The European Intelligence Network also abbreviated as E.I.N is an intelligence agency that serves as the main heroic organization in the Cold War II series, it's spin off The Recruits and it's feature The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow.


The E.I.N is an intelligence agency based in Germany that serves all of Western Europe and is particularly prominent in Germany, Italy, Britain, Greece, Romania, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, France and Spain with assistance from Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, there is also another branch in West Turkey which assists the E.I.N. The organization is led by British-born Graham Johnson and his deputy Noah Young.

In the Cold War II series the E.I.N's agents appear predominantly and are especially from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Romania, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, France and Spain. The agents depicted in the series are largely composed of women while fellow secret agents who aid the E.I.N and are men are from their country's respective intelligence services such as MI5 or MI6 in the UK.

In The Recruits, the E.I.N is shown to be more diverse in membership involving Danish and Dutch officials and its recruits are even more diverse as shown by the events of this series. There are hundreds of Danish girls and Dutch girls training with the E.I.N and more girls join them with the arrival of several Scandinavian girls to train for the organization.

In it's feature Agents of Tomorrow the E.I.N's agents are shown to be a lot more uniform in diversity and features German and English agents more prominently.

In addition of the agents only four are shown as daughters of former E.I.N agents and the rest are not affiliated with it, the agents are also shown to be a lot smaller as the number of individual agents is 16. Therefore the total number of agents in Agents of Tomorrow is 32 (16 Germans and 16 English)


In general the E.I.N is led by Graham Johnson and his deputy Noah Young in the Cold War II series whilst gadgets are provided by quartermaster Wllace Huntington with various individual leaders worldwide in E.I.N membership home countries such as Britain and Italy however in The Recruits there are individual leaders whilst in Agents of Tomorrow the E.I.N is led by Harriet Gathercole.

The main leaders are a main leader, his/her deputy and a quartermaster as before but the main leader is accompanied by a male and a female supervisor who also act as their advisers and after this it is more segregated. For male recruits they receive training for weapons by an older male E.I.N agent and reconnaissance by another who is generally younger and the same goes for female recruits.

Senior members in the organization's headquarters in Berlin as well as in the United Kingdom tend to be mostly British or of dual nationalities mostly British-Asian because of the fact the E.I.N has many allies in Africa. Each branch has senior members which are the main nationalities for example: The E.I.N's English branch has senior members which are English and British-Asian whilst it's German branch has German and British members. Whilst in countries like France and Spain there are senior and individual members who are French or Spanish.

The "Cabinet"

Name Age
Lawton Batchelor 25
Mahakaya Hazra 31
George Allison - Deceased. Murdered by the Syndicate. 35
Nguyen Trang Quang 27
Chloe Anstead 28
Garima Naskar 38
Alice Frobisher 35
Eva Dallinger 27
Kirsty Erskine 31
Helen Bancroft 34
Archibald Chisenhall 27
Jolyon Aylseworth 27
Mushtaq Gurmani 27
Amanda Benedict 32
Kathleen Finnegan 36
Zarah Langhani 23
Denise Beckford 33
Gemma Blackman 26
Iona Beresford 29
Gilbert Barraclough 24
Bramwell Colegrove 27
Alfred Bloodworth 35
Asma Ghazali 35
Charmaine Alderdice 29
Ellen Armstrong 32
Killian Bermingham 22
Julian Dunham 24
Hashem Ghorbani 28
Nadeem Janwari - Deceased. Murdered on the orders of U.T.O.C.I.P 33
Philip Eagle 29
Harriet England 23
Nadine Greaves 35
Samantha Eaton 33
Karen Florence 29
Haleh Ahmadi 27
Kaylee Linwood 25
Ellen Kane 31
Maria Carpintero 29
Sharmila Agrawal 26
Jane Aldridge 30
Heather Carrington 22
Gabriel Heseltine 26
Hugh Bingley 28
Douglas Hetherington 27
George Benedict 31
Goffraid Halligan 32
Leila Ebrahimi 26
Amanda Hustler 23
Eleanor Derbyshire 30
Hannah Dallinger 31
Nicola Armstrong 26
Bilyana Velinova 25
Diana Bayfield 26
Caintigern Flanagan 28
Catriona Guthrie 28
Eva Bentley 20
Charis Asbridge 25
Cristalyn Baskerville 29
Roisin Milligan 24
Felicity Culver 25
Cristalyn Galbraith 32
Cardew Alabaster 32
Albert Castex 39
Bleddyn Coslett 22
Bartholomew Ashdown 29
Darryl Adelson 26
Ellen Cosgrove 35
Salma Bashar 32
Oscric Creelman 23
Jeffrey Dawkins 35
Gemma Farnworth 23
Fernando Jose Alvarez 33
Elisabeth Constable 28
Bushra Faheem 36
Bryna Donegan 23
Maura Callaghan 32
Lester Dearborn - Deceased. Murdered on the orders of the Slavic Alliance 27
Seran Crowther 31
Elizabeth Priest 21
Anna Linwood 23
Baldassare Campanini 25
Charles Archer 31
Stamatia Avramidis 27

External interviewers:

Name Age Occupation
George Falconer 31 Politician
Faizan Anwar 33 Army general
Hugh Gowler 33 Politician
Thomas Galbraith 23
Osric Akehurst 21
James Holborn 22 Major general in the army
Jane Asbridge 32 Owner of a recruitment firm
Iona Brennan 26
Julian Armfield 29 Minister of Defence
Gilbert Arnold 34 Politician
Rajesh Ajmeria - Deceased. Murdered by U.T.O.C.I.P. 30
Laurence Alderman 30
Heinrich Kalkbrenner 33 Leader of the Thunderspirit organization

Leaders of the E.I.N

Name Age Tenure
Robert Bancroft (deceased) 46 (time of death) 2081-2086
Ricky Ashdown (deceased) 35 (time of death) 2086-2086
James Bloodworth 54 2086-2087
Christian Butcher 49 2087-2096
Tobias Beresford 46 2096-2112
Graham Johnson 45 2112-2122
Diana Blackburn 58 2122-2137
Harriet Gathercole 47 2138


Original E.I.N agents.

IMG 20170604 0001

A representation of the suit worn by many E.I.N agents in the Cold War II series. It would also be used for the suit worn by Cordelia Heseltine, Kalina Toncheva and Heather Beckett.

Women in the E.I.N particularly those that are agents are recognized in the same way that the Vixens of the National Protection Process are recognized: Agents in the E.I.N are recognized by  leather catsuits, often with utility belts.

At least, this is the case for some agents while other agents such as Carmelita Fernandez or perhaps Olivia Hammerton wear more form fitting clothing.

On their feet, they wear the same colored boots like fashion boots which are typically knee length and have low heels.

The suits are typically dark colours but can also be dark blue, red or dark green. Agents in West Turkey however are far more subtle and recognizable through traditional Islamic attire, unlike some senior members of the E.I.N however like Zarah Langhani, Asma Ghazali and Leila Ebrahimi who are Asian but do not wear headscarfs, West Turkish agents wear the full package including abayas and head scarves.

While granted, other Muslim women in other literature wear the full package as well, Turkish characters from the Cold War II series whether heroic or villainous, are the only Turkish characters to wear the full package because the Lionesses of Turkey from Defenders of Earth do not wear Islamic attire thanks to them being criminals. They do however, wear Islamic attire over their uniforms as disguises.

The Recruits and Agents of Tomorrow

The Recruits:


The suit worn by many E.I.N agents. This particular suit is also worn by the Dutch recruit Aardina De Winter on occasions.

In The Recruits, catsuits continue to be worn by recruits but only the three main girls in The Recruits Elisabet Gundersen, Adelgunde Bogstrom and Kaapriella Hamalainen are shown to wear them only on the field. Sometimes among the E.I.N agents and the recruits is the wearing of leather gloves.

Other girls in the E.I.N meanwhile often wear more fashionable clothing or plain clothing such as leggings or in some cases summer dresses. Even when they are not training, Chelsea boots are a common piece of footwear among recruits when they are not training. And even when they are, the catsuits are not often worn by younger recruits such as Elisabet's right hand girl Arnbjorg Berthelsen who are the ages of 17. The suits are traditionally often worn by girls from the ages of 18 and 19.

The two additional protagonists in the series, Aardina De Winter and Aleksia Jessen also sometimes wear catsuits when helping the three girls and in the case of Aardina, she could be considered to be braver because she mixes her uniform up and instead often wears a black latex catsuit and red knee length boots.

Agents of Tomorrow:


A suit worn by agent Denise Benedict.

In Agents of Tomorrow, the bodysuits and the catsuits remain in fashion and while some agents are fairly plain, other agents accessorize which is both prominent on the field and off the field.

This is particularly prominent for Helga's daughter Greta Blankenburg who wears a black catsuit but adds a corset while another agent Denise Benedict wears a crimson catsuit with crimson boots on the field but off the field, she wears the catsuit and adds tights and high heels.

And again, just as Aardina De Winter does in The Recruits some of the new agents become more fashionable by mixing up their suits and their boots, for example; One agent may wear a silver catsuit but wear black boots. All of the suits worn by E.I.N agents are also worn by the Eastern Vixens, women in the terrorist organization PHANTOM and various other organizations composed entirely of women such as the Women of the Night and the Force of Amazon; the suit worn by Denise is also worn by the Bulgarian criminal Stanimira Zhelyaskova.

The Cabinet

Members of the cabinet however wear more business style clothing except for Faizan Anwar who wears military fatigue. (though he is not counted because he is an external interviewer) Most officials are also as affluent as the heads of the E.I.N as most of them live in former country houses in the United Kingdom, particularly those who are Southern such as Gemma Farnworth who is Hertfordshirean (lives in Hertfordshire) or Celtic such as Goffraid Halligan who is Irish or Seran Crowther who is Welsh.

Notable agents in the Cold War II series


Name Age
Helga Blankenburg 34
Selma Achenbach 36
Sonia Altmann 22
Emilie Baumann 28
Rosina Bauernfeind 26
Liana Baumgartner 35
Gisela Baumstein 30
Elfriede Beckermann 28
Christa Edelmann 37
Gertrude Cronenberg 31
Dagmar Braunbeck 34
Hermine Cullmann 33
Wilhelmina Eichenwald 34
Yvette Eichberg 29
Phillippa Deutschmann 39
Amalia Dornberg 23
Louella Blumenberg 24
Richenza Falkenberg 36
Kerstin Freisler 33
Katrin Freudenberg 36
Svenja Frankenburg 36
Heidemarie Frudenstein 29
Hildegard Gildemeister 28
Hilma Gerstenberg 30
Johanna Gerstmann 26
Hannelore Gilger 24
Malvina Feigenbaum 21
Ilse Goldenburg 39
Magdalena Gutternberg 34
Greta Haselberger 38
Gretchen Hasselmann 39


