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The Surgeon's attire which he wears from Strategy of a Surgeon to The Yeti Factor.

The Eleventh Surgeon is an incarnation of the Time Lord known as The Surgeon, the protagonist of the Surgeon stories.

He is the only incarnation of the Surgeon to appear on this wiki because recollection of other Surgeon incarnations and stories are sketchy. But while some stories such as Dreadnought in Danger are not quite as sketchy, then the plots and titles of others are certainly sketchy.


Like the Doctor, the Surgeon is a Time Lord from Gallifrey who travels in time and space in his time machine frequently with companions. These have included Iranian-Egyptian nurse Ghazal Rashidi and her friend Majid Bashar, the politician Amanda Mycroft and in the Wiltshirean criminal Jenna Lillywhite the former accomplice of scientists Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska.

In earlier stories such as Dreadnought in Danger and The Ship Robber, the Surgeon was referred to in first person and was never named but since Strategy of a Surgeon, the character is referred to in third person like other characters who are original characters such as his first companion Ghazal Rashidi or the E.I.N agent and protagonist of the Cold War II series Helga Blankenburg or characters that already exist such as the Daleks or The Rani.

The decision to have the Surgeon be referred to in third person was decided in order to keep a sense of consistency because other stories such as the Cold War II series and the Journey of the Vixen series are written in third person. The only story that is in first person style is A Woman's World.


Following his latest regeneration after a fight with Meglos, the Surgeon transforms into a young man about the age of thirty-three with Arabic looking features. These include very tan skin, brown eyes and black hair but he does have features as shown in his first story that are enough to conclude that whilst he appears to be an Arab, something about him does not quite ring true.

These qualities include his very thick Manchester accent which seems to make him very conspicuous and even more conspicuous when he cannot improvise an Arabic accent and his hair which at first is described as "modern. All sticky-uppy". He later changes his hair to a more smoother appearance in Destroy All Plants and his hair remains smooth from Destroy All Plants onwards.


Seedsofdoom Chase taking photos

The Surgeon's attire since Destroy All Plants (minus leather gloves which are typically worn by women and some male characters). This clothing is also worn by Fox in the Anthro Saga and Harrison in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame.

In his first appearance in Strategy of a Surgeon the Surgeon wears a white hospital gown and later adds a pair of sandals which he changes to black bedroom slippers and a grey dressing gown until he defeats The Master. At the end of the story, he changes into a white shirt, navy-black trousers, a navy blue tie, black dress shoes and a navy-black blazer which he continues to wear until Destroy All Plants.

From Destroy All Plants on-wards the Surgeon wears a white shirt, navy blue trousers, a black and white spotted tie, a navy blue waistcoat, a navy blue blazer and black dress shoes; his attire from Destroy All Plants onwards is also worn by three other characters: Harrison Chase from the Doctor Who episode The Seeds of Doom, Fox in the Anthro Saga and Harrison, the fox baiter and the main antagonist in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame.

In fact, it could be argued that of all the incarnations of the Surgeon, this is one of the most formal as his new companion Amanda Mycroft discovers at the beginning of Thunderbolt where she discovers the Surgeon's wardrobe full of cravats, ties, waistcoats, etc. and even discovers a few tuxedos.


As the protagonist of the Surgeon stories, the Surgeon is one of the most developed characters made by the wiki founder. This particular incarnation shares the Doctor's abhorrence of evil and it could be argued that his eleventh incarnation is his most formal but is also his most violent as he is not hesitant to use violence nor has he ever been hesitant though how far he will use violence is the subject to inconsistency.

In Strategy of a Surgeon examples of his violence are shown when he meets Azhar Namin who angers him to the point where the Surgeon beats him viciously with his own staff causing him to regenerate into The Master. Later, he engages in another fight with the Master which "kills" him and also severely injures Asma Benyamina but does not cause her to regenerate just yet.

At one point during the fight, his punch when he hits the Master is enough to cause a chain reaction causing the Master to hit Asma sending her onto a tray of surgical tools causing it to be destroyed and leaving Asma bloodied and bruised, later in another scene where the Surgeon defeats the Master he throws a patient out of bed (the patient is fortunately not connected to an Intravenous drip) and defeats The Master by using the bed to throw him out of the window of the hospital.

However, in Destroy All Plants, violence is shown to be a last resort as he tries to negotiate with a Krynoid not to infect other humans to take over the world to which the Krynoid refuses to accept so he is forced to destroy the Krynoid and the monsters that breeded them. This in turn leaves him devastated.

It could be argued however, that the events of Destroy All Plants make the Surgeon a better man because in his first story he is shown to be remarkably bitter and to have a sense of arrogance about him whilst after the deaths of his companions he becomes a lot more personable but there is still a bitter sense about him.

While the Surgeon abhorrs evil and tries to avoid deaths of those close to him, he does not seem to care for those that die that he is not friendly with as shown in Terror of the Rani:

"As the Surgeon and his companions raced through the streets, Cybermen were killing both civilians and soldiers left, right and centre, but for the Surgeon any death was better than his death."
He further does not seem to care for the death of Majid Bashar who was his own companion when he is exterminated by the Daleks. It is also mentioned in Land of the Two Foes that his eleventh incarnation is probably the most amoral incarnation; despite this however, he is more than willing to help the resistance take back the world for humanity because of the fact that The Rani is dead.

Further signs of his personality are shown in The Yeti Factor where he is shown to be a bit like the Irish businessman Michael O'Leary in the sense that he is a hypocrite; he is prone to making promises that he contradicts a lot which is shown prominently towards the end especially when he says he will take Eleanor Davidson out of the Camera Obscura but in fact takes her to the Great Intelligence.

The Surgeon stories

Part 1:

Strategy of a Surgeon:

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The Sahara Desert, the Surgeon's first destination and where he crashes the SIDRAT.

The Eleventh Surgeon first appears in the story Strategy of a Surgeon, the newly regenerated Surgeon crash lands in the Sahara desert where he is later found by two Egyptian archeologists who bring him to Cairo, here the Surgeon is hospitalized at the Demerdash hospital.

As he recovers from his regeneration, the Surgeon gains the attention of nurse Ghazal Rashidi who is later castigated by her superior for wasting his time. He later continues to meet with Ghazal again after which she learns he is a Time Lord and he learns she is originally form Iran, Ghazal promises that she will visit the Surgeon again sometime and she will have more than likely a friend with her.

But when that day comes, the Surgeon is nowhere to be seen resulting in Ghazal's superior telling her that if she is to stay at the hospital then she is to find the Surgeon and he is to be brought back. After a long time of searching, Ghazal and her friend Majid Bashar eventually find the Surgeon at a bazaar only for him to hurry them away when he discovers the Weeping Angels are here. He later shows a video of The Doctor describing the angels which later results in an Angel touching Ghazal and being replaced by politician Asma Benyamina.

The Surgeon takes Majid to the same bazaar where Asma described to him and finds Ghazal in a cage, while Majid tends to her the Surgeon confronts the sorcerer Azhar Namin and beats him after he provokes him. He beats the sorcerer so viciously that it causes him to regenerate into The Master. With his cover blown, the Master further tortures Ghazal by locking her in a hot box with three Weeping Angels all of which are smashed to smithereens by Majid despite the Surgeon's warnings.

Whilst The Master and Asma escape the Surgeon and his companions give chase and eventually stop Asma's broadcast to Egypt and give chase again. In the process, the fight returns to Demerdash hospital where a vicious fight takes place which results in Asma getting kicked unconscious after the start of the fight between The Master and the Surgeon and the Master's death after the Surgeon throws him out of the Demerdash hospital window.

Ghazal and Majid later meet the Surgeon again after Ghazal's superior fires her and bars Majid from the hospital. Here they find the Surgeon changing into his current wardrobe before finally inviting the two Arabs to travel with him to which they accept.

Terror of the Rani:

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The Iranian Revolution, the main event that takes place during this story.

After the events of Strategy of a Surgeon, the Surgeon is first seen in the SIDRAT with his new companions Ghazal and Majid, both of whom ask him even more questions than ever. His answer effectively tells them of the events of The War Games, particularly how he got the SIDRAT as he stole it from Gallifrey, the same way the Doctor stole the TARDIS.

He shortly lands the SIDRAT on a "brave new world": Iran in the 1970s as he discovers largely through Ghazal Rashidi when she tells him of demonstrators chanting:


But they also chant "Allahu Akbar!" with Ghazal herself joining in. He is eventually powerless to stop her from joining a demonstration and further tries to find her as tear gas floods the area and Cybermen invade killing many of the protestors. The Surgeon tries to find Ghazal and Ghazal tries to find him but she is trampled in the crowd and knocked unconscious and captured forcing him to chase after her.

The chase takes The Surgeon and Majid to a prison but by the time they get there, she has escaped as discovered through a prisoner. She has escaped to the Royal Palace where she tries to kill the Shah herself in spite of The Surgeon trying to stop her; both him and Majid eventually succeed and discover the Rani who has the Cybermen attack his friends.

As spirited as the defense is however, the Surgeon and his friends are eventually captured and brought to the Rani who reveals that she intends to change Iran by using the Cybermen to keep the Shah on the throne for a longer period of time (he was originally meant to be deposed in 1979) and once the Shah's use has expired, the Cybermen will kill him so she can take over.

The Surgeon destroys the base but the Rani transmits a signal through Iran paralyzing the country and flees to the Royal Palace intending to finish off her plans. The Surgeon and his friends eventually chase the Rani to the palace. At the palace, the Surgeon and his companions attack The Rani and it takes their combined might to take her down: Once he destroys her weapon that she was going to use to kill the Shah, The Rani unveils a device that she intends to use to activate Cybermen all over Iran.

He orders Majid to keep the Rani on the floor, Ghazal kicks her in the back which causes her to drop the device and when it falls out of her hands, the Surgeon takes the opportunity to destroy the device which destroys the Cybermen. After he defeats the Cybermen, the Surgeon comes under fire from the Shah who demands an explanation and while the Time Lord calls himself Ali he refuses to answer where he is from even under intense scrutiny from the Shah. But in the end, his response is too strong for the Shah who simply gives up.

In Strategy of a Surgeon, the Surgeon stops Ghazal from killing the Rani when she was in the disguise of Asma Benyamina and in Terror of the Rani, he now stops Majid from killing the Rani with the combined efforts of Ghazal; in doing so however, a chase ensures to the streets of Tehran where he loses the Rani except for a note that says "Catch me if you can!" As the story ends, the Surgeon drags his companions into the SIDRAT and it de-materializes.

Land of the Two Foes:


The Dalek Mothership seen at the beginning of the story.

Following from the events of Terror of the Rani, the Surgeon and his companions are seen in the SIDRAT trying to get a fix on the Rani's location and when the Surgeon gets it, he pilots the machine increasingly erratically through the Time Vortex with enough force to rip the machine apart.

An image on the SIDRAT scanner shows the Surgeon hurtling towards a desert and fearing for the same events from the beginning of his first story, takes emergency action diverting the SIDRAT to a city which ultimately becomes a city in one of the worst countries in the Middle East: Iraq much to the fear of Ghazal.

When the Daleks arrive, the Surgeon orders his companions to follow them but is forced to change his plans when he sees The Rani trying to flee and orders his companions to chase after her. His plans however are foiled by the Mukhabarat forcing him away allowing the Rani to flee as the Daleks attack Iraq.

In the safe house, the Surgeon watches Ghazal and Majid viciously attack the Mukhabarat before stepping in to have his say; An apoplectic Surgeon that berates the Mukhabarat for not letting him deal with the Daleks because unlike the forces of Saddam, he has had experience with the machines because he has fought them time and time again. Eventually, he gets so out of hand that the Mukhabarat give up and instead take him to their leader: Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

When he begins conversation with Saddam owing to him being one of the most feared and reviled men in history, the Surgeon warns himself and is also warned by his companions not to repeat the same apoplectic attitude that he displayed in front of the Mukhabarat for fears that Saddam killed at least 250,000 people and the Surgeon could convince him to kill 250,000 more.

His conversation with Saddam begins with him asking to talk to him about his forces which Saddam takes as a compliment of the Iraqi Army. But what the Surgeon and his friends don't know is that the conversation with Saddam is being recorded by The Rani and the Daleks.

The Surgeon's attempts to negotiate with Saddam Hussein are foiled by the arrival of the Daleks as he is told by Ghazal Rashidi. As she describes one to him, one bursts through the door followed by two others. One of them tries to negotiate with Saddam further and is probably better at negotiating with him than the Surgeon himself.

He is further threatened that if he does not obey the Daleks then his companions will be exterminated and a defeated Surgeon reluctantly throws in the towel. As such, he allows himself to be led away from Saddam's palace as the latter smiles faintly.

