Clarissa Wainwright is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a member of a group of students who are fighting against the Great Intelligence but is first shown as one of its servants; Clarissa returns as a normal human being with no sense of hypnosis in The Mammal Wars with the other students.


She is a twenty six year old woman with fair skin, jet black hair that hangs loose and blue eyes. Clarissa typically wears dark blue running tights, a black T-Shirt, white socks and running trainers.


Nothing is known about Clarissa's personality before she is made a servant of the Great Intelligence but it is hinted that she is close friends to Eleanor Davidson as the latter is greatly shocked before she is tortured by Clarissa; however, when Clarissa is under the influence of the Intelligence all friendship for Eleanor goes out the window and she even asks the Intelligence permission to torture her.

While Eleanor is a masochist, Clarissa is a sadist clearly enjoying her torture of Eleanor and even going so far as to mock her. When it becomes evident that Eleanor is actually enjoying being lashed, Wainwright changes tactics until the Intelligence tells her to leave her alone.


The Surgeon stories:

The Yeti Factor:

Clarissa is introduced in the beginning of The Yeti Factor as one of the servants of the Great Intelligence alongside the shadow figures that capture her friend Eleanor Davidson, the Intelligence brings her in to torture her some more to get some answers out of her.

Soon, she takes over the Intelligence's position when she begins to attack Eleanor with a whip by whipping her groin and eventually grows further in aggression when she starts whipping Eleanor much more aggressively and even starts screaming at her until the Intelligence orders her to stop and leave her alone. Once Clarissa leaves, Eleanor is left alone in the Camera Obscura.

When the Surgeon and his accomplices find Eleanor Davidson tied up in the Camera Obscura, Clarissa holds the three of them prisoner and warns them not to untie her any more. She orders her hostages to get their hands up in the air but the Surgeon disobeys and when she asks him his name, the Surgeon quotes the Tenth Doctor:

"I'm the Surgeon, I'm a Time Lord, I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasteborous, and I'm the one whose going to bring Earth back to humanity."
Clarissa however laughs at him and replies how he could possibly take back Earth for humanity and the Surgeon replies in a very casual manner almost as if he is not being threatened whatsoever by her that way before she came along, he ordered the girls to untie Eleanor.

But when Clarissa came, they only managed to untie her legs which results in Clarissa becoming on the receiving end of a very powerful kick in the stomach from Eleanor which sends the gun that she was holding flying out her hands and results in the Surgeon ordering the girls to finish untying Eleanor who then leaps out of her chair and ties Clarissa's hands behind her back.

A tied Clarissa is then dragged away back to the Kirk of the Canongate while the Surgeon intends to lead Eleanor out of the Camera Obscura. At the Kirkyard, Clarissa is turned back to her normal self and as her normal self is shown marching with the rest of the resistance to the Camera Obscura ready to do battle with the Great Intelligence.

In the Camera Obscura, the resistance fight the Yetis and ultimately end up destroying the Great Intelligence when the Surgeon recovers Ghazal Rashidi and flees from the building.

The Mammal Wars:

Return to Buckinghamshire:

Clarissa returns in The Mammal Wars where she is no longer a student or servant of a villain and instead acts as a criminal. The name of her original group is also changed to "Britain's Angels" all of whom have the ambition to integrate into the Vixen criminal organization or rather its British branch and become Vixens themselves, like the Romanian sisterhood in the East.

She first appears with the rest of her gang at the Buckinghamshire New University in the events hall, a building that has been abandoned a month prior to the events of The Mammal Wars and like the rest of the Angels, listens attentively to what her leader is telling them; unlike Felicity Barbrige however who is distracted by the sound of whooping and two shadowy figures, Clarissa remains focused.

That is, until the whoops start to get more louder and frequent at which point, the Angels become slowly scared and think that the source of the whooping is coming for them. But also heard in High Wycombe is the sound of fox barks indicating the presence of Seslinian which is taken by the whole of Buckinghamshire, and indeed the Angels, as an all clear sound and so people all over Buckinghamshire leave their homes to see the fox.

But the Angels also see the shadow of the big cat looking as if to attack Seslinian but the sound of the whooping puts it off and it leaves. The animal slowly comes to face Seslinian where it is shown as a type of Hyena based on its spine which slopes down to its tail, but this is the only thing that the Angels know about the animal.

The only other thing that the Angels know about this animal is its name, courtesy of Felicity Barbrige who names it Jomnune because of the whoops it made. The Angels and Buckinghamshire locals in High Wycombe watch as Seslinian approaches "Jomnune" and the latter prepares to attack.

The Angels are forced to watch another animal appear: The Shadow Cat as Clementine Galbraith calls it but what Felicity Barbrige calls Vlaasarak who actually goes to fight Jomnune alongside Seslinian. Once the fight goes to Sheephouse Wood, Abigail declares that the Angels will expand even with the threat of The Mammal Wars.

Outback Vixen:

Along with the rest of the Angels, Clarissa is forced undercover by a combination of Jomnune and the British government who have activated Operation Temperer which has deployed 2,550 armed police officials on the streets all over the United Kingdom, forcing not only the Angels undercover but the organization which they wish to integrate themselves into: The British Vixens.

Despite this though, the Angels are still determined not to let this stop their expansion and during a speech made by her leader, she takes her place in front of Abigail with the rest of the Angels and cheers as Abigail makes the declaration of:

"I promised that the Angels would get an expansion, and Abigail has always kept her promises. Jomnune may have forced police onto the streets but he hasn't taken away our freedom and if we are to get into the Vixens then we have to be brave. This time, neither soldier nor hyena will prevent us from expanding! And that is not a promise but it is something that will happen!"

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

Following on from Outback Vixen, Clarissa remains as part of the Angels where she is first seen in the Buckinghamshire New University gym in front of a projection of the face of Claribel Bloodworth, the now leader of the British Vixen branch, having previously served in the military in The Super Soldiers.

Now as part of the Angels, Claribel orders Clarissa to reveal her captive which Wainwright does when she unmasks the Angels' third prisoner Gabriela Herring.