Emma Irwin is a character, from the Cold War II series. She is an applicant for the European Intelligence Network alongside her boyfriend Benjamin Simmons.


Emma is an 18 year old girl studying at Cambridge University with her boyfriend Benjamin Simmons. Like her boyfriend she is of average weight and height but she also has long brown hair, fair skin and blue eyes.

At university she wears black leggings, a grey long sleeved T-Shirt, white trainer socks and grey Nike running style trainers but when she is in the captivity of the Scandinavian Alliance she wears a dark blue latex bodysuit, the same coloured hood also made of latex and high heels which she wears since being freed from Scandinavian captivity.


Though she is friendly at first with Poppy Wright before they join different organizations she is known to be very close to her boyfriend and is very protective of him. She is also seldom seen without Benjamin and unlike other girls at her place of study she likes to be alone with Benjamin, however she was once friends with Poppy Wright until they joined opposing organizations even if Emma berated her for bullying her boyfriend. In Scandinavia she becomes very fearful thanks to the Alliance's reputation.

Emma is probably the most unique character of all the female characters on both wikis: Female characters be they human and exist such as The Rani or human and not exist such as Helga Blankenburg or other female characters in literature or animal and exist such as Vixen and her old rival Lady Blue or animal and not exist such as Chandrika are strong willed from the word go or start of weak and get stronger such as Ghazal Rashidi from the Surgeon stories and Maid Marian in The Curse of Maid Marian.

However, she is a very weak character and would more than likely stay weak for all her appearances which would also make her appearances very rare. It could also be argued that of all female characters, Emma has the worst writing. She is also one of six characters and the only girl to have awful writing as the other five characters who have terrible writing are boys and include: Benjamin Simmons, Jesse Fairchild, Benjamin Greaves, Gabriel Eaton and Noah Kimberly.

The Cold War II series

In the very first story Agent to Prisoner Emma is shown as a student at Cambridge university alongside her boyfriend Benjamin Simmons, she and Benjamin are first seen after the class they have just had is dismissed. At night they carry out acts of bondage on each other at night as was their plan.

The next time the couple are interviewed by an agent for the E.I.N but she soon comes across Poppy Wright her friend and frequent collaborator and leader of gangs who like to bully Benjamin and though she leaves the two are eventually met by Finnish Scandinavian Alliance member Joonas Koskelo and she gives him details reluctantly.

On their flight the plane is hijacked and flown to Scandinavia where they are forced onto a submarine and sent to Oslo where they are arrested by the Alliance. Whilst Benjamin is sent with women Emma is put with a double agent and it is here her humiliation begins.

Emma is stripped and her clothes replaced by a blue latex bodysuit and whilst her original footwear was white trainer socks and grey Nike running trainers she is made to wear high heels. Once this is over she is fastened into a monoglove, a hood is placed on her head, she is gagged and a helmet is fastened on her head to keep the gag in place. She is then taken away and fastened onto a hogtie machine for three hours.

After three hours she is released and the couple are reunited. Emma is then laid on a bed on her stomach and fastened into a leg sheath and forced to watch the Scandinavian women force Benjamin into a sleepsack. It is here that she is broken when he is muzzled but dragged away and spanked. When she begins to sob she is spanked and is made to listen to both Benjamin's muffled screams and the women screaming at him. Once he is in the sack they are left alone.

But in the end the couple are released and before long Emma is fastened into a sleepsack herself. She stays like that until she is saved. However, when Emma is release from captivity in Germany, her desire of joining the E.I.N is dashed after Johnson refuses for them to join the E.I.N and return to England in disgrace; owing to the unknown fate of her original clothing, Emma stays in her suit and heels.