Bilyana Sashova Zhelyaskova is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens which is ultimately revealed as the Bulgarian branch of the Eastern criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens.

She is also the sister of Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova, Stanimira Zhelyaskova and Kalina Zhelyaskova.


She is a twenty five year old woman with tan skin in stark contrast to the other Vixens who have fair skin and in very stark contrast to her sister Tsvetanka and also very stark contrast to the student Abigail Huntsman from the Surgeon stories and The Mammal Wars. Bilyana possesses jet black hair like her sister Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova which is actually straight with brown eyes and like other Vixens, Bilyana is swathed in a bodysuit as she usually wears a dark blue bodysuit with blue boots.


In stark contrast to some other Vixens except for those in the later stages of Stanislava persuading them to show her their loot, Bilyana is very enthusiastic in showing Stanislava what her sisters got but when Stanislava actually comes to look at them, she wishes that she hadn't.

She can however be very treacherous particularly once she has shown her loot to Stanislava and then immediately puts forward her sister Tsvetanka only this backfires because her sister is actually just as willing to show Stanislava their loot.

Defenders of Earth

Stranger of the Past:

Bilyana is first seen at the Falcon Sanctum alongside the other Vixens where she is accompanied by her sisters and with them watches as their leader Stanislava Blagoeva asks the Vixens to reveal their loot which most of them refuse to do until much later on in the story. In the case of Bilyana, she is the third Vixen to reveal her loot to her leader which is 250,000 worth of Bulgarian levs.

Upon showing her loot, Bilyana puts forward her sister Tsvetanka who is just as enthusiastic as her in showing Stanislava their loot which ultimately amounts to 750,000 Bulgarian levs (this is shown in the story. The total amount is a million Bulgarian levs). The Vixens then watch as others show their loot to Stanislava with one of those Vixens being Borislava Ilseva and it is thanks to her and other Vixens that the room becomes far less tense.

However, the feeling of tenseness comes back again when the Vixens learn of a hoard of gold in the Bulgarian mountains guarded by a dragon known as Firroth; as a result of this, Bilyana and her sisters put themselves forward to no avail because the job eventually goes to another Vixen: Miroslava Blagoeva.

The appointment of Miroslava as the thief goes without question and the Vixens prepare to steal from the dragon as they go to the mountains.

King of the East:

Bilyana is first shown at the Falcon Sanctum with the other Vixens who are complaining about being forced undercover however, hopes come up when Stanislava phones another Vixen leader Yevgenia Agrafena who tells Stanislava to tell the other Vixens to go into the dining room where all will be revealed.

Like the other Vixens, Zhelyaskova is shown sitting in the same chair that she sat in three months ago when the Vixens stole thousands of money, gold and jewels where she listens to Yevgenia and when she asks Stanislava to choose her own group, Bogomila is one of those Vixens chosen by Stanislava alongside Alexandra Zhivkova, Borislava Ilseva, Grozdana Ruseva, Tanya Nakova, Miroslava Blagoeva, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova, Kalina Toncheva, Bogomila Gavrilova and Stanimira Zhelyaskova.

Once the briefing has finished, Bilyana is dismissed with the other Vixens to change and get ready to leave Bulgaria either directly or once they have collected the weapons left behind by the Army. She later joins the Vixens an hour later in leaving for Bulgaria with Bilyana's group leaving Bulgaria immediately by means of Sofia International Airport.

While Bilyana's group ends up in Russia, she is later reunited with her sisters when the group once led by Boyana Strashilova which her sister Kalina was part of and is also reunited with the whole of the group except for Boyana who was captured by the Lionesses of Turkey; at the end of the story, Bilyana is part of many Vixens cheering for the declaration of a war of nerves on PHANTOM.