Bianca Antonescu is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is the leader of the Romanian sisterhood, a student/biker gang based in Bucharest which comes to be under the command of former 22nd politician Amanda Mycroft.

Along with the other girls, she returns in the series Defenders of Earth as a member of the Romanian Vixens, the Romanian branch of the Eastern Vixens.


She is an eighteen year old Romanian girl with tanned skin, brown eyes and straight black hair that is tied in a bun typically, in Defenders of Earth Bianca's hair hangs loose and is straightened. Bianca is dressed in a white T-Shirt, black leather trousers, black boots, black leather gloves and a black leather jacket.

When the sisterhood first save the Surgeon from the War Machines, Bianca also adds a motorbike helmet to her attire but never wears it again in Thunderbolt. Alongside her fellow "Sisters" she continues to wear a helmet in Defenders of Earth unlike the other Vixens who go bare headed typically except Muslim ones who wear headscarves.


Judging from the reaction that she receives when she is demoted to the second in command of Amanda Mycroft, Bianca appears to be a highly popular leader to the rest of the Romanian sisterhood because many of them in particular younger members react with a high sense of fury.

Unlike them however, Bianca is graceful in defeat but is not entirely happy about having Camelia demoted to third in command, hinting a close friendship between the pair and this trait is also used in other literature.


Surgeon stories


Bianca first appears among her fellow Sisters as she calls it in Defenders of Earth when they fight the War Machines alongside the Romanian Army...who the Surgeon just refused to help and just like before when the Surgeon and his companion were dragged away by shadowy figures in The Yeti Factor, the twenty figures abandon the Army for the Romania and drag the Surgeon and Amanda away from Bucharest.

Their destination: An abandoned Army base where the girls are revealed as the Romanian sisterhood. After Bianca introduces herself, she also introduces her right hand girl Camelia Avramescu followed by the rest of the sisterhood one of which reminds the Surgeon of another person who a member of his kind experienced once before. It is also here where the Sisterhood reply to the same question that the Surgeon asked the Army: What do they want with him and Amanda?

Bianca only gives the same answer and replies that they want him to help them defeat the War Machines thanks to the Army losing battle after battle after battle with them thanks to continuously jamming their guns (even though the Sisterhood have typical weapons among bike gangs such as knives) but WOTAN strikes before Bianca can fully explain.

Fortunately for the whole of the Sisterhood, the signal does not paralyze them but unfortunately for them it affects the whole of Romania and even the Surgeon who then reveals everything about WOTAN's plan under its influence: It intends to convert the missiles that it had captured into satellites to launch into space where the satellites will transmit a signal around the world to activate all the War Machines around the world.

After WOTAN recalls the Surgeon, Amanda firmly takes control and immediately demotes Bianca who takes offense to it only to be shot down very quickly by Amanda who proceeds to assert her authority all over the Sisterhood which proves unpopular at first, particularly among younger members until Amanda tells one of them:

"Listen to me, Nicole. Would you rather be alive or dead, or even worse under the control of a supercomputer?"
During the fight with WOTAN, Amanda changes tactics; First she has Bianca and Camelia set a trap for an unsuspecting War Machine and four other girls to reprogram it to destroy WOTAN which pays off when the War Machine accompanies them to another battlefield and the girls are forced to fight servants of WOTAN and more War Machines.

Finally, WOTAN's plans are foiled when Amanda destroys the satellites and War Machine 9 destroys the computer. In the final moments of the story, Bianca and the Sisterhood watch the SIDRAT de-materialise before leaving for Bucharest.

Defenders of Earth:

The Dragon and the Snake: