The Brainwashed humans is the name given to thirty six humans captured and brainwashed to serve The Invaders. They are antagonists in the World War X series alongside The Invaders, and several mutated dinosaurs.


In the 76th century, aliens invade Earth and take it over for themselves. Those that remain behind are either killed, captured or tortured by the aliens and the thirty six humans that are captured by the aliens are part of them.

The humans are composed of thirty six women: Twenty eight British and nine Polish. While the humans have been brainwashed, they act like normal human beings instead of zombies like some brainwashed humans may act.

These thirty six humans are also a shell of the Space Fleet in terms of uniform and treatment: In the Space Fleet, there is an oath for the Polish and the British ships not to attack each other or harm each other and defend each other when needed and this is also the case in refugees.

PVC suit

A suit worn by many of the Brainwashed women.

They are also distinguished by clothing: Space Fleet women typically wear silver skin tight catsuits and silver boots with utility belts across their waists while women who have been brainwashed to serve the aliens in particular wear black latex catsuits. Half of the women wear corsets in addition, particularly Marzena and Grazyna for the Polish and a few British women such as Erica, Jodie and Mia.

While The Invaders kill a number of brainwashed humans, there is also a large number of them who are still alive for the whole of the series and eventually assist humanity in their journey across the stars and their fight first against The Invaders, their associates, Space monsters, demons, mutants, and the dinosaurs and finally against a mutated dinosaur known as the Smaugosaurus in King of the Dinosaurs. It is also these humans that survive the journey to Iabrorth because other brainwashed humans have been previously killed by their former masters.

The humans

British women:

Name Age
Heather Beckett 24
Harriet Brimson - reforms 26
Amanda Baskerville - reforms 23
Stephanie Bromfield - reforms 24
Alice Bercow - reforms 31
Rachel Blackett 34
Lydia Cantrill 34
Bethany Aylesworth 36
Chelsea Berkeley - reforms 35
Jessica Ashdown - reforms 35
Sophie Armfield - reforms 30
Gemma Aldridge - reforms 34
Megan Carrington 26
Carla Frampton 25
Molly Dallinger 21
Felicia Cartwright 32
Holly Coldwell 26
Veronica Cosgrove 25
Moira Drake 23
Josie Eagleton 21
Samantha Englefield - reforms 37
Ellie Hackman 35
Hermione Greenwood - reforms 25
Esther Cowman 30
Katrina Fairchild - reforms 24
Erica Guthrie 24
Jodie Graves 22
Mia Greig 23
Cordelia Baynton 24

Polish women:

Name Age
Zofia Adamczyk 26
Krystyna Biackowska 25
Marika Kaczorowska 32
Zdenka Karwowska 23
Marzena Halama - reforms 37
Grazyna Jablonski - reforms 27
Jogoda Landowska 32
Tijana Lubomirska - reforms 30
Mirna Jaruzelska 26