"I am a king! I can do whatever I want!"

Firroth refusing to help Saphira after she accuses him of leaving humanity to die.

Firroth is a dragon that features as one of the primary dragon protagonists of the series Defenders of Earth. He is the main antagonist of its first story Stranger of the Past and is one of the heroic dragons from Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster on-wards.

The only exception to Firroth becoming a neutral character is in the story King of the East. He is the primary dragon protagonist because the role of the primary protagonist of Defenders of Earth goes to the Eastern Vixens.


Regardless of his appearances, Firroth's appearance has remained consistent through his appearances. His general physical description is as follows:

Gentle azure eyes sit narrowly within his skull which is rounded and narrow which gives him a rather intimidating looking appearance in contrast to other heroic dragons in Defenders of Earth, in particular his own mate.

Several small tendrils sit atop his head, just above his ears which are narrow and pointy and several rows of small horns run down the sides of each of his jaw lines.

His nose is wide and has two small, oval nostrils and there are also horns on his chin. Several rows of sharp teeth poke out from the side of his mouth and give a preview of the terror hiding inside.

A long neck runs down from his head and into his body which is narrow. The top of his body is covered in thick scales and a row of crystal growths runs down his spine. His bottom is covered in radiant skin and is colored darker than the rest of its body.

Despite his narrow body, Firroth's body is carried by six muscular limbs (his front and back legs and his wings) which allow him to stand tall and proud. Each limb has 5 digits, each of which end in narrow talons seemingly made of onyx.

Colossal wings grow starting from just below his shoulders and end at the end of his shoulder blades. The wings are angular and the skin of the wings seem to glow as if made from fire itself and each bone structures ends in a curved, yet blunt tip.

His narrow tail ends in a sharp, arrowhead shaped tip and is covered in the same thick scales as his body. In his first appearance, Firroth's skin is a reddish-black while from King of the East onwards, his scales are turned green like the scales of a common reptile for two reasons: The first being to highlight the heroic role he would eventually take on in Defenders, and the second being far more significant in Patterns of Hell because his scales distinguish him from his ally Perrath who helps him fight Belluftkin and Munkrengraag.


In his original appearance, Firroth appears to be far more evil and more like Smaug but far less psychopathic and greedy because he has his hoard in Stranger of the Past but after this story, it is never seen again. There are also traits of Godzilla mixed into Firroth because he is not a villain as such as he is a territorial animal and only attacks Bulgaria out of vengeance and to prevent anyone else stealing his gold.

After Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster, the dragon becomes a far more heroic character and is shown protecting Earth from threats such as Zhakuh, Inhusrelun, Sarmeyzmal and various other enemies, some of which require more dragons to help him defeat them. Much of Firroth's first personality from Stranger of the Past is also used for the fox Seslinian in The Mammal Wars in his first appearance Seslinian the Invincible, the two main differences being that Firroth is actually vulnerable while Seslinian is invincible and the latter appears in every single story of The Mammal Wars except for The Chase is On, Haunted By Hyenas and Danger's Glory which focus solely on Anafsilea.

Once Jeni Lungu begins a communication session, more of Firroth's personality is revealed, much like the other animals from The Mammal Wars since Vengeance of the Wolf: Up and till he serves under Venia, Lord of the Skies, Firroth is shown to be highly arrogant and stubborn refusing to help Saphira and indeed humanity, but states at first he hates humans because humans hate him indicating that he had little evil intentions and was acting out of instinct.

Powers and abilities

Like other dragons, Firroth possesses the ability of flight and the ability to breathe fire but he also possesses other powers alongside his enemies; for one, his narrow body gives him a far greater advantage in battle because it means that he has less body weight to hinder him which further means that he can move and react quicker in contrast to other foes with larger bodies such as Sarmeyzmal.

Despite his size, he is also described as being able to be a far very fast mover even if he is larger than a Komodo Dragon and an elephant put together. Firroth is also shown to be a very strong character in physical terms because despite his narrow physique, the dragon manages to collapse entire buildings when he arrives in Sofia to pillage Bulgaria.

He can also seem to change his breath; for example, when he opens his mouth wide to breath fire, it appears as a huge jet like a standard dragon but when he purses his mouth, a thin jet of fire comes out of Firroth's mouth. This thin jet can also slice through roofs of trains like a knife; while he cannot use his tail like Inhusrelun can, Firroth can throw his tail down to cause an earthquake which he uses against the Bulgarian Army.

One more power of Firroth that is shown in Stranger of the Past is shown in his wings; apart from allowing him to fly, they also produce very strong winds akin to a hurricane that can throw away the strongest vehicles. Unfortunately, Firroth's narrow body which gives him one of his greatest advantages in battle is also one of his biggest weaknesses; Because of Firroth's narrow body, he has less weight to hinder him but it also makes him lighter and more easier to throw around like a rag-doll which Tyrath manages to do in King of the East and the same technique is also attempted by Sarmeyzmal in Invaders and Wives but he is beaten off by Rivelnesh.

Defenders of Earth

Part 1:

Stranger of the Past:

Despite being the main antagonist of Stranger of the Past, Firroth does not make an appearance until Part 6 while other villains both in Defenders of Earth and outside the series appear far earlier, sometimes even in the beginning of their respective stories. He is first mentioned in a legend that is told by Bulgarian criminal Grozdana Ruseva who tells her fellow criminals about the legend of the dragon and that he guards a hoard of gold in the Bulgarian mountains.

It is said that anyone who manages to steal the gold will be incredibly rich; in the story, it is revealed that the legend actually comes from fellow Vixen Alexandra Zhivkova who is one of the many Vixens both in Bulgaria and out of Bulgaria to know not only about Firroth but the other dragons in the series. With the legend spilled, the Vixens decide to prove the legend right in an attempt to both make themselves rich and their other allies rich.

The thief who is made to steal from Firroth is one of Grozdana's conspirators Miroslava Blagoeva who enters the cave to his home after a three hour truck ride to the Bulgarian mountains which contains not only Miroslava but all of the Vixens in Bulgaria. At the mountains, Miroslava enters the home of Firroth and is astonished by the amount of gold that is in the mountains.

Unfortunately for her, Miroslava has no idea of where to start but decides to start at the top because starting at the bottom will have a greater chance of waking Firroth and while she manages to get closer to the top, the Vixen loses her footing which causes the gold to fall to the bottom of the pile which ultimately also wakes Firroth up and reveals him in his glory.

Once Firroth is awakened, he then proceeds to mentally torture Miroslava by telling her to come out of her hiding place and further putting her in an impossible situation: Either she remains in his home and risk being eaten, or she leaves the cave and risks getting arrested by the Bulgarian authorities and it is this that ultimately brings him to lure the Vixen out of her hiding place.

Miroslava however, manages to successfully convince Firroth not to eat her by lying to him in saying that she did not come to steal from him (which she did) and instead merely came to see him in his great glory. She further claims that she did not believe the legends of him which in turn results in her telling another lie because Miroslava has heard several legends and stories of the dragon before; the dragon later retreats and allows Miroslava to see him in his great glory and asks her:

"And, do you NOW?!"

The Vixen tries to get on the right side of Firroth but he accuses her of flattery and asks her if it will keep her alive which Miroslava replies that she does not think that flattery will keep her alive. The dragon replies that she seems familiar with his name but he has not recalled seeing her before so asks her name and origins which results in Miroslava making up all sorts of riddles and ridiculous titles including the title "The Shadow Vixen".

It is this title which makes Firroth react violently and chase Miroslava out of his home. As she flees out of the cave pursued by Firroth, the dragon takes to the skies and heads off to destroy Bulgaria.

Like the Gyaos in their first appearance, Firroth's first attack is at the Sofia metro where he destroys several buildings and the roof of the Metro. As Bulgarian locals flee from his wrath, the dragon kills five locals by incinerating them with a full ray of fire which reduces the locals to ashes.

