The Force of Amazon is a superhero style organization from the planet of Yefreshan. They are the antagonists of The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington and ultimately become the main enemies of the Ladies in Leather.


The Force of Amazon also known as the Force of Amazons are a race of female humanoids with Amazonian style names from Yefreshan. The women are led by Clarissa also known as "The Black Ibis" who is the only Amazon not to have a Greek name. Becuase the Amazons are originally from Greek mythology, they are the third characters to come from Greek mythology alongside the Hydras from Defenders of Earth and the Chimera dinosaurs.

Unlike other characters, the Amazons have no ages and instead are recognized the same way supers are recognized: By a name and an alter ego but despite this, they have no superpowers like the Animals depicted in The Mammal Wars or the other monsters. The Amazons are responsible for capturing the Ladies in Leather and taking them to their home world of Yefreshan where they turn the former criminals into bondage slaves and put them through a whole amount of bondage.

When the Amazons turn the Ladies into bondage slaves, they are shown to be a lot nastier than Poppy Wright in Joy and Punishment when she and her friends put Jesse Fairchild and his friends into BDSM.

The actual Amazons

In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a race of female warriors in Greek mythology, who dwelt in the region of modern-day Ukraine. Two of the best known Amazon queens were Penthesilea, who took part in the Trojan War, and her sister Hippolyta, who was the owner of a magical girdle, given to her by the god of war Ares. The magical girdle was the object that Heracles had to recover to complete the fourth task given to him during the myth of the Labours of Heracles.

There were no men allowed to live together with the Amazons. However, in order to continue their race, once a year, the Amazons would visit a nearby tribe called Gargareans. After having sexual intercourse with them, the Amazons would return home; they would keep all baby girls that were born, but the male babies were either killed, sent to their fathers, or left in a forest to die of exposure to the elements.

The Amazons appeared in various Greek myths. In one of them, they attacked the region of Lycia, but were fended off by Bellerophon. They later attacked Phrygia, but were also defeated by the defending army, led by a young Priam, who later became the king of Troy. During the Trojan War, the Amazons, led by Queen Penthesilea, helped Priam defend his city; Penthesilea was killed by Achilles during a battle.

The Amazons depicted

Name Alter-ego
Clarissa "The Black Ibis"
Kluslyte "The Fearless Scepter"
Vuthya "The Dark Vindicator"
Kioarera "Black Burglar"
Glunthithoe "Lady Violet Falcon"
Boentoreto "The Unknown Soldier"
Obreocleia "Dire Shade"
Droulete "The Unwritten Mantis"
Emunara "The Jealous Hawk"

"Ruthless Robber"

Komyrea "The Elegant Hawk"
Grakdia "Aquila"
Neilkonia "The Violent Crook"
Rucdora "Agent Criminal Captor"
Ebruthyia "Dangerous Condor"
Nelene "The Naughty Shadow"
Blynousa "Silver Wolf"
Blarmynoe "The Burglar Breaker"
Rhulkoenara "The Ice Eagle"
Veosnousa "The Shadow Stranger"
Kilpesia "Skileld Lioness"
Dimnestra "The Deranged Thief"
Hiolthaesia "Miss Direction"
Gulkalyte "Naughty Falcon"
Cesiadia "The Outrageous Agent"
Bludaodora "Dire Shade"
Rulceyme "The Armed Illusionist"
Feomnalene "Black Spy"
Rinthaurera "Ice Puma"
Maophothyia "The Fearless Warrior"
Smoekigone "The Dark Hijacker"
Moucrera "The Huge Amazon"
Psochruthippe "Mystery Shadow"
Xourrhutane "The Vindicator"
Scechrupyte "Defiant Charmer"
Kiobruyme "The Quick Mantis"
Rhobrioyne "The Misty Kidnapper"
Chruphaocabe "The Ice Queen"
Riccleia "The Braze Siren"
Ytheonestra "The Eager Snipe"
Glapesia "The Black Agent"
Thentenoe "Jealous Owl"

"Molly Qule"

Felleis "The Deligious Falcon"
Smemecleia "The Red Robber"
Grikunousa "The Aggressiva Hawk"

"The Lonely Jackal"

Croucomeia "The Shadow Stranger"
Myanta "Young Mugger"
Griocyra "Silverclaw"
Bophadae "The Undefeated Warrior"
Indupyle "Crimson Plunderer"
Joxameia "Miss Behave"
Moudmulete "The Puzzling Asassin"
Moentothya "Violent Killer"
Nylcucyra "Mean Amazon"
Smachrudae "The Hollow Falcon"
Xoestaesia "The Confident Vixen"
Klathye "The Wandering Cheat"
Krioadia "Elegant Vulture"
Cliptethippe "Masked Stranger"
Brerioesia "The Dramatic Shadow"
Iophnapedo "Lady Dead Fiend"
Broebrouyche "Silver Scimitar"
Krouxiolyte "The Crimson Wolf"
Thuchreonia "Tricky Jackal"
Grarrunache "The Voiceless Warrior"
Clixscyra "Miss Judgement"
Irgeogone "Nasty Jackel"
Kraknia "Unwritten Siren"
Cloduadia "The Undefeated Shadow"
Jeolinara "The Tricky Amazon"
Achrepedo "Miss Ion"
Thybrithya "The Dark Siren"
Kraotoesia "Terrible Burglar"
Xeptoupyle "Macho Princess"
Moendrecyone "Queen Cobra"
Grurrhouyle "The Mighty Thief"
Krirgugea "The Mysterious Bat
Deondrehyia "Mistress Dead Conjurer"
Pratameia "The Quick Hawk"
Moulthupyte "The Aqua Daemon"
Kreidoecyra "Frightening Seer"
Preolene "Disembowler"
Reodeyope "The Talented Amazon"
Thidcyone "The Hollow Catwoman"
Griodrulyte "The Galactic Robber"
Feibrymeia "Last Angel"
Githuestris "The Naughty Freak"
Rhuthrouscyra "The Hungry Siren"
Bruxippe "The Impossible Fiend"
Uoedephale "Dark Warrior"
Sakoloyrbe "Warped Warrior"
Premnoda "The Nimble Assassin"
Criothrahaedra "Fallen Angel"
Munthoises "Agent Whispering Swan"
Mibroutane "The Fire Wolf"
Smedisose "The Colossal Criminal"
Xerolipe "Lady Lioness"
Todneira "Miss Guidance"
Blachroescyra "The Vengeful Siren"
Groephnioope "The Devilish Eagle"
Xerolipe "The Fearless Spirit"
Oudmonousa "Special Snipe"
Chrasteonache "Agent Fearless Mugger"
Glelcecleia "The Skilled Soldier"
Gloebroehydia "The Spooky Snipe"
Bloexhyses "The Jealous Mistress"
Scuhoe "The Panther"
Greoyleia "The Dynamic Sword"
Bliorgagone "The Thunder Tiger"
Scyphnaolene "The Catwoman"
Thoermoesose "Harsh Cat"
Eilkopeia "Miss Masher"£
Achriope "Countess Blue Trident"