The Eastern Vixens, also known as the Vixens of the East, is the name given to a vast criminal network composed of women spread across Eastern Europe. Its many members are also part of the criminal organization known as "The Vixens".

The organization are the human protagonists of Defenders of Earth.


The Eastern Vixens gets its name primarily thanks to foxes being one of the favorite animals of the wiki founder alongside numerous other animals such as Spotted Hyenas, Bengal Tigers and Crocodiles for instance but it is also called the Eastern Vixens for more reasons:

"Eastern" refers to the Eastern setting of Defenders of Earth in spite of the fact that the series is set only in the Slavic world and not exotic locations such as India which are prolific locations used in the Cold War II series; this is because that unlike in Defenders of Earth, Eastern antagonists are far more common.

"Vixens" meanwhile refers to the name of a female fox but it also highlights the cunning and sly archetype of the Red Fox which are also qualities used by the organization's branches. Their name also refers to the Vixens themselves because "Vixen" usually refers to a beautiful woman.

The organization's name also refers to the massive distribution of the actual Red Fox which spreads across the world in several different countries from North America to the United Kingdom in the West and from the Middle East to as far as North Korea, Japan and the North of India in the East.


Vixen distribution

A map showing the distribution of the Vixen criminal organization. Those that have no Vixen presence are Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belarus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece and Albania.

Also known as the Vixens of the East, the Eastern Vixens is a Slavic criminal organization composed of multiple different branches of criminal organizations based in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and the former Yugoslavia except Macedonia and Montenegro.

It is also one of two divisions of the Vixen criminal organization alongside the Western Vixens which are based in most of Europe including the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. In fact, by the 51st Century, the only regions of the world free of animal motivated criminal influence or PHANTOM influence are East and South East Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Like most other organizations, the Eastern Vixens is entirely composed of women and their symbolism is exactly the same:

Symbol for the Eastern Vixens

The main symbol of the Vixens

Their main symbol are the Pan-Slavic colors of blue, white and red with a Vixen in the middle of it while the individual branches includes the flag of the branches' country such as Romania with a Vixen in the middle. Depending on their branch, the Vixens are based largely in their country's respective capital city.

Within Vixen leaders are also rivalries with leaders of PHANTOM's women's factions and unusually, these are the only rivalries shown because the Vixens each show a strong sense of teamwork and integrity. By the events of The Mammal Wars, the Vixens are one of the most influential criminal organizations in the world and spread to Western Europe where there are Western Vixen branches in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Identification and uniform


An example of one of the suits worn by many Vixens. This particular one is worn by Grozdana Ruseva.

The Eastern Vixens as well as every single Vixen who serves in the Vixen organization are recognized the way women who are agents in the European Intelligence Network as well as the Vixens of the National Protection Process are recognized:

The Vixens are recognized by latex or leather catsuits with the same colored boots that are knee length and have a zipper on the sides. Some Vixens however, mix their suits and boots up such as Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova who wears a black suit with red boots.


The suit worn by Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova.

The suits are typically dark colours but can also be dark blue, red or dark green; The suits are also worn by other female organizations in particular the Force of Amazon from The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington and the Women of the Night, particularly their incarnation in The Mammal Wars. Most of the Vixens can however wear leather clothing such as jackets, gloves and boots and in their first meeting after the last robbery carried out by Miroslava Blagoeva, there are Vixens who wear leathers.

Young women who join the Vixens, otherwise known as "kits" do not wear the bodysuits worn by the typical Vixens; at this point, they are known as "kits" and are dressed in either leotards made from polyester or spandex with running tights, leggings or normal tights or unitards. However, criminal organizations who have integrated into the Vixens wear the attire they wore when they were independent.


The suit worn by Stanimira Zhelyaskova.

Like agents of the E.I.N, many of the Vixens are also bolder in the sense that they accessorize; for instance, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova wears a black suit with red boots, her sister Stanimira wears either boots or tights and high heels and many Vixens like Grozdana Ruseva wear corsets.

Enemies and competitors

Like other criminal organizations, the Vixens are not without enemies and their enemies in this case consist of the Lionesses of Turkey which makes its first appearances in Invaders and Wives when they awaken the dragon Sarmeyzmal and there is also a portrait of a lioness attacking a vixen at the Falcon Sanctum in Bulgaria.

A further sign of their feud is shown at the beginning of Invaders and Wives where it is revealed the Lionesses have taken Stanislava's right hand woman Boyana Strashilova prisoner and force her to watch them awaken Sarmeyzmal; in fact it is believed the Lionesses have held Boyana hostage since the events of Monsters and Girls at least.

Their most common adversary however is the terrorist organization PHANTOM and at the beginning of Kilarth a Serbian Vixen is shown being tortured by Serbian PHANTOM members and the Vixens eventually cause the downfall of PHANTOM in The Ultimate Battle: Once Quenth the Destroyer kills off its male members, the Vixens take its women prisoner and grow their numbers by forcing female PHANTOM members into its organization.

Another symbol of the Vixen's feud with PHANTOM is shown in Stranger of the Past when Borislava Ilseva enters the Falcon Sanctum and sees a portrait of a Vixen attacking a Jellyfish and this same picture is shown in every other Vixen hideout. Even though it has never used brainwashing before, the Vixens wipe PHANTOM from existence when they brainwash the former terrorists.

Members and branches


Name Age Psychic?
Yevgenia Schastlivtseva Agrafena 26 No
Stefania Danilova Grafova 23 No
Nadezhda "Nadya" Yemelyanova Bovarina 29 No
Roksana Pavlovna Tupoleva 27 No
Milyena Andeevna Rudova 22 No
Grusha Sergeyevna Chernomyrdina 29 No
Elisaveta Riodionovna Shaposhnikova 25 Yes
Stefania Timofeyevna Mozhayeva 20 No
Alevtina Kirillovna Kalgunova 23 No
Vasilisa Antonova Poda 26 No
Ioanna Yegorovna Savvina 25 No
Stella Innokentievna Turova 29 Yes
Elena Vyacheslavovna Chymykhova 28 Yes
Anna Yevgenievna Pozharskaya 26 Yes
Venceslava Olegovna Ryndina 24 No
Lana Tarasovna Puzanova 24 Yes
Galina "Galya" Artemievna Nabatova 20 No
Dominika Mikhailovna Chaykovskaya 20 No
Irina Mikhailovna Stepnova 20 No
Maria Filippovna Siyanskikh 20 Yes
Yuliya Valerianovna Urakova 24 No
Eleonora Dmitrievna Sagadeyeva 23 Yes
Ioanna Valerievna Voronina 27 No
Ekaterina "Katya" Radionovna Uashingtona 26 Yes
Alina Dmitrievna Belomestnykh 23 No
Glasha Ruslanova Meledina 27 Yes
Ulvana Georgievna Kapylyushny 20 No
Miroslava Victorovna Yolkova 31 Yes
Praskovya Vladislavovna Vodavatova 29 No
Sonya Vladislavovna Kanadtseva 20 Yes
Olga Yermolayevna Yakubova 31 Yes
Dominika Yurievna Putilova 21 Yes
Yevokiya Pavlovna Fomichyova 30 No
Ioanna Grigorievna Stroganova 26 No
Zoya Tikhonovna Fyodorova 22 Yes
Kalina Ivanova Toporkova 31 Yes
Miloslava Tarasovna Fenenko 29 No
Lana Pavlovna Bukina 27 No
Marina Ilyinishna Toporkova 30 No
Aleksandra Grigorievna Katina 26 Yes
Snezhana Andreevna Tryndina 24 No
Anisa Sergeyevna Yozhikova 27 No
Klavdia Vladislavovna Zaubina 31 No
Dana "Dasha" Yevgenievna Klepakk 26 No
Sonya Vasilievna Bogrova 21 Yes
Vasilisa Filippovna Shegiryova 23 No
Lara Zakharovna Khomkolovna 28 Yes
Anastasia "Nastya" Fillipovna Kirillova 24 No
Slavena Vyacheslavovna Uglichinina 25 No
Nymphadora Tarasovna Filchenkova 30 Yes
Veronika Tikhonovna Yuveleva 26 Yes
Victoria Valerievna Fekhlacheva 21 Yes
Lidia Yegorovna Barinova 23 No
Karina Gennadievna Vyrypayeva 20 Yes
Eleonora Vadimovna Lipova 27 No
Elena Germanovna Myasnikova 26 No
Maya Vadimovna Tseydlerina 26 Yes
Karina Alekseevnia Malyugina 20 No
Sofia Nikolayevna Bazina 31 Yes
Anastasia Yegorovna Gruzinskaya 23 No
Tatyana "Tanya" Antonovna Mineyeva 23 No


Name Age Psychic?
Lidiya Borysivna Panchenko 24 No
Anzhela Arkadiyivna Vasylchenko 29 No
Ruslana Dmytrivna Bojchuk 27 Yes
Nelya Zynoviyivna Bondarchuk 25 No
Yuliya Omelyanivna Vozhyuk 28 Yes
Nadiya Leonidivna Herasymchuk 28 No
Mariya Oleksyivna Prysyazhnyuk 23 Yes
Kseniya Dmytrivna Bjchuk 26 No
Alla Pavlivna Babenko 23 No
Orysya Havyrylivna Prykhodko 29 No
Ulyana Viktorivna Dmytrenko 27 No
Kateryna Romanivna Perepeltsya 26 Yes
Myroslava Vyacheslavivna Barabash 22 No
Tetyana Kostyantynivna Fedorchuk 23 No
Anastasiya Ruslaniva Honcharova 29 Yes
Olesya Vadymivna Prokopenko 30 No
Vladyslava Lyubomyrivna Stelmakh 30 No
Nina Dmytrivna Shevchuk 27 No
Oleksandra Rostyslavivna Kovalova 30 Yes
Mariya Nazarivna Ruzak 28 No
Ivanna Lyubomyrivna Sydorchuk 30 Yes
Vladyslava Kazymyrivna Sydorchuk 30 No
Oksana Havrylivna Barabsh 23 Yes
Kseniya Bohdanivna Potapenko 27 No
Tamara Volodymyrivna Yaremenko 20 No
Natalya Dmytrivna Shosyak 26 Yes
Sofiya Pavlivna Klymenko 22 Yes
Viktoriya Mykytivna Polyakova 28 No
Tayisiya Panasivna Tverdokhlib 30 No
Yelizaveta Ivanivna Tyshchenko 28 No
Nina Mykhajlivna Demichenko 25 Ues
Marharyta Leontiyivna Martynyuk 21 No
Stefaniya Petrivno Khomenko 30 No
Khrystyna Ivanivna Okhrimenko 26 Yes
Natalya Tymofiyivna Antonyuk 28 Yes
Liliya Yaroslavivna Palamarchuk 20 No
Bronislava Arkadiyivna Korol 25 Yes
Nadiya Artemivna Kozak 30 Yes
Yaroslava Vyacheslavivna Mykhajlenko 25 No
Natalya Josypivna Petrova 28 Yes


Name Age Psychic?
Stanislava Iskrenova Blagoeva 24 No
Alexandra Nikolova Zhivkova 30 Yes
Borislava Vasilova Ilseva 25 No
Bogomila Danailova Gavrilova 27 No
Grozdana Lyudmilova Ruseva 29 No
Kalina Stanislavova Dobreva 25 No
Boyana Spasova Strashilova 30 Yes
Ivana Atanasova Manoleva 30 No
Tanya Assenova Nakova 24 No
Maria Ognianova Ruseva 21 No
Yordanka Ivailova Buneva 29 No
Miroslava Bozhidarova Blagoeva 24 No
Bogdana Petrova Buneva 22 No
Tsvetanka Radkova Zhelyaskova 27 No
Nevena Dragomirova Bacheva 28 No
Desislava Spasova Mladenova 26 No
Kalina Borisova Toncheva 29 No
Vladimira Vladimirova Petrovaa 30 No
Radoslava Ventsislavova Gavrilova 30 No
Victoria Filipova Nankova 23 No
Mira Yoanova Adamova 27 No
Katerina Assenova Vankova 30 No
Grozda Petrova Karavelova 29 No
Stanislava Petrova Kochanova 26 No
Bilyana Sashova Zhelyaskova 25 No
Borislava Mihaelova Pramatarova 21 No
Stanimira Petrova Zhelyaskova 23 No
Nedelya Stanislavova Gavrilova 26 No
Kalina Nikolaieva Zhelyaskova 20 No
Elena Teodorova Georgieva 27 No


