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Claribel's attire in The Super Soldiers.

Sergeant Claribel Bloodworth is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a British Army sergeant whose section ultimately assists the Eleventh Surgeon in The Super Soldiers and thanks to this, is one of those who helps him alongside Amanda Mycroft.

Along with Forbflaith Hennessy, Katja Naganowska, the Women of the Night and the students from The Yeti Factor, Claribel returns in The Mammal Wars where she is demoted from Sergeant and promoted to a leader as the leader of the British Vixens.



Claribel's suit as a Vixen.

She is a twenty nine year old British woman with fair skin, blue eyes and brown hair tied back in a French twist like some of the Eastern Vixens from Defenders of Earth. Like the other officers of the 22nd Century or even since the 22nd Century if not earlier, she wears no military cap and unlike other female officers she does not wear a tie either.

Claribel wears a light green blouse, a dark green skirt and military tunic and black tights with black knee length boots and black leather gloves. On her tunic is a medal on her right breast and the sergeant stripes on her arm which she rips off at the end of the story.

In The Mammal Wars, her military attire is now replaced by a violet latex catsuit and a black corset around her waist, almost similar to the corset that fellow Vixen Grozdana Ruseva wears and also the same corset worn by some other E.I.N agents.


In stark contrast to various other sergeants that fill the Drill Sergeant Nasty trope, Claribel is believed to be a lot softer in her approach to her section but it still does not alter the fact that she can be very disciplined and harsh when needed. Like her fellow officers and her friend Amanda Mycroft, Claribel comes across as quite distant when she sees the Super Soldiers for the first time.

Despite her soft approach, Claribel is not above any discipline and nastiness when she shows no conviction about the Surgeon's argument that he is unarmed and so ends up scanning him.


Surgeon stories:

The Super Soldiers:

Claribel is first shown in the beginning of The Super Soldiers with various military leaders who are shown the British Army's new concept of "The Super Soldiers" and is particularly enthusiastic about them being shown thanks to the general feeling of enthusiasm shown among the Army and some politicians such as Amanda Mycroft for instance. Unlike some politicians, Claribel does not react to the soldiers killing off a politician as a demonstration.

She is later shown alongside fellow politician Amanda when the pair are leaving the demonstration of the Super Soldier where both are enthusiastic about Britain being restored to its glory days, their discussion ultimately is cut short by the arrival of the Eleventh Surgeon and both women prepare to investigate armed with Claribel's section.

It is also this section that gives the Surgeon an unwelcome visit because the instant he steps foot out of the SIDRAT, the section aim their guns at him. Despite the Surgeon refusing to surrender to the section, it is Claribel who forces him to surrender and despite the Surgeon assuring her that he is unarmed, neither Amanda or Claribel are not convinced so he is scanned by a ray gun style device.

Once the results turn up negative for threats, Claribel and Amanda both become a lot more co-operative with the Surgeon and decide to show him the Super Soldier project. It is also during the reveal of the Super Soldier project that the Surgeon no longer has any exceptional military protection in the form of Claribel's section because they are dismissed when they reach the other leaders shown at the beginning of this story.

Thanks to her military occupation, Bloodworth accompanies the Surgeon and Amanda to watch the training of the Super Soldiers and it is here where the Surgeon learns what they truly are: Cybermen. But alongside the Army and indeed Amanda, Claribel refuses to believe that the soldiers are actually Cybermen who are planning to turn the Army into more Cybermen.

Both women are later forced to believe the Surgeon when he savages one of the soldiers and forces it to reveal itself. As the Surgeon calms down, Claribel later joins his side alongside Amanda and further joins his side when she has her section to help him destroy the Cybermen which come to be destroyed when the Surgeon blows up a Cyber planner with a grenade.

At the end of the story, Claribel stands up to the General seen in the story by refusing to believe that she can be arrested and proves that she won't be arrested because she resigns before tearing off her sergeant stripes and thrusting it in the General's hands. The last time Claribel sees the Surgeon, he is about to take off and she watches as Amanda joins the Surgeon as his third companion after he promises her even more excitement if not more excitement if she joins him.

The former Sergeant watches as the SIDRAT de-materialises and when it does, the Sergeant leaves the Army base to start a new life. What happens to Claribel's section is not known.

The Mammal Wars

Outback Vixen:

In The Mammal Wars, Claribel undergoes the same fate as much of the other characters from the Surgeon stories who are brought back; she is turned from a military officer to a criminal where this time, she is not only in charge of between six and twenty women, but is also one of the most powerful women in the Vixen criminal organization and one of the most powerful women in the coalition against PHANTOM and its allies including:

She also has a lot more women under her command instead of just the section seen in The Super Soldiers. Claribel first appears at the end of Outback Vixen following the second expulsion of Jomnune from England where she is contacted by Abigail Huntsman who tells her of the Angels' ambition to integrate themselves into the Vixens to join the fight against PHANTOM.

Claribel is pleased about Abigail's knowledge of the Vixens and the conflict between them and PHANTOM and in turn, when Abigail replies that they have proof of their worth to the Vixens, orders Abigail to show her the next time they meet.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

Continuing on from Outback Vixen, Claribel first appears as a huge face on a screen at the Buckinghamshire New University. Only this time, she does not witness the Angels in the events hall but instead sees them with their prisoners in the gym where the prisoners kneel in front of individual Angels still in their night gowns with their heads covered by black leather hoods and their hands cuffed behind their backs.

Claribel first calls on Abigail to reveal the Angel's prisoners and as she does, the Vixen watches as the Angels unmask their prisoners one by one. Even though, however, many Angels do it without any fuss, there is still doubt as to whether Felicity will unmask her captive or go into a daydream like she did when Jomnune came to England for the first time and when he did it again but was accompanied by Keeceleon.

In fact, Felicity manages to carry on the line of the girls revealed to the Vixen leader without any fuss at all. It continues until the end of the line when Erika Armstrong unmasks Amanda Skinner to Claribel. Impressed with the girls, Claribel tells Abigail:

"Well, ladies. You give me fine girls and I'm sure we can turn them from meek students like you once were into Vixens like you yourselves want to become. Our Romanian branch already has a youth faction and already we have young women and girls like yourselves doing the same as you have done across Europe: Capturing the same amount of girls and presenting them in front of their leaders!"
She then tells the Angels to muzzle the girls and lock them in the sports hall cupboard then take their luggage to different dormitories which the Angels do. But once this is done, Claribel seemingly betrays the Angels by ordering them to go back to the University gym, lock themselves in and stay there owing to the sound of canine howls that resemble the howls of possibly a wolf or a jackal.