While the Rani has never revealed her name or encountered the Surgeon's prior incarnations as prominently as some enemies of the Surgeon such as Meglos or the Daleks , it is said that he has more experience with her than Majid because they are both the same race as shown when they meet each other on the Dalek saucer where the Surgeon and his companions are taken.

While granted, the Surgeon is not restrained like in the case of Jesse Fairchild and his friends who are restrained constantly he is described alongside Majid as being more restrained when he is taken to the Dalek saucer than Ghazal. The Surgeon later stands up to the Daleks when they threaten Ghazal with being exterminated when she demands an explanation to the Rani's appearance in 1990s Iraq and soon comes to learn the terrible truth:

Two years earlier and a year before the Iran-Iraq War was due to end, Saddam had commissioned a supergun by the codename of Project Babylon which was to be based on Project HARP designed by Gerald Bull. But the Daleks and the Rani want to use it to hold the world to ransom unlike Saddam who wants to use it for unknown purposes.

Even if Saddam wants to use the supergun for unknown purposes however, it is likely that he would use the weapon to either launch a satellite into space or blast Israel to kingdom come in order to make way for the state of Palestine.

The Rani soon sees her opportunity for revenge and her revenge comes in the form of creating a rift between the Surgeon, Ghazal and Majid when she questions the latter's potential as a companion of the Surgeon or any Time Lord for that matter and the Surgeon's answer delights her: While the Surgeon acknowledges that Majid has shown a lot more potential than Adam Mitchell with the Ninth Doctor he still does not believe he has shown any potential.

Therefore, the Surgeon has Majid exterminated which makes Ghazal believe that he has turned to the dark side especially as he smiles faintly. It is also this psychopathic nature of the Surgeon that almost turns him against his last remaining companion Ghazal who is shocked to learn that Majid had been exterminated here and now.

While Ghazal believes that it is impossible for someone who is twenty eight years old to die in the 20th Century when he would barely have been born, the Surgeon almost quotes the Ninth Doctor and tells her:

"Time is not a straight line Ghazal, time is like water or an elastic band. It can stretch into any time or any place! He could have been born in the 1980s and died in the 1990s!"
It is also this quote that seems to turn the Surgeon and Ghazal against each other but the Rani decides to let the latter live and instead the Surgeon is brought through a transmat with Ghazal to the Iraqi desert...straight to Project Babylon.

While he is interested by the supergun, he is not entirely convinced by the fact that the gun could be one of the most powerful weapons ever made so he demands that the weapon be tested to which one of the Daleks totally agrees and so the Rani replies with "I obey!" which makes his skin crawl as it makes the Surgeon feel like she has been hypnotised by the Daleks or impregnated with a Dalek Factor, the same fate that affects Theodore Maxtible in The Evil of the Daleks which is actually unrelated to the Surgeon stories.

When the Daleks exterminated Majid Bashar, it was the Surgeon who felt psychopathic but this time it is a reversal of fortune because it is now Ghazal who sees an F-15 Eagle fighter jet as a target to be used for the demonstration of the supergun; he tries to persuade her that the craft may be friendly but she refuses to believe it.

After the Rani fires Project Babylon, the Surgeon is finally convinced especially by the sheer power projected by the gun which obliterates its target. But it also gives him a sense of deja vu of his own crash, except this time the pilot of that craft dies.

Once the gun has been tested, The Rani proceeds to do something very strange: She asks the Surgeon to form an alliance with herself and the Daleks which is unusual because the Surgeon has been traveling the universe for centuries and he has never become the subject of an alliance proposal unlike the Doctor and again, the Surgeon is not convinced as to why he should join forces with the Rani. This in turn makes him the second character to be the subject of an alliance proposal with the first being Lady Blue in Duel of the Vixens.

Like before, the Surgeon is unconvinced why he should join forces with the Rani and the Daleks to which she replies with:

"Because just think, with you by my side we could bring the Time Lords back again, imagine the worlds you could save. Just imagine, our own people...reborn."
With just one companion left in the form of Ghazal, it is now this one companion who tries to persuade the Surgeon that if he joins forces with the Daleks or the Rani then he will betray his own people. She manages to succeed when the Surgeon gives his response: Seeing a Dalek about to open fire on him, he grabs hold of the Dalek and forces it on the Rani so when it fires the gunstick, it exterminates The Rani.

Once the Rani has been exterminated, the Surgeon tells Ghazal to run for it and while under fire he radios various air forces to attack the Daleks then finally saves Ghazal from the Daleks by sending her through a transmat machine which teleports her to the streets of Iraq. Before the Surgeon also flees from the Daleks, he sabotages the transmat so when he escapes into the portal, it closes behind him leaving the Daleks stranded.

In the streets of Iraq, the Surgeon and Ghazal watch the air forces attack and eventually destroy the Daleks ending the threat of Project Babylon. The fires also incinerate the body of The Rani as he and Ghazal watch the fires and smoke billow from the desert.

When Ghazal asks about The Rani or as she was better known "Asma" thanks to her alias as Asma Benyamina, the Surgeon simply replies that her body has been incinerated by the flames caused by the air raids and apologizes to Ghazal about Majid but she does not care anymore much to his surprise.

As he and Ghazal head back to the SIDRAT, she asks about their next destination to which he replies:

"Out of the past; and into the future."
Upon the Rani's death, the Surgeon further expresses relief that the Rani will not be back to harm him anymore and he can hopefully carry on wandering the universe as he did for centuries before his current incarnation. In the SIDRAT, the Surgeon asks Ghazal "Onwards?" to which she replies the same thing and the Surgeon activates the machine causing it to leave Iraq for a new destination.

The Yeti Factor:

Just like his previous two stories, the Surgeon is seen at the beginning of The Yeti Factor in the SIDRAT but this time he is seen alone with Ghazal. He tells her that at the end of Land of the Two Foes he told her that he would take them out of the past and into the future and keeps his word, but Ghazal suggests they go to his home planet of Gallifrey.

Despite a pleasant reminiscence about Gallfrey the Surgeon refuses to go back to his home planet and instead takes Ghazal to the United Kingdom which apparently is one of his favorite countries; when he goes to take Ghazal out to explore the future however, she has gone much to his fears outside the SIDRAT...