Two hours pass and Firroth has devastated much of Bulgaria. The only city that remains standing is the city of Burgas where the Bulgarian Armed Forces put up a fight against him; one soldier attacks him with a machine gun but it only irritates Firroth and makes him attack more. His fight with the Armed Forces barely takes a minute because when he lands, the dragon causes an earthquake with his tail and a hurricane with his wings which puts all of the land forces out of action.

Finally, the dragon moves on to the navy and air force where he sinks all the ships of the former and outwits the aircraft of the latter; even the supersonic jet fighters. The dragon returns to finish off the army and destroys all of the men, leaving the sergeant who was leading the operation the last man standing; all that stands between life and death for the sergeant now is a 9K38 Igla MANPADS.

The sergeant now stands his ground against Firroth by taking aim at the dragon waiting for him to fly low enough to shoot at and finally monologues about giving the dragon a decent enough burial place in the black sea:

"In all my times in the army, I've battled insurgents, terrorists and enemy countries. And they've always died on land. But this foe is not a human but a monster, so this missile deserves to give him a final resting place in the sea...Go now and speed well!"

With this monologue, Firroth comes in to attack and as a result the sergeant fires the missile causing it to shoot at Firroth's underbelly and when it does, it detonates and sets the dragon on fire. The burning dragon meets his death when he drowns in the Black Sea. As he burns, the dragon's body becomes a beacon to the Bulgarian Vixens.

The Vixen's leader Stanislava Blagoeva instantly takes Firroth's death as a warning because it means that all blame for the destruction of Bulgaria will lie firmly with the Vixens and if they are to continue operating, it means they now have to go undercover; but Alexandra believes that Firroth will come back.

King of the East:

Like Stranger of the Past, Firroth does not appear at the very beginning like he would do in other stories such as his future appearance Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster for instance and instead appears much later in the story King of the East and first appears in the skies after Mira Adamova kills the sergeant that killed him as vengeance. But also in the sky is another figure that is much larger than Firroth.

Firroth finally appears physically flying over the ruins of the Burgas coast where he is seen by the Bulgarian Vixens or rather those that remained behind in Bulgaria to collect all of the weapons left behind by the Army. But also in Bulgaria is the dragon seen much earlier: Tyrath who kicks Firroth out of the sky and causes him to land in a heap on the ground.

One of the Vixens who is Victoria Nankova claims to see that the dragon who is in the air is Firroth but her claim is rejected by the more knowledgeable Boyana Strashilova who sees that the dragon who threw him out of the sky is actually Tyrath; she then explains that the fight between the two dragons is a power struggle with Firroth wanting Eastern Europe to remain democratic and Tyrath wanting to turn it into a dictatorship like it once was for years.

This story also marks the beginning of Firroth's heroic time because when he prepares to fight Tyrath, he tries to take off somewhere safer so the dragons can fight without many human casualties but when he does try to fly away, his enemy simply grabs hold of his tail and throws him over the back of his head back into the sea. Finally, Firroth hovers above the sea and tries to burn the dragon which proves futile thanks to Tyrath turning his back on his enemy exposing his armour plating.

What happens now is a huge fight in which the dragons simply bite and claw at each other and thanks to his narrow body, FIrroth has the upper hand and gives Tyrath a taste of his own medicine by throwing him over his shoulder. But Tyrath is too quick and and Firroth is on the receiving end of a Hyena like grip on his neck from his opponent.

Fortunately, the dragon manages to escape by kicking Tyrath in the stomach causing the dragon to be released from his grip. What follows is a huge dogfight in which Tyrath makes attempts to tear Firroth's throat out but Firroth gets there first and attempts to strangle his enemy in the air.

But Firroth undergoes a sense of deja vu when he is thrown out of the air by his opponent and kills the tyrant by grabbing hold of his neck and throwing him over the back of his head. A heavily injured Firroth looks behind to see the Vixens fleeing Burgas and he also retreats from the coast of Burgas and lives to fight another day.

Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster:

After a story's absence in the form of the first appearance of Kilarth, Firroth returns in the story Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster. He is also one of three dragons to be mentioned in the story's prologue thanks to being one of three dragons that has appeared in the series so far as shown:

"Previously on Defenders of Earth: Since the year 4030, the world was at peace...for the time being. But a century later changed all that; in the 51st Century in the country of Bulgaria, a criminal organization known as the Bulgarian Vixens had carried out a whole range of heists across their home country, no one knew how much money they had stolen in total.

The amount they stole was just the tip of the iceberg because they had stolen tonnes of money, gold and jewelry but wanted more; which is why it fell to Vixen Miroslava Blagoeva to enter the mountains of Bulgaria and try to steal the golden hoard of Firroth; when she did, the Vixens inadvertently unleashed hell on earth when the dragon decimated an entire country and it was also the dragon that forced the Vixens into hiding.

Three months later, the appearance of Firroth would mark the beginning of frequent monster sightings in the 51st Century and it would also take Earth back to the time when monsters like Rodan, Godzilla, Gyaos, Jiger and King Ghidorah made Earth their battlefield. It was also three months later in which the Vixens were not only wanted women in Bulgaria but all over the East of Europe except Belarus, Slovakia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Half of these Vixens also saw what would become a common sight in 51st Century Earth: The sight of monsters fighting each other, dragons in the East and strangely enough, wild animals in the West, especially the United Kingdom. The dragons seen fighting each other: Firroth, the King of the East and Tyrath, the Eastern Tyrant.

But Firroth and Tyrath weren't the only ones seen in 51st Century Earth, particularly in the East, so was the terrorist organization PHANTOM, a Pan Slavic terrorist group with aims of world domination and a desire to return the East to its glory days, when it was feared in the West. Helping them: The Lionesses of Turkey, which was more of a petty criminal group like the Vixens of the East.

But Bulgaria was not the only sighting of dragons; so was Serbia when the whole of the Vixens or the Eastern Vixens as they really were sent their branches back to their home countries to combat PHANTOM. In Serbia, the organization captured Serbian Vixen Olga Petrov in an attempt to keep her from foiling their plans of awakening a new dragon and to some extent, they succeeded when a third dragon in the form of Kilarth awakened and decimated Serbia.

In the present day, Serbia was now suffering the effects of the nuclear explosion: A mist of fall out descended on cities and villages alike and the whole country was turned into a ghost town. No man, woman, child, Vixen or PHANTOM member dared to wander the streets; to do so was a death sentence thanks to being killed by fall-out."

He is later the subject of a prediction made by Romanian Vixen Jeni Lungu which has seen the events of Defenders of Earth coming; the prediction she makes is that Firroth will rise from the Black Sea and destroy a vessel, Kilarth shall rise from the mountains of Serbia and a third dragon who is un-named shall rise from Transylvania.

Once the Romanian sisterhood has integrated itself into the Vixens, they leave the hideout in order to take a break from Jeni's wild predictions...only, her predictions are true when Firroth indeed rises from the Black Sea and destroys a vessel while in Serbia, Kilarth also returns; this occasion is also the first occasion where dragons appear much more earlier.

But the Sisterhood also see another sight, another meteor shower which the dragon flies away from indicating that the first meteor shower was innocent but this one has something sinister behind it because it now falls much more aggressively and there is also just one meteor while originally there were at least six of them. While Firroth makes little appearances in the story again, his figure is spotted by Denisa's new second in command and second closest friend after Emilia Dimitrescu; Elena Dobrescu flying over Bucharest and the question remains as to whether he will decimate Romania in the same way he destroyed Bulgaria.

