Graham Johnson is a character from the Cold War II series. He is the head of the European Intelligence Network in the Cold War II series and its spin off The Recruits; in The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow set twenty four years later in 2139, he is replaced by Harriet Gathercole which makes the E.I.N even more of a chromosome organization.


He is a forty five year old man with dark hair greying at the sides, fair skin and blue eyes. He typically wears a grey trousers, a white shirt, a red tie and a grey jacket though his suit typically varies between stories.


Johnson may be the head of the European Intelligence Network but because of the fact he only makes rare appearances, not much of his personality is known compared to other characters in the series such as his finest agent Helga Blankenburg or one of the E.I.N's enemies Rahman Ali Khan, the head of the Arab Syndicate. Johnson's personality is even sketchy at the end of his first appearance Agent to Prisoner because alongside Helga and his deputy Noah Young he only appears at the very end.

However, he is shown to have a very different reaction to the videos shown to him by his deputy of Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons in Scandinavian captivity: Unlike many Scandinavians such as Hanuu Elomaa or possibly Grete Hassel who are said to be quite satisfied about the fates of Emma and Benjamin, Johnson experiences a sense of distress as he feels like he has seen enough of them being humiliated by the Alliance. But he is also confident about sending Helga Blankenburg to Scandinavia even if he brushes off Noah's concerns that Emma and Benjamin are not secret agent material.

Perhaps one thing that Johnson does for his agents is care for them and it is no surprise that many younger agents (particularly recruits, even without any propaganda) view him as a Sergeant Rock type character; but his leadership of the E.I.N begins troubling him after Hostage of the Desert and especially in Destroy Helga Blankenburg where he is reluctantly forced to send a bounty hunter after one of his own agents; but he compensates her by having her take a month absence with her assignments being taken over by her best friend.

The Cold War II series

The Scandinavian trilogy:

Agent to Prisoner:

Johnson only appears at the end of this story, the only time he does so because when he appears in the series, he often appears at the beginning to brief agents on missions. In this case, he and Noah alongside the Scandinavian Alliance become spectators of a video which circulates around the world even appearing to an extent in the news. This video concerns two applicants of the European Intelligence Network Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons and contains footage of them being attacked by the Scandinavian Alliance. Largely the women in the Alliance.

Only footage of the couple being attacked by the Scandinavian women however unlike in Scandinavia where the whole package is shown.

Unlike most members of the Alliance, the video distresses Johnson enough for him to tell his deputy Noah Young to turn the video off. However, when Noah becomes concerned the pair aren't exactly secret agent material as other agents in the organization Johnson brushes his concerns aside but becomes concerned himself because the Alliance could end up killing the pair and he has no idea of their next moves. In the last part of the story, he calls Helga Blankenburg to his office and tells her that when the E.I.N find out the Alliance's next scheme, they will send her in.

Operation Viking:

Unlike Agent to Prisoner where he appeared at the end alongside Noah Young and Helga Blankenburg, Johnson now appears at the near enough beginning of Operation Viking where he tells Helga that he wants her to listen to the last recording of one of their agents working in Scandinavia who was killed at the border between Sweden and Denmark.

Once Noah replies that the recording highlights their worst fears, Johnson gives Helga her first brief of the series: The Scandinavian Alliance have built a secret missile installation in Sweden and unless they are paid a quarter of a billion euros in ten days time, they will fire the missiles on Europe's major cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome and London.

After Noah concludes that the result would set Europe at civil war, Johnson tells Helga that the missile base must be destroyed with particular emphasis on "Must".

The Defector:

Johnson is first seen again in The Defector, the finale of the Scandinavian trilogy where he tells Helga everything about her current mission: To go into Scandinavia and recover two hostages of the Alliance; Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons. However, he tells her that while she is going to Oslo, she has to go to Finland because there is someone who she is going to rendezvous with:

That somebody is the titular Defector, Katri Peltonen. She is helping Helga because she knows the Alliance inside out and knows all its security systems, having served there for an inexplicable time period. At the end of the story, he appears in the E.I.N offices in Berlin where he meets Helga having rescued the hostages and learns they are E.I.N applicants.

Hearing of their capture and coming to the conclusion they won't make E.I.N material, Johnson sends Helga outside while he berates Emma and Benjamin, tears up their application forms and sends them back to England in disgrace; he then sends Helga back in and tells her that the Alliance have now gone dormant and she will have many other enemies to face.