Name Age
Alessandra Belmondo 31
Annetta Benvenuti 23
Antoinetta Calabrese 38
Alessia Casati 29
Berenice Casanova 24
Bettina Attanasio 39
Caterina Angelini 34
Claudia Dragonetti 32
Corina Garofalo 30
Donatella Fanini 28
Elvira Gambetta 27
Emiliana Fusco 36
Francesca Galimberti 35
Giovanna Iademarco 29
Giuseppina Lamperti 24
Griselda Lombardozzi 39
Lucrezia Marotta 35
Marcella Lorenzini 37
Marissa Nazari 38
Valeria Marzano 23
Vittoria Musumeli 26
Frederica Lobosco 33


Name Age
Vanessa Blackman 25
Natalie Bonniwell 30
Katie Bancroft 32
Hannah Brightwell 24
Abigail Chapman 35
Phoebe Clarkson 38
Chloe Dallinger 25
Harriet Farnworth 23
Maria Dashwood 39
Maya Davidson 26
Laura Carter 21
Jane Donovan 33
Melanie Goodwin 24
Melissa Cooper 38
Nicola Eagleton 35
Olivia Hammerton 36
Rachel Hattfield 30
Megan Hastings 23
Molly Huntsman 24
Lydia Kimberly 26
Heather Kenyon 34
Esther Livingston 29
Felicia Hawkins 25
Chelsea Heselton 23
Katrina Heathfield 39
Jodie Hetherington 33
Mia Kingston 30
Sophie Gregson 28
Natasha Higham 24
Ellie Matterson 23
Samantha Morrison 37
Lucy Osman 22
Tamara Norrington 20
Leonara Nicholson 20
Charlotte Nelson 30
Kelsi Ravenshaw 29
Lisa Nightingale 21
Talitha Northmore 23
Bronwen Poslethwaite 31
Esme Prescott 20
Gemma Robertson 25
Jessica Shovelton 27
Denise Waterhouse 35
Amanda Wakefield 21
Stephanie Thomson 20


Name Age
Branimira Valcheva 34
Rayka Avaramova 33
Borislava Maleeva 30
Desislava Mikhaylovska 24
Svetlana Vutsova 30
Grozdana Rakovska 35
Tsvetanka Dobreva 23


Name Age
Katarzyna Baranowska 33
Kazimiera Andrzejewska 31
Aleksandra Bednareka 29
Zofia Bednaveka 28
Krystyna Bartosiewicza 28


Name Age
Yevhenia Abrikosova 34
Satyana Aristova 30
Irina Beloglazova 38


Name Age
Ioana Avarmescu 35
Alexandra Demetrescu 36
Bianca Constantin 36
Maria Barbulescu 28
Catherine Moldovan 34
Florentina Musat 22
Emilia Grigorescu 23
Flavia Gaina 30
Ileana Macedonski 24
Constantina Demetrescu 38
Teodara Diaconescu 27
Lavinia Dumitrescu 34


Name Age
Despina Kanakaris 28
Effychia Bakoyannis 31
Euthemia Konstantopoulos 27
Panorea Makris 23
Stamatia Pavlopoulos 30


Nmae Age
Marie Beauregard 37
Bernadette Asselin 27
Alberta Carpentier 25
Amandine Bettencourt 29
Angelique Bullion 39
Benedicte Allemand 22
Delphine Bissonnette 21
Florence Brunelle 23
Helene Devereaux 21
Juliette Derocles 25
Kadia Grandjean 35
Karine Desmarais 29
Madeleine Lafromboise 36
Louise Gainsbourg 20
Monique Gaudreau 33
Eugenie Laurent 24
Veronique Leblanc 28


Name Age
Sofia Amparo 26
Bonita Alfonseca


Catalina Gallardo 33
Carmelita Fernandez 35
Fernanda Gomez 26
Gabriela Correa 26
Flavia Bernardez 25
Lupita De La Rosa 33

West Turkish

Name Age
Cansever Ataseven 24
Damla Caglayan 37
Evrim Bozdag 35
Gunseli Candemir 39
Dilera Babacan 26
Hayrunnisa Dagdelen 23
Ijenbike Bereket 26
Semra Ankan 24
Yasmin Karabulut 31
Neslihan Kaya 23

Agents in Agents of Tomorrow


Name Age
Greta Blankenburg 36
Gertrude Blankenburg 35
Christa Blankenburg 34
Helga Achenbach 37
Alexandra Beytenbach 33
Ada Christmann 26
Alexis Bormann 28
Carly Armbruster 27
Elsa Achleitner 28
Emelie Annenberg 28
Gilberta Conzelmann 22
Ilsa Dahmer 32
Karleen Arnold 28
Klara Aschenbrenner 26
Sabrina Danneberg 24
Sophia Dedekind 30


Name Age
Lucy Bancroft 30
Sally Dowdall 28
Sophie Galbraith 32
Gemma Eaton 24
Alice Greaves 26
Jade Farnworth 29
Hannah Eastwood 31
Imogen Goldsmith 29
Chloe Barraclough 27
Emily Barraclough 25
Annabel Bedingfield 29
Alanna Breckenridge 31
Charmaine Dunham 32
Cordelia Benedict 29
Cystal Baxter 21
Denise Benedict 32



Name Age
Elisabet Gundersen 18
Arnbjorg Berthelsen 17
Arnkatla Bingen 19
Arnora Castensen 18
Arnthrud Bylund 18
Birgitta Asplund 19
Bergthora Amundsen 18
Bergdis Anfinson 17
Dagrun Breland 19
Fridgerd Carlsen 19
Gunnhild Dahlberg 18
Gunnvoer Brunsvold 19
Gudlaug Falstad 17
Gudbjorg Fagerland 19
Geirlaug Espeland 19
Hungerd Engebretsen 18
Hallgerd Frederiksen 18
Heimlaug Endresen 19
Hallkatla Espeseth 17
Hallbera Granberg 18
Ingrid Haagensen 19
Jarngerd Hamlund 18
Kolgrima Hovet 19
Kadlin Hoylet 18
Melkorka Hope 17
Myrun Huseby 18
Otkatla Holmlund 18
Raforta Holberg 19
Reginleif Jorgensen 17
Sigrid Kristensen 18
Steinvoer Lambertsen 18
Steinunn Krogstad 19
Svanlaug Lauritzen 17
Thorarna Langager 19
Thorfinna Madsen 19
Thorgerd Lystad 18
Thraslaug Lorentzen 17
Vellhelmina Lyng 17


Name Age
Adelgunde Bogstrom 18
Adelguna Bjurstrom 18
Adeleine Bogren 19
Adolfina Dahlstrom 18
Agneta Dalman 17
Alannah Classon 19
Aleksia Dahmen 18
Alexandra Bergstrom 19
Algunda Bergendahl 19
Alice Bogren 17
Alina Bolinder 18
Almveig Callander 18
Alvina Edberg 19
Alvira Ekberg 19
Amabilia Carlsson 18
Ambrosia Edelberg 19
Anastassia Carlin 17
Anborg Brammer 17
Balbina Angerman 18
Babetta Andersson 17
Benedikta Axelson 18
Belinda Christoferson 19
Berette Carlberg 17
Bernhardina Cederquist 18
Callista Bjendenberg 19
Carmen Ellstrom 17
Cathinka Dahlstrom 19
Dagun Blomstrom 19
Damiana Carlsson 18
Desideria Blumenthal 19
Ecaterina Fernelius 17
Edeltrudis Granholm 18
Edeltrude Fernstrom 19
Efwa Granberg 17
Gabrel Engelson 18
Georgette Haglund 19
Gabriella Hagberg 17
Georgina Haggstrom 17
Gerhardina Hammerberg 19
Gerhardine Engstrand 18
Hadwig Gudmundson 18
Hannakarin Grundstrom 19
Hannelene Forsgren 17
Hansina Grundstrom 18
Hedwig Gullikson 17
Helfriede Eriksson 19
Kaisa Holmquist 18
Kallsta Helgerson 17
Kamila Langberg 17
Kamma Lindberg 18
Kara Hultgren 18
Karlotta Levander 19
Karna Melander  17
Naama Mattson 18


Name Age
Kaapriella Hamalainen 18
Kaarin Ahonen 18
Aadolfina Korhonen 17
Aanukka Hanninen 18
Aatolva Jarvela 19
Adalina Karvonen 17
Agneeta Latvala 19
Aatolviina Harju 18
Aatohviina Makela 17
Akkaatta Leinonen 18
Bereta Annala 19
Brikitta Lampinen 17
Caarina Mantyla 19
Connie Jarvinen 18
Dakmari Keranen 18
Dominika Kilpela 18
Eevastiina Lassila 19
Efrosiina Koskinen 19
Erika Nevala 19
Gustava Mikola 18
Kaarin Waisanen 18
Kaisla Rantanen 18
Kaijukka Seppanen 19
Kaarina Wirtanen 19
Leena Pulkkinen 17
Natalia Rantala 19
Nelma Marttila 17
Saarukka Leinonen 18
Sallukka Koivisto 19
Ursula Saarela 17
Palka Sakala 18

Other Finnish girls:

Name Age
Aurora Karppinen 18
Aurelia Kulmala 18
Eelin Aili 19
Eliska Mustonen 18
Elmukka Ruotsalainen 19
Emerenzia Toivonen 17
Elvira Juutilainen 18
Erva Alatalo 18
Hellevi Koskela 18
Helvig Koskinenniemi 19
Herma Kurvinen 17
Hiljuska Eskola 18
Hintrikka Alanen 17
Hulra Akkanen 19
Hultukka Keskisaari 17
Idamari Hakkarainen 19
Ilianna Hartikainen 19
Ilyana Heikinheimo 18
Irjuska Lankinen 18
Jaakkina Lampinen 18
Janina Hartonen 18
Jasmiina Linkola 19
Justiina Makarainen 19
Kalwa Linkola 18
Katianna Manninen 19
Katuska Numminen 17
Katrina Nurmela 19
Kukkamaaria Salovaara 18
Maarja Heiskanen 17

Other Scandinavian girls:

Name Age
Alfdis Gangestad 18
Amora Karsten 19
Ashilde Boysen 18
Ashilda Eskelson 19
Aslaud Gabrielsen 17
Audhild Kvalheim 18
Bergthora Arntsen 19
Bifrost Adolf 17
Borghild Dresden 18
Britta Deyer 17
Brisingamen Carstens 17
Brunnehilde Kaase 18
Brynhilde Gustavson 18
Brynja Emanuelson 19
Ema Gulbranson 18
Haldana Carstern 19
Haldora Klingenberg 19
Halfrida Bernhart 19
Haroldene Guttormson 18
Herdis Lambertson 18
Idona Jurgensen 19
Iona Helgason 18
Kelda Frydenlund 19
Kriemhild Falkenberg 19
Magnild Holmen 18
Maria Rosenkraz 17
Mengland Westberg 18
Nerthus Haldorson 18
Rana Fredrikson 19
Svanhild Romberg 17
Thorgunn Steenberg 19
Astrid Haralson 19
Gudruna Hatlen 18
Gunda Kolsrum 18
Gala Franciscus 19
Halle Guttormson 17
Ingmar Halvarson 18
Karah Junge 17
Karianna Nygard 17
Karlesha Munter 18
Karlyn Ellingboe 18
Karleigh Carstens 19
Kaysa Edman 19
Kierstynn Jurgensen 18
Kirsteen Olafson 17
Laila Sandberg 17
Nyssa Mathieson 17
Svea Thostenson 17
Sunniva Thomason 18
Solveig Trulson 18
Sonja Oscar 19
Tyra Steenberg 19
Valda Thorp 18


