An actual dragon. This is also the basis for the dragon Vezoth.

"Humans are disposable; Dragons are like water. They can be used over and over again. And in this war, both sides need as much dragons as they can get; The only difference is that the Empire needs more dragons than Venia."

Nelarth about the dragons at the end of Invaders and Wives

The Dragons depicted in Defenders of Earth are monsters that either protect Earth or seek to destroy it.

Almost in all their appearances or at least their very first appearance, most of the dragons such as Firroth and Kilarth are hostile to humanity.

The Dragons, Hydras, Mutant reptiles and Dinosaurs as well as their mammal counterparts are also trans wiki articles as they also appear on the original untermation wiki

In real life

In mythology and fantasy works, dragons are legendary creatures that are typically scaled or fire-spewing and with serpentine, reptilian or avian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures all over the world.

They are usually portrayed as frightening and destructive monsters and gods and/or heroes must slay them in symbolic battles of good over evil. But a few cultures, notably those of China and Japan, view dragons in a positive light and use them as symbols of good fortune.

It could even be argued that dragons are the most popular creature in mythology as they feature in all sorts of fantasy works with notable dragons being the ones of J.R.R Tolkien including Smaug from The Hobbit, Ancalagon the Black, Glaurung from The Children of Hurin and Scatha.

Defenders of Earth

In Defenders of Earth, dragons are rumored to have lived on Earth for centuries undisturbed. However, if they are disturbed they are known to be very aggressive and raze whole cities to the ground. Unlike the dinosaurs and the Hydras who are always shown as antagonists, the dragons are both heroes in the case of Firroth, Saphira and Kilarth (although Firroth and Kilarth are villains in their first appearance and villains in the case of Vezoth and Inhusrelun.

The dragons possess different powers but they all possess the ability of flight; the only dragon who possesses the power of telepathy is Firroth who engages in a mental conversation with the criminal Miroslava Blagoeva in Stranger of the Past when he accuses her of trying to steal from him. In addition, all of them can stand on their hind legs.

These dragons are also unique for another reason because many of them also have titles such as "Destroyer of Men" or "Lord of the Skies" and even Firroth's eventual mate sometimes has "Lady" placed in front of her name. In fact, many dragons such as Firroth could be classed as the titular "Defenders of Earth". As well as teeth and claws, some dragons such as Belluftkin and Inhusrelun can also use their tails as weapons; the only one who can't is Invincible because he boasts a vast arsenal of weaponry.

In addition, the dragons are not shown to have any hoards except Firroth but only in Stranger of the Past and while many dragons live in the mountains, the Earth dragons which are heroic ones such as Kilarth and Niinqeth live in other locations such as jungles, forests and even cemeteries.

Unlike their mammal counterparts, the Dragons neither the monsters in the series talk with moving their mouths but instead have their dialogue translated either courtesy of many psychic Vixens, or via telepathy which is used from Invaders and Wives and is used intermittently through the series.

Unlike dragons such as Smaug in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy or the dragons depicted in Reign of Fire who are depicted as having wings on their arms like bats, almost all of the dragons depicted in Defenders of Earth are quadrupedal with wings on their backs.

While they are originally from individual countries particularly in the East, the different Dragon regiments have different homes with the ones led by Venia living in the Caucasus Mountains while the ones led by Nelarth live in the Himalayas.

The dragons are also recognized in the same way that the Autobots and the Decepticons are recognized in the Transformers cinematic universe:

Heroic dragons such as Firroth, Salanth the Tall, Julmunvu and others are depicted as being more reptilian or serpentine in physical appearance while evil dragons except for Inhusrelun and Invincible are shown to be far more demonic and monstrous and this is especially common for enemies such as Belluftkin, Quenth, Destroyer of Men, Sarmeyzmal and various others except perhaps Honlun who is shown to be both demonic and reptilian because he is a known captor of female dragons except other villainous female dragons such as Delniosh.


Like many dragons in literature such as Ancalagon the Black made by J.R.R. Tolkien, many of the dragons depicted in Defenders of Earth are titled and heroic ones tend to have fairly melodic and short names such as Firroth, Tyrath and Saphira and only on the occasion do they have long names such as Ekdezwin.

Villainous dragons tend to have more guttural sounding names except Vezoth and a few others and also tend to have far longer names which is also a trait used for the Kreehn in the World War X series.


Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Firroth One of the protagonists of the series.

Mate to Rivelnseh who he saved from Sarmeyzmal and with her, Firroth had two daughters Zishuskath and Khaxuza both of whom are killed by Cennuth.

Stranger of the Past The Ultimate Battle
Julmunvu Close ally of Niinqeth and Saphira. Helped Firroth to fight Inhusrelun alongside Tyrath when the space dragon came to Earth for the first time. Nightmare's Hell The Ultimate Battle
Rivelnesh Mate to Firroth. Sometimes has "Lady" placed in front of her name except by her mate.

Once held prisoner by Sarmeyzmal and Quenth.

With her mate, Rivelnesh had two daughters Zishuskath and Khaxuza who were killed by Cennuth.

Monsters and Girls The Ultimate Battle
Venia, Lord of the Skies A dragon warlord who is the leader of the dragon regiment known as the "Defenders of Earth" and is the arch enemy of Nelarth, Lord of the Black who kills him in battle. Warlords The Ultimate Battle
Kilarth Firroth's first ally who helped him and Saphira to fight off Zhakuh.

Alongside Tyrath, Kilarth also helps Firroth and Rivelnesh fight and ultimately destroy Invincible.

Kilarth The Ultimate Battle
Perrath Also known as the "Fire Dragon" or "Fire Beast"

Helped Firroth fight Belluftkin.

Devil Sins The Ultimate Battle
Tyrath Firroth's first enemy and later became one of his loyalest allies alongside Kilarth.

First helped him to fight off Inhusrelun when the latter came to Earth for the first time and his last fight is with Firroth and Rivelnesh when him and Kilarth destroy Invincible after they are the final four dragons standing from Venia's forces.

King of the East The Ultimate Battle
Nighith, Lord of the Blue Known as "The Dragon of the Night." Presumed mate of Saphira. He is also part of a triumvirate that leads the dragon regiment that Firroth is part of. Warlords The Ultimate Battle
Salanth the Tall Ally of Tebinth the Mammoth. A very mysterious dragon and a legendary one. Dreams and Nightmares The Ultimate Battle
Barroth While Barroth is not an ally of Salanth the Tall, he is just as legendary as him.

After Invincible disguised as Firroth forced Kilarth to retreat, Barroth becomes Firroth's ally and first helps him defeat Invincible the first time they meet.

The Dragon of Iron The Ultimate Battle
Vorlianth The Ultimate Battle
Kaanfus Venia's second in command during the final Reptile Wars.

Even before his last appearance, Kaanfus is part of a triumvirate that rules Firroth's regiment alongside Venia and Nighith.

The Court of Nelarth The Ultimate Battle
Tebinth the Mammoth The Ultimate Battle
Darleth Ally of Sonva and Sunvami, the latter of whom sees herself as the team leader. The Ultimate Battle
Ginarth The Ultimate Battle
Zinnath, Protector of Life Rival to Nerroth, The Taker of Life and is one of the most vicious dragons fighting under Venia, Lord of the Skies.

Zinnath becomes the last dragon to be killed by Nelarth, Lord of the Black in the final Reptile Wars.

Beast From Mars The Ultimate Battle
Kelirth The Ultimate Battle
Shevorth, Protector of the Sky Female dragon and supposed mate of Venia, Lord of the Skies.

Also known as "Queen of the Sky" or "Lady of the Skies"

The Ultimate Battle
Cordath The Ultimate Battle
Saphira Helped Firroth and Kilarth to fight off Zhakuh. Ally of Julmunvu and Niinqeth.

She was also the first female ally of Firroth.

Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster The Ultimate Battle
Turmulmurn The Ultimate Battle
Nindarn The Ultimate Battle
Thuthean Female dragon.

Ally of Rivelnesh alongside Julmunvu.