Name Age Psychic?
Natasza Glos 26 No
Maria Burczyk 20 Yes
Dagmara Zagrzewska 29 No
Tatiana Bizub 23 Yes
Zofia Stawirowska 28 No
Sabina Rydzewska 27 Yes
Kaja Drozda 29 No
Amanda Zajac 28 Yes
Tatiana Sobecka 24 Yes
Justyna Kalista 30 Yes
Klaudia Barylska 23 No
Bogna Konicka 20 No
Laura Winska 24 Yes
Olga Gruszecka 29 No
Dagmara Kocurek 30 No
Klementyna Swiatkowska 26 Yes
Eleonora Benik 30 No
Aleksandra Zdroik 30 Yes
Tatiana Cebula 26 Yes
Katarzyna Czajka 28 Yes
Bogustawa Surowiec 25 No
Kornelia Walinska 30 Yes
Natalia Adamiak 28 Yes
Sabina Malkowicz 29 No
Monika Swoboda 29 Yes
Melania Klimczak 29 Yes
Amanda Toporek 23 Yes
Wiktoria Jezierska 27 No
Kazimiera Rembelinska 27 No
Sylwia Wilk 29 No
Amelia Konicka 23 Yes
Lilia Belka 25 No
Stefania Kosmaczewska 28 No
Boguslawa Konieczka 25 No
Gabriela Owsiany 29 Yes
Olga Glodowska 29 Yes
Kalina Gregorek 24 No
Lidia Suchoki 30 No
Helena Bagienska 30 Yes
Teodara Rosinska 26 No
Nina Kontny 20 No


Name Age Psychic?
Bianka Halasz 25 No
Izabella Bognar 25 Yes
Erzsebet Jakab 23 Yes
Kira Tamas 26 No
Virag Lukacs 24 No
Katalin Balog 20 No
Eniko Boros 23 No
Hajnalka Farago 30 No
Liliana Fabian 26 No
Dalma Meszaros 26 No
Anita Szucs 25 No
Erzsebet Jonas 26 Yes
Beatrix Pap 26 No
Hanna Szabo 26 Yes
Natalia Kapolcs 26 Yes
Lili Fulop 20 Yes
Greta Szilaghyi 24 Yes
Maria Dorina Mate 30 Yes
Ildiko Hegedus 26 No
Evelin Molnar 27 No
Kata Gal 26 Yes


Proper Vixens:

Name Age Psychic?
Stela Rudeanu 30 No
Georgeta Marandici 27 No
Catalina Barnutiu 26 No
Veronica Sandulescu 30 Yes
Florenta Lixandroiu 26 No
Maria Donceanu 21 No
Sorinna Dobre 21 No
Loredana Iacobescu 27 No
Ileana Antonescu 26 No
Ioana Cuza 25 No
Alexandra Goga 23 No
Cosmina Paler 22 No
Lavinia Nicolae 25 No
Nina Barbulescu 20 No
Roxana Cuza 21 Yes
Olga Satoiu 29 No
Anastasia Belododia 25 Yes
Sabina Baicu 27 No
Ana Morosanu 23 No
Emilia Cosovei 20 Yes
Laura Poenaru 22 Yes
Felicia Serbanescu 24 Yes
Stela Leonte 29 Yes
Helga Tomoiaga 25 No
Alexandra Grasu 28 No
Bianca Morosanu 26 Yes
Beatrix Piturca 25 Yes
Veronica Bunea 28 No
Jeni Lungu 30 Yes
Olga Serban 23 No
Ecaterina Arcos 25 No
Elena Hagi 28 No
Vasilica Cernat 24 No
Ruxandra Chirila 30 No
Gabriella Pavel 29 Yes

The Romanian sisterhood now integrated into the Romanian Vixens:

Name Age
Bianca Antonescu 18
Camelia Avramescu 18
Cornelia Brasoveanu 17
Cristina Barbulescu 19
Denisa Candea 19
Emilia Dimitrescu 17
Elena Dobrescu 19
Felicia Ceausescu 19
Gabriela Florescu 17
Ileana Cornea 18
Ioana Gaina 16
Lidia Martinescu 17
Maria Lupescu 17
Nicole Marin 18
Olga Nicolescu 19
Natalia Patrascu 17
Rachel Scarlat 16
Sabina Turcan 18
Victoria Prodan 16
Sonia Nemescu 16


