An actual dragon. This is also the basis for the dragon Vezoth.

"Humans are disposable; Dragons are like water. They can be used over and over again. And in this war, both sides need as much dragons as they can get; The only difference is that the Empire needs more dragons than Venia."

Nelarth about the dragons at the end of Invaders and Wives

The Dragons depicted in Defenders of Earth are monsters that either seek to destroy humanity and take over the world, or to defend humanity.

They are the primary monsters of the series and along with the other monsters such as the Hydras, Mutant reptiles and Dinosaurs as well as their mammal counterparts are also trans wiki articles as they also appear on the original untermation wiki

In real life

In mythology and fantasy works, dragons are legendary creatures that are typically scaled or fire-spewing and with serpentine, reptilian or avian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures all over the world.

They are usually portrayed as frightening and destructive monsters and gods and/or heroes must slay them in symbolic battles of good over evil. But a few cultures, notably those of China and Japan, view dragons in a positive light and use them as symbols of good fortune.

It could even be argued that dragons are the most popular creature in mythology as they feature in all sorts of fantasy works with notable dragons being the ones of J.R.R Tolkien including Smaug from The Hobbit, Ancalagon the Black, Glaurung from The Children of Hurin and Scatha.

Defenders of Earth

General description:

In Defenders of Earth, the dragons are the primary monsters of the series and are portrayed as typical dragons: Quadrapedal with wings on their backs. Despite most of them being Earth based (except for Nerroth, The Taker of Life who is a Martian dragon yet still fights in the final Reptile Wars), most of the dragons also possess other worldly abilities besides the typical dragon abilities of fire breathing and flight.

These other abilities include being able to use their wings more effectively such as firing lightning bolts from them and many dragons can also use their tails as weapons because many of their tails are shaped like swords, scythes, hammers, maces, etc. In addition, they can also stand on their hind legs and fight enemies this way.

Unlike their mammal counterparts, the Dragons neither the monsters in the series talk with moving their mouths but instead have their dialogue translated either courtesy of many psychic Vixens, or via telepathy which is used from Invaders and Wives and is used intermittently through the series and are also different to other reptiles in the series as they are far more subjective and have a different background.

The only exceptions to this are Inhusrelun, Zulodam and Nerroth, The Taker of Life who are alien dragons (Nerroth is an alien dragon but is the only one to fight with Nelarth in The Ultimate Battle while Zulodam and Inhusrelun attack Earth for personal reasons) alongside Invincible who was created by PHANTOM to fight Firroth.


Centuries ago, the dragons depicted in Defenders of Earth (with the exception of Inhusrelun, Invincible, Nerroth, The Taker of Life and the space dragon Zulodam) lived as one huge civilization and in peace under the rule of Bryvass, Lord of the Dragons. But there came a time when one of their leaders became corrupted by an unknown influence and the dragons began breaking out into different regiments and fought a long, bloody civil war which resulted in the collapse of the dragon civilization and the destruction of all but two dragon regiments.

These regiments were known as the Defenders of Earth led by Biardyd, Giver of Life (initially) and the Demon Empire led by Dardathun the Subjugator and another civil war emerged which this time ended in a stalemate. On the Defenders' side, Biardyd eventually died and was succeeded by Venia, Lord of the Skies while on the Empire's side, Dardathun was betrayed by his second in command Nelarth, Lord of the Black who saw him as merely a figurehead. Nelarth eventually fought and killed Dardathun before taking his place as leader of the Demon Empire and arranged a change in leadership.

Following these changes in leadership, the dragons would lay dormant until the 51st Century where the Civil War emerged once again and was ultimately fought on Earth which resulted in the collapse of the Demon Empire, the death of Venia, Lord of the Skies and the collapse of the Defenders with the loss of all but four dragons: Firroth, Rivelnesh, Kilarth and Tyrath.

Dragons in the series


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Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Zihuskath Elder daughter of Firroth and Rivelnesh and the elder sister of Khaxuza. Unlike her sister, Zihuskath survives into the final Reptile Wars where she fights alongside her parents and kills Sarmeyzmal before being killed by Cennuth, Bringer of Death. Firroth vs. Sarmeyzmal The Ultimate Battl
Khaxuza Younger daughter of Firroth and Rivelnesh and sister to Zihuskath. Cennuth kills her when she is very young. Firroth vs. Sarmeyzmal
Inhusrelun Space dragon and one of Firroth's sworn enemies. Unlike some other hostile dragons in the series, he is one of three dragons along with Invincible and Zulodam to have no affiliation with the Demon Empire, instead attacking Earth for personal reasons.

He is also the last enemy faced by Firroth at the end of the Reptile Wars.

Nightmare's Hell The Ultimate Battle
Invincible Cyborg dragon and mechanical doppelganger of Firroth, originally built by PHANTOM. Along with Crimgauros and the Mutant reptiles as well as PHANTOM's own animals, it eventually turns on PHANTOM and is ultimately destroyed by the combined might of Firroth, Rivelnesh, Kilarth and Tyrath. The Dragon of Iron The Ultimate Battle
Zulodam Space dragon and cyborg. Unlike his Earth counterpart, Zulodam is not affiliated with the Demon Empire and is easily recognizable because of metal and cybernetics mixed in with organics.

He is Firroth's penultimate enemy after the Reptile Wars and leaves Tyrath and Kilarth in such a state, that they are forced to retreat as the final enemy comes to fight.

Invaders from Space The Ultimate Battle
Nerroth, the Taker of Life Alien dragon also known as "The Doomsday Dragon" or the "Beast of Armageddon" because it is said that he has destroyed thousands of worlds.

He is the arch rival to Zinnath, Protector of Life and meets his death at the hands of him.

Unlike Zulodam and Inhusrelun, Nerroth is the only alien to fight on the side of the Demon Empire in The Ultimate Battle.

Beast From Mars The Ultimate Battle