The Ultimate Battle
Glupharu The Ultimate Battle
Rervomna Female dragon. Ally of Thuthean and Rivelnesh. The Ultimate Battle
Sunvami Ally of Sonva and Darleth. Sunvami sees the three of them as a team with herself as leader.

She first helped Firroth fight Krizoumia alongside Kaanfus.

Dragons and Hydras The Ultimate Battle
Phovomel The Ultimate Battle
Inloostek The Ultimate Battle
Niinqeth Female dragon. Usually fights alongside Julmunvu and Saphira; enemy of Sinvaeth and in her own trilogy, Niinqeth fights Sinvaeth alongside Delniosh and Lonvida. Women Without Fear The Ultimate Battle
Vollenth The Ultimate Battle
Tezoth The Ultimate Battle
Rallinth The Ultimate Battle
Monvivo The Ultimate Battle
Sonva Female dragon and ally of Sunvami and Darleth.

Sonva is also known as "Shadow" because her name sounds like the Spanish word "Sombra", meaning "Shadow"

The Dragon and the Snake The Ultimate Battle
Klofun The Ultimate Battle
Dirsumir The Ultimate Battle
Ekdezwin The Ultimate Battle
Ninarth The Ultimate Battle
Kalurth The Ultimate Battle
Bassilth The Ultimate Battle


Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Zihuskath Elder daughter of Firroth and Rivelnesh and the elder sister of Khaxuza. Unlike her sister, Zihuskath survives into the final Reptile Wars where she fights alongside her parents and kills Sarmeyzmal before being killed by Cennuth, Bringer of Death. Firroth vs. Sarmeyzmal The Ultimate Battle
Khaxuza Younger daughter of Firroth and Rivelnesh and sister to Zihuskath. Cennuth kills her when she is very young. Firroth vs. Sarmeyzmal


Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Inhusrelun Space dragon and sworn enemy of Firroth. Alongside Invincible and Zulodam, Inhusrelun is one of Firroth's last three enemies after he defeats Nelarth, Lord of the Black and his other enemies. Nightmare's Hell The Ultimate Battle
Invincible Cyborg dragon and mechanical doppleganger of Firroth currently used by PHANTOM.

Alongside Inhusrelun and Zulodam, Invincible is one of Firroth's last three enemies.

The Dragon of Iron The Ultimate Battle
Vezoth The Ultimate Battle
Mesanth the Dark Also known as "The Nightmare Beast"First faced Salanth the Tall in Ukraine. Dreams and Nightmares The Ultimate Battle
Cennuth, Bringer of Death

Has threatened Firroth since he became mates with Rivelnesh.

Even killed their daughters Zishuskath and Khaxuza

The Ultimate Battle
Zulodam Earth dragon. The Ultimate Battle
Belluftkin Firroth's most dangerous and powerful enemy alongside Quenth.

Also known as "Hellbeast" or "The Leviathan"

Devil Sins The Ultimate Battle
Pahrathful The Ultimate Battle
Bahfunsiiv The Ultimate Battle
Zulodam Space dragon and a cyborg. Once used as a shock trooper and mobile artillery by a hostile alien race.

He is one of Firroth's final three enemies with Invincible and Inhusrelun.

Invaders from Space The Ultimate Battle
Nisgrikvur The Ultimate Battle
Vurkrin The Ultimate Battle
Vlungaar The Ultimate Battle
Rahklovlon The Ultimate Battle
Krifriiksiiv The Ultimate Battle
Frinlahsil The Ultimate Battle
Honlun Known captor of female dragons such as Saphira and Julmunvu.

In his first appearance, he is actually being shown as a guard for Niinqeth before taking his own prisoners.

The Court of Nelarth The Ultimate Battle
Sovmulnaar First enemy of Rivelnesh. While he is a powerful dragon, he is not quite as powerful as Sarmeyzmal in Invaders and Wives because it only takes Rivelnesh to defeat him while it would take two dragons to defeat Sarmeyzmal though this is probably because he is allied with Quenth. Monsters and Girls The Ultimate Battle
Kodkrongrind The Ultimate Battle
Sodkiin The Ultimate Battle
Felkolpah The Ultimate Battle
Gutdaanbrom The Ultimate Battle
Aaznosmon The Ultimate Battle
Shulsahil The Ultimate Battle
Nilkozah The Ultimate Battle
Naanjoor The Ultimate Battle
Beliiznid The Ultimate Battle
Nusuntluv Ally of Slenkrentney and Munkrengraag.

His presence is always indicated by the presence of the former but there are some stories where Nusuntluv appears without the former's presence.

One of the dragons who can never be domesticated alongside Belluftkin, Inhusrelun and Nelarth, Lord of the Black.

The Ultimate Battle
Amdiilgraag The Ultimate Battle
Beynlaan The Ultimate Battle
Feimkrengron The Ultimate Battle
Slenkrentney Ally of Nusuntluv. It is said that if he is present then Nusuntluv won't be too far behind.

In his first appearance however, Slenkrentney fights alongside Inhusrelun.

Invaders of the Galaxy The Ultimate Battle

Also known as "The Exterminator", highly genocidal dragon.

Widely considered Firroth's most diabolical enemy.

Patterns of Hell The Ultimate Battle
Nahgoltyah Female dragon and presumed mate of Nusuntluv The Ultimate Battle
Zokdaansiiv The Ultimate Battle
Rotrogolt The Ultimate Battle
Grahviir The Ultimate Battle
Sinvaeth Female dragon. Ally of Lonvida and enemy of Julmunvu and Niinqeth where she is the first enemy of the latter alongside Lonvida and Delniosh Women Without Fear The Ultimate Battle
Delniosh Female dragon. Presumed mate of Zokdaansiiv. Rhapsody in Volume The Ultimate Battle
Lonvida Female dragon and enemy to Saphira. Ally of Sinvaeth.

Lonvida is also the last enemy faced by Niinqeth in her own trilogy.

Niinqeth's Final Stand The Ultimate Battle
Gliomolneas The Ultimate Battle
Fomnauma The Ultimate Battle
Kelrah Presumed to be the right hand dragon of Nelarth, Lord of the Black and serves as his lieutenant during the final Reptile Wars.

Like various other dragons such as Sovmulnaar and Inhusrelun (on the occasion), Kelrah fights alone and only fights with Nelarth in the final Reptile Wars.

The Court of Nelarth The Ultimate Battle
Heyvsikdein The Ultimate Battle
Zoorsotoas The Ultimate Battle
Yolxaam Enemy of Sunvami and first fought her in Sri Lanka.

He can also be found largely in South Asia.

The Tamil Monster The Ultimate Battle
Zinnath the Dark Despite his name, Zinnath the Dark is a completely different dragon and is not a dark counterpart to Zinnath, Protector of Life. The Ultimate Battle
Nerroth, the Taker of Life Alien dragon also known as "The Doomsday Dragon" or the "Beast of Armageddon" because it is said that he has destroyed thousands of worlds.

He is the arch rival to Zinnath, Protector of Life and meets his death at the hands of him.

Beast From Mars The Ultimate Battle
Quenth, Destroyer of Men Also known as "The Destroyer". Once helped Sarmeyzmal keep Rivelnesh prisoner. It is also Quenth who destroys all the male members of PHANTOM enabling the Eastern Vixens to take all their women and increase their numbers Invaders and Wives The Ultimate Battle
Kangronpaaz The Ultimate Battle
Kiirmahvul The Ultimate Battle
Nosfeynrath The Ultimate Battle
Kelsarstrun The Ultimate Battle
Sarmeyzmal Ally of Quenth, Destroyer of Men who helped him to take Firroth's mate Rivelnesh prisoner.

In the final Reptile Wars, he is killed by Firroth's daughter Zihuskath.

Invaders and Wives The Ultimate Battle
Uukalru The Ultimate Battle
Gruthpeyt The Ultimate Battle
Nelarth, Lord of the Black Very hostile dragon who evolves into the series' primary antagonist. He is a dragon warlord who serves as the chief rival to Venia, Lord of the Skies and in the final Reptile Wars is killed by the last dragons standing: Firroth, Rivelnesh, Tyrath and Kilarth. Warlords The Ultimate Battle

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