Name Age
Aleksia Jessen 18
Ada Carlsen 18
Bendine Aagesen 17
Belenda Abrahamsen 17
Bentine Aakjaer 18
Bernhardine Christensen 19
Bengerd Asmussen 18
Bethina Abildgard 18
Blenda Clausen 17
Borghild Eriksen 18
Bothilde Frandsen 18
Brianette Aabech 18
Canja Abildgard 17
Cabrina Frederiksen 19
Capella Drachmann 18
Caris Bertelsen 17
Cathia Dinger 18
Cathrina Eskildsen 18
Catrina Gregersen 19
Celinda Hansen 18
Denja Hambro 19
Gelika Hemmingsen 18
Geraldine Iversen 17
Gerlinde Jespersen 18
Edeltraut Bendixen 17
Edvia Bertelsen 19
Einette Berndsen 17
Fabrina Albertsen 18
Fenja Berthelsen 17
Felizia Bolding 18
Fernande Borresen 18
Elmine Brinkman 19
Emmely Bredenberg 17
Engeline Caspersen 18
Ernstine Brammar 18
Estrid Blomberg 19
Franziska Clemensen 18
Freya Danielsen 18
Haraldine Felsing 19
Hedda Espersen 18
Helfred Dethlefsen 18
Henna Felsing 18
Henrika Eilertsen 18
Hermanda Fransen 19
Illona Frieberg 18
Illya Fugleberg 19
Kadja Haagen 18
Kadla Guldbransen 19
Karenlene Hartmann 19
Kalinka Damgaard 19
Karitha Hendriksen 18
Kasmira Hensen 18
Katja Henning 18
Laila Hermansen 19
Makaya Derksen 19
Malena Hamberg 19
Nakita Antonsen 19
Olava Johansen 18
Rasmine Jespersen 18
Ronja Kronholm 19
Rosalina Kristensen 19
Rosamunda Ingwersen 18
Sabina Kindberg 18
Sadia Markussen 19
Sagara Munsen 18
Samara Jorgensen 19
Samilla Neumann 19
Sanina Morgen 19
Vanda Ostergard 19
Valborg Samuelsen 18
Vanja Stenberg 18
Xenia Sondergaard 17
Yanina Salmonsen 18
Yessica Strand 18
Yonna Sorensen 17
Zabrina Underberg 18
Zanya Westerlund 18
Zara Tranberg 18


