Denisa Candea is a character originally from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of the Romanian sisterhood, a gang based in Romania composed of twenty Romanian teenage girls that helps Amanda Mycroft save the world from WOTAN.

Alongside the other sisters, she returns as the leader of the Sisterhood in Defenders of Earth, taking over from Bianca Antonescu where she is a lot more popular leader than Amanda in Thunderbolt. In Defenders, Denisa is a Romanian criminal who later becomes a member of the Eastern Vixens.


She is a nineteen year old Romanian girl with tanned skin, black hair and blue green eyes. Nothing is known about Denisa's original attire from the Surgeon stories nor is anything known about her true attire in Defenders of Earth much like the organization that she has the Sisterhood merge into.

In her first appearance, Denisa's attire is virtually the same as Jeni Lungu and the Romanian Vixen leader Stela Rudeanu which is Romanian traditional dress that consists of a Carpathian Shirt and a Fota or a richly-ornamented wrap-around skirt made out of a rectangular piece of woolen fabric worn at the waist but it does not include a headscarf. Her attire is complete with black boots which she presumably wore in her default form.


Much like other girls in the Romanian sisterhood such as her own leader, Denisa does not have much of a developed personality in the Surgeon stories and it's not until Defenders of Earth that much of her personality is revealed. Despite living in a country that has not attacked the West since 4030, Denisa does have some nationalistic tendencies together drawn with a sense of revenge.

She also appears to have great respect for the Vixens as evidenced when she expresses disappointment in Jeni's wild predictions as shown:

"When I came here Stela, I expected to see the Romanian Vixens in their great glory...but now I'm just disappointed. Romania has never experienced any..."

Defenders of Earth

Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster:

Granted, Denisa appears with the other sisters in the Surgeon stories but nothing of her character is revealed in Thunderbolt and instead, she makes her first appearance in Defenders of Earth where she has taken over as the leader of the Romanian sisterhood after the disappearance of six others: Their leader Bianca Antonescu, her second in command Camelia Avramescu and four others: Cornelia Brasoveanu, Cristina Barbulescu, Emilia Dimitrescu and Nicole Marin. In the story, she is described as being the most eager to take over from Bianca Antonescu and does so almost instantly. However, it is alright being a leader but the story says:

"Denisa was one of the most eager girls to take over from Bianca when she disappeared and thus far, she had acted like a leader but if she was to achieve her aim of getting the Sisterhood to integrate into the Romanian Vixens then she had to talk like a leader to one of the most powerful women in the Eastern Vixens."
Candea proceeds to give a confident and convincing case to Stela even if it is slightly disrupted by Jeni Lungu because of her wild prophecies and predictions such as the rise of Firroth and Kilarth from the Black Sea and Serbia respectively as well as the rise of a third dragon. In the end however, despite Jeni's behavior Denisa manages to merge the Sisterhood into the Eastern Vixens which makes the Sisterhood the Vixen's youth group.

Once her aim has been completed, Denisa is flabbergasted to learn of the rise of Firroth from the Black Sea. But what she doesn't know is that Kilarth has also risen from Serbia and is heading for Romania. As the girls witness Firroth heading for Bucharest, they watch as the public run in terror as the dragon lands ready to engage in battle with Kilarth who this time, the girls run away from hopefully into a safer place than a common house.

But the fight between Firroth and Kilarth is not the only thing that the Sisterhood see because they also see the figure of a third dragon who is flying to confront the dragons elsewhere. The Sisterhood are meanwhile forced into hiding.