The Bulgarian Vixens, also known simply as the Vixens in Bulgaria, is the name given to thirty Bulgarian women who act as career criminals largely robbers. They are the Bulgarian branch of an Eastern criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens that is engaged in a turf war with the terrorist organization PHANTOM.

The whole organization are the human protagonists in Defenders of Earth and the Bulgarian Vixens are the protagonists to an extent in its first story Stranger of the Past.


The so called Bulgarian vixens are thirty Bulgarian women who engage in all sorts of crime which is largely to do with robberies from high end stores. In their first appearance, much of their loot has already been stolen by individual vixens and one of them is finishing the job.

Like many other criminal organizations made by the wiki founder in particular the three motorbike gangs in The Recruits, the vixens have a high sense of teamwork, organization and planning with its leaders appearing to have clear strategies in their heists. In addition, the Vixens also appear to be more lenient on families as the group includes the four Zhelyaskova sisters: Bilyana, Tsvetanka, Stanimira and Kalina.

While they have a large number of allies, the only enemies that the Vixens have is the Eastern European organization PHANTOM and a rival criminal organization based in Turkey also composed of women known as the Lionesses of Turkey.

In later stories, it is revealed that these women are part of a much larger criminal network across Eastern Europe known as the Eastern Vixens that is also based in other countries inhabited by PHANTOM.

Recognition and Uniform


The suit worn by many Vixens. This particular suit is worn by the eldest of the Zhelyaskova sisters Tsvetanka

The Bulgarian Vixens as well as every single Vixen who serves in the Eastern Vixens are recognized the way women who are agents in the European Intelligence Network as well as the Vixens of the National Protection Process are recognized:

The Vixens are recognized by latex or leather catsuits with the same colored boots that are knee length and have a zipper on the sides. Some Vixens however, mix their suits and boots up such as Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova who wears a black suit with red boots.

The suits are typically dark colours but can also be dark blue, red or dark green; The suits are also worn by other female organizations in particular the Force of Amazon from The Last Crime of Rebecca Harrington and the Women of the Night, particularly their incarnation in The Mammal Wars. Most of the Vixens can however wear leather clothing such as jackets, gloves and boots and in their first meeting after the last robbery carried out by Miroslava Blagoeva, there are Vixens who wear leathers.

In King of the East, the Vixens are forced undercover thanks to the destruction caused by Firroth so do not wear their suits and instead wear civilian clothing.


Name Age
Stanislava Iskrenova Blagoeva 24
Alexandra Nikolova Zhivkova 30
Borislava Vasilova Ilseva 25
Bogomila Danailova Gavrilova 27
Grozdana Lyudmilova Ruseva 29
Kalina Stanislavova Dobreva 25
Boyana Spasova Strashilova 30
Ivana Atanasova Manoleva 30
Tanya Assenova Nakova 24
Maria Ognianova Ruseva 21
Yordanka Ivailova Buneva 29
Miroslava Bozhidarova Blagoeva 24
Bogdana Petrova Buneva 22
Tsvetanka Radkova Zhelyaskova 27
Nevena Dragomirova Bacheva 28
Desislava Spasova Mladenova 26
Kalina Borisova Toncheva 29
Vladimira Vladimirova Petrovaa 30
Radoslava Ventsislavova Gavrilova 30
Victoria Filipova Nankova 23
Mira Yoanova Adamova 27
Katerina Assenova Vankova 30
Grozda Petrova Karavelova 29
Stanislava Petrova Kochanova 26
Bilyana Sashova Zhelyaskova 25
Borislava Mihaelova Pramatarova 21
Stanimira Petrova Zhelyaskova 23
Nedelya Stanislavova Gavrilova 26
Kalina Nikolaieva Zhelyaskova 20
Elena Teodorova Georgieva 27


In the midst of the PHANTOM-Vixen conflict, the Vixens begin to gain much more influence in the United Kingdom after the final of the last series of University Challenge because after the final is broadcast, many students in universities in the United Kingdom join the Vixens which in turn causes the series to end after a long duration.

Name University attended
Nezabravka Krasimirova Atanasova University of Westminster
Vladimira Zhivkova Tincheva University of Westminster
Maria Yanovna Vedenina University of the Arts, London