Graham Johnson is a character from the Cold War II series. He is the head of the European Intelligence Network in the Cold War II series and its spin off The Recruits; in The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow set twenty four years later in 2139, he is replaced by Harriet Gathercole.


He is a forty five year old man with dark hair greying at the sides, fair skin and blue eyes. He typically wears a grey trousers, a white shirt, a red tie and a grey jacket though his suit typically varies between stories.


Johnson may be the head of the European Intelligence Network but because of the fact he only makes rare appearances, not much of his personality is known compared to other characters in the series such as his finest agent Helga Blankenburg or one of the E.I.N's enemies Rahman Ali Khan, the head of the Arab Syndicate. Johnson's personality is even sketchy at the end of his first appearance Agent to Prisoner because alongside Helga and his deputy Noah Young he only appears at the very end.

However, he is shown to have a very different reaction to the videos shown to him by his deputy of Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons in Scandinavian captivity: Unlike many Scandinavians such as Hanuu Elomaa or possibly Grete Hassel who are said to be quite satisfied about the fates of Emma and Benjamin, Johnson experiences a sense of distress as he feels like he has seen enough of them being humiliated by the Alliance. But he is also confident about sending Helga Blankenburg to Scandinavia even if he brushes off Noah's concerns that Emma and Benjamin are not secret agent material.

The Cold War II series

The Scandinavian trilogy:

Agent to Prisoner:

Johnson only appears at the end of this story, the only time he does so because when he appears in the series, he often appears at the beginning to brief agents on missions. In this case, he and Noah alongside the Scandinavian Alliance become spectators of a video which circulates around the world even appearing to an extent in the news. This video concerns two applicants of the European Intelligence Network Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons and contains footage of them being attacked by the Scandinavian Alliance. Largely the women in the Alliance.

Only footage of the couple being attacked by the Scandinavian women however unlike in Scandinavia where the whole package is shown.

Unlike most members of the Alliance, the video distresses Johnson enough for him to tell his deputy Noah Young to turn the video off. However, when Noah becomes concerned the pair aren't exactly secret agent material as other agents in the organization Johnson brushes his concerns aside but becomes concerned himself because the Alliance could end up killing the pair and he has no idea of their next moves. In the last part of the story, he calls Helga Blankenburg to his office and tells her that when the E.I.N find out the Alliance's next scheme, they will send her in.

Operation Viking:

Unlike Agent to Prisoner where he appeared at the end alongside Noah Young and Helga Blankenburg, Johnson now appears at the near enough beginning of Operation Viking where he tells Helga that he wants her to listen to the last recording of one of their agents working in Scandinavia who was killed at the border between Sweden and Denmark.

Once Noah replies that the recording highlights their worst fears, Johnson gives Helga her first brief of the series: The Scandinavian Alliance have built a secret missile installation in Sweden and unless they are paid a quarter of a billion euros in ten days time, they will fire the missiles on Europe's major cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome and London.

After Noah concludes that the result would set Europe at civil war, Johnson tells Helga that the missile base must be destroyed with particular emphasis on "Must".

The Defector:

Johnson is first seen again in The Defector, the finale of the Scandinavian trilogy where he tells Helga everything about her current mission: To go into Scandinavia and recover two hostages of the Alliance; Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons. However, he tells her that while she is going to Oslo, she has to go to Finland because there is someone who she is going to rendezvous with:

That somebody is the titular Defector, Katri Peltonen. She is helping Helga because she knows the Alliance inside out and knows all its security systems, having served there for an inexplicable time period. At the end of the story, he appears in the E.I.N offices in Berlin where he meets Helga having rescued the hostages and learns they are E.I.N applicants.

Hearing of their capture and coming to the conclusion they won't make E.I.N material, Johnson sends Helga outside while he berates Emma and Benjamin, tears up their application forms and sends them back to England in disgrace; he then sends Helga back in and tells her that the Alliance have now gone dormant and she will have many other enemies to face.

Part 1:

Enemy in Silence:

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