Cornelia Brasoveanu is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of the Romanian sisterhood, a biker type gang based in Romania that first helps to defeat WOTAN and the War Machines in the story Thunderbolt and later returns in Defenders of Earth as the youth wing of the Romanian Vixens.


She is a seventeen year old Romanian girl with tanned skin, darkish hair tied in curls and tied in a bun and green eyes. Cornelia typically wears blue jeggings, black knee length boots, a white T-Shirt and a black leather jacket with black leather gloves but when she is introduced in Thunderbolt, she also wears a motorbike helmet and also wears a helmet sometimes in Defenders of Earth.


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The Surgeon stories


Cornelia is first shown among the rest of the Romanian sisterhood when they make their first appearance in attacking a group of War Machines that had been activated by WOTAN thanks to the Surgeon forcing it to start its plans early and fights alongside the Romanian Army when the Machines surround the Surgeon and Amanda in an attempt to capture them and bring them to WOTAN.

Alongside the other girls, she takes the pair to the Sisterhood's hideout at a deserted Army base in Bucharest where she is the fourth girl to be introduced by her leader Bianca Antonescu; after the Surgeon and Amanda introduce themselves, the Sisterhood take a fairly stoic approach when the Surgeon replies that the girls want him to help them defeat the War Machines.

Under WOTAN's control, the Surgeon orders it to reveal its plan: The missiles it has captured will be turned into missiles which in turn will be launched into space where they will transmit a signal all over the world that will activate all the War Machines in the world before it finally recalls the Surgeon where it shows him all of the people it had hypnotized during the course of the story.

When the Surgeon is withdrawn by the computer, Amanda immediately takes charge of the Sisterhood which proves to be a highly unpopular move especially with Cornelia and some of the younger members of the Sisterhood who view Bianca and Camelia as being more protectors than Amanda but the latter asserts her authority over the girls and orders them to be quiet.

The girls then prepare to destroy WOTAN and save the world if not the whole of Romania. After an hour, the girls change tactics by capturing and reprogramming War Machine 9 and setting off to fight WOTAN's servants and at the end of the story, Cornelia accompanies the Sisterhood in watching the Surgeon and Amanda leave Bucharest.

Defenders of Earth

The Dragon and the Snake: