"PHANTOM will get its dragons in due time with any luck, the Lionesses have already captured a Vixen and she can witness the rise of an even more dangerous dragon!"

Radomir Pramatarov showing his plans for Boyana to another PHANTOM leader.

Sasha Monet

The suit and corset worn by Boyana.

Boyana Spasova Strashilova is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens and the right hand woman of Stanislava Blagoeva.

Alongside Alexandra Zhivkova and a few others, Boyana is also one of many Vixens in general to know about the Dragons which ultimately proves valuable to the Lionesses of Turkey who kidnap her to watch the awakening of Sarmeyzmal.


She is a thirty year old woman with fair skin, brown eyes and the same cloured hair tied in a ponytail. Typically, Boyana wears a silver latex catsuit with black boots and a black corset around her waist and is one of many Vixens who wear corsets alongside numerous others.

When she is forced undercover with the rest of the Vixens, she wears a white dress, black opaque tights and the boots she always wears as a Vixen complete with a black overcoat, black leather gloves and a black scarf. Having been captured by the Lionesses of Turkey however at the beginning of Monsters and Girls, Boyana is first seen with her scarf being taken off but her overcoat and gloves kept on.

This changes after the Lionesses kidnap her and take her to an unknown location when she wears her dress, tights and boots having been told to take off her overcoat and gloves by her captors.


Like other second in commands in literature, Boyana is characterized as being heavily loyal to Stanislava Blagoeva and it is said by the Vixens that Stanislava chose Boyana as her second in command because she is a Vixen that she can fully trust.

But even if Boyana wasn't made sub-team leader by Stanislava, she is shown as being Stanislava's right hand women through and through. Unlike her boss however, Boyana is shown to be a lot more well liked because the Vixens in her group put themselves forward to kill the Sergeant that killed Firroth.

Unlike her boss, Boyana is fairly well liked but she also has a short temperament and is also very worrisome particularly when loading guns for her allies though she manages to keep her cool in other appearances.

Defenders of Earth

King of the East:

Boyana comes into prominence in the story King of the East where she is first shown at the Falcon Sanctum alongside the other Vixens after being forced undercover by Firroth however she is later called into the dining room to listen to instructions given by the Vixen leader who Stanislava phoned.

She further comes into prominence when she is selected by Stanislava Blagoeva to become her second in command to lead another group of Vixens out of Bulgaria. Stanislava's group are the Vixens first shown in Stranger of the Past while Boyana's are the remaining Vixens:

These consist of:

Once the radio cuts off Boyana stands by Stanislava's side when she tells the Vixens that the time is now 7:30PM and they are to have their kit packed by 8:20 ready to leave for 8:30. But before the Vixens leave, Boyana tells the Vixens in her group to put boots on even when they change their outfits and once the Vixens are sent on their way Boyana and Stanislava head up to their own rooms to change and pack their bags.

At 8:30, all the Vixens load themselves onto trucks and prepare to leave for their destination; however, while the Vixens were given a strict 8:30 deadline to leave the Sanctum, they were not given a deadline to be at the airport for and thanks to this, Boyana takes a diversion to avenge the "death" of Firroth. She turns in to the Sergeant's house and orders her group out.

Unlike in Stranger of the Past, all of the Vixens put themselves forward to kill the sergeant and the job eventually goes to Mira Adamova. Once she kills the Sergeant, Boyana sets off with Mira on board the truck to the city of Burgas; unlike most of the Vixens who believe that Firroth has returned, Boyana is too focused on reaching Burgas.

Half an hour later, the remaining Vixens reach Burgas where Boyana has them pulled out of the truck and sent on the coast to collect all the weapons. Unfortunately, her stressed out leadership proves to be an irritant for the Vixens, in particular Victoria Nankova and Vladimira Petrovaa the former of whom tells her that she is not helping her cause and the latter tells her that the more Boyana says "Hurry!" the slower she will go.

But their loading of the weapons is hindered by the arrival of Firroth...who is then swiftly kicked out of the sky by another dragon. At first, Victoria believes the flying dragon to be Firroth but Boyana refutes this and replies that the dragon is Tyrath which meets with blank looks and Boyana tells them of the dragon.

She tells the Vixens that the current fight between the dragons is a power struggle with Firroth resembling democracy thanks to his nickname of "King of the East" by fellow Vixen Alexandra Zhivkova while Tyrath resembles autocracy thanks to his name sounding like "Tyrant" as well as his nickname of "Eastern Tyrant" given to him by Boyana.

At first, the Vixens can only watch the fight between Firroth and Tyrath but when Firroth tries to burn his enemy's back Boyana becomes scared and has the Vixens load the guns quicker than ever and this time, none of them complain; largely out of fear that Firroth will use his fire to weaken Tyrath's back and tear his back open which ultimately never happens (thankfully.).

By the end of the fight, the Vixens have loaded their guns onto the truck and it hurries away just as Firroth and Tyrath end their battle. At the end of the fight, Boyana has the Vixens bury the guns they stole in their luggage which makes the Vixens bury the guns they stole under piles of clothes; however, because Boyana is driving the truck Ivana hides one gun in Boyana's luggage while she speeds away from Burgas.

