Hannele Keskisuari is a character from the Cold War II series. She is a member of the Scandinavian Alliance although she is often mistaken as a member of The Company which is based in East Asia.

Alongside the rest of the Scandinavian Alliance, Hannele returns as an antagonist in the series' spin off The Recruits.


She is a twenty eight year old Finnish woman with fair skin, black hair and brown eyes. As Hannele attacks Benjamin Simmons, she wears a black leather bodysuit with black leather gloves and high heels but after she hogties him, she takes her shoes off.

The Cold War II series

Agent to Prisoner:

As with other characters in the story such as Graham Johnson and Helga Blankenburg, Keskisuari only plays a minor role so her character is not quite so developed. At first, she appears alongside other Finnish women being briefed by her leader Aila Kekkonen about a mission that involves a kidnapping of two British applicants for the European Intelligence Network: Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons.

Hannele is later shown as the main woman who attacks Benjamin after hiding in a room. When the other Scandinavian women force him in Keskisuari attacks him and tapes his mouth shut before taping him into a hogtie. Afterwards, she takes her shoes off and spanks him. Hannele teases him for a second then wraps tape around his eyes blindfolding him and spanks him again.

Finally, Hannele holds Benjamin between her legs and spanks his left leg as he cries out in pain, she then shakes him for a period of time before leaving him alone. The next day, Hannele is present when the Scandinavian women continue to attack Emma and Benjamin even appearing to film the attacks and their final fate. Her actual boss Hannu Elomaa is described as being "quite satisfied" with the video that was shot.

Owing to her humiliation of Benjamin, Keskisuari features quite prominently on a video that is watched also by the E.I.N. The technique would also be repeated on Noah Kimberly towards the end of Joy and Punishment before he and the other three boys Jesse Fairchild, Benjamin Greaves and Gabriel Eaton are put in BDSM one last time.