Lady Christina de Souza, the woman who Barbulescu is described as being a younger version of.

Cristina Barbulescu is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of the Romanian sisterhood which eventually becomes part of the Romanian Vixens in Defenders of Earth and in her appearances, Cristina is first involved in fighting WOTAN and the War Machines in the former story while in the latter story, she is involved in fighting PHANTOM.


She is a nineteen year old Romanian girl who is described as reminding the Surgeon of a younger version of someone who another Time Lord met during the last stages of his life and although she is never mentioned, that person in question is Lady Christina de Souza:

Cristina has fair skin, black hair and blue eyes and her clothing consists of black leggings with a black vest, black boots, a black leather jacket and black leather gloves. Unlike the rest of the Sisterhood, Cristina does not tend to wear a helmet and instead lets her head free with confidence.


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The Surgeon stories:


Alongside the rest of the Romanian sisterhood, Cristina is first shown fighting the War Machines which had been activated by WOTAN with the Romanian Army after a group of War Machines surround the Surgeon and Amanda after they had left the Army after being unable to help them with an investigation of disappearing missiles that were sent to Romania to be destroyed.

The sisterhood travel to their hideout in the form of a deserted Army Base where she is the second girl to be introduced in the story by her leader Bianca Antonescu and it is here where her confident personality is shown because she is described as follows:

"Cristina was a nineteen year old Romanian girl with fair skin, black hair and blue eyes. She wore black leggings with a black vest, black boots, a black leather jacket and black leather gloves and unlike the other girls who wore helmets, this was a girl who let her head be free with confidence."
Once the girls have been introduced, the girls learn the names of their new allies but WOTAN prevents them from learning anything more about their allies because it transmits a signal through Romania which paralyzes the country and activates War Machines all over Romania. It even affects the Surgeon but not any of the girls or Amanda.

Now under WOTAN's control, the Surgeon is turned against his allies and also forces WOTAN to reveal its plan: It will convert the missiles into satellites, launch them into space where they will transmit a signal that will activate other War Machines around the world.

With this plan unveiled, the Surgeon is ordered by WOTAN to retreat and when he does Amanda immediately asserts her authority on the Romanian sisterhood first by demoting Cristina's leaders and taking over the Sisterhood to fight the War Machines.

After an hour, the girls change tactics by capturing and reprogramming War Machine 9 and setting off to fight WOTAN's servants and at the end of the story, Cristina accompanies the Sisterhood in watching the Surgeon and Amanda leave Bucharest.

Defenders of Earth:

The Dragon and the Snake: