Cyberman 2013

The Cybermen as they appeared in their return in Nightmare in Silver, 2013. These type of Cybermen also feature in the story Terror of the Rani.

The Cybermen are a race of cyborgs who are among the most persistent enemies of the Doctor in the British science fiction television programme, Doctor Who. Every incarnation of the Doctor, except the third and eighth ones, had to deal with them.

Cybermen were originally a wholly organic species of humanoids originating on Earth's twin planet Mondas that began to implant more and more artificial parts into their bodies as a means of self-preservation. This led to the race becoming coldly logical and calculating, with every emotion deleted from their minds.

Following the revival of the show, the Cybermen returned as a parallel universe version and appeared in the 2006 series' two-part story, "Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel", and have been recurring villains in the revived series since.

The Cybermen's appearances in the Surgeon stories in Terror of the Rani and The Super Soldiers and their appearance in the Anthro Saga as part of a secret police with the Daleks also makes them a trans wiki article alongside the aforementioned Daleks, the Godzilla villain King Ghidorah and a future enemy of the Surgeon, Bounder as they appear both on this wiki and the original untermation wiki.


Like the Daleks, the Cybermen do not appear in the World War X series or the Cold War II series but they do appear against The Surgeon numerous times, recently appearing in Terror of the Rani and The Super Soldiers.

Terror of the Rani:

The Cybermen first appear after the former politician Asma Benyamina also known as The Rani appears in 1970s Iran where she assures the Shah that as long as she is near him, he will come to no harm. The Shah reluctantly agrees to put his trust in the Rani and once she leaves the palace, the Time Lady retreats to her hideout where she unveils the Cybermen as her way of keeping the Shah on the throne for longer. She later brings a Cyberman to show the Shah and uses it to kill one of his guards to demonstrate their power.

They are later revealed as part of the Shah's security forces in a demonstration which is attended by the Surgeon's companion Ghazal Rashidi who is attacked by the Cybermen and captured to be send to a prison but escapes to the palace. Cybermen who also protect the Shah soon attack the Surgeon and his companions and bring them to the Rani where she unveils a further greater plan: She intends to change world history by using the Cybermen to attack the Iranian revolutionaries.

This will change history because the Cybermen have far more advanced technology than the Shah's men so the revolutionaries would die instantly and the fear would be too great for any more demonstrations to take place. Finally, the Rani intends to take over the world herself for the Cybermen by making them kill the Shah so she can take over when the time is right. Upon hearing the plan, the Surgeon destroys the Rani's hideout but she activates Cybermen all over the country and she flees to the royal palace where the Cybermen also turn against the Shah intending to kill the Shah instantly.

On the streets, the Cybermen continue killing off demonstrators by the dozens until they also spot the Surgeon, Ghazal and Majid heading for the Royal Palace at which point the Surgeon sees his chances: He orders Ghazal and Majid to run on ahead and attracts the attention of the army trying to get them to open fire on the Cybermen.

The head of the army refuses to co-operate forcing the Surgeon to convince him again and when the head of the army refuses again, the Surgeon has gone and a Cyberman kills him. While many of the Cybermen kill demonstrators by the dozens, others chase after the Surgeon and his companions.

Unknown to the Cybermen and indeed the Rani however, Ghazal has managed to steal a Cyber weapon and so when the Surgeon and his companions enter the royal palace to attack the Rani, she attacks the Cybermen with their own weapons. The Cybermen meet with different fates once the control device operated by the Rani has been destroyed: Some are frozen into hibernation while others are destroyed from the inside leaving behind piles of scrap metal.

The Super Soldiers:

Doctor Who Live The Cybermen

Doctor Who Live The Cybermen

A visual representation of the Cybermen's introduction in The Super Soldiers.

Just four stories after their first appearance, the Cybermen return in The Super Soldiers where they are the titular Super Soldiers until being pressed into reveal themselves as Cybermen by the Surgeon.

Despite never being referred to as Cybermen, they first appear at a demonstration in front of a huge audience of politicians and military leaders in the year 2117 and are first also being shown as part of a montage before the real things appear marching down the stairs.

They introduce themselves to the audience before unveiling a demonstration on a politician and kill him before being withdrawn. The Cybermen's return makes them fairly unique among antagonists because the antagonists used or made by the wiki founder are given a far longer break and brought back or introduced.

Following the trope of the Surgeon not interacting with antagonists at the very beginning of a story, the Cybermen disappear until Part 4 where they are shown to participate in Spetsnaz style training which the Surgeon sees as being very unusual, even before they are revealed because they have no ammunition or equipment and do not take part in a final fight with four changing fighters or fire weapons when they are already exhausted.

Despite this however, many of the Cybermen appear wounded in the training and even before they are revealed in the light the Surgeon is horrified about them and even more so when the training has finished because he knows what they truly are while the government and the Army sees them as soldiers that will destroy Britain's enemies.

One of the Cybermen appears in a laboratory where the Surgeon absolutely loses his cool and decides that if the Army won't listen to him then he will make them listen to him. This is highlighted even more when the Surgeon viciously attacks one of the Cybermen with a wrench before echoing the words he told The Master in Egypt:

"I am the Surgeon! AND YOU ARE THE CYBERMEN!"
Finally, the Surgeon kicks it into a wall and watches as it gets to its feet and reveals that all the soldiers are indeed Cybermen. The Cyberman then transmits a signal to other Cybermen ordering them to attack and a war breaks out between the Army and the Cybermen, the latter of whom are eventually destroyed when the Surgeon destroys a Cyber planner which had been leading the operation.