Charles Williamson is a character from The Mammal Wars. He is the defense judge at the trial of Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska serving alongside William Houghton delivering the verdict for the latter.

After a six story hiatus, Williamson returns in Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon as one of those interviewers who interrogate numerous government ministers about reports of a giant bat like creature seen in England with fellow judge Grayson Randall.


Alongside prosecution judge Grayson Randall, Williamson is based off both a journalist and a quiz master because he is based on Mastermind quiz host John Humphrys. He is a seventy three year old man with white hair, blue-ish eyes and fair skin; unlike the more traditionally dressed judges (Houghton, Clements and Harrison), Williamson shares the same attire as Grayson Randall.

He wears navy blue trousers, a white shirt, a navy blue waistcoat, a navy blue blazer and a black judge robes with the only difference between him and Harrison is that Charles wears a neckerchief.


Unlike the more abrasive Randall, Williamson is generally seen outside the court as a tenacious judge and is also seen as being firm but fair. He is also described as being a lot more soft spoken than Randall and has to be because he is older (there is an age difference between the defense and prosecution by eight years).

However, like the other judges Williamson is a minor character so this is all that is known about him.

The Mammal Wars

Seslinian the Invincible:

Alongside prosecution judge Grayson Randall, Williamson is one of just two judges that is already present before the trial of the two scientists is about to begin. When the three judges enter, him and Randall obey the court and rise to show respect to the judges entering. He remains seated until Houghton asks him to deliver his verdict on sentencing Katja Naganowska.

The judge and his jury ultimately find Katja guilty of all the charges and so Houghton sentences her to life imprisonment. Through the story, Williamson nor the judges never appear again nor do they appear again in any other stories in The Mammal Wars.

Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon:

In The Mammal Wars series 1 finale, Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon, Williamson returns alongside Grayson Randall as one of many journalists interviewing politicians about the reported sighting of a giant bat in the skies of England but amazingly, no mention of Forbflaith Hennessy or PHANTOM. Though this may have to do with the fact that the news of these two characters were never released because of protests in the case of the former and a national emergency in the case of the latter.

While Randall and Williamson were polar opposites during the trials of Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, this situation is now reversed so it is now Williamson who comes across as more brutal and harsh; though that is to do with the fact he is interviewing a politician that, unlike the more clear headed Maurice Bunker, has no idea what he's talking about.

Fortunately for that hapless politician, his humiliation on national television is short lived with the arrival of the giant bat which cuts off Britain's electricity and also forces everyone in London outside to see the arrival of the bat into England.

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