The Cold War II series
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The world in the series and its spin off series The Recruits. Red is villainous and green is heroic
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The Great Irish Heist The Recruits
The Cold War II series is a series of spy stories created by the wiki founder. It is one of the stories covered in the Timeline of World History and is followed by a spin off series The Recruits and a feature story The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow.

The series is also considered to be the most successful spy series written by the wiki founder, not because it has been going as long as the Surgeon stories but because the concept actually managed to get off the ground unlike another spy series which the wiki founder thought about a long time ago which featured an organization which would be featured in the future.


A long time ago before this wiki and the original untermation wiki even existed, the wiki founder had another idea for a spy series that featured just one antagonist which was known as PHANTOM (PHoul And Necrotizing Terrorism On Man) that would engage a secret service in battle.

Much of this series storyline differed from the current Cold War II series because the protagonist was originally a man and the stories were similar to that of James Bond to a degree, however this concept never took off.

In 2016, the wiki founder took it upon itself to scrap that series and start all over again with the Cold War II series by making dramatic improvements such as giving the protagonist multiple antagonists. While PHANTOM does still exist, it has now been changed dramatically into a Slavic terrorist organization in Defenders of Earth and aiming to be an international terrorist organization in The Mammal Wars; the organization's name now stands for Putrefying, Heinous And Necrotizing Terrorism On Man.


In the 22nd Century, the War on Terror has long ended with the dissolution of Islamic State and various other groups around the world such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. But the world is far from peaceful:

The end of the War on Terror is celebrated in the West but in the East it creates a rebound effect in many Asian countries and leads to the rise of new threats and villainous organizations. The end of the wars also create humiliations in other countries including but not limited to: Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Russia and Afghanistan which in turn create revolutions that spread quickly.

These revolutions in turn bring many of the threats to power and opening the door for more deadly organizations onto the world stage and introducing various dictatorial governments and military rule. Revolutions also break out in East Europe except Greece, Albania and parts of Turkey which becomes divided due to its position with the West taking a Pro-Western and democratic stance.

East Turkey meanwhile becomes a dictatorship and takes on an anti-western stance. And the same coups break out in Scandinavia and overthrow monarchies in Sweden and Norway and the coups unite Sweden, Finland and Norway against Denmark. Revolutions also break out in Latin America turning the tide against the west particularly in Mexico and Colombia.

But many Latin American countries and African countries join the West in a fight. As a result of these threats is the formation of the European Intelligence Network which is founded to combat the organizations pitted against the west.

Three more Eastern countries turn against the west: Mongolia, Cambodia and Vietnam and another organization slowly rises in England and Germany, first becoming involved in sheltering organized crime figures but becoming more involved in the government.

One of the E.I.N's agents who is instrumental in combating the threats is Helga Blankenburg who serves alongside other agents and with plenty of support behind her from organizations such as the Old English Alliance, the Thunderspirit organization and Cloak and Dagger, support from the governments that support the E.I.N and some Asian allies such as Misha Radhakrishnan and Ilya Aleksenko.

Similarities with other stories

The Cold War II series is one of two series on this wiki to start with a trilogy alongside the Surgeon stories which starts with the so called "Rani trilogy" which includes the stories Strategy of a Surgeon, Terror of the Rani and Land of the Two Foes.

This series starts with the so called "Scandinavian Trilogy" which has the Scandinavian Alliance as the recurring antagonist. Stories after The Defector involve more of the E.I.N's enemies such as U.T.O.C.I.P and the Arab Syndicate; the series is also one of three to involve a trilogy involving a recurring antagonist, the third story being the Journey of the Vixen series which is split into two trilogies; One trilogy features a silver vixen known as Sophia and the second features Maid Marian as the antagonist (although the latter was only meant to appear in the series' finale)


The Scandinavian trilogy:

Name Synopsis
Agent to Prisoner The Scandinavian Alliance capture two applicants for the European Intelligence Network and bring them to Scandinavia intending to hold them hostage.
Operation Viking

A missile installation is built in Scandinavia by the Scandinavian Alliance who intend to use it to hold the world to ransom: Unless the world pays them a quarter of a billion euros, they will fire the missiles on major cities in Europe including: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris and others.

The mission rests with Helga Blankenburg and unless she can destroy the base, Europe will fall.

The Defector After Helga destroys the Alliance's missile base, the E.I.N send her in for the kill when they send her to FInland to save the hostages with the aid of a finnish Scandinavian Alliance defector and her aide.

Part 1:

Title Antagonist Synopsis
Enemy in Silence Arab Syndicate As Helga's first, first assignment following the dismissals of Emma Irwin and Benjamin Simmons from the E.I.N, she is instructed to track down and destroy a Submarine launched by the Arab Syndicate after numerous attempts to destroy it.
Pattern of Vengeance Alfred Deutschmann In the first story to feature a sole antagonist, Helga is sent to investigate a strange pattern of murders akin to those taken by a serial killer with the victims being a Neo-Nazi group allied with a German organised crime syndicate.

The pattern ultimately leads to Alfred Deutschmann a former torturer who worked for the group and now seeks revenge on the people that ruined his life including members of the German government. This story also introduces Helga's husband Alfred and her daughters Greta, Gertrude and Christa as well as the first story that does not feature any E.I.N personnel.

Hostage of the Desert Union of Terrorist, Organized Crime and Insurgent Protection (unseen antagonists)

East Turkish allies of the Arab Syndicate

In U.T.O.C.I.P's first (unseen) appearance, a West Turkish E.I.N agent is shot down over East Turkey carrying stolen plans for some kind of war machine to be used against the Western world.

With a search party sent after her in East Turkey, Helga must find the agent first.

Enemy of Nightmares Legion Plans stolen by Neslihan Kaya are put to use by the German Army who now intend to use the contents of the plan to turn it against its creators. But calling itself, Legion, the creation begins a campaign of genocide and even goes after Helga's family.
Trial of an Agent Union of Terrorist, Organized Crime and Insurgent Protection After Legion's genocidal campaign, U.T.O.C.I.P seek revenge and send out a fake arrest warrant for Helga and blackmail the E.I.N by telling them that if they don't comply, agents will be killed one by one. Which in turn results in Helga's reluctant arrest.

Worst, U.T.O.C.I.P prevent Helga being rescued by blackmailing them with a simple threat: If they send any agents, she will be tortured and experience a fate worse than death. Once the trial is over, Helga is found guilty and sentenced to death by Hyena. With a twist...

Destroy Helga Blankenburg Daemon After her attack by a Hyena in Bangladesh, Helga is sent back to Germany. But back in Germany, her life takes a downward spiral: While she is not kicked out of her own home, instead Helga is forced on the run by a bounty hunter only known as Daemon who was forcibly hired by the E.I.N who have now turned against her.

One of those friends that turns against Helga is also her best friend Selma Achenbach who is in league with the Thunderspirit organization (though still an E.I.N agent) to determine what is wrong with Helga and it is revealed that Helga is undergoing a horrific transformation owing to the Hyena attack in Bangladesh.

Corrupted by Hell Helga Blankenburg (transformed)


Following on from Corrupted by Hell, the effects of the Hyena attack in Bangladesh take form and Helga has been transformed into a Spotted Hyena and goes on a rampage.

And things go from bad to worse for Helga: She now has two people on her tail: The bounty hunter Daemon and former Scottish gangster Alistair Henderson who has been sent to Germany by Selma on behalf of Thunderspirit with the intentions to turn her back to normal.

Part 2:

Title Antagonist Synopsis
The Brink of Descent Alfred Deutschmann A month after the events of Corrupted by Hell, Helga is back in business. But so is an old enemy: Alfred Deutschmann who has been repaired by the Thunderspirit organization and is still fixated on vengeance, but not against the Black Sun.

Instead, Alfred bribes an old Black Sun associate to work for him to make a plague which he will use to wipe out everyone who ever wronged him, with next to no concern as to who gets caught in the crossfire

And things go from bad to worse: As well as a scientist, Alfred kidnaps Helga's middle daughter Gertrude Blankenburg and infects her with the plague in order to blackmail Helga into working with him: If Helga works with Alfred, he will give her the cure to save her daughter but only her daughter. But if she refuses, then he wipes out the whole of Germany.

Rampage Kerstin Falkenburg After an independent mission involving her rescue her daughter from Bavaria, Helga is brought back into the E.I.N. Her first mission after her return to the organization is to investigate a new highly addictive drug known as Rampage.

The drug makers however, believing Helga is interfering in their plans, get the agent hooked on the drug and she begins to undergo several monstrous changes in aggression and her own physical appearance.