Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967) Restored end titles

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967) Restored end titles.

The song's tune. This is also used for the song "Hermann Fegelein" about the song's subject Fegelein.

For the character, see: Helga Blankenburg

The song version of Helga Blankenburg is a song written for the Cold War II series. It is only used at the end of each story and is sung about the story's protagonist Helga Blankenburg.


Captain Scarlet - End Credits (1967)

Captain Scarlet - End Credits (1967)

The song's instrumental tune only used at the end of Operation Viking.

"Helga Blankenburg" is used since the end of The Defector but an instrumental version only plays at the end of Operation Viking while the first story Agent to Prisoner has no end credits.

The music was conceived from a song wrote for Downfall parodies detailing the seeming indestructibility of Hermann Fegelein who is depicted as not being able to die no matter how many times his worst enemy tries to kill him.

But the only difference in this song is that Fegelein appears to be indestructible whilst Helga is not. Both songs however feature the tune to the end theme of Captain Scarlet however. This tune and similar lyrics are also used for the red fox kaiju Seslinian in The Mammal Wars and is used from The King of the Fells to Call of the Cats, even when the Animals gain the power of speech.


Helga Blankenburg
She's the one who knows her enemy's game
And things they plan.

Helga Blankenburg
To her Eastern foes, a dangerous name (Later changed "To foes East and West, a dangerous name" owing to the appearance of the Syndicate as a recurring antagonist)
A supergirl.
They crash her, and her body may burn
They smash her, but they know she'll be back to fight again.

Helga Blankenburg
As her agents are flying, wing to wing
Into the scene.

Helga Blankenburg
Though her enemies plan to conquer the West (Later changed to "Though the Syndicate plans to conquer the West")
The West's finest agent will show what she's worth

Helga Blankenburg.