Amanda Mycroft is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a politician from the 22nd Century who comes to be the third companion of the Eleventh Surgeon and alongside Claribel Bloodworth is one of fourteen people to help him in her first appearance (the fourteen consists of herself, Claribel and Claribel's section).


Like her predecessor Ghazal Rashidi, Amanda bears some resemblance to the E.I.N official Amanda Hustler from the Cold War II series. She is a twenty three year old British woman with fair skin, blonde hair and green eyes, like her predecessor Ghazal, Amanda changes through the course of the series but unlike Ghazal she tends to change much earlier.

In her first appearance, Amanda wears a purple striped long sleeved shirt, a grey knee length skirt, black tights and high heels and also wears it in the first moments of Thunderbolt. From Thunderbolt on-wards, Amanda changes her attire to a purple and white polka dotted blouse, a black-grey skirt, knee highs and beige flats.


In very stark contrast to her predecessor Ghazal Rashidi, Amanda is already considered to be a lot more well written and one of the more superior companions of the Eleventh Surgeon alongside her future fellow companion Jenna Lillywhite. For one, Amanda is first shown to come across as quite distant and doesn't show much emotion when the Super Soldiers are revealed and is shown to be a lot more nationalistic with talk of bringing Britain back to its days of glory.

She is shown to be particularly close to Claribel Bloodworth who is the Sergeant who scans the Surgeon for any suspicion that he may be an enemy and further takes Claribel's results for granted. Eventually however, Amanda becomes a lot more personable and less nationalistic as the stories go on even taking control of the Romanian sisterhood in Thunderbolt.

The Surgeon stories

Part 1

The Super Soldiers:

Although she is never explicitly shown and is only shown in person at Part 1, Amanda is first shown in an audience composed of British Army officers and politicians who are seeing the grand unveiling of the Army's "Super Soldier" project and is both enthusiastic and scared by the soldiers, especially when they are unveiled for the first time.

When the soldiers kill off a politician, Amanda is shown to show no emotion whatsoever and even after the unveiling of the soldiers talks about restoring Britain to her days of glory with Army sergeant Claribel Bloodworth but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Eleventh Surgeon. At first, Amanda watches Claribel scan the Surgeon and when he shows up negative on a threat scan, co-operates with Claribel and her section to show the Surgeon the soldiers.

Amanda and Claribel ultimately become the only people to accompany the Surgeon to the political and military leaders who were shown the Super Soldiers in the beginning of the story and it is Amanda who tells the man seen at the beginning about the Surgeon and the fact he wants to see the Super Soldiers. When the Army comply, the Surgeon is accompanied by Claribel but he is not accompanied by any other politicians except Amanda.

While she watches with no real emotion the Soldier's training in contrast to the Surgeon's sheer look of horror at the Spetsnaz style training, she is described as the only person that the Surgeon can possibly trust...or is she? This belief of trust seems to fade from the Surgeon when she agrees that the Soldiers possess no threat in spite of the Surgeon telling the Army that the soldiers are actually Cybermen.

Inside the laboratory, the Surgeon tries to make the Army listen to him by attacking one of the Cybermen to which Amanda and Claribel protest hugely and as the Surgeon attacks one, Amanda can only watch in horror as the Surgeon reveals the Cybermen's true nature but later joins his side alongside the Sergeant who had accompanied him since they met.

Amanda is even more horrified to learn that the Super Soldiers that the government had supported all this time is revealed to be a fake but is forced to put the past behind her and is made to fight the Cybermen where she manages to use a knife to rip wires out of the Cybermen until they are all destroyed when the Surgeon uses a grenade to blow up the Cyber Planner.

In the aftermath, Amanda watches the Surgeon and indeed Claribel stand up to the Army General depicted in the story with the former telling him to go back to the drawing board with the super soldiers and the latter resigning from the Army and ripping her Sergeant stripes off her shoulder. At the end of the story, Amanda becomes the Surgeon's third companion after being told that the excitement she has had today can continue if she travels with him.

Understandably, she is nervous at first but eventually Amanda joins the Surgeon as the SIDRAT de-materialises.


