The Demon Empire is a dragon regiment that features in the monster series Defenders of Earth. They are the ultimate monster antagonists in the series (with PHANTOM being the human antagonists) along with other hostile reptilian races.

An original draft would have shown the Empire in allegiance with a series of animals against Firroth, but this was scrapped as it could potentially have been considered animal cruelty. Along with The Hellfire Legion of Lady of Destiny, it is one of two hostile dragon armies owned by the wiki founder.


Founded many years ago by the dragon Dardathun, the Demon Empire is a hostile dragon regiment based in the Himalayan mountains in South Asia which in turn gives them a huge amount of territory owing to the range of the Himalayas.

These countries involve India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and China. Through the years, Dardathun was the leader of the Empire with his second in command being the ultimate leader Nelarth, Lord of the Black; but the power hungry dragon was unsatisfied with being second in command and turned on his leader, killed him and became the new Empire leader.

In the 51st Century, the Empire resurfaces and while many of the Empire was loyal to Dardathun, many of the dragons now show an undying loyalty to their new leader Nelarth. Its members are the hostile dragons depicted in Defenders except for Inhusrelun and Zulodam (although there is a Zulodam in the Empire, these two dragons are space dragons and so attack Earth for personal reasons) and Invincible who was created by PHANTOM as Firroth's mechanical doppelganger.

Comparison with the Decepticons

While Defenders of Earth and its spin off The Mammal Wars were partially modeled on the Japanese kaiju franchise Godzilla and Gamera respectively, especially in their first series, the Demon Empire also bears many similarities to the evil robots of the Transformers franchise in the form of the Decepticons.

The reasons for this being that while the dragons on Venia's side are described as being more reptilian, menacing and intimidating, the Empire dragons except perhaps Sinvaeth and Delniosh are described as being much more monstrous and demonic looking in appearance. Venia's forces also are far more co-operative with each other while Nelarth's forces are described in Monsters and Girls as being:

"Rivelnesh's opponent was seen only by other dragons and unlike the other dragons previously seen in this series, many of them appeared to be far more terrifying and horrific looking with a particular black coloured one among them that looked as though he was in pain just from existing. But we'll get to them later, if the Vixens existed you could probably ask one of their psychics about the dragons and they could know them off by heart.

But you can't! Because this is the 51st Century and in today's world, neither the Vixens nor the dragons or any other monster in this period exist! Why could you ask the Vixens about the dragons? Well, who would be better to ask? Criminals, or terrorists? And granted, the Vixens may have been criminals, but they at least had standards.

Anyway, like I was saying...the forces of Venia were located in the Caucasus Mountains, the dragons that Sovmulnaar returned to were those serving under Nelarth, and they were based in the home of one of the world's highest mountains, Mount Everest...But the dragons weren't based in Mount Everest! They were based in the Himalayas.

If one was to go into the Himalayas at that time, it would look less like the dragons were preparing for war and in fact looked more like a wolf pack but worse. In fact, it looked more like a Hyena clan because Hyena society is competitive rather than co-operative; but for the dragons, they were actual allies."
While the conflict described in Monsters and Girls is true, the biggest conflict within the Decepticons is between its two most powerful ones in the form of Megatron and his air commander Starscream, the latter seeking to overthrow the former; something of which Nelarth, Lord of the Black once did to his original leader and was successful unlike Starscream in killing his original leader and claiming his "true place" as the Empire's leader (though Starscream finally gets leadership of the Decepticons in the Surgeon stories where, unlike previous incarnations, he's actually good at it).

Dragons in the Empire

Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Nelarth, Lord of the Black The regiment's leader. Was previously the right hand dragon to the Empire's previous leader Dardathun, but Nelarth wanted more power so turned on his leader, killed him and took his throne.

Eventually evolves into the series' primary antagonist along with the entire Empire.

Warlords The Ultimate Battle
Kelrah Right hand dragon to Nelarth, Lord of the Black, most pronounced during the final Reptile Wars. Like various other dragons, he fights alone typically because he believes it will make him a smaller target. The Court of Nelarth The Ultimate Battle
Vezoth The Ultimate Battle
Mesanth the Dark Dreams and Nightmares The Ultimate Battle
Cennuth, Bringer of Death The Ultimate Battle
Zulodam Earth dragon. Unlike his space counterpart, Zulodam is a full flesh and blood dragon while his space counterpart is partially cybernetic. The Ultimate Battle
Belluftkin Alongside Quenth, Destroyer of Men, is one of Firroth's most dangerous and powerful enemies; ally to Munkrengraag and enemy to Perrath. Patterns of Hell The Ultimate Battle
Pahrathful The Ultimate Battle
Bahfunsiiv The Ultimate Battle
Nisgrikvur The Ultimate Battle
Vurkrin The Ultimate Battle
Vlungaar The Ultimate Battle
Rahklovlon The Ultimate Battle
Krifriiksiiv The Ultimate Battle
Frinlahsil The Ultimate Battle
Honlun A unique dragon in the empire, in the sense that he is both monstrous and reptilian because he is a captor of female dragons such as Saphira and Julmunvu.

In his first appearance, he is actually being shown as a guard for Niinqeth before taking his own prisoners.

The Court of Nelarth The Ultimate Battle
Sovmulnaar First enemy of Rivelnesh. While he is a powerful dragon, he is not quite as powerful as Sarmeyzmal in Invaders and Wives because it only takes Rivelnesh to defeat him while it would take two dragons to defeat Sarmeyzmal though this is probably because he is allied with Quenth. Monsters and Girls The Ultimate Battle
Kodkrongrind The Ultimate Battle
Sodkiin The Ultimate Battle
Felkolpah The Ultimate Battle
Gutdaanbrom The Ultimate Battle
Aaznosmon The Ultimate Battle
Shulsahil The Ultimate Battle
Nilkozah Mate to Nelarth, Lord of the Black and the most powerful female dragon in the Empire, alongside Nahgoltyah. The Ultimate Battle
Naanjoor The Ultimate Battle
Beliiznid The Ultimate Battle
Nusuntluv Ally of Slenkrentney and Munkrengraag.

His presence is always indicated by the presence of the former but there are some stories where Nusuntluv appears without the former's presence.

The Ultimate Battle
Amdiilgraag The Ultimate Battle
Beynlaan The Ultimate Battle
Feimkrengron The Ultimate Battle
Slenkrentney Ally of Nusuntluv. It is said that if he is present then Nusuntluv won't be too far behind.

In his first appearance however, Slenkrentney fights alongside Inhusrelun.

Invaders of the Galaxy The Ultimate Battle

Also known as "The Exterminator", highly genocidal dragon.

Widely considered Firroth's most diabolical enemy.

Patterns of Hell The Ultimate Battle
Nahgoltyah Female dragon and presumed mate of Nusuntluv The Ultimate Battle
Zokdaansiiv The Ultimate Battle
Rotrogolt The Ultimate Battle
Grahviir The Ultimate Battle
Sinvaeth Female dragon. Ally of Lonvida and enemy of Julmunvu and Niinqeth where she is the first enemy of the latter alongside Lonvida and Delniosh Women Without Fear The Ultimate Battle
Delniosh Female dragon. Along with Sinvaeth and Lonvida, she was one of three enemies to Niinqeth in her own trilogy. Rhapsody in Volume The Ultimate Battle
Lonvida Female dragon and enemy to Saphira. Ally of Sinvaeth.

Lonvida is also the last enemy faced by Niinqeth in her own trilogy.

Niinqeth's Final Stand The Ultimate Battle
Gliomolneas The Ultimate Battle
Fomnauma The Ultimate Battle
Heyvsikdein The Ultimate Battle
Zoorsotoas The Ultimate Battle
Yolxaam Enemy of Sunvami and first fought her in Sri Lanka.

He can also be found largely in South Asia.

The Tamil Monster The Ultimate Battle
Zinnath the Dark Despite his name, Zinnath the Dark is a completely different dragon and is not a dark counterpart to Zinnath, Protector of Life. The Ultimate Battle
Quenth, Destroyer of Men Also known as "The Destroyer". Once helped Sarmeyzmal keep Rivelnesh prisoner. It is also Quenth who destroys all the male members of PHANTOM enabling the Eastern Vixens to take all their women and increase their numbers Invaders and Wives The Ultimate Battle
Kangronpaaz The Ultimate Battle
Kiirmahvul The Ultimate Battle
Nosfeynrath The Empire's chief enforcer. In the days of Dardathun the Subjugator, Nosfeynrath was a simple foot solider. It is thanks to Nelarth that he became much more and eventually, the Empire's enforcer The Court of Nelarth The Ultimate Battle
Kelsarstrun The Ultimate Battle
Sarmeyzmal Ally of Quenth, Destroyer of Men who helped him to take Firroth's mate Rivelnesh prisoner.

In the final Reptile Wars, he is killed by Firroth's daughter Zihuskath.

Invaders and Wives The Ultimate Battle
Uukalru The Ultimate Battle
Gruthpeyt The Ultimate Battle