Camelia Avramescu is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is the right hand girl of Bianca Antonescu and a member of the Romanian sisterhood something of which she continues to do in Defenders of Earth.


She is an eighteen year old Romanian girl with tanned skin, brown hair and blue eyes which is actually covered by a motorbike helmet. Unlike most other members of the Romanian sisterhood, Camelia is fully draped in leathers worn by motorcyclists although it is never stated what color they are and it is presumed that the suit has integrated boots and gloves.


In general, it is hinted in their appearances that Camelia and Bianca are very close friends thanks to the latter taking offense to being demoted to third in command by Amanda Mycroft and it is also Camelia who shares the same amount of popularity as her leader.

This is particularly prominent among the younger girls who are the ages of sixteen or so as judged by their reaction when Amanda demotes them to second and third in command respectively; unlike the more vocal Amelia Bedingfield from The Yeti Factor, Camelia is also shown to be a lot more quiet although there are different circumstances for this.


Surgeon stories


Camelia first appears alongside the rest of the Romanian sisterhood who are shown fighting the War Machines which have been activated by WOTAN thanks to the Surgeon's activities forcing it to put its plans into action early when the sisterhood are fighting alongside the Romanian Army. As the Army are engaging the War Machines in battle, Camelia joins the Sisterhood in recovering the Surgeon and Amanda from the machines and taking the pair to a deserted Army base.

At the Army base, Camelia still has her head covered by a motorbike helmet until her superior Bianca Antonescu introduces herself and introduces Camelia to the Surgeon and Amanda at which point she takes it off. When Bianca introduces the other members, they also take their helmets off and in the process, Avramescu asks who the Surgeon and Amanda are.

Once the girls reveal themselves, the Surgeon tries to ask what the Sisterhood wanted him for but WOTAN transmits a signal through Romania which paralyses the country and activates War Machines all over Romania. It is also this signal which also affects the Surgeon and gives him a split personality.

It is also this split personality that pays off because the girls trick WOTAN into revealing its plan which leaves Amanda of all people horrified (because Amanda was the one who actually learned about the disappearing missiles unlike the Sisterhood for unexplained reasons):

WOTAN will convert the missiles into satellites, launch them into space and they will transmit a signal all over the world which will activate the War Machines around the world before it finally withdraws the Surgeon and leaves Amanda alone with the Sisterhood. At this point, Amanda wastes no time in asserting her authority and demotes Bianca and Camelia immediately before laying out her strategy to defeat the War Machines.

After an hour, the girls change tactics by capturing and reprogramming War Machine 9 and setting off to fight WOTAN's servants and at the end of the story, Camelia accompanies the Sisterhood in watching the Surgeon and Amanda leave Bucharest.

Defenders of Earth:

The Dragon and the Snake: