Destroy All Plants
The movie poster for Destroy All Monsters which this story's title comes from.
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date 2017
Written by The wiki founder
Directed by None
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Destroy All Plants is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the fifth installment of the Surgeon stories and is the last story to feature the character Ghazal Rashidi.

It's title comes from the film Destroy All Monsters which was originally intended to be the last Godzilla film of the Showa era which status ended up going to Terror of Mechagodzilla in 1975. Destroy All Plants would also be the penultimate story to have a derivative title from the Surgeon stories.


An Irish scientist who seeks to improve relations between humanity and plants conducts an experiment which goes horribly wrong and creates an abomination of nature which seeks to take over the world starting with Northern Ireland.

When the plants turn the Surgeon's last remaining companion against him, the Surgeon is left in an impossible situation: Save the world but lose Ghazal or let Ghazal live but abandon Earth to the plants.


The story begins at Queen's University in Belfast where an Irish scientist known as Maurice Callaghan delivers a a motivational talk and deliver on his theory of genetically altering plants so they can learn to accept humanity and not fear them.

When he is introduced by a lecturer, Maurice appears at the top of the stairs and explains how he got to where he is today before the lecturer invites him to give the speech about him altering plants so they can accept humanity; he also gives a speech about endangered species such as Bengal Tigers and South Chinese Tigers. The speech is as follows:

"This world today is full of endangered species and forces that are harmful to nature. Our endangered species today include the Bengal Tiger, the Lion, the Great White Shark and even the South Chinese Tiger; and we are only going to get worse because if these animals keep getting hunted, they're going to be history.
But enough about animals. Also on the agenda of endangering nature is flowers; for centuries at least, we have cut down forests and trudged on flowers in order to make our young the best they possibly can; Yes, some may have appalling qualifications and may move on to deplorable careers but nature has played a part in it.
Now I would like you to imagine a world where not only humans live in peace with animals but they also live in peace with botany. Well that is exactly what I have been trying to do...trying to make a world where humanity can leave in peace with plants instead of destroying them. But at the end of this speech, I am not a naturist...I am a scientist trying to help humanity while a naturist is trying to ruin humanity."
Since Terror of the Rani, the Surgeon has always appeared in at least Part 1 of a story and Destroy All Plants is no different and once again he is shown in the SIDRAT with Ghazal. He brings her back to his promise that he would take her back to the future but he does not decide to take her back to Egypt because of the fear she will come across the Weeping Angels or any other foe again.

Instead, the Surgeon takes her to a new location but when the SIDRAT lands he does not leave to explore the outside world: Rather, he has gone into the machine to change his attire substituting his suit for a three piece one with very thin pinstripes. But Ghazal has also changed and once they have, they go outside to see where the SIDRAT has landed.

The SIDRAT's destination is thankfully for Ghazal not in Egypt as she learns thanks to the huge change in scenery from sand brown to green and when she asks the Surgeon where they are, the Surgeon replies that he has taken the pair of them to Northern Ireland which he describes in vivid detail including it being separated from the Republic of Ireland since 1921, being the battlefield of The Troubles and still being part of the United Kingdom.


Stranmillis University College, the last lecture location that Maurice goes to.

As the Surgeon and Ghazal explore their new surroundings, they inexplicably come across a shaded figure heading for the Stranmillis University College and follow it there. That figure is the scientist Maurice Callaghan and they continue to follow him when they follow him back to Belfast Castle which is his home.

The Surgeon disturbs Maurice from one experiment by entering his house and angrily accusing him of using the plants as some kind of superweapon which can also destroy rogue countries and anyone that dares to question the authority of any dictators around the world but Maurice vigorously denies the allegations and shows one of his experiments which is a genetically altered rose to the Surgeon.

At first, the Surgeon is reluctant to touch it and when he does touch it is left speechless by the fact that Maurice is telling the truth and so is forced off his land. The Surgeon later turns back when he hears the sound of plant pots smashing even though Maurice is convinced that it is the Surgeon who is playing a stupid trick on him and refuses to believe anything wrong with the situation...

That is, until the Surgeon and Ghazal confront Maurice in his greenhouse....and a monster with them which seems to take particular offense to Ghazal who mocks its roar. The monster is actually the rose that Maurice altered and it takes control of more plants and turns them into monsters which ultimately destroy Maurice's home and their creator falls under the Abomination's influence.

Even with Maurice under the influence of the plants, the Surgeon refuses to leave them and for good reason: Because the Surgeon learns that the plants plan to take over the world and their first target is the Queen's University which the Surgeon and Ghazal reach first and in doing so manage to convince the students to rally against the plants. Despite reaching the University first however, there's even worse enemies the Surgeon comes across: Krynoids.

While the staff and students fight probably the most one sided battle in the history of man kind against Biollante, the Plant monsters and the Krynoids, the Surgeon and Ghazal try to contact the Irish Armed Forces to destroy the plants but unfortunately, Maurice gets there first and destroys the phone lines before taking Ghazal prisoner and turning her into a Krynoid. Now with Ghazal turned into a Krynoid, Maurice under the plant's influence and people dying left, right and center and turned into Krynoids the Surgeon must find a way to destroy the plants himself.

The Surgeon tries to negotiate with Maurice but the plants kill him and dissolve his corpse; and things go from bad to worse for the Surgeon: He does not negotiate with Maurice but he does try to negotiate with a Venus Flytrap who decides that humanity has lived on Earth for too long and like the Silurians, claims the plants will claim the Earth for themselves.

This effectively means that there will be the most terrible war in the history of Earth and could even lead to the end of the world but the Flytrap believes that humanity has been used to war because they have fought war, after war, after war, after war and finally the Flytrap gives the Surgeon a put down that destroys him:

"You're a parasite!"
It then terminates the negotiation and leaves the Surgeon in an impossible situation: He can either save the Earth like he always has done in his last four adventures but lose Ghazal...or he can let Ghazal live but abandon the world to the plants and ultimately chooses the former despite various attempts to stop him.

At the Irish ministry of defense, the Surgeon tells the government to give the story's titular command: "Destroy All Plants" and it is these three words that echo in all the airfields of Britain as the R.A.F are forced into combat to Destroy All Plants and thanks to Northern Ireland being part of the United Kingdom, arrive almost immediately.

All the Surgeon can do now is watch in horror in what he has done: He has saved the world from the Abomination but has also killed his own companion who was his sole remaining one thanks to the extermination of one by the Daleks; even when he has destroyed the plants, the Surgeon is still horrified at what he has done.

The events of what has happened is enough for the Surgeon to leave Ireland supposedly for good but little does he know that he has come up against one Irish scientist and he will come up against another.

Godzilla references


Biollante, the kaiju that the Abomination was based on.

Unusually for a story, this story is almost full of references and the story's titular command of "Destroy All Plants" is mentioned again and again which unusually never happens again after this story. Thanks to its title, Destroy All Plants is also heavily full of Godzilla references with the title originating from the film Destroy All Monsters and the Abomination resembling Biollante.

This is used even further thanks to the fact that Destroy All Plants was written after the story of Stranger of the Past which is another Kaiju type story which is part of Defenders of Earth which is to be continued after The Super Soldiers. Interestingly enough, this story also has heavy references to the future especially towards the end when it references the fact that the Surgeon would visit the United Kingdom again in Bounder and the Time Lord in the year 1994.

Original draft

While granted the original story and the title would have stayed the same, this story would not only have marked the last appearance of Ghazal Rashidi but it would also have marked the death of Majid Bashar after he too would have been transformed into a Krynoid. However, thanks to Majid's death three stories earlier this aspect was scrapped because it was felt that if Majid had remained alive then Destroy All Plants could never have been made.