A physical representation of Forbflaith and the dress she wears in Seslinian the Invincible.

Forbflaith Hennessy, also known as "The Irish Vixen", is a character from the Surgeon stories and the spin off to Defenders of Earth, The Mammal Wars.

She is an Irish scientist, criminal and eventual terrorist who is responsible for the creation of the red fox now known in England as Seslinian or by the British media "Superfox" in the latter and the alteration of several Blue Foxes in the former; in addition, Forbflaith alongside Katja Naganowska is the Surgeon's last human enemy in his first series (Jenna Lillywhite does not count because she reforms and eventually joins him on his travels).

In The Mammal Wars, Forbflaith eventually is forced to serve under PHANTOM until its demise and ultimately becomes a Vixen until its demise.



Forbflaith's original home, Newry.

Born in Newry in Northern Ireland, Forbfalith Hennessy is a wanted woman. She is an Irish scientist and criminal who is notorious among animal rights activists who have repeatedly called for her arrest because of her experiments which have been carried out largely on foxes and these experiments have been deemed animal cruelty and illegal.

However, her description and motives alter in her appearances: In the Surgeon stories, Forbflaith moves to Wiltshire to escape from the police who have been after her for a long time because they consider her experiments to be illegal however she has refuted any accusations that her experiments have killed her subjects. She is also on the run from terrorists because she fears that if her research got into the wrong hands, it could mean the end of the world.

When she returns in The Mammal Wars, Forbflaith is shown to be a lot more darker and is believed to make Seslinian as a weapon and does not care for anyone else who may die at her hands. Little does she know however that the fox she altered begins to defend England from even worse threats such as Blasteovark and Kouleton for instance.


Woman in a black latex catsuit with thigh high boots

The suit worn by Forbflaith after being brainwashed. She also wears this suit during her time as a Vixen.

While Forbflaith's description has changed over the course of her appearaces, her physical appearance always remains the same: She is a thirty one year old Northern Irish woman with very pale almost vampiric looking skin, green-grey eyes and raven colored hair that is often tied in a ponytail and while her physical description remains the same, Forbflaith's attire changes over her appearances:

In her first appearance, she wears a blood red blouse, a black knee length skirt, black tights, a white lab coat and black high heeled boots but in her return in Seslinian the Invincible, Forbflaith wears a purple dress with cream high heeled shoes that she takes off to escape from prison only to put them back on again in a laboratory in Buckinghamshire. Her lab coat also returns but it comes off when she's arrested by the Army and is also discarded when she is captured by PHANTOM.

After being captured by PHANTOM, Forbflaith wears her dress and heels for the whole of her imprisonment as well but once she gets out of imprisonment, she is made into a PHANTOM member; she is stripped of her dress and heels and instead wears a black leather catsuit and black thigh high boots.


Of the villains that the wiki founder has made, Forbflaith Hennessy is probably one of the most anticipated and well written largely because of her occupation: While some antagonists made by the wiki founder such as Radomir Pramatarov from Defenders of Earth are either criminals or terrorists, Forbflaith is a criminal but she also serves as a scientist.

In the most simple terms, Forbflaith is shown as a foil to another Irish scientist encountered by the Surgeon in the form of Maurice Callaghan; while Maurice is a well meaning scientist that eventually becomes taken over by Biollante, Forbflaith is a lot more sinister from day one and is shown as being a lot more callous and sinister particularly in her return in The Mammal Wars. And on top of that, her Mammal Wars incarnation also acts as a foil to her primary accomplice Katja Naganowska.

She also fits much criteria of a psychopath including never being able to accept the blame or fault for anything, usually blaming them on others and claiming that her experiments are for the greater good primarily in her first appearance. In her return however, Forbflaith is a lot more callous and misanthropic with no regard for human life; this is evidenced from the differences of motives for her experiments:

In the Surgeon stories, she creates Bounder or rather alters him to use him as a guard for Irish authorities or animal rights activists in Northern Ireland alongside other Blue Foxes in her captivity but in The Mammal Wars, she alters Seslinian but she also gives him the Rabies virus so she can use him as a weapon. Forbflaith is also one of the most anticipated villains made by the wiki founder because she was made to be used for the future so there was probably more time to think her through.


