Cloak and Dagger is a military style organization operating as a secret society and cult that features in the Cold War II series. It later returns in The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow


Cloak and Dagger is a military style organization based in England that functions like a cult and is the only organization to be fully compromised of men, to have some elderly leaders and to be involved in religious matters. It has a military style organization but in actuality acts like a cult.

Though having strong ties to the E.I.N it has extremely strong ties to the Old English Alliance, with some of it's members being senior leaders. The cult is based in the South of England with a vast presence in the counties of Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire in particular with an equal amount of presence in other Southern counties.

King Ghidorah 91

The dragon revered by the cult.

Its organization is established by its rankings as officials such as Bishops, priests, vicars etc. are leaders and monks are it's foot soldiers, the cult is also renowned for its activities and feared for it's extreme intolerance to outsiders and resorting to anything to remain a secret. Cloak and Dagger is well recognized because unlike other cults who use knives and swords as weapons usually, it's monks use rifles and machine guns as weapons.

It also has a strange tradition in the sense it worships a dragon but unlike the dragon often seen in the headquarters of The Company the dragon revered by the cult has golden skin, has three heads, two tails, large wings and is more of a space dragon than an Earth dragon.


Main leaders:

Name Age
The Grand Regulator General Unknown


Name Age Role
Hector Elphinstone 44 Priest
Neil Swanston 51 Vicar
Norman Stewart 42 Bishop
Seamus Guthrie 32 Priest


Name Age Role
Darragh MacTorcaill 40 Vicar
Declan Breathnach     32 Priest
Goffraid Coleman 54 Prior
Seamus Caomhanach 73 Priest
Blathmac MacAlastair 55 Priest
Feidlimir MacDiarmata 75 Vicar
Eachmarcach O' Scannail 78 Priest
Traolach MacRaghnaill 76 Prior


Name Age Role
Albert Bancroft 33 Bishop
Archibald Baskerville 30 Priest
Bertram Alabaster 32 Archbishop
Cardew Arnold 26 Preacher
Bramwell Archer 43 Reverend
Earl Barraclough 47 Vicar
Edgar Bloodworth 70 Priest
Gorden Blair 56 Priest
James Benedict 37 Vicar
Julian Botterill 46 Elder
Lester Brackenridge 32 Abbot
Solomon Jackson 71 Vicar
Maximilian Broomhall 48  Deacon
Nowell Brown 73 Archdeacon
Osric Chalmers 77 Friar
Reginald Chisholm 79 Bishop
Rowland Colegrove 45 Vicar
Victor Coppinger 55 Priest
Brian Cowley 74 Priest
Charles Dalman 75 Vicar
Ranulf Dallinger 49 Cardinal


Name Age
Muirchertach O Deargain 35
Elfweard Creelman 32
Alfred Culver 30
Bramwell Dawson 41
Bartholomew Englefield 46
Coloman Duckworth 36
Earl Farnworth 37
Ebenezer Filesone 38
Gilbert Fletcher 36
Franklin Gillingham 45
George Hackman 26
Jeffrey Gathercole 48
Lester Harrelson 35
Marcus Haythornwaite 45
Marshall Hetherington 47
Nathan Huntsman 31
Phillip Costello 48
Rufus Longfield 36
Roger Kershaw 37
Sebastien Lawrenson 43
Tobias Makara 47
Vincent Matterson 39
Wilfred Mattingly 30
Charles Mendenhall 47
Evelyn Pemberton 35
Godfrey Peterson 46
Morris Ryeland 37
Randell Sappleton 35
Tanner Stonehouse 32
Timothy Waddington 35

Symbols and recognition


The cult's main symbol, the all seeing eye.

Vehicles used by Cloak and Dagger are often shown as being the most unique in the organizations in the Cold War II series as many vehicles are distinguished mostly by hearses and flower cars as well as black cars and often funeral limousines which are typically used by leaders whilst monks are moved around in secret via black vans or hearses and flower cars which are mostly used for secrecy.

While it is a heroic organization, Cloak and Dagger uses several Satanic symbols among its members including its members wearing pentagrams around their necks and having various Satanic symbols also imprinted on their vehicles. The main symbol is the all seeing eye of the Illuminati and is commonly seen all over the South of England as a sign of control.

Owing to the organization's prominent use of Satanist symbols, it is not uncommon to mistake cults with Cloak and Dagger. Like the Old English Alliance, Cloak and Dagger is also recognized by various mysterious cars such as Rolls Royce's and Bentley's prowling the streets on patrol alongside hearses, flower cans and vans; these vehicles are shown to patrol the streets in a far more aggressive manner.