The British Junta depicted in Invasion of the Reptiles is the third military government of Great Britain in the 41st Century. It is the main organization in the feature story Invasion of the Reptiles and is probably the second Junta made by the wiki founder alongside the Animalian Junta (the Fox Junta is not countered because it was once known as a military).


In the 41st Century, Britain has already experienced two military coups; one in the turn of the 24th Century in which the country was re-named to "The Republic of Britain" and the turn of the 31st Century in which a new British government is formed partly to do with the army.

The second military Junta comes to power after World War V in the year 3000 where repression is considerably more relaxed but held very tightly. In the year 3020, the Armed Forces hands over power to a new cabinet which rules until the shortest world war in history: World War VII which lasts just one year: From the year 3090 to the following year.

Like the Daleks and to an extent, the Thunderspirit organization from the Cold War II series and The Recruits the Junta is modelled to a degree on the Nazis as it is shown to be a lot more brutal and harsh. But while it is more humane than the Nazis, its scientists have never engaged in human experimentation.

Officials in the Armed forces

Male officers:

Name Age Rank
Albert Bancroft 33 General
Abraham Barkley 36 General
Bartholomew Alabaster 42 General
Bramwell Alderman 47 General
Edwin Armstead 32 Brigadier
Bertram Anstead 45 General
Charles Aylesworth 37 Field Martial
Darryl Baskerville 34 Brigadier
Earl Barber 39 Brigadier
Edgar Bedingfield 42 Geenral
Gilbert Blackburn 36 Field Martial
Julian Bates 32 General
Gordon Bloodworth 38 Brigadier
Lawrence Breckenridge 30 General
Lester Butcher 41 Brigadier
Marshall Bywater 37 General
Maximilian Alderdice 48 Field Martial
Philip Alexander 44 General
Reginald Cartwright 43 General
James Harrison 36 General
Roger Colegrove 35 General
Tobias Cowman 47 Brigadier
Vincent Crockett 32 General
Victor Culver 42 Field Martial
Wilfred Breckenridge 36 General

Female officers. These officers are also scientists:

Name Age Rank
Abigail Carmichael 22 General
Alice Carrington 33 General
Beatrice Costello 32 Field Marshal
Caroline Davidson 28 Army General
Charlotte Drake 38 Brigadier
Chloe Entwistle 36 General
Cristalyn Dunham 34 Brigadier
Denise Eastwood 35 General
Davina Englefield 37 General
Destiny Eagleman 25 Field Marshal
Elizabeth Dimbleby 39 Naval officer (presumably a Naval commander)
Eleanor Falconer 27 Squadron leader
Gemma Firestone 28 Air force soldier
Hannah Galbraith 26 Brigadier
Helen Greaves 30 General
Jenna Harrelson 25 Brigadier
Jessica Hawkyard 29 Sergeant
Josephine Heseltine 31 General
Karen Hearnshaw 27 Major
Lorraine Jeffress 36 Brigadier
Lucy Kimberly 22 Sergeant
Ruth Longstreet 28 General
Talitha Nettlefold 29 Sergeant


Male officials:

Name Age
Andrew Harrison 30
Angus Dawkins 41
Brian Davidson 32
Archibald Cowman 36
Cardew Dashwood 47
Godfrey Danson 45
Morris Costello 36
Randall Coppinger 34
Samuel Creelman 30

Female officials:

Name Age
Alanna Carrell 26
Alberta Davenport 30
Amanda Derbyshire 29
Anna Devall 37
Belinda Dearborn 34
Bridget Ashdown 36
Brenda Asbridge 35
Cassandra Eagle 33
Charisee Deller 25
Charmaine Darwin 30
Christabel Eastwood 25
Claribel Dixon 25
Clarissa Diprose 32
Cordelia Duckworth 30
Crystal Eggleton 24
Charis Eaton 32
Emma Farnworth 21
Eva Fairchild 32
Georgiana Fleetwood 35
Gwen Finch 39
Gwendolyn Faulkner 32
Harriet Gilbert 29
Henrietta Gillingham 29
Imogen Greenwood 26
Iris Hallman 35
Jacqueline Hammerton 32
Jane Harman 29
Jemima Hanson 32
Jennifer Hastings 23
Joanna Higginbotham 26
Julianne Heathcoat-Amory 25
Kathleen Houseman 31
Kierra Hoffman 28
Lara Howell 35
Leah Higham 27
Liana Jordison 30
Loretta Kelly 28
Marcia Kingston 31
Marian Kyle 24
Marsha Langford 38
Melanie Laughton 35
Moira Lambert 29
Nadine Levinson 39
Narcissa Levingston 38
Nicola Lawson 37
Rita Houseman 25
Rosamund Livingston 36
Roxanne Makara 34
Sabrina Mason 29
Samantha Mendenhall 37
Sandra Misselbrook 31
Satyana Morrison 39
Sophia Muggeridge 26
Sylvia Newhouse 39
Teresa Newbold 36
Tara Mycroft 22
Thomasina Newdigate 37
Valerie Nicholson 26
Vanessa Nightingale 24
Victoria Northcutt 35
Winifred Pontifex 39
Wendy Renshaw 25
Yasmin Sappleton 27
Briana Sanders 32
Catriona Shawcross 37
Carlene Sherwood 28
Christina Norrington 39
Erika Sheridan 36
Eve Stansfield 32
Kadia Swanton 29
Olivia Summerfield 39
Shanna Thaxton 35
Tanith Swinburne 25
Heather Carrington 23

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