Name Age
Aardina De Winter 18
Aalbertje Berkhoff 19
Aardina Cornelis 18
Albertse Bergkamp 18
Adaja Boersma 18
Adalberta Blanke 18
Adalind Berkhout 19
Adalindis Barendregt 17
Adalmund Boonstra 18
Adalrada De Visser 18
Adaltrudis Brugmans 19
Adelheid Van de Graff 19
Adriana-Cornelia Dekker 18
Agentrudis Coppens 19
Alberada Engelsen 18
Albruga Franken 18
Amalberga De Smet 18
Baaltje Aardsma 19
Baltelda Akkerman 18
Balthechildis Engels 17
Bauwina Graaf 19
Belegardis De Waard 17
Berendina Haas 18
Berntilde Van Heemstra 18
Bertgaarda De Bisschop 19
Berthlenda Engelbrecht 17
Bertliana Geelvinck 18
Bertswunda Franksen 18
Bosheila De Man 17
Brandina Derksen 18
Carinja Heemskerk 19
Catharina-Maria Brinkman 19
Charlotte-Herta Joustra 19
Childeberta De Roo 18
Christina-Hendrina Jansen 19
Clasina Herrema 18
Clotrada Hofman 18
Cornelia Hoogstraten 19
Dilayla Heineken 19
Dirkina Herkenhoff 18
Ebertana Helmont 19
Edelgard De Jong 18
Edeberga Hoogland 18
Elisabetha De Graaf 18
Elise Jenniskens 19
Elizabeth Jansen 19
Erkenbrog Klaassen 18
Everelda Kersten 18
Fenna Janszoon 19
Folgarda Jenniskens 18
Fordola Kessler 18
Galantha Lankhorst 19
Geerdina Leerdam 17
Geldwara Lammers 18
Geraldine Klinkenburg 17
Gerlinda Koolhaas 17
Gersenda Klaassen 19
Gerwara Keulemans 18
Gilberta Kloppers 19
Gilsmodis Kramer 18
Haasje Lambert 18
Harmina Kroon 19
Harwara Lemmens 19
Heltrada Lankhorst 18
Henderina Mansveld 18
Hendrikje Konings 19
Hermengarda Kramer 18
Idasgarda Noteboom 18
Ilja Mulder 19
Ilona Pauwels 18
Ingrid Poelman 19
Kaartje Nissen 19
Kate Joustra 19
Katherine Lodewijk 19
Katrijn Molenaar 19
Katrinka Meisers 18
Klaasje Pieters 18
Klasina Phipps 19
Madelrada Roelvink 17
Maria Jenniskens 19
Maria-Anna Kunst 18
Maria-Christina Hardenbergh 18
Maria-Louise Kuperus 17
Marian Rubens 18
Marja Reynders 17
Matanja Huismans 18
Nadine Huysmans 19
Natascha Swanenburg 17
Reingart Staal 18
Riberta Snyder 17
Rachel Sanders 18
Olivia Schipper 19
Ramona Schellekens 17
Regnewig Nieuwenhuis 18
Rinilda Schreuser 18
Rinskje Schuurman 18
Rofsina Sikma 19
Roxana Slauerhoff 18
Roxanne Seghers 17
Royesha Snejder 19
Rozemarie Tellegen 17
Saartje Timmer 17
Salvia Tinbergen 17
Samantha Rademaker 19
Sandrijn Lambrechets 19
Saralee Lauwers 18
Saskia Lodewijk 18
Saxburg De Meyer 18
Sebastiana Geelvinlk 17
Serana De Rinner 17
Sefia De Waard 18
Kaartje Janssen 18
Katharina Slauerhoff 19
Kayla Brugman 18
Klara Tinbergen 19
Klaudie Troost 19
Kosima Thijssen 18
Jenny Swart 18
Jelmar Timmer 19
Joanna-Maria Valk 19
Jessie Van Aalten 17
Johanna-Elisabeth Thijssen 19
Jorina Van Barneveld 18
Josephina Van Beek 18
Josya Van Benthem 18
Justina Van Berlo 19
Haasje Van Doren 18
Hanne Van de Kamp 19
Heather Zeldenrust 19
Helinda Van Engelen 10
Sofia Ven den Broek 18
Sonja De Ridder 19
Laila Helmont 18
Leona Bouwmeester 10
Natasja De Jong 17
Solange Glas 18
Sophia Kuperus 17
Sophie-Louise Hermans 17
Staephanie Koopmans 18
Louisa-Christina Willemsen 18
Lourina Sutphin 18
Lucia-Maria Zeldenrust 17
Taisha Uhlenbeck 18
Tayana Van Bentham 19
Tecla Van der Veen 18
Thalysia Van Bommel 18
Thancwara Vanderbilt 18
Theodora-Jenny Verlinden 19
Theresia-Maria Vervoot 18
Thetasina Sutphin 18
Thidela Swanenburg 18
Ualdethruda Terwilliger 19
Ualdberg Verlinden 17
Uualdethruda Vervoort 18
Uulgarda Vandamme 18
Valentien Zandberg 17
Valentine Barnhard 19
Venessa Berendzen 18
Verona Bomgardner 18
Violet Zeeman 19
Vualdetruda Wondergem 18
Vuinetberta Zevenbergen 17
Walburg Verhagen 18
Waltruth Van Kampen 18
Werinza Timmermans 18
Werenburoc Van der Burg 18
Wiberga Van Gundy 18
Wilhelmina-Clasina Verlinden 19
Wilhelmina-Johanna Zeldenrust 19
Wilgeva Van Engelen 18
Willemke Zonneveld 18
Winebarga Vogelzang 18
Winetberga Van Vollenhoven 18
Wybrandina Visser 18
Yasmijn Verhoeven 18
Yolinda Van Essen 19
Zavia Van Vollenhoven 19


Many of the E.I.N's agents are also well regarded for many of their vehicles that are used. Whilst the agents own impressive cars Johnson/Gathercole and other senior personnel own a lot more impressive ones, in the case of Johnson and later Gathercole both own a Maybach whilst some senior personnel accompany him in Volkswagen Transporters and members of the cabinet often have their own cars.

Most of these cars tend to be more luxury vehicles and have the ability to take off and land like a normal aircraft. Most have guns in their grills but all have bombs located at the bottom of their chassis. They also tend to fit the agent's nationality for example a German agent will own a Mercedes or a BMW whilst a British agent would own a Bentley or a Rolls Royce.

Many Eastern agents on the other hand, particularly Romanians and Turkish agents, tend to use more Eastern cars that are also used by The Company whereas Spanish agents tend to use Italian cars which are largely Ferrari's; of the Spanish agents, only two agents own a Lamborghini: Sofia Amparo who owns a Murcielago and Bonita Alfronseca who owns an Aventador.

Italian cars, in particularly Maseratis, are also very popular with Greek agents owing to Italy and Greece being Mediterranean countries.


The vehicles feature the traditional features of luxury vehicles but also include run-flat tires, taxi style microphone radios and other features of armored vehicles. Many of the cars may have traditional logos such as a BMW or a Mercedes but they also bear the E.I.N logo which is a red version of the E.U. flag (traditionally yellow stars in a circle on a blue background) with a black cross on a white circle background (representation is in the main image).