Name Age Psychic?
Dagmara Loupalova 29 No
Stela Jerabkova 25 No
Tamra Dudova 24 Yes
Leona Hamplova 30 No
Vendula Drabkova 29 No
Stela Buresova 30 Yes
Nina Brezinova 20 No
Olga Malkova 24 No
Zofie Svozilova 23 Yes
Saskie Machackova 23 Yes
Drahomira Capkova 28 No
Vanda Sebestova 25 Yes
Olga Navratilova 27 No
Ingrid Bartonova 30 No
Alena Kejsalova 25 No
Izabela Sramkova 25 Yes
Vendula Strakova 27 No
Eva Dolezelova 23 Yes
Dagmara Hamplova 26 No
Helena Zatloukalova 30 Yes
Marika Buresova 23 No
Kristyna Holubova 29 No
Milada Hamplova 20 No
Renata Zahradnikova 29 Yes
Svatava Cechova 26 No
Slavena Kocova 28 No
Zita Frankova 25 No
Svetlana Lukasova 28 Yes
Monika Kruskova 27 No
Jindriska Stankova 30 No
Romana Kucharova 29 Yes
Dubravka Strakova 23 No
Denisa Vasickova 29 Yes
Bohumila Markova 26 No
Blanka Dostalova 22 No
Helena Simkova 29 No
Nina Cermakova 22 No
Pavla Smidova 26 No
Sava Pribylova 20 Yes


Name Age Psychic?
Nazifa Delic 30 No
Samira Milic 27 Yes
Sabiha Ajanovic 23 No
Salima Memic 25 No
Hajrija Bilic 26 No
Safeta Handanovic 24 No
Azra Obradovic 29 No
Vildana Jusic 26 No
Sabiha Zovko 26 No
Zumreta Dzafic 24 No
Saida Jusic 27 No
Habiba Matkovic 29 No
Mensura Kolasinac 28 Yes
Enesa Misic 29 No
Sefika Muminovic 26 No
Hajrija Jovicic 25 No
Fahreta Stankovic 23 No
Jasmina Kovacevic 24 Yes
Zehra Suljic 30 No
Meliha Kurjak 23 No
Bahra Colic 30 Yes
Sadija Mutapcic 25 Yes
Hasna Kapic 23 No
Berina Sisic 20 No
Salma Kurjak 23 Yes
Naza Jokic 29 No
Amira Mujanovic 26 No
Seherzada Mujagic 29 Yes
Bahra Handanovic 26 No
Emira Matkovic 24 No
Habiba Damjanovic 23 No
Fazila Tomic 26 No
Devleta Susic 27 Yes
Sadeta Majstorovic 20 No
Hasija Kurjak 28 No
Safija Gavric 25 Yes
Selma Catic 26 Yes
Habiba Tahirovic 24 No
Hatidza Mesic 29 No
Nadira Matkovic 23 No


Name Age Psychic?
Mia Zanic 26 No
Stela Anusic 30 No
Branka Novosel 21 No
Irma Zovko 23 Yes
Vanja Samardzija 27 Yes
Gordana Pavlakovic 25 Yes
Monika Begovic 27 No
Zdenka Vranjkovic 29 No
Marija Varga 20 Yes
Magdalena Rados 30 No
Irma Skrtic 26 Yes
Zlata Kusic 30 No
Monika Vukoja 24 No
Marija Kramar 20 Yes
Jadranka Mihic 25 No
Nikolina Sladic 23 Yes
Veronika Dodlek 30 Yes
Mirjana Zugaj 29 Yes
Vanja Kolonic 27 No
Tamara Cvetko 20 Yes
Jelena Kolonic 25 No
Branka Lang 28 Yes
Bozica Velic 23 No
Lidia Tomasevic 26 No
Helena Lazic 30 No
Anja Karamatic 23 Yes
Ksenija Ivancic 20 No
Karla Radakovic 26 Yes
Maja Pasalic 30 Yes
Valentina Lisjak 25 No
Ela Bazina 28 No
Ana Sertic 25 Yes
Gabrijela Iskra 29 No
Anastazija Vucic 26 Yes
Eva Nerovcic 23 Yes
Ivana Razum 30 Yes
Gorana Domazet 26 Yes
Marta Slavujevic 25 No
Daria Rozman 23 No
Klara Macan 26 Yes
Anastazija Crcic 29 Yes
Karla Bacic 26 Yes
Ivana Bilandzic 30 No


Name Age Psychic?
Sava Avramov 24 No
Zeljana Jemuovic 29 No
Leposava Dancetovic 25 No
Vladana Derentovljevic 29 Yes
Dragana Karapandza 30 No
Biljana Drasovic 25 Yes
Gordana Civovic 27 Yes
Snezana Ajdinovic 28 No
Branka Sakota 27 No
Ivana Kiceskulov 30 Yes
Teodara Rastovic 30 No
Jadranka Tlacinac 26 No
Ljiljana Sosevic 24 No
Veselinka Meljanac 23 Yes
Smiljana Pisarevic 20 No
Bojana Cmiljanovic 30 No
Vladana Buhavac 22 No
Veselinka Kragujevac 25 No
Stojanka Gvozdenac 26 No
Miljana Ritan 23 No
Olga Petrov 24 No
Radana Lovovic 26 No
Zlata Jevrosimovic 22 No
Marija Gajin 25 Yes
Nadezhda Prolic 26 Yes
Dunja Bajalica 25 No
Vesna Raffanelli 26 Yes
Aleksandra Stalovic 28 Yes
Ivana Gutovic 27 No
Natasa Velickovic 27 Yes
Danka Poznanovic 26 No
Roksana Bogavec 28 Yes
Dragana Puresic 27 No
Mira Vuksanovic 23 Yes
Ana Biljuric 25 Yes
Nastja Raketic 23 No
Branka Prikulovic 20 Yes
Veselinka Rotarevic 23 No
Teodara Vojisavljevic 29 No
Stojanka Batanjac 28 No
Gorana Harambasic 26 Yes
Katarina Stankin 27 No
Radmila Milijas 25 No
Sonya Milatovic 23 Yes
Elena Podric 30 No
Anja Sremcevic 20 No
Zeljana Radijeljac 29 No
Nina Bajlovic 22 No

Slovenes. These are also known as the Vixens of Slovenia:

Name Age Psychic?
Tatiana Radiae 23 No
Sadija Franko 30 No
Zalika Skafar 28 No
Elizabeta Prineie 30 Yes
Aleksandra Bregar 30 Yes
Carmen Poljanec 24 No
Franciska Janear 30 Yes
Bozislava Sajovic 26 Yes
Marija Terezija Stravs 28 Yes
Jasna Bytyqi 20 No
Evgenija Janezie 23 No
Dubravka Udovie 24 Yes
Leona Simeie 26 No
Safija Benedieie 29 Yes
Rozana Knavs 23 No
Viktoria Flis 30 No
Borislava Knavs 25 Yes
Dragica Plos 25 No
Roberta Jelovean 25 No
Ismeta Kogoj 23 No
Gorana Kozole 21 Yes
Glorija Istenie 26 Yes
Anja Hauptman 24 Yes
Azra Erjavec 23 No
Marija Terezija Istenie 21 Yes
Chiara Kejzar 23 No
Silvestra Mulec 29 No
Kristina Segula 27 No
Mileva Dolinsek 26 No
Denisa Baso 27 No
Julia Praznik 23 Yes
Branislava Rus 26 Yes
Svjetlana Ramsak 28 Yes
Katja Stefanie 26 Yes
Ivanka Kastelic 30 No
Miranda Klobasa 26 Yes
Oksana Klinc 23 No
Karin Bauman 24 Yes
Nataliya Mehle 22 Yes
Samira Lukae 20 No
Stela Janezie 30 Yes
Stanka Pavlie 27 No
Olga Prah 25 No
Gorana Spacapan 28 No
Svetlana Prah 26 Yes
Ajla Marineie 25 No
Vesna Munda 30 Yes
Damjana Plestenjak 27 No
Veronika Petroveie 24 No
Gala Hravat 24 Yes
Katjusa Segula 24 No
Nadezda Drevensek 26 Yes
Ljudmila Bernik 27 No
Anastasija Ban 24 Yes
Milja Knavs 23 No
Samira Arko 30 Yes
Mirna Komac 26 No
Alena Tratnik 23 Yes
Samira Arko 20 Yes
Gaja Strmsek 24 No
Katrin Dremelj 28 Yes
Marija Terezija Kern 25 Yes
Selina Dolinar 29 Yes
Vesna Jakse 28 No
Elza Valeneie 26 Yes
Anastasia Oresnik 27 Yes
Gloria Potokar 28 Yes
Eleonora Sirk 25 No
Ana Besiae 29 No
Amila Matiae 26 No

Symbols and branches

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