In fact, Ghazal has gone further into the SIDRAT and has changed her clothing; she keeps her hijab but replaces her clothing with her abaya changed to a light blue dress with a zip on the back with black tights and black Chelsea boots. When she has changed, the Surgeon takes her outside the SIDRAT.


The chapel of Greyfriar's Kirkyard where the Surgeon lands the SIDRAT

The first destination however, actually appears inside a chapel which upon further exploration turns out to be one of the most haunted locations in Britain: Greyfriar's Kirkyard. Despite this however, the time is definitely right as the SIDRAT has landed in the 23rd Century in the year 2257 according to the Surgeon.


The site of the first Yeti attack, the Covenanter's prison

While he shows Ghazal the outside world, she scares him for real this time when she hears the sound of beeping which actually comes from a control sphere used for Robot Yeti which are stationed all over the cemetery and according to the Surgeon will also be found all over Edinburgh. As the Surgeon chases Ghazal to the Covenanters Prison, he warns her of a Yeti attack and she narrowly manages to escape.

Granted, the pair manage to escape from the prison but they don't escape from the cemetery because upon awakening, the Yeti has sent out a signal telling other Yetis to attack and they surround the exit of the cemetery preparing to go in for the kill.

The pair are saved from certain death however by a group of students who arrive with a group of Yeti. The students first open fire on the Yeti and allow the Yetis to come for them and once the pair escape the students unleash their own Yeti into the cemetery as the girls take the Surgeon and Ghazal to Edinburgh castle where they are introduced to their saviours: Abigail Huntsman, Christabel Davenport, Clementine Galbraith, Felicity Barbrige and Hester Cartridge.

Once the girls have been introduced however, the girls take the pair out of Edinburgh castle and to a new location in the city in the form of the Kirk of the Canongate. On the way there, while Ghazal is horrified by Yetis attacking innocent civilians in the streets the Surgeon does not have any kind of emotional reaction thanks to traveling the universe for centuries and having seen death and destruction practically everywhere he went.

Inside the Kirkyard, the Surgeon comes to Ghazal's defense after she is attacked by Felicity and also engages in conflict with her friend Hester Cartridge. The girls are berated by Abigail who threatens to betray them to the Yetis if they come into conflict with anyone else; finally the Surgeon and Ghazal are led into the chapel where he actually comforts Ghazal as the group journey into the chapel.

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The Kirk of the Canongate, the resistance stronghold.

In the chapel, the Surgeon and Ghazal are introduced to more girls, women and men the latter of which are split into two groups: Those that wear military fatigue and those that wear tight clothing and/or leathers in some cases. It is also at this stage where the Surgeon is forced to prevent more conflict from arising thanks to Abigail's right hand girl Amelia Bedingfield.

He and Ghazal get a huge sense of deja vu when Amelia introduces her own group of girls to the pair, exactly in the same way that Abigail introduced her group: Whenever a girl's name is called out, they step forward and introduce themselves. The Surgeon expresses a further sense of impression at the way the girls are trained with military precision with Abigail and Amelia even dismissing them in the style of Army officers.

As the girls are dismissed, Abigail and Amelia promise to tell the Surgeon and Ghazal everything about the Yeti and the questions that they have. However, they do something very unusual before they do it: Instead of telling them at the Kirk of the Canongate, the girls take the Surgeon and Ghazal back to square one: All the way back to Greyfriar's Kirkyard.

In the chapel, Amelia and Abigail reveal everything and why the world is like it is: The year is 2257 and it is a century since the Daleks invaded Earth and ultimately suffered their defeat at the hands of the First Doctor during the events of The Dalek Invasion of Earth. However, Earth has come under attack again from another hostile alien race which is the Great Intelligence.

While it is mentioned that the Intelligence has conquered the Earth and used the Yeti to destroy all humans left on Earth, only the Surgeon knows about it likely either because of previous adventures or thanks to the Second and Eleventh Doctors. Continuing on from the story, the girls do not mention the Intelligence because two of the students have got close to it and since coming into contact with it, one of the girls has been captured and is trapped in the Outlook Tower.

The Surgeon and Ghazal further get answers about why most of the Yeti attack humanity but other Yeti attack other Yetis: During their fight against the Intelligence, the resistance has captured several Yetis from the Intelligence and has impregnated them with "The Human Factor" which causes them to attack other Yetis. Abigail further adds that the second student to come into contact with the Intelligence now serves the alien because she has been impregnated with "The Yeti Factor" which is the impulse to obey the Intelligence.

Having heard Abigail and Amelia's story, the Surgeon decides to help the resistance take back the planet from the Great Intelligence, the first time he has been able to do such a thing because he has not been able to help anyone thanks to The Rani and what she could have been doing to destroy the world or take it over. He tells the group to go back to the Kirk of the Canongate and along the way, he tells Ghazal that she has to join the resistance while he will bring the students back together again.

At the Kirkyard's chapel, the Surgeon rallies the students and has Ghazal join them before choosing Abigail and Amelia to choose one girl from their groups to accompany him. The girls choose reluctantly but Huntsman eventually chooses Hester Cartridge and Amelia chooses Kierra Hastings; finally, the Surgeon begins his journey.

During the journey, it appears that Hester falls into a trance and begins singing along with the Yeti who she imagines singing a derogatory song intended to discredit the Surgeon and his accomplices. However, for all the discrediting singing the group eventually make it up to the Outlook Tower.

At first, the Surgeon dismisses the girls and allows them to go back to the Kirkyard but they refuse with Kierra especially being defiant. Eventually, the Surgeon reluctantly gives in and allows the girls to accompany him into the Tower.


The headquarters of the Intelligence, the Camera Obscura and World of illusions.

Inside the Tower is the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions and inside the building, the Surgeon and his accomplices search for the students and eventually find Eleanor Davidson tied to a chair and also find Clarissa Wainwright who holds them hostage inside the building.

Unlike Hester Cartridge and Kierra Hastings who are terrified of being held hostage by Clarissa, the Surgeon is also held hostage by Clarissa but he does not seem to care which irritates Kierra who wonders how someone who is being held hostage can be so relaxed.

Clarissa also does not like the fact that the Surgeon is in fact playing with her and before long, he explains everything: Before Clarissa came in, the Surgeon had the girls untie Eleanor instantly but by the time Clarissa came the girls had kept Eleanor tied to the chair but untied her legs which allows Eleanor to kick Clarissa in the stomach sending her off her feet and throwing the gun out of her hands.

With Clarissa on the ground, the Surgeon has Hester and Kierra finish untying Eleanor which they do and once she is freed, Eleanor leaps out of her chair and ties Clarissa's hands behind her back before handing her over to the other students. The Surgeon then orders the girls to take Clarissa back to the Kirkyard while he takes Eleanor out of the Camera Obscura; however, she does not understand how one person can take down an alien race.

The Surgeon however only tells her that all will be revealed sooner or later and Eleanor finds out when the Surgeon takes her to the Great Intelligence; when the Surgeon confronts the Intelligence, he puts up a highly confident defense to the Intelligence and is especially confident by the fact that the resistance will defeat it thanks to impregnating several other Yetis with The Human Factor.

But the Intelligence pulls the trump card and tells the Surgeon that it has actually been waiting for him and claims that the Human Factor is useless because it has shown the Intelligence what its own strength is. It further delivers the final blow by telling the Surgeon that it wants him to take the Yeti Factor and spread it through the entire history of Earth so humanity will obey it.

Once the Intelligence pulls its trump card, the Surgeon brings Eleanor back to his instructions of "When I say run, run" and in doing so he orders her to do just that despite Yeti attempts to stop the pair from escaping. The Surgeon continues to scare Eleanor by telling her to go up to the Outlook Tower where she has been imprisoned by the Great Intelligence which sparks an argument between the pair.

The Surgeon is actually telling her to go the Outlook Tower because there is a telescope there. He then tells her to look in it and when she does, Eleanor finds the resistance marching up to the Camera Obscura with their Yetis ready to do battle with the Great Intelligence. Despite her willingness to escape, the Surgeon orders her to stay where she is and this ultimately pays off because the students come up with Ghazal to claim Eleanor and the Surgeon manages to reclaim Ghazal.

Once he has Ghazal however, the Surgeon does nothing else but run for his life with Ghazal leaving the resistance for the Intelligence which is ultimately destroyed. But even with the destruction of the Intelligence, the Surgeon and Ghazal just keep running away from the building until they finally reach a deserted section of Edinburgh.

In this section of Edinburgh, Ghazal breaks down in tears which makes the Surgeon comfort her and embrace her. After he does, the Surgeon informs Ghazal that on her journeys she has been in the past (Terror of the Rani and Land of the Two Foes) and the future which is the events of this story so asks her if she would like to go back to the present.

A delighted Ghazal replies she would love to go back to the present, but the Surgeon decides not to take her back to the Middle East and instead takes her to a new location. In the SIDRAT, Ghazal stuns the Surgeon when she takes off her hijab, a sign that all the adventures she has been through make her feel as though her Hijab is not necessary anymore.

Destroy All Plants:

Since Terror of the Rani, the Surgeon has always appeared in at least Part 1 of a story and Destroy All Plants is no different and once again he is shown in the SIDRAT with Ghazal. He brings her back to his promise that he would take her back to the future but he does not decide to take her back to Egypt because of the fear she will come across the Weeping Angels or any other foe again.

Instead, the Surgeon takes her to a new location but when the SIDRAT lands he does not leave to explore the outside world: Rather, he has gone into the machine to change his attire substituting his suit for a three piece one with very thin pinstripes. But Ghazal has also changed and once they have, they go outside to see where the SIDRAT has landed.

The SIDRAT's destination is thankfully for Ghazal not in Egypt as she learns thanks to the huge change in scenery from sand brown to green and when she asks the Surgeon where they are, the Surgeon replies that he has taken the pair of them to Northern Ireland which he describes in vivid detail including it being separated from the Republic of Ireland since 1921, being the battlefield of The Troubles and still being part of the United Kingdom.


Stranmillis University College, the last lecture location that Maurice goes to.

As the Surgeon and Ghazal explore their new surroundings, they inexplicably come across a shaded figure heading for the Stranmillis University College and follow it there. That figure is the scientist Maurice Callaghan and they continue to follow him when they follow him back to Belfast Castle which is his home.

The Surgeon disturbs Maurice from one experiment by entering his house and angrily accusing him of using the plants as some kind of superweapon which can also destroy rogue countries and anyone that dares to question the authority of any dictators around the world but Maurice vigorously denies the allegations and shows one of his experiments which is a genetically altered rose to the Surgeon.

At first, the Surgeon is reluctant to touch it and when he does touch it is left speechless by the fact that Maurice is telling the truth and so is forced off his land. The Surgeon later turns back when he hears the sound of plant pots smashing even though Maurice is convinced that it is the Surgeon who is playing a stupid trick on him and refuses to believe anything wrong with the situation...

That is, until the Surgeon and Ghazal confront Maurice in his greenhouse....and a monster with them which seems to take particular offense to Ghazal who mocks its roar. The monster is actually the rose that Maurice altered and it takes control of more plants and turns them into monsters which ultimately destroy Maurice's home and their creator falls under the Abomination's influence.

Even with Maurice under the influence of the plants, the Surgeon refuses to leave them and for good reason: Because the Surgeon learns that the plants plan to take over the world and their first target is the Queen's University which the Surgeon and Ghazal reach first and in doing so manage to convince the students to rally against the plants. Despite reaching the University first however, there's even worse enemies the Surgeon comes across: Krynoids.

While the staff and students fight probably the most one sided battle in the history of man kind against Biollante, the Plant monsters and the Krynoids, the Surgeon and Ghazal try to contact the Irish Armed Forces to destroy the plants but unfortunately, Maurice gets there first and destroys the phone lines before taking Ghazal prisoner and turning her into a Krynoid. Now with Ghazal turned into a Krynoid, Maurice under the plant's influence and people dying left, right and center and turned into Krynoids the Surgeon must find a way to destroy the plants himself.

The Surgeon tries to negotiate with Maurice but the plants kill him and dissolve his corpse; and things go from bad to worse for the Surgeon: He does not negotiate with Maurice but he does try to negotiate with a Venus Flytrap who decides that humanity has lived on Earth for too long and like the Silurians, claims the plants will claim the Earth for themselves.

This effectively means that there will be the most terrible war in the history of Earth and could even lead to the end of the world but the Flytrap believes that humanity has been used to war because they have fought war, after war, after war, after war and finally the Flytrap gives the Surgeon a put down that destroys him:

"You're a parasite!"
It then terminates the negotiation and leaves the Surgeon in an impossible situation: He can either save the Earth like he always has done in his last four adventures but lose Ghazal...or he can let Ghazal live but abandon the world to the plants and ultimately chooses the former despite various attempts to stop him.