Part 1:

Enemy in Silence:

At the start of Enemy in Silence, Johnson's promise of Helga facing more of her rogue's gallery (The Company, the Scandinavian Alliance later faced by E.I.N recruits in The Recruits, the Arab Syndicate, the Union of Terrorist, Organized Crime and Insurgent Protection, the Jewish-Arab Alliance and with time, the Syndicate and Company for the Sheltering of Crime figures and members in Latin America and Europe) is kept when he gives her a mission involving the Arab Syndicate.

The mission that Johnson briefs her on, concerns a submarine by the name of "The Medusa" which had been launched earlier that day by the Syndicate. Despite the Syndicate expelling all Western forces from the Middle East countries that it rules, Johnson reminds Helga that the E.I.N has operatives in West Turkey which are often sent on missions to the Middle East.

He tells her all the information about the Medusa including the fact it has no crew and the Syndicate are aiming to use it for some unknown purpose. Once he gives her the necessary details, Johnson sends Helga to HMNB Portsmouth, the same naval base that would be re-used (in-universe) by PHANTOM as a means to take the Women of the Night to Russia.

Pattern of Vengeance:

In the story Pattern of Vengeance, Johnson has a much smaller role than he would eventually come to have in later series (Johnson's role is still minor, but at least he actually has a role) owing to Helga's independent investigation. Following the reports of a serial killer spree that is targeting the Black Sun Neo Nazi group, Johnson tries to phone Helga to come to his offices immediately but she refuses and hangs up impulsively.

But after barely escaping with her life after an encounter with Alfred Deutschmann, Helga decides to see Johnson and it is here where he gives her two things: The first thing consists of three weapons with which he hopes will help her put an end to the killing spree in the form of a taser, a throwing knife and a switch blade.

The second thing that Johnson gives to Helga is a source of information that could give her a better fix on the serial killer; an anesthesiologist (and unknown to the E.I.N, member of the Thunderspirit organization) Oswald Steinbrinck.

Hostage of the Desert:

The story Hostage of the Desert marks Johnson's return after Helga's independent investigation of the Black Sun murders in Pattern of Vengeance where he is also back to tradition of briefing Helga her mission of the story. In this instance, he first appears in person at the E.I.N offices in Berlin briefing Helga on her latest mission:

A day prior to the mission briefing, E.I.N agent Neslihan Kaya was sent to what is revealed to be Nepal to steal plans for a machine that U.T.O.C.I.P has intentions for building to use against the West and while she successfully stole the plans, Neslihan was shot down over the Keyseri province. Helga's mission is that she is to find Neslihan before an East Turkish search party.

Some hours later, Helga returns with Neslihan who brings with her the plans that she stole from U.T.O.C.I.P which she reveals as blueprints for the war machine; unfortunately, these turn out to be the only things that Neslihan was able to steal because U.T.O.C.I.P forced her away from their base. In return, while Johnson figures out what to do with the"blueprints, he sends Helga and Neslihan to Nepal to investigate further into U.T.O.C.I.P's war machine scheme.

Enemy of Nightmares:

In normal stories in the Cold War II series, Johnson is seen in his office either on his own (as in Hostage of the Desert) or with his deputy in the form of Noah Young (as in Operation: Viking). In Enemy of Nightmares however, he appears with much more men which is said to make him all the more unnerving. These people include his deputy Noah Young, his quartermaster Wallace Huntington and some Army generals and scientists.

He also first appears on a big screen that is seen in E.I.N headquarters across multiple different countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, West Turkey, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Russia where he delivers the following speech:

"Good morning, ladies. Since 2115, the world has been fighting a war of nerves against each other and we are just one of many combatants. But since the rise and fall of the Holy Roman Empire, wars have traditionally been fought with humanity; and while human kind has evolved to include weapons such as tanks and other advanced armour, humans still make up the principal soldiers.

But today, introduces a new form of soldier: Yesterday or so, the E.I.N sent an agent to Nepal to steal plans for a war machine from U.T.O.C.I.P. We don't know what they intended to use it for. But their original usage for this war machine is irrelevant because we now have those plans. I am now allowing you to witness an additional assistant to the Armies across Western Europe..." 
Johnson finally steps aside to reveal the product of what the plans that were stolen from U.T.O.C.I.P in Hostage of the Desert: An eight foot tall demonic looking machine with a barrel like torso, a face that resembles a jack o lantern, two metal prods that look like horns, red eyes, a red mouth, a silver finish and limbs that look just like a Terminators; only more realistic.

As Johnson unveils this machine, it comes to scare the agents because of its face and its sheer implacability because it is said to march right at the E.I.N agents as if it is going to smash through the screen. What doesn't help the machine's fearsome establishment is that the camera lingers on a full body shot of it while Johnson remains offscreen to reveal its name "The Mechanized Eradication Technology" otherwise known as the "M.E.T".

Once the presentation is over, Johnson experiences a supposed mutiny from one of his finest agents who calls herself conflicted over whether to believe he's either brave for using the stolen U.T.O.C.I.P plans like this or stupid which isn't helped by the fact this machine has an A.I installed in it and Helga is worried if it goes rogue only to be brushed aside by Johnson who further threatens to call security on her. This in turn results in Helga storming out of the office.

Trial of an Agent:

Two weeks after the Legion attacks depicted in Enemy of Nightmares, Johnson summons Helga to his office though not to brief her on a mission (which was an original draft for the story before the wiki founder switched to U.T.O.C.I.P sending out a fake arrest warrant, then back to the arrest warrant) but to reconcile with her and give her an apology for the events of Enemy of Nightmares.

But what Johnson doesn't know is that outside his office is the mysterious woman seen at the end of Enemy of Nightmares and she sends in a scorpion as if she intends to poison him just as Helga leaves the office. As Helga leaves the office, the mysterious woman's intentions are revealed:

The scorpion comes onto Johnson's desk and plugs itself into a computer to reveal the boshiya clad woman who reveals that this scorpion is one of just two that has been sent to the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany or as its known the Bundesverfassungsgericht. She gives Johnson and indeed the judges at the Bundesverfassungsgericht an ultimatum:

Both parties have forty eight hours to extradite Helga to Bangladesh or U.T.O.C.I.P will send agents to kill any E.I.N agents in Europe. The woman further blackmails Johnson by telling him that he must not send any other agents to Bangladesh, or Helga will be presumably killed or tortured and finally cuts off. During the message, the woman further reveals that U.T.O.C.I.P have sent a warrant to the Bundesverfassungsgericht for Helga's arrest.

The next day, Johnson gets in touch with the chief of the Bundespolizei or Federal police, asking to be put through to the chief of police who also learns about the arrest warrant sent to the Bundesverfassungsgericht by U.T.O.C.I.P owing to the judges' contact and the police have also been contacted by U.T.O.C.I.P by the same scorpion that was sent to the Federal Constitutional Court and the E.I.N office.

Over the line, Johnson reluctantly calls for Helga's arrest which is the last time he is featured in the story.

Destroy Helga Blankenburg:

The story Destroy Helga Blankeburg marks Johnson's last appearance in the series' first part, where in the story he first appears in the same way as he does in Pattern of Vengeance: As a voice over the phone line when he phones her regarding the Black Sun Murders, three members of whom have had their throat slit.

In the morning, he tries to get Helga to see into these murders but becomes scared by her change in voice tone, changing from the normal voice he is used to, to a much more deep and raspy tone and especially becomes more frightened by Helga when she begins to show desire to tear the Black Sun apart.

During the conversation, Helga cuts off and begins to do what she promised to do: Tear the Black Sun apart. Indeed, the Black Sun does get torn apart; and a fellow E.I.N agent contacts Johnson regarding the Black Sun with the agent in question being Helga's best friend Selma Achenbach, as revealed back at the E.I.N office.

Going by what Selma tells him about the Black Sun murders and the headquarters of the Black Sun being burned down, Johnson is faced with an even more horrible decision: He is going to have to kill one of his finest agents and with that, he orders Selma to find Helga before the E.I.N does; when Selma runs away, Johnson gets on the phone to the E.I.N secretary George Wilson and asks to get his car down to the E.I.N office right away.

While Selma goes after the one responsible for the Black Sun murders (which is revealed to be Helga), Johnson heads for another Schloss only this one is in Berlin: the Schonhausen Palace. At the palace, he comes across one of the world's most notorious bounty hunters: A man only known as Daemon who was training with a new jet pack designed to give him an aerial advantage, much like Boba Fett.

It is also Daemon's reputation that begins to truly scare Johnson because when the hunter says he doesn't come cheap, Johnson fails to provide him with hard he proposes a bank transfer instead. While Selma is also searching for Helga, Johnson reluctantly hires Daemon to carry out the story's titular command: Destroy Helga Blankenburg.

His reasoning: Since getting back from Bangladesh, Helga has become much more bloodthirsty and vicious than her usual self and it could be a matter of time before she begins to attack other E.I.N agents.

Part 2

The Gunrunners: