more louder and frequent at which point, the Angels become slowly scared and think that the source of the whooping is coming for them. In High Wycombe, the Angels as well as the whole of Buckinghamshire ignore the warning to stay at home and instead come out in the open to see "Superfox" as their children call him.

But it's also here where the Angels and most of Buckinghamshire see more of the whooping animal; they see that it has a sloping spine which makes it out to be some kind of hyena, but that's it. The only other thing that the animal receives is a name, courtesy of Felicity Barbrige who names it "Jomnune".

The Angels are forced to watch another animal appear: The Shadow Cat as Clementine Galbraith calls it but what Felicity Barbrige calls Vlaasarak who actually goes to fight Jomnune alongside Seslinian. Once the fight goes to Sheephouse Wood, Abigail declares that the Angels will expand even with the threat of The Mammal Wars.

Outback Vixen:

Along with the rest of the Angels, Hester is forced undercover by a combination of Jomnune and the British government who have activated Operation Temperer which has deployed 2,550 armed police officials on the streets all over the United Kingdom, forcing not only the Angels undercover but the organization which they wish to integrate themselves into: The British Vixens.

Despite this though, the Angels are still determined not to let this stop their expansion and during a speech made by her leader, she takes her place in front of Abigail with the rest of the Angels and cheers as Abigail makes the declaration of:

"I promised that the Angels would get an expansion, and Abigail has always kept her promises. Jomnune may have forced police onto the streets but he hasn't taken away our freedom and if we are to get into the Vixens then we have to be brave. This time, neither soldier nor hyena will prevent us from expanding! And that is not a promise but it is something that will happen!"

During the night, the Angels capture eleven teenage girls to be used as Angels and Felicity is leading a group to get one more; that girl is Charlotte Burton. However, Felicity's behavior results in a number of issues: Her team does not trust her and also, thanks to the presence of four animals in the form of Seslinian, a Siberian Tiger she names Kaulos, the figure of Jomnune and a Tasmanian Devil that was previously sighted in Leeds.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

Following on from Outback Vixen, Clarissa remains as part of the Angels where she is first seen in the Buckinghamshire New University gym in front of a projection of the face of Claribel Bloodworth, the now leader of the British Vixen branch, having previously served in the military in The Super Soldiers.

Now as part of the Angels, Claribel orders Hester to reveal her captive which Cartridge does when she unmasks the Angels' eight prisoner Madeleine Taylor.