At the Irish ministry of defense, the Surgeon tells the government to give the story's titular command: "Destroy All Plants" and it is these three words that echo in all the airfields of Britain as the R.A.F are forced into combat to Destroy All Plants and thanks to Northern Ireland being part of the United Kingdom, arrive almost immediately.

All the Surgeon can do now is watch in horror in what he has done: He has saved the world from the Abomination but has also killed his own companion who was his sole remaining one thanks to the extermination of one by the Daleks; even when he has destroyed the plants, the Surgeon is still horrified at what he has done.

The events of what has happened is enough for the Surgeon to leave Ireland supposedly for good but little does he know that he has come up against one Irish scientist and he will come up against another.

The Super Soldiers:

After the events of Destroy All Plants, a now lone Surgeon journeys back to the future when he travels to the year 2117, a hundred and forty years prior to the events of what would become The Yeti Factor (it is important to know that no events in the Surgeon stories have any continuity like the case of Defenders of Earth and The Mammal Wars for instance). But outside, the Surgeon has a very different experience to setting foot out of the SIDRAT:

Once he steps foot out of the SIDRAT, the Surgeon is confronted by the politician Amanda Mycroft, Army sergeant Claribel Bloodworth and her section who point their guns at him but like in The Yeti Factor, the Surgeon does not allow himself to be intimidated but under coercion from Bloodworth holds his hands up and despite assuring the women that he is un-armed, Bloodworth is not convinced.

The Time Lord is then scanned by the sergeant and when the results turn up negative, she orders her section's guns to be released from him before he asks the two women who they are before they take the Surgeon to witness a project that Claribel has been working on: The Super Soldier project. In the room, the Surgeon meets the man at the beginning of the story who introduced the Super Soldiers to a room and Amanda tells the man at the beginning about the Surgeon who then tells the man about the Super Soldiers and expresses some concern.

His concern especially is due to the Doctor's encounter with the Daleks during World War II when they posed as soldiers but ends up being accused of badmouthing the British Army. But one Army general is indifferent to showing him training and so decides to show him the Soldiers in training which they manage to do even if the training is less like the Marines and more like the Spetsnaz.

Even before the soldiers complete the training, the Surgeon is horrified to learn that his accusations were right and the Super Soldiers are in fact the same enemies he faced in Iran: Cybermen. After being shown the tests, the Surgeon undergoes an attempt to try to convince the Army that the "Super Soldiers" are in fact hostile alien cyborgs but his warnings fall on deaf ears and instead he is taken to a laboratory to meet a soldier up close alongside Claribel and Amanda.

At the laboratory, the Surgeon decides that if the Army won't listen to him then he will make them listen to him and he does it in such a fashion that it leaves both Amanda and Claribel speechless as the normally stoic Surgeon who they had met now loses his temper and even attacks one of the soldiers before echoing the words he told The Master in Egypt:

"I am the Surgeon! AND YOU ARE THE CYBERMEN!"
Finally, he kicks the soldier which leaves both women in the laboratory shocked and horrified even more. But when he cools down, the pair join his side and watch as the soldier now revealed as a Cyberman gets to its feet and replies that the Surgeon is correct in his assumptions.

The Cyberman transmits a signal to other Cybermen and they attack the Army but the Surgeon flees with Amanda and Claribel before forcing the latter to put her section on the line and help him defeat the Cybermen. However, the Cybermen are impervious to bullets so their wires are ripped out and eventually the Surgeon destroys the Cybermen when he destroys a Cyber planner which had been in charge of the whole operation.

After the destruction of the Cybermen, the Surgeon is accused of making Britain vulnerable to attack because he has forced the Army to abandon the hope of Super Soldiers but the Surgeon bites back and tells the General to go back to the drawing board. He then storms off and Amanda with him but not before witnessing Claribel angrily resign from the Army and tear her sergeant stripes off her tunic in defiance.

As the Surgeon prepares to leave, Amanda asks him if this is the thing he does all the time to which he replies it is and offers Amanda the chance to come with him which she does because she will continue the excitement she has had today. At first, Amanda is cautious but eventually becomes the Surgeon's third companion; as she enters the SIDRAT, the Surgeon dematerialises and Claribel watches it go.



The city of Bucharest, the location of Thunderbolt and the Surgeon's destination.

Like in Terror of the Rani, the Surgeon is first seen with his new companion Amanda Mycroft where she asks him if what she had witnessed in the previous story was what he does all the time to which he replies that it is literally "the story of my life" and when she asks whether the machine she is in can travel in time and space the Surgeon replies with:

"Oh yes. I'm a time traveler, Amanda. I've been to the past and I've been to the future where I got you as a travel mate."

He then proves this by redirecting the SIDRAT to his present day and a century ago in Amanda's past and ten minutes later, his destination is revealed when the SIDRAT lands in Romania in the city of Bucharest. However, before Amanda can explore her surroundings, the Surgeon tells her to change her clothing because she cannot possibly be taken seriously in her political attire.

Even if she was, many Romanians would see her as a politician and since she started traveling with the Surgeon, Amanda does not consider herself a politician anymore. Ten minutes later, Amanda has changed and the Surgeon now takes her out to her true destination: Bucharest, Romania; as the pair explore their new surroundings, they soon come across a military convoy that is armed with various missiles with their purpose unknown so the Surgeon decides that they follow it.

Among these missiles is the titular Thunderbolt missile that was outlawed a long time ago in Amanda's time and the same missile that the Surgeon's kind has experienced before thanks to the events of The Mind of Evil with the Third Doctor. The convoy heads for the Army headquarters located in Bucharest where once again, the Surgeon finds himself held at gunpoint.

But an Army General who sees the Surgeon surprises him by telling him that the Army has been expecting him but does not say why...until him and Amanda go into the General's office where the Surgeon asks a) what the Army wants with the missiles and b) why the Army was expecting him and gets both answers from the General:

The missiles that were seen in Romania are originally from Britain and Russia and come to Romania to be destroyed because they are either outlawed or obsolete and the Army has wanted someone like him for two reasons: A), the Armed Forces send the missiles to a destruction point but one way or another, they vanish on the way to the destruction point and B), Anyone who has got in touch with the missiles has gone missing.

This ultimately leaves the Surgeon so speechless that all he can do is refuse to help the Army and leave them alone and continue to explore Bucharest with Amanda. But little do both Amanda and the Surgeon know that as they leave the Army, they are being watched by WOTAN who sends out a War Machine to find him for unknown purposes.