As the truck speeds away from Burgas, Boyana phones Stanislava and tells her everything about Firroth in a very worried fashion as if something or someone was watching the whole time; which is ultimately proved true towards the end of the story.

That someone is Krasimira Varbanova who promptly reports the whole thing to her leader Radomir Pramatarov (who is actually unseen and unnamed). When he hears of this news, Radomir believes that the Vixen's knowledge of the dragons if there are anymore in the world will be of great use to their organization and tells Krasimira to phone one of their allies to organize the kidnapping of either Boyana or as many Vixens as they want.

The Vixens reach the Burgas Airport and it is here where the Lionesses capture Boyana and force the Vixens to go on without her; news of her disappearance begins circulating among the Vixens in Russia and it is also Boyana's kidnapping that makes the Vixens come out of hiding if PHANTOM is also out of hiding.

Monsters and Girls:

Following the end of Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster, a captive Boyana is taken to the Istanbul Ataturk Airport where she is led into the airport by her captors with a gun pointed at her back. The Lionesses soon close in and "attack" her because one takes off her scarf while the other two hold her hands behind her back while they are cuffed behind her.

Boyana is then led through the airport in handcuffs with her luggage being pulled by another Lioness outside the Airport where she is now taken out of her handcuffs and ordered to take off her coat and gloves. For outside the airport are more Lionesses and with them is an Ottoman; the Vixen tries to escape but the Lionesses grab her and force her into the Ottoman where they also lock her in, put it (and her luggage) on a truck and drive away to an undisclosed location.

At the location which is ultimately revealed as a house, the Lionesses release Boyana from the Ottoman though one of her captors, Azra Boran, takes the Vixen to a bedroom where she is stripped and redressed in her Vixen bodysuit and corset. But she is also laced into a neck corset, strapped onto a machine and left with another of her captors in the form of Asena Balcan who switches on the machine and sends 100 volts of electricity through the Vixen's body.

She is further tortured while under intense interrogation about what she knows about the dragons which doesn't abode well with Asena who is convinced that she was there despite Boyana's claims to the contrary. After one particular moment, Asena triples the volt and sends 300 volts of electricity into Boyana's body right after she tells her that the Lionesses have captured Boyana to witness the rise of another dragon which actually appears in the next story.

Having been tortured, Boyana's captors have orders to move her to another location where she is locked in a cell and in that cell, she learns that the Lionesses have captured her to witness the rise of another more powerful dragon that is set to take Rivelnesh prisoner.

Invaders and Wives:

Following from Monsters and Girls, Boyana is first seen in Lioness captivity under the captivity of all the Lionesses instead of a select few. Here, she spends a very short amount of time in prison before being taken outside by the Lionesses where she meets all of them for real, including the rival of her leader Ajla Bayat.

After Ajla taunts Boyana, the Vixen is then forced to her knees and despite remaining silent for the whole time she was in captivity, the Vixen finally musters up the courage to ask Ajla what the Lionesses want with her, to which Ajla replies:

"Within your pathetic organization, Boyana there are two Vixens close to Stanislava; You and Alexandra. We chose you because Alexandra was safe and sound; even if she is a psychic. Stanislava made the mistake of sending you to Vurgas; but to return to principle. What you're about to see Boyana, is not the rise of who you imagine; not Nelarth or one of his other dreaded dragons... You are about to witness the Tirade of the Force. Today Boyana, he rises..."
All Boyana can do is watch as the Lionesses complete their ritual and inadvertently unleash Sarmeyzmal into the world (despite Boyana's beliefs that the dragon is Nelarth). With the Lionesses distracted, all Boyana can do now is run away and seek the best cover away from the Lionesses, as quickly as she can.

Nightmare's Hell:

Following the events of Invaders and Wives, Boyana is reported by Stanislava Blagoeva to be miles away from the Lionesses of Turkey to the point that she has reached the Turkish-Syrian border, specifically the westernmost border crossing with Syria and some 3km west of the town of Yayladagi or in co-ordinate forms 35.905°N and 36.010°E.

These co-ordinates are given to Hungarian Vixen leader Bianka Halasz at the beginning of the story because Stanislava refuses to send any of her own Vixens, lest any other Vixens belonging to her get captured by the Lionesses. It is presumed that Stanislava asked other Vixen leaders to send in their women, but other leaders refused, so Bianka is her last hope.

Once the above co-ordinates have been given out, Bianka gathers seven of her own Vixens and briefs them on a mission to bring Boyana to Hungary because of the very high chances that Bulgaria will have huge military patrols and police patrols and the danger of PHANTOM.

She is eventually spotted by the Mil-Mi 24 piloted by Evelin Molnar and crewed by other Hungarian Vixens all under the command of Hajnalka Farago. The helicopter drops a ladder which Boyana grabs, but under the insistence of Hanna Szabo, Hajnalka orders the helicopter to take off immediately which results in Boyana hanging on to the ladder for dear life, lest she lose her grip and fall from the helicopter, at least 250 feet from the helicopter. Even if the Vixens pull her into the helicopter.