Dalek 2010 Redesign

The new Daleks as they appeared in Victory of the Daleks, 2010. This type also returned in The Pandorica Opens, 2010 and Asylum of the Daleks, 2012

The Daleks, also known as the Robots in the early moments of Land of the Two Foes, are an extraterrestrial race of mutants in the science fiction series Doctor Who and are one of the wiki founder's personal favorite enemies of the Doctor.

Alongside the Great Intelligence, the Decepticons and The Invaders, the Daleks are one of four successful alien races to conquer Earth as they manage to do it in the 22nd Century while the Great Intelligence conquer it a century later in 2257.

The Invaders meanwhile conquer it in the 76th Century and keep it under their control while humanity is forced into exile and settle on the new world of Iabrorth; the Decepticons on the other hand, conquer the Earth in a parallel world and in the Surgeon stories, intend to do the same to other universes.


The Daleks are an extraterrestrial race of cyborgs created by the scientist Davros during the final years of a thousand-year war against the Thals. He genetically modified his race (known as the Kaleds), and integrated them with a tank-like, robotic, mechanical shell. His final modification was to remove their ability to feel pity, compassion, or remorse.

The Daleks soon came to view themselves as the supreme race in the universe and began a conquest of universal domination and extermination.They are popularly known for their catchphrase "Exterminate!" and are a well-recognised reference in British popular culture.

Physical appearance

Externally, Daleks resemble human-sized pepper shakers with a single mechanical eyestalk mounted on a rotating dome, a gun mount containing an energy weapon ("gunstick" or "death ray"), and a telescopic manipulator arm usually tipped by an appendage resembling a sink plunger. Daleks have been known to use their plungers to interface with technology, crush a man's skull by suction, measure the intelligence of a subject, and extract information from a man's mind. Dalek casings are made of a bonded polycarbide material dubbed "dalekanium" by a member of the human resistance in The Dalek Invasion of Earth and by the Cult of Skaro in "Daleks in Manhattan".

The lower half of a Dalek's shell is covered with hemispherical protrusions, or "Dalek bumps", which are shown in the episode "Dalek" to be spheres embedded in the casing. Both the BBC-licensed Dalek Book (1964) and The Doctor Who Technical Manual (1983) describe these items as being part of a sensory array, whilst in the 2005 series episode "Dalek", they are integral to a Dalek's self-destruct mechanism. Their armour has a forcefield that evaporates most bullets and resists most types of energy weapons.

The forcefield seems to be concentrated around the Dalek's midsection (where the mutant is located), as normally ineffective firepower can be concentrated on the eyestalk to blind a Dalek. Daleks have a very limited visual field, with no peripheral sight at all, and are relatively easy to hide from in fairly exposed places. Their own energy weapons are capable of destroying them.

Their weapons fire a beam that has electrical tendencies, is capable of propagating through water, and may be a form of plasma. In The Power of the Daleks, when the Daleks firepower is restored, it is shown to blast through tungsten steel in a demonstration to rebel leaders while in Land of the Two Foes it is shown to kill with a single shot and when fired again, it is capable of obliterating a target like an Auton depicted in Spearhead from Space.

The eyepiece is a Dalek's most vulnerable spot; impairing its vision often leads to a blind, panicked firing of its weapon while exclaiming "My vision is impaired; I cannot see!" Russell T Davies subverted the catchphrase in his 2008 episode "The Stolen Earth", in which a Dalek vaporises a paintball that has blocked its vision while proclaiming "My vision is NOT impaired!"

The creature inside the mechanical casing is soft and repulsive in appearance and vicious in temperament. The first-ever glimpse of a Dalek mutant, in The Daleks, was a claw peeking out from under a Thal cloak after it had been removed from its casing.

The mutants' actual appearance has varied, but often adheres to the Doctor's description of the species in Remembrance of the Daleks as "little green blobs in bonded polycarbide armour". In Resurrection of the Daleks a Dalek creature, separated from its casing, attacks and severely injures a human soldier; in Revelation of the Daleks, there are two Dalek factions (Imperial and Renegade) and the creatures inside have a different appearance in each case, one resembling the amorphous creature from Resurrection, the other the crab-like creature from the original Dalek serial. As the creature inside is rarely seen on screen, a common misconception exists that Daleks are wholly mechanical robots. In the new series Daleks are retconned to be mollusc-like in appearance, with small tentacles, one or two eyes, and an exposed brain.

Daleks' voices are electronic; when out of its casing the mutant is only able to squeak. Once the mutant is removed, the casing itself can be entered and operated by humanoids; for example, in The Daleks, Ian Chesterton (William Russell) enters a Dalek shell to masquerade as a guard as part of an escape plan.


The four Daleks depicted in Land of the Two Foes. The top two Daleks are the Supreme Dalek and the second in command, the third Dalek is the third in command and the silver Daleks on the bottom right are soldiers.

In their literature appearance Land of the Two Foes, there are three leading Daleks: The Supreme Dalek and two Dalek leaders; the Supreme Dalek is black with white sensor globes like the Supreme Dalek depicted in Resurrection of the Daleks, the second in command is red with black sensor globes, red lights and a solid white disk on its eye piece. In contrast to the Supreme Dalek, the second in command has a claw on its manipulator arm and has no solar slats

The third in command depicted in Land of the Two Foes is silver with grey-blue sensor globes and large lights alongside the second in command and like the Supreme Dalek has panels on its "shoulder" section. Like the second in command, the third in command has a claw on its manipulator arm.

Daleks sent to the Iraqi desert and then recalled are like those depicted in Death to the Daleks: Silver liek the third in command but with a brighter complexion. These Daleks have black sensor globes, small lights and black gaps in between the slats. Like the Supreme Dalek, these Daleks have the traditional Dalek manipulation arm that ends in a cup rather than a claw.


The Surgeon stories

Whilst the Daleks do not appear in the Cold War II series or the World War X series, they do feature in the series known as the Surgeon stories and are as prominent enemies of The Surgeon as they are of The Doctor with their recent story being Land of the Two Foes. The Daleks were also the very first enemies of the Surgeon when he was referred to in first person.

But they are also referenced in animal literature in particular the stories Search for the Sword, the penultimate story in the Journey of the Vixen series and The King of Hell which makes the Daleks a trans wiki article alongside Bounder,Ranger, King Ghidorah and the Cybermen as they appear on the original untermation wiki.

The Daleks' main obsession with power is also a trait used for The Invaders because the latter seem content with ruling Earth but also want to destroy the Space Fleet altogether so they can rule the entire universe. Many of the aliens are also so megalomaniacal that they see themselves as the supreme power over the universe and the cosmos.

Granted, the Daleks only have one appearance in the Eleventh Surgeon's first series but they are also mentioned numerous times through the series, mainly in The Yeti Factor and The Super Soldiers.

Land of the Two Foes:

The Daleks are one of the main antagonists in the story Land of the Two Foes alongside The Rani but despite this, only one appears at the beginning of the story watching news reports about the invasion of Kuwait and the commissioning of a super gun by Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. Even if only one is described as well, it is not described in much detail other than a robot.

The introduction of the Daleks is also a similar technique that is used for the cold opening of the last Dalek story of the original Doctor Who series Remembrance of the Daleks in which the only thing that appears is the Imperial Dalek mothership. While the Dalek watching the news reports is interested by the reports of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the mass condemnation that follows, it seems more interested by the super gun that Saddam has commissioned: Project Babylon.

Having seen the news reports on Project Babylon, the Supreme Dalek in charge of the Iraq operation has a Dalek leader prepare to send a task force to Earth code named "Task Force Three". As this Dalek leaves, the Supreme Dalek is joined by a Red Dalek who asks when they should go to Iraq but the Supreme Dalek simply replies that they will wait for the opportunity. It is also at this stage in the story when the Dalek comes to light and is described as such:

"In outer space, the robot watching the news reports was revealed: The robot looked like a huge black dustbin or a huge black pepper pot with lights on its head, an eye-stick and white sensor globes. On its left was a plunger like appliance and on its left was a whisk like appliance.

As the Surgeon and his companions explore Iraq, Majid states that the country is strangely content for one that has been at war for roughly eight years (the Iran-Iraq war) and has invaded (and annexed) another country in the space of just two days (The Invasion of Kuwait) but the sighting of the Dalek saucers is proof he speaks too soon.

While the three Dalek leaders invade the country of Iraq and emerge killing civilians left, right and center, the other Daleks invade the Iraqi desert waiting commands. It is also their arrival that brings The Rani out of hiding and further brings her out of hiding because of the Mukhabarat driving the Surgeon and his companions away.

The arrival of the Mukhabarat frees the Daleks of one Time Lord (the Surgeon) but it brings a new one into their sights: The Rani. And with her arrival, the Daleks react with fury shouting their catchphrase "EXTERMINATE!" but the Rani manages to convince them to hold their fire.

The Red Dalek orders the Rani to identify herself and when she replies her name is the Rani, another Dalek brands her an enemy of the Daleks who is to be exterminated; when she gets the Daleks to hold their fire again, the Supreme Dalek approaches her menacingly and gives her a warning:


As The Rani watches the Surgeon and his companions negotiate with Saddam Hussein, she tells the Supreme Dalek to have the Daleks in the Iraqi desert to withdraw but the Supreme Dalek and the second in command accuse her of disrespect with the second in command demanding that she shows respect.

She does, and the Daleks retreat to the streets of Iraq where they are now a lot more tame than when they first came to Iraq. One of them prowling the streets is also seen by Ghazal Rashidi who has been asked to keep watch for any potential members of the Mukhabarat or soldiers in the Iraqi army who try to disrupt the negotiation between the Surgeon and Saddam.

One of them however bursts in and warns the Surgeon that he will obey the Daleks or they will exterminate his friends. Saddam is scared as well but when one of the Daleks tells him that it is his soldier, he takes back any negotiations that he had with the Surgeon and has the Daleks take the Surgeon and his companions away.

While granted the Daleks' exterior is highly conspicuous, the Daleks that lead the Surgeon and his companions away from Saddam's palace manage to make it a lot more subtle so no Iraqis notice them coercing the three in the streets to the Dalek flying saucer. On board, the Red Dalek comments that the Surgeon and the Daleks meet again after centuries, at least, of coming across each other since they first encountered the Surgeon in Britain in 1963.

On board the Dalek saucer, Ghazal demands an explanation as to what The Rani is doing in Iraq nearly a decade since the events of Terror of the Rani only for a Dalek ordering her to be silent but both the Surgeon and Ghazal stand up to it and the latter refuses to be quiet.

Even when the Daleks orders are ignored by an almost apoplectic Ghazal, their reason for being in Iraq is revealed: They have seen a report on Project Babylon and intend to use it to hold the world to ransom. One of the Daleks is also responsible for the death of one of the Surgeon's companions as it exterminates Majid Bashar and another one then exterminates the corpse wiping it from existence.

The Daleks are later shown to be leaving their spacecraft headquarters when they take the Surgeon, the Rani and now just Ghazal who is the Surgeon's remaining companion into a transmat beam which takes them all straight to Project Babylon.

At the site of the supergun, the Daleks search for a target and while Ghazal finds one in the form of an F-15 Eagle the Supreme Dalek reprimands her for giving out the commands because only the Daleks obey Supreme Dalek orders and not human orders. Finally, the Supreme Dalek orders The Rani to shoot the craft down which succeeds and completely destroys the plane; it also kills the pilot on board.

While the Surgeon is their second greatest enemy (the Doctor is their first greatest enemy), the Supreme Dalek in particular expresses surprise when The Rani proposes an alliance with the Surgeon to conquer the world with them and the Rani, however Ghazal manages to turn the Surgeon against the Daleks and he manages to get one of the Daleks to kill the Rani.

Once the Rani has been exterminated, the Daleks go berserk with the Supreme Dalek demanding that the Surgeon and Ghazal shall not leave his presence and when the Daleks give out similar orders, they resort to opening fire on the Surgeon and Ghazal only to be withdrawn when the Surgeon calls in the Air Forces to attack them. In the process, the Daleks open fire on enemy aircraft and after the Surgeon re-directs the fighter planes to the Daleks, he opens a transmat to the streets of Iraq where he first landed.

As he does, the Surgeon also destroys the transmat leaving the Daleks stranded. The Daleks are finally destroyed alongside Project Babylon in an air raid on their territory with their destruction being watched by the Surgeon and Ghazal from the streets.

Supreme daleks

Dalek leaders. These Daleks report to a Supreme Dalek