A physical representation of Grozdana. This suit is also worn by many E.I.N agents.

Grozdana Lyudmilova Ruseva is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens which is ultimately revealed as the Bulgarian branch of a criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens.


She is a twenty nine year old Bulgarian woman with tan skin, blonde hair with fairly short hair which is about the length of Polish scientist Katja Naganowska from the Surgeon stories and the Defenders spin off The Mammal Wars and blue eyes (although in Stranger of the Past, Grozdana's hair is described as being "longer than a bob cut but shorter than the likes of Stanislava Blagoeva and Borislava Ilseva.)

Like fellow Vixen Miroslava Blagoeva, Grozdana normally wears a purple latex catsuit with black boots. The only differences are that Grozdana's suit is much darker and she also wears a black corset around her waist like Alexandra Zhivkova and a few other Vixens.


Despite initially conspiring with Alexandra Zhivkova to steal a huge amount of money, Grozdana is shown to be fairly untrustworthy because while she conspires with Alexandra to steal the money, she then reveals that the Vixens could get even richer because of a hoard of gold that is rumored to be residing in the Bulgarian mountains and is guarded by a dragon known as Firroth.

This results in Alexandra giving her a death stare but Ruseva does not seem to care and is one of a few Vixens to sit back while the others eagerly put themselves forward to steal from the dragon.

Defenders of Earth

Stranger of the Past:

Alongside Alexandra Zhivkova, Borislava Ilseva, Bogomila Gavrilova and Miroslava Blagoeva, Grozdana is part of a second bunch of Vixens that put forward the amount of loot that they have stolen and she is also the last conspirator to be called out by Alexandra to put her loot forward out of just three Vixens (Borislava Ilseva has already put herself forward by this point).

Once Stanislava has praised her women heavily, Grozdana spills details about the fact that the Vixens could become even richer thanks to a hoard of gold being rumored to be found in the Bulgarian mountains and which is guarded by a dragon known as Firroth. The story reveals that she learns of the dragon legend thanks to Alexandra Zhivkova who is revealed as one of the Vixens alongside Boyana Strashilova to know about the dragon and indeed the other Dragons in the series.

As the Vixens excitedly put themselves forward to steal from the dragon, Grozdana holds back but to no avail because the job eventually goes to one of Grozdana's conspirators Miroslava Blagoeva. Once the thief has been chosen, the Vixens head to the mountains to make themselves even richer.

King of the East:

Grozdana is first being shown in the Falcon Sanctum with the other members of the Vixens who are complaining about not being able to return to their days of adventure but their complaints are soon hushed when Stanislava phones another Vixen leader and once she hangs up, orders the Vixens into the dining room.

Inside the dining room, Ruseva listens intently with the other Vixens to the instructions given by the voice of Yevgenia and alongside the other nine Vixens seen in Stranger of the Past is selected by Stanislava to leave Bulgaria instantly and once the briefing is over she is dismissed to get ready to leave with the other Vixens. An hour later, Grozdana joins the Vixens on their way to leave Bulgaria and is one of many to board the truck to leave Bulgaria immediately; i.e. to Sofia International Airport.

Within hours, the group that left Bulgaria immediately have their destination revealed: Russia and Russia is also the destination of thousands of other Eastern women who are actually other branches of what is known as the Vixens of the East otherwise known as the Eastern Vixens. But Grozdana is also reunited with the other Bulgarian section sent to Burgas and at the end of the story is shown paying close attention to the Vixen leaders and cheering when they declare war on PHANTOM.

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