The location of the heirs and heiresses in the story (Highlighted in blue).

The Heirs and Heiresses depicted on this wiki are characters from The Rise and Fall of Veronica Ravenshaw. They are among Britain's most wealthiest people.


Based largely in the South of England, the ambiguously named heirs and heiresses are not actually the name of an organization despite the claims to the contrary, in fact they are heirs and heiresses to either political families, their own families personal wealth or other heir.

None of them however are royalty. They are also well known for some of their integrity which becomes doubtful at one of them which is the titular Veronica Ravenshaw. By the end of the story, only one of them remains alive: Kate Akroyd.

It is also important to know that while some of these have the same surnames as agents of the European Intelligence Network, none of them are related to any agents.

The heiresses

Name Age
Veronica Ravenshaw 34
Kate Akroyd 28
Alice Bancroft 37
Abigail Basford 33
Anna Baskerville 36
Beatrice Armstead 29
Belinda Attenborough 25
Angela Barleycorn 36
Bridget Alerman 38
Bronwen Arnold 26
Cadence Armfield 33
Celia Beckford 22
Charmaine Bingham 33
Charlotte Bloodworth 31
Clementine Blackman 39
Denise Bonniwell 32
Elizabeth Benedict 23
Gwendolyn Beardsley 26
Henrietta Bottomley 32
Jacqueline Bowers 29
Kathleen Bromley-Davenport 36
Judith Brimson 34
Millicent Braithewait 28
Narcissa Camden 36
Penelope Collingwood 36
Satyana Dallinger 25
Sylvia Davenport 27
Talitha Davidson 25
Vanessa Copinger 32
Victoria Culver 32

The heirs

Name Age
Andrew Dawson 36
Archibald Creelman 37
Bramwell Eastwood 42
Bertram Eggleton 39
Cardew Farnworth 23
Cuthbert Eagleman 25
Darryl Firestone 35
Albert Gillingham 37
George Hackman 29
Gilbert Havey 30
Ashton Goldsmith 44
Gordon Harrelson 39
Hudson Greenwood 32
Julian Hardwick 46
Maximilian Hastings 32
Osric Hetherington 26
Philip Heseltine 48
Victor Cosgrove 38
Vincent Heathfield 30
Charles Henson 32
Samuel Gilbert 30