The Surgeon stories

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Widbrook Wood (geograph 2522197)

Widbrook Wood in Wiltshire, the base of Forbflaith in the Surgeon stories.

Like her associates Katja Naganowska and Jenna Lillywhite, Forbflaith first appears in Bounder and the Time Lord as a shadowy figures although she and Katja appear far later in the story when the Surgeon and his companion Amanda Mycroft come to investigate the laboratory that Jenna has taken Bounder who she caught in a fox trap.

In the laboratory, Forbflaith actually appears in the shadows in an operating theater where she holds the Surgeon and Amanda at gunpoint. When she asks the Surgeon about him, the scientist finds herself being mocked when she grabs the Surgeon's attention but when she asks what they are doing in "our lab" Forbflaith ends up confusing the Surgeon and his companion.

It soon makes sense when another figure in the form of Forbflaith's accomplice Katja Naganowska appears out of the shadows and holds the pair at gunpoint. When asked about her name, Forbflaith proudly gives it out alongside the name of her accomplice as well as her alias in Ireland: "The Irish Vixen", when asked about the origin of her name, she replies:

"In Ireland, I'm known as "The Irish Vixen" and why? Just look at me, and what are most of my experiments carried out on? Foxes."
While Amanda asks whether the foxes shown belong to Forbflaith, the scientist does not reply and instead it is revealed that the glowing foxes do not belong to Forbflaith because if they were, it is said that she would be behind bars though the reason why is not given. Amanda asks what she wants with the fox but Forbflaith instead takes the Surgeon and Amanda to another operating theater where the intentions will be found out in due course.

Bounder lay

Bounder, the fox that Forbflaith first alters.

Inside the operating theater, Forbflaith reveals everything with this quote:

"In Ireland, I am a wanted woman just as Jenna is a wanted woman here and as for Katja...well, she's more secretive about her information. And why? Because, I am condemned by filthy animal rights activists who make me out to be a monster and the Northern Irish police have the NERVE to listen to those cretins! But I'm also under attack from terrorists!"
It is also in the operating theater where Forbflaith reveals her intentions not to dissect the fox but to alter it genetically which she and Katja come to do. All five people in the room watch as the fox grows from its normal size to about the size of a coyote which horrifies the Surgeon because it takes him back to the events of Destroy All Plants where a genetically engineered rose took control of plant life, its own creator and ended with him forced to kill his own companion.

After Bounder escapes from the laboratory and unleashes more Blue Foxes while also altering them, the scientist is berated by the Surgeon but Forbflaith does not seem to care which inadvertently turns Jenna against her which results in Jenna attacking her and throwing her pistol out of her hands which allows Amanda Mycroft to grab it and hold both scientists prisoner.

The scientists are ordered to get down on their knees and stay like that until the police arrive, but by the time the Surgeon and Amanda manage to get hold of the Army, they escape. The Surgeon however does not care and instead sets the police on Jenna because it will help both sides; Jenna because if the police get to her first, then they will protect her from much greater harm than if Forbflaith was to get her and the police because it will give them the opportunity to catch the criminal they have wanted to get hold of for a long time.

Battle of the Foxes:

By the events of Battle of the Foxes, Forbflaith alongside her accomplice have been forced into hiding in Widbrook Wood and it is after Jenna Lillywhite's release from prison that Forbflaith and the Surgeon meet again where the Surgeon blackmails her and Katja into helping him as shown here:

""And the both of you are going to help me take Wiltshire back because unless you do, then Wiltshire will be history!"
But Forbflaith as defiant as ever refuses to help and gives him a "Reason You Suck" speech as shown:
"If you think I am going to help you destroy one of my experiments, Surgeon then you can forget about it! I am not helping you! Why would I help someone who forces me to destroy my experiments that! have! caused! No! HARM?!"
Just as she did before with Jenna, Amanda blackmails Forbflaith into helping the Surgeon by telling her that either she helps the Surgeon or ends up in a prison cell; possibly even extradited to Northern Ireland to which Forbflaith reluctantly takes the Surgeon and his allies alongside another fox that Jenna had captured to her lab.

At the lab, Forbflaith experiences a huge sense of humiliation because the former criminal she employed has turned against her, her former accomplice is turning against her slowly and she has been blackmailed to help the Surgeon on the grounds that if she turns against him then she goes back to Northern Ireland and goes to prison. But the killer blow comes when the Surgeon horrifies four people at once: Herself, Katja, Jenna and even his own companion when he alters Ranger because it takes her back to her own experiments even though her experiments were not quite so dreadful.

Once the fox has been altered, the Surgeon releases Ranger into Widbrook Wood and now all that Forbflaith can do is watch in horror as the Surgeon starts the titular Battle of the Foxes in an attempt to destroy one of her experiments. But what Forbflaith doesn't know is that while the foxes fight, the Surgeon has also got the police down to the forest. After the fight, Forbflaith swears revenge on the Surgeon which never comes because the Surgeon has called the police and as a result, the scientist is led further into Widbrook Wood alongside her accomplice.

Further in Widbrook Wood, Forbfalith is handed over to the police and with Katja is put in a police car and driven away. This is also the last sight that Jenna Lillywhite sees before she joins the Surgeon as his fourth companion, however this is not Forbflaith's final literature appearance.

The Mammal Wars

Seslinian the Invincible:

Sheephouse Wood 6

Sheephouse Wood, the birthplace of the fox now known as Seslinian and Forbflaith's refuge in her first Mammal Wars appearance.

In The Mammal Wars, Forbflaith is altered ever so slightly from a scientist to a bio-terrorist, at least this is what she eventually ends up becoming as the story goes on to get revenge on those who condemned her work. Alongside her accomplice the Irish Vixen is shown in court being the Ice Queen that she always has been; this is due to the more emotion shown by her accomplice and the lack of emotion shown by Forbflaith.

At first, Forbflaith listens to William Houghton delivering a sentence to Katja before coming to trial herself. This time, the scientist ends up with Nikolaus Clements which results in a particularly fiery trial:

""This is a lie! A barefaced lie spread by miserable activists! A lie in my face! My conscience is clear!" Forbflaith declared

"SILENCE!" Harrison bellowed and the scientist calmed down; "Would you MIND not being so rude?!" he added. Clements continued and asked her:

"Yes, I was saying, how do you plead?"

Forbflaith rolled her eyes and exclaimed: "How do I plead?! I plead not guilty!"

Clements turned to the much more abrasive Randall and asked the man; "Randall, how do you find the accused?"

Randall delivered his damning verdict in his regular abrasive tone, he was a lot more abrasive probably because he always used that technique and was younger; Randall was sixty five years old with white hair like Williamson, fair skin and brown eyes. His attire was the same as Williamson's as previously mentioned.

"Your honor, we find the accused guilty of all charges!" he declared. It was now time for Harrison to deliver his verdict:

"Forbflaith Hennessy, this court finds you guilty of all charges. By the power invested in me, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment in HMP Bronzefield and I hope that you are never released or transferred to another prison. Even if you are transferred, I hope the security will keep you there for the rest of your life."

As Harrison delivered his verdict, the only movement Forbflaith made was shaking her head then after the verdict, she exclaimed:

"You're not really sentencing me there, are you? You know I'm innocent, don't you?!"

"Goodbye Forbflaith! Get out! Get out..." Harrison seethed, but ultimately Forbflaith protested even more to the point he shouted: "GET! OUT!"

The scientist calmed down and police escorted her out of the room."
Months later, Forbflaith begins to serve her sentence at HMP Bronzefield but for reasons unexplained, she is moved to the Blackstorm Institute in Oxfordshire where she regains her desire to resume or continue her experiments. The desire comes in during one night when the Vixen serves her sentence at the Institute.

That night, the prisoners are kept on suicide watch and when a guard comes to Forbflaith's cell, she throws the door open and runs away all the while coming under fire from prison guards. A thousand miles away, the Vixen collapses from exhaustion before dragging herself across the border between Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

In the county, Forbflaith trudges to Sheephouse Wood into an abandoned laboratory which is in surprisingly immaculate condition instead of being derelict and vandalized. It is also here where Forbflaith puts herself back in business when she dons an abandoned lab coat and phones another criminal accomplice in the form of Karen Armstrong, the leader of the Women of the Night despite this never being made clear or explained.

As Karen's forces mobilize, Forbflaith makes preparations herself by preparing a special virus:

"The other women left the room while Karen made her separate ways. But Forbflaith was also making preparations in the laboratory; in one laboratory, she picked up a syringe and prepared it with a virus, and not just any virus...

Forbflaith prepared the syringe with one of the world's most deadliest diseases, a disease that killed around 50,000 people worldwide, the disease carried by dogs and animals to humans and a virus that killed people in an agonizing fashion. The virus that Forbflaith prepared the syringe with was Neurotropic lyssavirus...she was preparing the syringe; with the Rabies virus."
The second fox to fall victim to Forbflaith in the form of a red fox known as Seslinian or as England will come to know him as "Seslinian the Invincible" is caught by criminal Eleanor Bywater and delivered to Forbflaith's lab where she takes him off her, kicks her out of the lab and prepares to alter the fox. Once the fox has grown to the size of a coyote, Forbflaith delivers the icing on the cake and injects him with the virus.

An altered Seslinian prepares to destroy Buckinghamshire or at least the people who condemned Forbflaith's experiments. Forbflaith does not appear again until towards the end of the story where she kills an Army soldier when she throws his gas mask off causing him to suffocate; her actions lead to Forbflaith being in an even worse custody than police custody: Military custody.

Once Seslinian has been forced back into Sheephouse Wood with phosgene gas, the epilogue tells of how Forbflaith was kept in military custody but is also in a military hospital for medical treatment of the possible effect of the weapons used on Seslinian; however, because of the greater focus on the animals than the humans, Forbflaith's fate is left ambiguous as to whether she lives in a severely disfigured form or dies from the effects of the bio weapon.

The King of the Fells:

Forbflaith does not appear in The King of the Fells but instead, she is mentioned in the beginning of the story in a recap of the events from Seslinian the Invincible to Wolves Attack. A month later, Forbflaith seems to have been forgotten about as shown in the prologue:

"Previously on The Mammal Wars: A month ago, the Irish Vixen, Forbflaith Hennessy escaped from prison having been sent to HMP Bronzefield in Surrey before being moved to the Blackstorm Institute on the border between Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. One night, she escaped from prison and with the help of the Women of the Night created Seslinian.

Also known as "Seslinian the Invincible" the fox terrorized the nearby hamlet of Charndon both unleashing the new powers he had acquired and transmitting the rabies virus causing a quarantine. The fox was defeated by means of Phosgene gas and his captor was captured by the Army and taken to a military hospital. Since then, no one knew what had happened to Forbflaith.

Since then, the wars around England involving real life monsters like Firroth, Tyrath and Kilarth in the East of the world had caused great public interest and it also showed in the media. Their enjoyment however was short lived when Britain itself came under attack from its own kaiju; Kouleton, the wolf. Seslinian and Kouleton engaged in battle which carried to Sheephouse Wood and the fox seemingly won, but Kouleton attacked him and retreated.

In the present day, Buckinghamshire and especially Buckinghamshirean children mourned the loss of "Superfox", yet his legacy left a division on adults, some who considered him a Defender of England while others questioned if the fox actually cared for humanity. But there was one thing that the children never knew about Seslinian: He was still alive."

Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon:

Hurst house s230812 am1

The house occupied by Forbflaith under house arrest.

Having spent almost an entire series in obscurity and in military custody, Forbflaith returns in the Series 1 finale Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon.

Here, it is revealed that she has spent a long time in custody of the military and upon finishing medical treatment, is released from custody; in spite of being released however, news of her release only reaches the British Vixens for one simple reason:

"News of Forbflaith's current whereabouts however, would only be revealed to the British Vixens because everyone knew what would happen if news of her whereabouts went public: There would be protests all over the United Kingdom, from Doncaster to Durham, from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, from Newcastle to Norfolk and from Ambleside to Grasmere to name a few places."
But the Army has not released Forbflaith from custody entirely. Instead, they have released her from custody and instead placed her under house arrest in surprisingly affluent conditions, for a criminal and a terrorist who is notorious within Northern Ireland and is one of the most notorious women in the United Kingdom.

What makes this even stranger, is that the Army do not place Forbflaith under armed guard because despite escaping from a maximum security prison in Oxfordshire, they believe she can be trusted not to escape from house arrest; ultimately, they are proved right when she does not escape from captivity. But the Army do something very stupid: They do not leave Forbflaith under any security measures whatsoever as shown by the quote:

"The Irish Vixen was not trusted and was even reviled by the Vixen criminal organization, but in the past Forbflaith appealed to terrorists in the 20th Century when we first met her, and in the 51st Century, she appealed to terrorists even more.
That night, PHANTOM saw their chance to snatch the creator of Seslinian the Invincible. But PHANTOM were just as unpredictable as North Korea was, when it existed and was not merged again when the Company came to power; what would PHANTOM want with the Vixen?
Because of this, PHANTOM see the opportunity to capture the Vixen and send four women to Buckinghamshire to capture her; their capture is successful and the women who are dressed in zentais capture Forbflaith and send her to the Russian PHANTOM base in the Russian Far East of Siberia.

In captivity, the women are revealed to have detachable zentai hoods and in captivity, Forbflaith is shown to the women and the Russian PHANTOM leader who is actually un-named unlike the Bulgarian PHANTOM leader. Forbflaith is then tied to a chair and attached to electrodes over her body; finally, she is left on her own with one of her captors.

The captor turns on the current, making Forbflaith's body jerk and causing her to moan pleasurably, almost like she is receiving an orgasm. This goes on for ten minutes or so until her captor turns off the current then switches on a more powerful current causing the Vixen to scream in pain for another ten minutes. But Forbflaith's time with PHANTOM has just begun...

Thumb a06b2fe4-25df-4677-b60e-4800d45127ee

Forbflaith's fate.

After being tortured, the woman takes Forbflaith into an auditorium full of PHANTOM members, including foreign leaders and allies of PHANTOM such as GARGOYLE, SILENCE and TERROR. Here, the Vixen is forced to her knees, muzzled and is wrapped in unbreakable chains with chains wrapped around her arms, wrists, legs, ankles and torso.

On top of that, a collar is also fastened around her neck and the floor lowers to take Forbflaith into a cell that resembles a decompression chamber, there to remain for a long, long, long time. The Russian PHANTOM leader comments on the Vixen's imprisonment:

"And she can stay like that. PHANTOM has more plans for that Vixen...but first, we shall track down her friends."

Later life

At the beginning of The Lizard King, it is revealed that Forbflaith has spent a month in the imprisonment described above (forced on her knees, muzzled and wrapped in chains wrapped around her arms, legs, wrists and torso, further immobilised by a collar and imprisoned in a cell like a decompression chamber) and PHANTOM decide a new fate for her:

On her release, Forbflaith is brainwashed to serve PHANTOM (though she manages to function normally instead of being like a zombie like most brainwashed people are depicted and still retains some of her original thoughts). Her captors then take her to another room where she is stripped naked and redressed in a black catsuit with thigh high boots.

The Vixen is then taken to another room to join an endless collection of women captured by PHANTOM in Eastern and Western Europe. During the PHANTOM-Vixen conflict, Forbflaith serves under PHANTOM until its dissolution, at which point she is brainwashed again to serve the Vixens and until the dissolution of the Vixens, serves as a Vixen.