Evelin Molnar (or by her country's naming conventions, Molnar Evelin) is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Hungarian criminal who is a member of the Hungarian Vixens, the Hungarian branch of the much wider criminal organisation known as the Eastern Vixens.


She is a twenty seven year old Hungarian woman with olive skin in spite of not being Romani, blue eyes, brown coloured hair and a fairly toned body build, like her supplementary leader Hajnalka Farago. Evelin wears a battleship grey leather catsuit with black knee length boots, a utility belt across her waist and black arm length gloves.


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Defenders of Earth

Nightmare's Hell:

Evelin is one of the seven Vixens chosen by Izabella Bognar to carry out a mission given to her by Bianka Halasz and as the second oldest Vixen, she is made the second in command to supplementary leader Hajnalka Farago. Halasz explains that the mission is this: Boyana Strashilova had been captured during the events of King of the East when Yevgenia Agrafena ordered a mass exodus from Vixen territories into Russia and since the events of King of the East, the Vixens have been sent back to their home countries.

Boyana, on the other hand, has been taken to Turkey to see the rise of Sarmeyzmal and when the dragon rose from Turkey, she took advantage of the Lionesses being distracted by the dragon that she fled until she broke down at the westernmost border crossing with Syria (35.905°N and 36.010°E).

Halasz tells the seven Vixens in front of her that it is their mission to find Boyana and bring her back to Hungary because of the huge presence of PHANTOM in Bulgaria as well as the huge amounts of police and military patrols in the country. Molnar joins the seven Vixens to the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport where they are shown their aircraft: A Mil-Mi 24 helicopter.

Since the helicopter requires two pilots, Molnar is chosen by Hajnalka as the Vixens' primary pilot while Farago takes her place at the bottom. Molnar flies the helicopter to Turkey un-pursued by PHANTOM or any dragons...until Hanna Szabo senses a dragon in their presence.

At first, Hajnalka orders the Vixens to take up arms but Hanna tells the Vixen leader that the dragon is Julmunvu and that she means no harm. Indeed, once the Vixens enter Turkey, Julmunvu ignores them...but Hanna tells Evelin to go faster because unless she does, Hungary will no longer exist but Evelin tells her:

"We're at maximum speed! We can't go any faster Hanna, so unless you want us to go any faster and potentially burn up, let us go at the maximum speed!" 
The Vixens reach the co-ordinates where they find Boyana and pick her up at the Syrian-Turkish border...but Hajnalka's insistence that they get away as quickly as possible forces Evelin to take off the instant as Boyana has grabbed the ladder which leaves the Bulgarian Vixen hanging on for dear life as the ladder dangles from the helicopter in spite of the Vixens in the cabin pulling her back in, which they eventually manage to do.