But not only is War Machine 7 activated but WOTAN in fact goes the whole hog and activates every single War Machine in Bucharest. At first, the War Machines operate under secrecy and as much secrecy as WOTAN until one of them comes across the Surgeon and Amanda when they explore Bucharest again and it is here where the machines circle the pair and prepare to take them to WOTAN.

That is, until the Army return to fight their old foes thanks to the Army and the War Machines engaging in frequent battles with them in contrast to the Army shown in The Super Soldiers who use the Cybermen as soldiers but with the Army are twenty shadowy figures who drag the Surgeon and Amanda out of the circle of machines while the Army ends up fighting a losing battle because of the Machines' ability to jam guns.

After being saved by the figures, the Surgeon and Amanda are taken to a deserted Army base or what appears to be a barracks where their saviors are revealed as the Romanian sisterhood who are also fighting the War Machines which come to terrorize all of Romania instead of just Bucharest after WOTAN transmits a signal through Romania which paralyzes the country and affects the Surgeon.

WOTAN now gives the Surgeon a split personality and uses him to communicate its plan to his companion: It has collected the missiles that were sent to Romania to be destroyed and captured them to convert them to satellites which will be launched into space where the satellites will transmit a signal around the world and activate War Machines all over the world.

Once the Surgeon's mind has been completely taken over by the computer, he is ordered to recall to an Army base where he sees the missiles, War Machines and all of the people that WOTAN had hypnotized over the course of the story. When the missiles are completed, the Surgeon is ordered to launch them into space which occurs and even ends up fighting his own companion...until a reprogrammed War Machine destroys WOTAN and releases his mind control on him.

With the computer's destruction, the Surgeon has no recollection of what he has done until Amanda brings him back to reality to which he swears of having a break from traveling and fighting enemies to make him less stressed and make him continue fighting evil.

He later reunites with the Sisterhood and tells them that they could meet again some day before entering the SIDRAT and causing it to de-materialize. Inside the SIDRAT, Amanda asks him where he has in mind but the Surgeon decides not to tell her and instead sets the controls for his next destination away from Romania.

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Widbrook Wood (geograph 2522197)

Widbrook Wood in Wiltshire, the Surgeon's destination in Bounder and the Time Lord.

In a break from traveling the universe for centuries and fighting evil across the galaxy and in a change from other stories in the Surgeon stories, the Surgeon takes Amanda back to Britain in the year 1994 to the British county of Wiltshire when he takes her to Widbrook Wood. While Amanda is happy to have a break from the War Machines and the Cybermen, she is concerned why the Surgeon is so happy about arriving in 1994 when the Rwandan Genocide would also break out;

While the Surgeon acknowledges this is the time that the Rwandan Genocide would break out, he has taken Amanda to about a month or three months earlier before the Genocide would occur (in the story, he says that he takes her to about January at the earliest and March at the latest) and it was also at this time when the world is free of other events: 1994 means that it is five years since the end of the Cold War in 1989, three years since the end of the Gulf War in 1991 and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in that same year as well as the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

This eventually puts Amanda at ease and he eventually decides to take her on a walk through Widbrook Wood which he sees as a relaxation in contrast to fighting evil all of the time; while this does ease him a lot, the Surgeon quickly becomes concerned when there are animals that appear to act more aggressively than normal especially the foxes.

The Surgeon soon loses hope for a calming time after fighting evil time and time again when he sees two blue foxes with a strange green glow surrounding them and a figure in the woods who appears like it is aiming towards the Surgeon and Amanda with the intentions to kill them.

At least, that's what it seems. The figure is actually aiming its pistol trying to shoot at a certain blue fox which is under the protection of another blue fox and its mate who instantly turn invisible in an attempt to shoo off the intruders while the fox retreats. It is also the vixen that was protecting the fox who forces the figure into a retreat allowing the Surgeon and Amanda to flee.

But the Surgeon are not free of nature's wrath just yet because further in the woods, the pair are encountered by the fox who takes one look at the Surgeon and Amanda and leaves them alone. After being free of their wrath, the Surgeon loses hope of taking a break of fighting evil quickly and takes Amanda further into the forest to find out more about this fox that the figure wanted.

In the forest, the Surgeon and Amanda hope to help the fox but instead it gives the pair a death glare and while the pair want to help it, the fox does not want any help but it does run away alongside the Surgeon and Amanda when the figure who the vixen forced into a retreat earlier appears and actually manages to capture the fox in a fox trap.

The Surgeon and Amanda are then forced into a wild goose chase and end up being forced into a secluded part of the forest where they lose the figure even more for about ten seconds only to find it heading to a secluded building in the form of a laboratory which confuses Amanda as to why there would even be a laboratory in the forest; the Surgeon however decides to investigate.

Inside the laboratory starts off with awful conditions but inside the laboratory, the Surgeon discovers the place being almost spotless and complete with an operating theater type room which at first shines with a bright light until a figure plunges the room into darkness and turns the lights on slowly. From the shadows, the Surgeon and Amanda are threatened by a shadowy figure who the Surgeon mocks when it tells them "Hey! You!"

The figure then demands to know what it is doing in "our laboratory" which confuses the Surgeon and in the process reveals another figure from the back which approached in Amanda's direction. These figures are actually Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska and it is also Katja who reveals that the foxes that were glowing do not actually belong to Forbflaith because if they did, they would be far more vicious.

But the Surgeon also finds out the real name of the figure who was seen in the woods: Jenna Lillywhite, a criminal who is just as notorious as Forbflaith or Katja with a criminal record about the size of Lincolnshire and never being caught once. He is then led to another operating theater when Amanda asks what Forbflaith wants with the fox.

Inside the operating theater, the Surgeon learns everything: Forbflaith is a wanted woman in Northern Ireland because of her experiments which have been condemned by animal rights activists who have also repeatedly called for her arrest; and on top of that, she is under threat from terrorists because she is under the belief that if terrorists got hold of her research, the world could be in danger.