Alongside the other three monsters in the story who have yet to make an appearance Saphira, Kilarth and Zhakuh, he is the subject of another prediction made by Jeni Lungu who states:

"Those who shall face the monster are the King of the East, his one time opponent, and a third dragon. The dragon of sapphire. A dragon who shall awaken in Transylvania as the Hydra passes...while the King of the East shall face his second opponent. He had defeated the Eastern Tyrant; on this day, the King of the East SHALL PROVE HIMSELF WORTHY AS HUMANITY'S PROTECTOR!"
The dragon flies over Bucharest causing many Romanians to fear for their lives and in turn, flee in terror as Firroth lands in the city, destroying buildings left, right and center. But also in the same location is Kilarth and unlike previous stories, the Army do not try to attack the dragons because of what happened in previous stories (Firroth nearly decimates the Bulgarian Army in Stranger of the Past while Kilarth forces the Army to use a nuclear bomb and turn Serbia into a ghost country).

Also present in the same location is Kilarth and the pair fight in the city where in the process, Kilarth remains unaffected by Firroth's fire blasts but the latter is blown over by Kilarth's wing blasts. The pair decide to take their fight away from humanity but Firroth grabs Kilarth's tail and throws him back into Bucharest, though the latter escapes and flies away pursued by Firroth and a third dragon far away from society.

The fight between Firroth and Kilarth carries to the Carpathian Mountains where Firroth waits for Kilarth then strikes once the dragon lands. As Kilarth lands, Firroth comes under fire from boulders thrown by Kilarth which the former catches and throws back at the latter; until Kilarth launches even more boulders at him making it more difficult for Firroth to catch and throw back at him.

Only the timely intervention of Saphira stops the fight when she burns the boulder that was thrown by Kilarth then burns his entire boulder armament hoping to settle the feud between the dragons once and for all. The dragons then stop fighting each other and try to gang up on Saphira but she stands her ground.

It is at this point that Jeni begins trying to communicate with the dragons but Saphira is refused help so she goes to attack Zhakuh. It is this point where Saphira has at least succeeded in something because the two dragons no longer attack each other and once Zhakuh attacks Saphira, the pair instantly take her side in an admiration of courage.

As the dragons fight Zhakuh, Firroth becomes his first victim after the Hydra blows the dragon over and prepares to crush him into the Earth and it is only the intervention of Kilarth and Saphira that helps him survive. The battle for Earth continues into the Carpathian Mountains where Zhakuh throws Firroth into the mountains which crumble on the dragon but do no harm to him and as the fight continues, it carries to England in the Lake District.

In Cumbria, the dragons attack Zhakuh's wings causing him to fall into electric pylons and electrocute himself but the Hydra regenerates and the fight carries to the Lake District where the dragons defeat Zhakuh in the same way Seslinian first defeats Blasteovark: Throwing him into a tarn. After Zhakuh flies away, the dragons retreat to the East.

Invaders and Wives:

Having had another absence in the form of Monsters and Girls, Firroth returns in the following story Invaders and Wives. Following the events of Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster, he is seen along with numerous other dragons or the "Defenders of Earth" as they are known in the story in the Caucasus Mountains along with Saphira and Kilarth.

It is also stated that even though Tyrath was Firroth's original enemy, the Vixens predict that him and Tyrath will eventually become allies. In this story, Firroth is first seen minding his own business until the screech of Venia, Lord of the Skies summons him; at first, the dragon thinks that Venia is in trouble but is forced away.

Venia is actually warning the other dragons of a shadow dragon approaching the Caucasus mountains which they believe to be another hostile dragon. The figure however is revealed as Rivelnesh and as she lands, the dragon is met up close by about four others and while Firroth is said to be attracted to her, he decides that now is the wrong time to meet her and instead waits until she is alone.

His intentions are met when he meets Rivelnesh alone when she has killed a goat and is eating it. Much like Seslinian when he first met Mallauxula, the dragon approaches her in complete confidence. However, the feasting dragon merely expresses annoyance at Firroth and also accuses him of trying to seduce her; in spite of this however, the dragon refuses to give up trying to attract Rivelnesh and by the end of his attempts, they end up hunting together, learn each others name and even sleep on the same territory.

One morning, the pair decide to hunt different types of prey for reasons unexplained and while he is hunting, Firroth is startled by the sound of screeching, and believes that the dragon in trouble is Rivelnesh which is actually revealed to be the truth. Upon encountering him, Firroth is mocked by Sarmeyzmal presumably over his narrow physique and it is the same dragon who refuses to believe that Firroth is the Defender of Earth that many are now referring him to as.

Upon being shown Rivelnesh in the capitivity of Quenth, Firroth demands that she be released to which Sarmeyzmal mocks him again...only this time, Firroth actually carries out his promise and him and Rivelnesh both fight Quenth and Sarmeyzmal, forcing them to retreat with Sarmeyzmal being forced to retreat to the Himalayas.

But the battle is not over yet because of the presence of Quenth which Firroth and Rivelnesh actually manage to fight together with both forcing Quenth to collapse after gashing his wings. Yet, Quenth does not care and instead regenerates his wings before attacking the dragons again; it's not until the pair attack Quenth at the same time is he forced into a retreat.

After Quenth and Sarmeyzmal are driven away from the Caucasus Mountains, Firroth asks Rivelnesh if they were the first dragons she fought. She replies no and states that she once fought Sovmulnaar and the ones that they just fought are the first dragons that Nelarth sent to capture her; furthermore, Rivelnesh expresses fear that Nelarth may send other dragons to capture her or even kill her.

Upon hearing this, Firroth declares he will not let that happen and tells Rivelnesh he will protect her as much as he can. She thanks him and also becomes as assertive as him; but Firroth wants to go a step further and make Rivelnesh Queen of the East which will mean her becoming his mate.

Nightmare's Hell:

Just as he did in Invaders and Wives, Firroth first appears in the Caucasus Mountains, this time with an old enemy in the form of Tyrath and while it is months at least, since they last met and their animosity is seemingly dead, there is a new reason for Tyrath to dislike Firroth: The King of the East appears to turn on the one that he has served for millennia despite his title of King of the East.

Firroth however, denies that he has turned any other dragons against Venia and instead tells Tyrath:

"Oh no. I may be the King of the East, Tyrath. But I am not someone like the thing that the humans call "Starscream"; such dragons that are like this "Starscream" belong to Nelarth. Nelarth himself was "Starscream" when this war was..."
But in the middle of his monologue, Firroth becomes distracted by a figure flying straight towards him and his old enemy, just as the King of the East is trying to atone for the fight they once had. As Julmunvu lands, practically out of breath, she keeps on panting "Thank goodness!" in a very exhausted fashion which makes Firroth ask her what's wrong and to calm down.

Julmunvu however, is not in the mood to calm down and snaps at Firroth:

"I can't calm down, Firroth! This is a serious business!" 
Once she has calmed down, however, Julmunvu apologises to Firroth and explains herself in a far more calm and rational manner: No dragons of the Demon Empire may be coming to attack for revenge, but Earth is still going to come under attack...from an old enemy and a new one.

But this old and new enemy are essentially the same thing because Julmunvu describes the threat as an alien dragon (Firroth had fought an alien in the form of the Hydra Zhakuh). Unlike the last time Firroth fought an alien, the King of the East becomes far more co-operative and mature in handling this new threat and joined by Tyrath, him and Julmunvu fly to the country that the latter feels that the alien is going to attack: Hungary.

In Hungary, Firroth takes over leadership and orders his allies to attack Inhusrelun which they do; while Firroth avoids the shot however, Julmunvu is not so lucky and Inhusrelun electrocutes her causing Firroth to viciously attack the space dragon and temporarily incapacitate him. Along with Tyrath he tends to Julmunvu, but at the same time scares her when he tells her and Tyrath he intends to reason with Inhusrelun which are actually blatant lies.

Firroth actually tries to force Inhusrelun to leave Earth and never return; of course, Inhusrelun responds by throwing burning embers in the dragon's face and attacks him off guard, which results in the first Firroth vs. Inhusrelun fight of the series in which the dragon is defeated after being hit in the face three times and Firroth eventually throws him into a fragile building close to collapse.

But Inhusrelun's alien biology makes him impervious to damage and instead he flies away into outer space. He is joined in flying away home by the dragons (though they fly back to the Caucasus mountains).

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