Agents vehicles


Name Car Image
Helga Blankenburg Mercedes Benz E-Class (W211)
Mercedes Benz W211
Selma Achenbach Mercedes Benz W212
Mercedes Benz W212
Sonia Altmann BMW 5-Series
BMW 5 series
Emilie Baumann Mercedes Benz 280 SE
Mercedes Benz 280 SE
Rosina Bauernfeind Mercedes Benz W111
Mercedes Benz W111
Liana Baumgartner Mercedes Benz W108
Mercedes Benz W108
Gisela Baumstein Mercedes Benz 450SE
Mercedes Benz 450SE
Elfriede Beckermann Mercedes Benz CLS
Mercedes Benz CLS 2012
Christa Edelmann Mercedes Benz W108
Mercedes Benz W108
Gertrude Cronenberg Audi A6
Audi A6
Dagmar Braunbeck Audi A7 saloon
Audi A7
Hermine Cullmann Mercedes Benz W114
Mercedes Benz W114
Wilhelmina Eichenwald Mercedes Benz W116
Mercedes Benz W116
Yvette Eichberg Mercedes Benz W123
Mercedes Benz W123 3
Phillippa Deutschmann Mercedes Benz W126
Mercedes Benz W126 long wheelbase
Amalia Dornberg BMW E34
BMW 5 series (E34)
Louella Blumenberg BMW E39
Richenza Falkenberg BMW E38
Kerstin Freisler BMW 735
BMW 735
Katrin Freudenberg BMW 740
BMW 740
Svenja Frankenburg BMW E12
Heidemarie Frudenstein BMW E28
Hildegard Gildemeister BMW E32
Hilma Gerstenberg BMW E34
Johanna Gerstmann BMW E38
Hannelore Gilger BMW E39
Malvina Feigenbaum Audi A5 sportback
Audi A5 sportback
Ilse Goldenburg Audi A8
Audi A8
Magdalena Gutternberg BMW 7 series
BMW 7 series
Greta Haselberger BMW 5 series
BMW 5 series (E34)
Gretchen Hasselmann Audi A8
Audi A8


Name Car Image
Alessandra Belmondo Alfa Romeo 166
Alfa Romeo 166
Annetta Benvenuti Alfa Romeo 164
Alfa Romeo 164
Antoinetta Calabrese Alfa Romeo 1750
Alfa Romeo 1750
Alessia Casati Alfa Romeo 90
Alfa Romeo 90
Berenice Casanova Maserati Quattroporte
Maserati Quattroporte new
Bettina Attanasio Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina
Alfa Romeo 2600 berlina
Caterina Angelini Maserati Quattroporte
Maserati Quattroporte 5
Claudia Dragonetti Lancia 2000
Lancia 2000
Corina Garofalo Alfa Romeo Spider
Alfa romeo spider serie4 open
Donatella Fanini Lancia Beta
Lancia Beta Saloon
Elvira Gambetta Lancia Flaminia Berlina
Lancia Flaminia Berlina
Emiliana Fusco Lancia Gamma
Lancia Gamma
Francesca Galimberti Lancia Kappa
Lancia Kappa
Giovanna Iademarco Alfa Romeo 156
Alfa Romeo 156
Giuseppina Lamperti Alfa Romeo 159
Alfa Romeo 159
Griselda Lombardozzi Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Alfa Romeo Alfetta FL1
Lucrezia Marotta Maserati Qauttroporte
Maserati Quattroporte 1
Marcella Lorenzini Alfa Romeo 166
Alfa Romeo 166
Marissa Nazari Alfa Romeo Spider
Alfa romeo spider serie4 open
Valeria Marzano Lancia 2000
Lancia 2000
Vittoria Musumeli Lancia 2000
Lancia 2000
Frederica Lobosco Alfa Romeo 156
Alfa Romeo 156


Name Car Image
Vanessa Blackman Rover P5
Rover P5
Natalie Bonniwell Rover 75
Rover 75
Katie Bancroft Bentley 8
Bentley 8
Hannah Brightwell Bentley Arnage
Bentley Arnage
Abigail Chapman Rover P5B
Rover P5B
Phoebe Clarkson Austin Princess
Austin Princess
Chloe Dallinger Bentley Brooklands
Bentley Brooklands
Harriet Farnworth Bentley Brooklands
Bentley Brooklands
Maria Dashwood Austin Westminster
Austin Westminster A99
Maya Davidson Bentley Brooklands
Bentley Brooklands R
Laura Carter Rover P5B
Rover P5B 2
Jane Donovan Rover P6
Rover P6
Melanie Goodwin Austin Princess
Austin Princess
Melissa Cooper Wolseley 6 110
Wolseley 6 110
Nicola Eagleton Bentley Continental Turbo RT
Bentley Continental Turbo RT
Olivia Hammerton Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley Mulsanne
Rachel Hattfield Jaguar S-Type
Jaguar S type
Megan Hastings Jaguar X-Type
Jaguar X type
Molly Huntsman Jaguar XK
Jaguar XK
Lydia Kimberly Jaguar XJS
Jaguar XJS convertible
Heather Kenyon Rolls Royce Carmague
Rolls Royce Camargue
Esther Livingston Rolls Royce Corniche Mark 1
Rolls Royce Corniche I
Felicia Hawkins Rolls Royce Corniche Mark II
Rolls Royce Corniche II
Chelsea Heselton Rolls Royce Flying Spur
Rolls Royce Flying Spur MPW
Katrina Heathfield Austin Westminster
Austin Westminster A99
Jodie Hetherington Austin Princess
Austin Princess
Mia Kingston Wolseley 6-99
Wolseley 6-99
Sophie Gregson Wolseley 1660
Wolseley 1660
Natasha Higham Rolls Royce Silver Spur
Rolls Royce Silver Spur
Ellie Matterson Rolls Royce Park Ward
Rolls Royce Park Ward
Samantha Morrison Rolls Royce Phantom V
Rolls Royce Phantom V James Young
Lucy Osman Rolls Royce Phantom VI Drophead Coupe
Rolls Royce Phantom VI Drophead Coupe
Tamara Norrington Rover P6
Rover P6
Leonara Nicholson Rover P5B
Rover P5B 2
Charlotte Nelson Rolls Royce Silver Spirit
Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II
Kelsi Ravenshaw Rover P5
Rover P5
Lisa Nightingale Rover P5
Rover P5
Talitha Northmore Rolls Royce Silver Seraph
Rolls Royce Silver Seraph
Bronwen Poslethwaite Rolls Royce Silver Dawn
Rolls Royce Silver Dawn
Esme Prescott Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Gemma Robertson Rolls Royce Silver Spur
Rolls Royce Silver Spur
Jessica Shovelton Austin Princess
Austin Princess
Denise Waterhouse Rolls Royce Silver Spur
Rolls Royce Silver Spur
Amanda Wakefield Austin Westminster
Austin Westminster A99
Stephanie Thomson Austin Princess
Austin Princess


Name Car Image
Branimira Valcheva ZiL-4102
Rayka Avaramova ZiL-117
Borislava Maleeva ZiL-41047-25
ZiL 41047-25
Desislava Mikhaylovska ZiL-114
Svetlana Vutsova ZiL-4102
Grozdana Rakovska ZiL-41047
Tsvetanka Dobreva Jaguar XJ
Jaguar XJ6


Name Car Image
Katarzyna Baranowska GAZ-Volga
Kazimiera Andrzejewska GAZ-24
GAZ 24
Aleksandra Bednareka GAZ Volga
Zofia Bednaveka GAZ-24
GAZ 24
Krystyna Bartosiewicza GAZ-Volga


Name Car Image
Yevhenia Abrikosova ZiL-4102
Satyana Aristova ZiL-117
Irina Beloglazova ZiL-41047-25
ZiL 41047-25


Name Car Image
Ioana Avarmescu Infiniti Q45
Infiniti Q45
Alexandra Demetrescu Infiniti J30
Infiniti J30
Bianca Constantin Hongqi L5
Red Flag L5 Limousine (18423546376)
Maria Barbulescu Hongqi H7
800px-Hannover-Messe 2012 by-RaBoe 032
Catherine Moldovan Maybach 57
Maybach 57 S
Florentina Musat Hongqi HQD
Hongqi HQD 3
Emilia Grigorescu Nissan Prince Royal
Flavia Gaina Nissan President
Nissan President 2
Ileana Macedonski Mitsubishi Dignity
Mitsubishi Dignity
Constantina Demetrescu Mitsubishi Proudia
Mitsubishi Proudia
Teodara Diaconescu Nissan Gloria
Modern Nissan Gloria
Lavinia Dumitrescu Toyota Century
Toyota Century 2


Name Car Image
Despina Kanakaris Maserati 3200 GT
Maserati 3200 GT
Effychia Bakoyannis Maserati GranTurismo
Maserati GranTurismo
Euthemia Konstantopoulos Ferrari 456
Ferrari 456
Panorea Makris Ferrari 458 Italia
Ferrari 458 Italia
Stamatia Pavlopoulos Maserati Spyder
Maserati Spyder


Nmae Car Image
Marie Beauregard Facel Vega Excellence
Facel Vega Excellence
Bernadette Asselin Facel Vega Excellence
Facel Vega Excellence
Alberta Carpentier Facel Vega
Facel Vega Coupé
Amandine Bettencourt Citroen C6
Citoren C6
Angelique Bullion Renault Legane
Renault Laguna Phase II
Benedicte Allemand Renault Legane
Renault Laguna Phase II
Delphine Bissonnette Renault Vel Satis
Renault Vel Satis
Florence Brunelle Citroen CX
Citroen CX
Helene Devereaux Citroen BX
Citroen BX
Juliette Derocles Citroen C5
Citroen C5 Phase I
Kadia Grandjean Citroen Xantia
Citroen Xantia
Karine Desmarais Citroen SM
Citroen SM
Madeleine Lafromboise Citroen DS
Citroen DS
Louise Gainsbourg Facel Vega Excellence
Facel Vega Excellence
Monique Gaudreau Facel Vega Coupe
Facel Vega Coupé
Eugenie Laurent Citroen CS
Citroen DS
Veronique Leblanc Citroen C6
Citoren C6


Name Car Image
Sofia Amparo Lamborghini Murcielago
Lamborghini Murcielago
Bonita Alfonseca Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 - Flickr - Alexandre Prévot (2) (cropped)
Catalina Gallardo Ferrari 458 Italia.
Ferrari 458 Italia
Carmelita Fernandez Ferrari 599
Ferrari 599
Fernanda Gomez Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Gabriela Correa Ferrari California
Ferrari California
Flavia Bernardez Ferrari FF
Ferrari FF
Lupita De La Rosa Ferrari Mondial
Ferrari Mondial

West Turkish

Name Car Image
Cansever Ataseven Mercedes Benz W114
Mercedes Benz W114
Damla Caglayan Mercedes Benz W116
Mercedes Benz W116
Evrim Bozdag Mercedes Benz 280
Mercedes Benz 280
Gunseli Candemir Mercedes Benz 450
Mercedes Benz 450SE
Dilera Babacan Hongqi CA27
Hongqi HQE CA27 3
Hayrunnisa Dagdelen Hongqi HQE
Hongqi HQE
Ijenbike Bereket Toyota Century
Toyota Century 1
Semra Ankan Nissan President
Nissan President 3
Yasmin Karabulut Mitsubishi Proudia
Mitsubishi Proudia
Neslihan Kaya Nissan Prince Royal

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