After the fox is revealed and walks onto an operating table, the Surgeon and Amanda are joined by Jenna who makes them watch her bosses carry out their operation on the other words, alter him genetically which makes him grow to the size of a coyote much to the fear of the Surgeon as shown below:

"For the Surgeon was a huge sense of terror: He had seen genetic engineering before in Forbflaith's home country and it had lost him a companion...could the Surgeon lose another companion to this fox? Especially since the fox no longer really looked like a fox in regards to size and instead looked to be about the size of a Coyote.
After Bounder's alteration, he scans the room first eyeing the Surgeon and all the humans in the room before showing off his new powers and fleeing to free the other Blue Foxes that Forbflaith had previously held captive before setting himself up as their leader and heading off to terrorize humanity. As they do, the Surgeon berates Forbflaith who does not care about letting the foxes loose on Bradford on Avon.

But Jenna has turned against Forbflaith and allows the Surgeon and Amanda to escape...however, she has no intentions of helping them and instead runs away to the town. Meanwhile, the Surgeon and Amanda force Forbflaith and Katja to remain where they are while they set off after the foxes and Jenna, hoping to catch her before Forbflaith does.

In the town of Bradford on Avon, the Surgeon gets in touch with the police to search for Jenna and the Army based in Wiltshire to combat the foxes to no avail. And it gets worse because Amanda reports that Katja and Forbflaith have inexplicably escaped and are now on the loose...the Surgeon does not care however because he has an idea of how to defeat the foxes.

He orders the Army to use flamethrowers on them and the result is a success; The flames do not kill Bounder nor do they kill the foxes, but they do force them to retreat and they also push Bounder back to where he came from before Jenna captured him: Widbrook Wood. With Bounder back in his natural habitat, the Surgeon and Amanda hope to capture Jenna.

Their attempt is a success and when they do, the Surgeon explains everything to Jenna including the fact that the police will have the chance to catch the criminal they have been trying to catch for a long time but he will instead ask them to keep her in holding. As well as confronting Jenna, the Surgeon had previously called the police and him and Amanda watch her being arrested and taken away by the police; as she is being led away, the Surgeon asks the police officer to keep Jenna in holding which the officer agrees to reluctantly.

After Jenna is taken away, it is also stated that the Surgeon has also contacted the Army to make sure that Bounder keeps away from Bradford on Avon and also orders them to help in rebuilding the town.

Battle of the Foxes:

Like his previous enemy WOTAN (WOTAN is the Surgeon's previous enemy because Bounder is now his current enemy), the Surgeon does not appear at the beginning of the finale of his first series Battle of the Foxes, but he is one of three Time Lords to be the subject of a monologue that starts off the story alongside the Doctor and The Master as shown below:

"After he defeated WOTAN in present day Romania, the Surgeon had traveled to early 1994 to the British county of Wiltshire in the hope of taking a long rest of traveling the universe for years; but the Surgeon was a Time Lord and if there was one thing that was common with the Time Lords it was that they never could take a break. Even before the last great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks most probably.

There was also one thing that one should have learned about the Time Lords: They were like the Pied Piper of Hamelin in the case of danger, especially ones like the Surgeon, the Master and another one of the Surgeon's kind who had fought proper enemies such as the Cybermen and even WOTAN in the past, and why were they like the Pied Piper of Hamelin? Because wherever they went, danger was sure to follow, except in the case of the Master who spread danger like  a plague.

The Surgeon however, managed to outdo his fellow Time Lords by being up against enemies that he had very little knowledge of, himself and the genetically altered foxes that Forbflaith Hennessy had created were no different. But this time, the Surgeon was actually trapped in Wiltshire because if the last fox standing left Widbrook Wood then it would mean the end of life in Wiltshire more than likely."
After this monologue, the Surgeon and Amanda receive a phone call from Jenna Lillywhite who was imprisoned by the Surgeon and the criminal asks to meet him to which the Surgeon and Amanda do so, but whether the criminal can be trusted is another matter. A journey to Trowbridge Police Station leads the Surgeon and Amanda to the police station and Jenna.

In her cell, the Surgeon and Amanda do not immediately trust Jenna which in turn frustrates her as shown here:

""Oh, for goodness sake. So you have me arrested, sent to a holding cell and you don't know that you can trust me?"
She then reveals everything and wants to help the Surgeon and Amanda to defeat the blue fox, however it means working with the scientists and criminal who unleashed that fox on Wiltshire and so the Surgeon is reluctant to do it. However, for the sake of Wiltshire, he is made to ally himself with Jenna to do it alongside Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska.

The Surgeon takes Amanda and Jenna into the forest to seek out a fox to fight "Bounder" as Amanda had called him hoping that Jenna's plan works, however Jenna puts him off by telling him that she doesn't want to capture a red fox and instead the Surgeon points out another fox in the form of "Ranger" which she does and in exactly the same way she captured Bounder.

In spite of this however, the attempt to catch this fox is hindered by Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska who are forced into hiding in Widbrook Wood. The Surgeon then forces the scientists to help him by blackmailing them alongside Amanda who tells them:

"Oh, you will Miss Hennessy, because if you don't...then you'll suffer the same fate as Jenna here."
Ultimately, it is Katja who takes the group to the laboratory that she and Forbflaith used to alter Bounder and it is also here where the Surgeon forces Forbflaith help him alter Ranger; at least, only to make her show him the controls and when she does, the Surgeon sends her away and alters Ranger all the while attracting the attention of Bounder. Whether the intentions of him wanting to attract Bounder's attention however is not explained.

Once Ranger has been released into Widbrook Wood, the Surgeon forces Forbflaith, Katja and Jenna to watch as his creation fights theirs and as the foxes fight, the Surgeon gets the police to Widbrook Wood as well presumably to arrest either Forbflaith, Katja, Jenna or all three. After Ranger disappears, the Surgeon refutes Amanda's belief that Bounder has killed him and shows her the second part of the fight where this time, Bounder dies when the fox bites him in the throat.

At the end of the battle, Forbflaith tells the Surgeon that he will pay for destroying her experiment but the Surgeon refutes her as well because he had called the police and sent them to Widbrook Wood. He then takes Forbflaith away and has Amanda do the same to Katja; Jenna on the other hand is too stunned to watch and instead of following the Surgeon directly, runs away and tries to find another way of getting to him without catching the attention of the police because if she does, then it will mean trial and imprisonment.

The Time Lord hands the scientists over to the police who arrest them with Forbflaith being promised to be taken back to Northern Ireland. After the scientists have been taken away, the Surgeon and Amanda head back to the SIDRAT...but they get a strange request from Jenna who wants to come with them to leave her criminal past behind. As such, the criminal becomes the Surgeon's fourth companion and the SIDRAT leaves Wiltshire for new adventures.

Part 2

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