Hajnalka Farago (or by her country's naming conventions Farago Hajnalka) is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Hungarian criminal who is a member of the Hungarian Vixens, the Hungarian branch of the Eastern Vixens.


In her first appearance, Hajnalka is described as someone who could not have been a better person to lead the operation to bring Boyana Strashilova out of Turkey and into Hungary until she can be taken back into Bulgaria; She is a thirty year old Hungarian woman with tanned skin, raven coloured hair and blue eyes which makes her one of two Vixens to be modelled on a Batman character along with Beatrix Pap as she is modelled on Red Claw from the animated series.

What makes Hajnalka someone who could not have been a better person as a leader, is her design as she is described as being much more toned, muscular and well built than most female characters in literature (many other women in literature have a fairly muscular build but also possess more feminine characteristics). She wears a crimson leather catsuit with black knee length boots.


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Defenders of Earth

Nightmare's Hell:

Along with Katalin Balog, Anita Szucs, Eniko Boros, Beatrix Pap, Evelin Molnar and Hanna Szabo, Hajnalka is one of seven Vixens brought to Vixen leader Bianka Halasz by Izabella Bognar, Bianka's second in command. In front of Bianka, she is told the situation by Bianka: Boyana Strashilova had been captured during the events of King of the East when Yevgenia Agrafena ordered a mass exodus from Vixen territories into Russia and since the events of King of the East, the Vixens have been sent back to their home countries.

Boyana, on the other hand, has been taken to Turkey to see the rise of Sarmeyzmal and when the dragon rose from Turkey, she took advantage of the Lionesses being distracted by the dragon that she fled until she broke down at the westernmost border crossing with Syria (35.905°N and 36.010°E).

Halasz tells the seven Vixens in front of her that it is their mission to find Boyana and bring her back to Hungary because of the huge presence of PHANTOM in Bulgaria as well as the huge amounts of police and military patrols in the country. In charge of the operation, is Hajnalka who witnesses the aircraft that Bianka has prepared for the Vixens' operation: A Mil-Mi 24 helicopter.

Hajnalka is the leader of the operation as the oldest of the Vixens present, and she installs Evelin Molnar as the helicopter's pilot while she is on the bottom cockpit of the helicopter (because unlike other helicopters, the Mil-Mi 24 has two cockpits) and the other Vixens are in the cabin. In the cabin, the Vixens end up coming across a shadowy dragon like figure and while Farago wants to fire it, she is warned not to by Hanna Szabo who says that the figure is friendly so Hajnalka reluctantly complies.

Once the Vixens enter Turkey and Julmunvu flies away much faster, Hajlanka orders the Vixens back into the helicopter cabin and has the helicopter lowered. But the helicopter appears to fly at 150 feet, which is considered to be a low flying helicopter by military standards so the helicopter is raised to 200 feet; at this level, the Vixens are in a Morton's fork situation: They either low fly and get spotted by either the Lionesses or the Turkish Army or Air Force or they fly too high and miss Boyana, leaving the Vixen stranded at another Morton's fork situation: She either goes back to the lionesses or crosses the border to Syria and risks capture by the Syrian Army or GARGOYLE, an ally of PHANTOM.

Eventually, the Vixens reach Boyana and recover her from the Turkish-Syrian border...but Hanna's behaviour earlier, forces Hajnalka to depart immediately or, according to Hanna, there will be no Hungary to go back to. This in turn, creates the effect of Boyana hanging on for dear life from a trailing ladder in spite of the other Vixens in the cabin pulling her into the helicopter.