At the start of Thunderbolt, Amanda is first shown in the SIDRAT for the first time where she asks the Surgeon if fighting...things like the Cybermen are what he does all the time to which the Surgeon replies that it is the story of his life. She then asks if the SIDRAT really can travel in time and space to which the Surgeon replies:

"Oh yes. I'm a time traveler, Amanda. I've been to the past and I've been to the future where I got you as a travel mate."
To prove it, the Surgeon directs the Surgeon to a destined time and place: He takes Amanda a hundred years back into what would be now the present day and what would have been her past to Romania and the city of Bucharest; however before she can explore her surroundings, the Surgeon tells Amanda to change her clothes because she would not be taken seriously in political attire.

Even if she was, many Romanians would see her as a politician and since she started traveling with the Surgeon, Amanda does not consider herself a politician anymore. After she changes, the Surgeon takes Amanda outside to reveal that he told the truth; the pair have in fact landed in Romania and in Bucharest. The Surgeon and Amanda then explore the city of Bucharest which is forced to end when they discover a missile convoy in Romania with British and Russian missiles.

The journey takes them to the Romanian Army headquarters where, for the first time, Amanda finds herself held at gunpoint (As a politician, Amanda almost never found herself held at gunpoint) but an Army General who sees the Surgeon surprises him by telling him that the Army has been expecting him but does not say why...until him and Amanda go into the General's office where the Surgeon asks a) what the Army wants with the missiles and b) why the Army was expecting him and gets both answers from the General:

At first, Amanda accuses the General of being a terrorist thanks to collecting the missiles until he reveals that Romania has no intentions of using them for war; instead, the missiles belong to Britain and Russia but are sent to Romania to be destroyed. The Army has been expecting someone like the Surgeon because A), the missiles have been sent to a destruction point but on the way there or even when they have been deposited into the black sea but have gone missing and B) Anyone associated with them have gone missing with them.

This situation leaves both Amanda and the Surgeon so speechless that all the former can do is to refuse help from the Army in probably the most polite fashion possible and both leave the Army to continue their exploration of Bucharest. It is also in the city of Bucharest where the War Machines strike and prepare to take the Surgeon and Amanda to their base which fails with the Army coming for the machines along with twenty shadowy figures who pull Amanda and the Surgeon out of the circle of War Machines.

Amanda is taken to a deserted Army base with the Surgeon where their saviors are revealed as twenty Romanian teenage girls known otherwise as the Romanian sisterhood who have also been fighting WOTAN and the War Machines, the latter of which now considers the girls a threat when it learns that Amanda and the Surgeon are with the Sisterhood so sends out a signal through Romania activating more War Machines and paralyzing the whole of Romania.

Inexplicably, the Sisterhood or Amanda are not affected but only the Surgeon is affected by the signal...or so it seems and it is her assumptions which prove to be true when WOTAN not only takes control of the Surgeon but uses him as a way of communications and also gives him a split personality thankfully for Amanda because it allows her to learn WOTAN's plan:

It intends to take over the world again by using the missiles that were sent to Romania to be destroyed, have them converted into satellites and have them launched into space where the satellites will transmit a signal all over the world which will activate all War Machines on a global scale and kill all humans that way. The computer then recalls the Surgeon to its base but before WOTAN takes the Surgeon's mind over completely, he manages to tell her that the fate of the world is now in her hands.

While granted, Amanda is a former politician it is her political background and her age that comes in handy when she has to lead the Romanian sisterhood but at first, proves to be a highly unpopular leader when she demotes Bianca Antonescu and Camelia Avramescu but she asserts herself over Nicole Marin and prepares to save the world from WOTAN.

After a huge fight, Amanda decides to change tactics by having the girls set a trap to capture a War Machine, reprogram it and send it to destroy WOTAN which results in the Sisterhood reprogramming War Machine 9 which accompanies them to WOTAN's army base where it battles other War Machines before setting off to destroy WOTAN; meanwhile Amanda fights her way to the Surgeon as the missiles are launched and even ends up fighting the Surgeon which ends when she destroys the missiles.

WOTAN is finally destroyed and the Surgeon is returned to normal but suffers from amnesia which forces Amanda to bring him back to reality. At the end of the story, Amanda joins the Surgeon in the SIDRAT as he tells her that they will go to a new place where the Surgeon can take a break from traveling the Universe for the time being but he does not say where and instead sets the controls for a new location.

Bounder and the Time Lord:

At the end of Thunderbolt, the Surgeon promised that he would take Amanda to a new destination in order to take a break from fighting evil and traveling the universe. In Bounder and the Time Lord, he keeps that promise and takes her to Wiltshire in 1994 which the Surgeon describes as a good time in the history of mankind because it is five years since the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism and three years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Gulf War.

But Amanda becomes concerned when it seems that the Surgeon is not taking the timezone quite as seriously as he normally does and expresses concerns about why he is so happy when this is also the year that the Rwandan Genocide was carried out. The Surgeon however re-assures her that he has no need to be depressed because the Rwandan Genocide occurred in April of 1994 and the SIDRAT has taken them to the beginning of the year (believed to be January at the earliest and March at the latest).

She is then led through the forest where they have landed in the form of Widbrook Wood and it is during this moment when the Surgeon gives her the opportunity to eye the animals seen in Widbrook. However, the pair become concerned when the animals particularly the foxes act with more aggression than normal and the other animals feel a sense of paranoia as if there is a feud going on.

This is not helped by the fact that two blue foxes give off a strange green glow and Amanda tries to gain the Surgeon's attention to no avail because he is already distracted by another figure in the woods who is armed with a gun and pointing it at the Surgeon's direction if not Amanda's direction as well.

In reality, the figure is aiming its pistol towards a certain blue fox that has been under protection from another blue fox and its mate, both of whom are glowing with a strange green tinge and it is these foxes that turn invisible while the formerly protected fox is told by its instinct to flee; the vixen then goes after the figure as shown by footprints shown in the ground and the vixen slowly becoming visible.

When the vixen comes across the figure and forces her to retreat, it gives the opportunity for the Surgeon and Amanda to flee where they come across the fox that was initially protecting the normal fox (the fox that wasn't glowing). However, this fox merely takes one look at the pair and leaves with disgust and when it has gone, the Surgeon takes Amanda into the forest to get a closer look at the fox that was under protection.

At first, the fox is believed to have been under attack because it was injured or vulnerable to attack but upon close inspection the fox appears in a very healthy state and actually refuses assistance from the Surgeon and Amanda; however, when the figure that the vixen forced to retreat makes a comeback it flees again and so do Amanda and the Surgeon. She manages to escape but the fox is not so lucky and ends up caught in a fox trap.

The Surgeon and Amanda are forced to chase the figure into a secluded part of Widbrook Wood away from any wildlife and it is also here where the figure trips them off and runs away to a laboratory in the distance where the Surgeon and Amanda actually catch up with the figure but loses it at the lab when it enters the building.

In the laboratory, the Surgeon and Amanda do not come across Bounder or the figure but they do come across several other Blue Foxes in dog pound like conditions but a whole lot cleaner and like Bounder, display signs of misanthropy. Further in the laboratory, the pair discover an operating theater where two figures hold them prisoner or rather at gunpoint.

These figures are actually Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, two scientists originally from Northern Ireland for the former and Krakow for the latter. But the pair also meet the criminal who actually captured Bounder: Jenna Lillywhite, a British criminal whose record is about the size of Lincolnshire on a map of Britain. When Amanda asks what the scientists want with Bounder, Forbflaith instead takes them to another operating theater where all will be revealed.

On the way to the operating theater, Forbflaith told Amanda that everything would be revealed and inside the operating theater her words ring true and the scientist reveals everything: Forbflaith is a wanted woman in Northern Ireland and is notorious among animal rights activists who have repeatedly called for her arrest because of her experiments which have been carried out largely on foxes and these experiments have been deemed animal cruelty and illegal.

It is also revealed that Forbflaith does not intend to dissect the fox but instead intends to alter it and forces the Surgeon and Amanda to watch with Jenna as the fox grows to the size of a coyote. After Jenna turns against her bosses, Amanda takes the opportunity to hold both scientists captive and orders them to remain at the laboratory while he tells her to come with him to go after Jenna who has escaped.

Thanks to Amanda, the Surgeon helps the Army turn the tide against the altered Blue Foxes and Bounder by telling them to use flamethrowers but it is also Amanda who reports that Katja and Forbflaith have escaped from their laboratory prison. However, the Surgeon does not care because unless Bounder is killed then he cannot leave Wiltshire, even though he contacted the Army to make sure that the fox stays in Widbrook Wood.

Instead, the Surgeon changes tactics and instead calls the police on Jenna Lillywhite who arrest her but under the Surgeon's insistence have her taken to a holding cell. When Amanda asks why he has Jenna placed in a holding cell, the Surgeon explains that whether she likes it or not, he is going to make Jenna and her bosses help him defeat Bounder so he can continue his travels.

Battle of the Foxes:

Unlike the Surgeon who is mentioned in a monologue shown at the beginning of Battle of the Foxes which details the Surgeon's previous two adventures and two weeks after the fight between the Army and the Blue Foxes who have been altered by Forbflaith Hennessy, Amanda is made to rejoin the Surgeon in his fight against the foxes when he is summoned to Trowbridge Police Station to meet Jenna Lillywhite.

At first, Amanda is not convinced as to why she should trust the former criminal but gradually calms herself down and asks why Jenna called them to her cell. The criminal explains that she wants to help the pair defeat Bounder or rather, the fox that she had previously captured; when the Surgeon asks an explanation however, Jenna explains that unlike previous enemies, the fox is not an enemy he can defeat as shown below:

"If Wiltshire was to be saved, then the Surgeon and Amanda would have to work with their former enemies, however there was one thing the Surgeon didn't understand and he asked:

"How do we defeat that fox then?"

"How does Godzilla fight King Ghidorah? They're both fight a genetically altered fox Surgeon, you have to MAKE a genetically altered fox!" Jenna replied. Slowly but surely, the Surgeon and Amanda began to trust Jenna but could they trust her former bosses?"
The Surgeon, Amanda and Jenna had back to Widbrook Wood to carry out Jenna's plan all the while being watched by scientist Katja Naganowska and it is in Widbrook Wood where Jenna initially refuses to catch a fox to alter but Amanda blackmails her into doing it alongside the Surgeon because both have told Jenna that if she doesn't help them then they will turn her over to the authorities and she will go to prison.

Eventually, Jenna settles on another blue fox that is "ranging" across the forest and so tries to catch it in the same way that she captured Bounder but the plan is almost foiled by Jenna's former bosses. Only the combined might of the Surgeon and Amanda manages to advance the plan which manages to work; with the fox in her grasp, the Surgeon has his allies go to Forbflaith's laboratory which Forbflaith refuses to do...only Katja Naganowska is willing to lead the Surgeon to Forbflaith's laboratory.

Inside the laboratory, Amanda continues to blackmail Forbflaith into helping the Surgeon telling her that unless she does, then the Surgeon will hand her over to the police with the intentions of handing her over to the Northern Irish police force. Once Forbflaith has shown the Surgeon how to use the equipment, the Surgeon immediately alters Ranger and all Amanda can do is watch in horror and she can also only watch spellbound.

Amanda later joins the Surgeon and her former three enemies as the Time Lord releases the fox into the forest to track down Bounder and kill him. Unlike the Surgeon however, Amanda joins her enemies in watching the Battle of the Foxes and when Bounder "kills" Ranger, she snaps and wants to A) Kill Bounder herself and B) Phone the police so she can turn her enemies over to the police.

However, she is prevented from doing either because the Surgeon has already phoned the police and Ranger is actually still alive. The Battle of the Foxes ends with Bounder's death when Ranger bites him in the throat and finishes him off with a beam attack; once the fight is over, the Surgeon informs his scientist foes that he has already called someone to see them and has Amanda accompany Katja to that place.

The people in question are the police who promptly arrest the scientists and once they have been put into a car and driven away, Amanda accompanies the Surgeon to the SIDRAT...but wanting to join him is Jenna who the Surgeon allows to join him because if she does, it gives her the opportunity to put her past behind her. Jenna accepts the offer and Amanda welcomes the former criminal into the SIDRAT as a new companion.

Part 2

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