A physical representation of Amanda. This design would also be used for the E.I.N official Amanda Hustler.

Amanda Mycroft is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is a politician from the 22nd Century who comes to be the third companion of the Eleventh Surgeon and alongside Claribel Bloodworth is one of fourteen people to help him in her first appearance (the fourteen consists of herself, Claribel and Claribel's section).


Like her predecessor Ghazal Rashidi, Amanda bears some resemblance to the E.I.N official Amanda Hustler from the Cold War II series. She is a twenty three year old British woman with fair skin, blonde hair and green eyes. Like her predecessor Ghazal, Amanda changes through the course of the series but unlike Ghazal she tends to change much earlier.

In her first appearance, Amanda wears a purple striped long sleeved shirt, a grey knee length skirt, black tights and high heels and also wears it in the first moments of Thunderbolt.

From Thunderbolt until Droid of the Outlands, Amanda changes her attire to a purple and white polka dotted blouse, a black-grey skirt, knee highs and beige flats. After the events of Droid of the Outlands Amanda goes back to this attire unlike Jenna; in Droid of the Outlands, Amanda wears a purple sheath dress vaguely similar to the one worn by Manal Khan in the Cold War II series but in purple with black tights and black flats with a thin black belt across her waist.


In very stark contrast to her predecessor Ghazal Rashidi, Amanda is already considered to be a lot more well written and one of the more superior companions of the Eleventh Surgeon alongside her future fellow companion Jenna Lillywhite. For one, Amanda is first shown to come across as quite distant and doesn't show much emotion when the Super Soldiers are revealed and is shown to be a lot more nationalistic with talk of bringing Britain back to its days of glory.

She is shown to be particularly close to Claribel Bloodworth who is the Sergeant who scans the Surgeon for any suspicion that he may be an enemy and further takes Claribel's results for granted. Eventually however, Amanda becomes a lot more personable and less nationalistic as the stories go on even taking control of the Romanian sisterhood in Thunderbolt. Despite not being in the Army, she also proves to be quite capable with guns when she holds Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska to kneel before her at gunpoint in a rare heroic version of the typical Kneel Before Zod trope (in which the hero kneels before the villain).

As time goes along, not only does Amanda become more personable and less nationalistic, but she also develops a high sense of morality, first shown in The Sins of Doom where she becomes appalled by the Latverian prisoner's torture at the hands of Doctor Doom and his own men and later in Droid of the Outlands where she accuses Harriet Burgess of making the former captain of the BC Star Finder a slave for personal and petty reasons.

The Surgeon stories

Part 1

The Super Soldiers:

Doctor Who Live The Cybermen

Doctor Who Live The Cybermen

A visual representation of the "Super Soldier" unveiling watched by Amanda.

Although she is never explicitly shown and is only shown in person at Part 1, Amanda is first shown in an audience composed of British Army officers and politicians who are seeing the grand unveiling of the Army's "Super Soldier" project and is both enthusiastic and scared by the soldiers, especially when they are unveiled for the first time.

When the soldiers kill off a politician, Amanda is shown to show no emotion whatsoever and even after the unveiling of the soldiers talks about restoring Britain to her days of glory with Army sergeant Claribel Bloodworth but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Eleventh Surgeon. At first, Amanda watches Claribel scan the Surgeon and when he shows up negative on a threat scan, co-operates with Claribel and her section to show the Surgeon the soldiers.

Amanda and Claribel ultimately become the only people to accompany the Surgeon to the political and military leaders who were shown the Super Soldiers in the beginning of the story and it is Amanda who tells the man seen at the beginning about the Surgeon and the fact he wants to see the Super Soldiers. When the Army comply, the Surgeon is accompanied by Claribel but he is not accompanied by any other politicians except Amanda.

While she watches with no real emotion the Soldier's training in contrast to the Surgeon's sheer look of horror at the Spetsnaz style training, she is described as the only person that the Surgeon can possibly trust...or is she? This belief of trust seems to fade from the Surgeon when she agrees that the Soldiers possess no threat in spite of the Surgeon telling the Army that the soldiers are actually Cybermen.

Inside the laboratory, the Surgeon tries to make the Army listen to him by attacking one of the Cybermen to which Amanda and Claribel protest hugely and as the Surgeon attacks one, Amanda can only watch in horror as the Surgeon reveals the Cybermen's true nature but later joins his side alongside the Sergeant who had accompanied him since they met.

Amanda is even more horrified to learn that the Super Soldiers that the government had supported all this time is revealed to be a fake but is forced to put the past behind her and is made to fight the Cybermen where she manages to use a knife to rip wires out of the Cybermen until they are all destroyed when the Surgeon uses a grenade to blow up the Cyber Planner.

In the aftermath, Amanda watches the Surgeon and indeed Claribel stand up to the Army General depicted in the story with the former telling him to go back to the drawing board with the super soldiers and the latter resigning from the Army and ripping her Sergeant stripes off her shoulder. At the end of the story, Amanda becomes the Surgeon's third companion after being told that the excitement she has had today can continue if she travels with him.

Understandably, she is nervous at first but eventually Amanda joins the Surgeon as the SIDRAT de-materialises.



The city of Bucharest, the location of Thunderbolt and the Surgeon's destination.

At the start of Thunderbolt, Amanda is first shown in the SIDRAT for the first time where she asks the Surgeon if fighting...things like the Cybermen are what he does all the time to which the Surgeon replies that it is the story of his life. She then asks if the SIDRAT really can travel in time and space to which the Surgeon replies:

"Oh yes. I'm a time traveler, Amanda. I've been to the past and I've been to the future where I got you as a travel mate."
To prove it, the Surgeon directs the Surgeon to a destined time and place: He takes Amanda a hundred years back into what would be now the present day and what would have been her past to Romania and the city of Bucharest; however before she can explore her surroundings, the Surgeon tells Amanda to change her clothes because she would not be taken seriously in political attire.

Even if she was, many Romanians would see her as a politician and since she started traveling with the Surgeon, Amanda does not consider herself a politician anymore. After she changes, the Surgeon takes Amanda outside to reveal that he told the truth; the pair have in fact landed in Romania and in Bucharest. The Surgeon and Amanda then explore the city of Bucharest which is forced to end when they discover a missile convoy in Romania with British and Russian missiles.

The journey takes them to the Romanian Army headquarters where, for the first time, Amanda finds herself held at gunpoint (As a politician, Amanda almost never found herself held at gunpoint) but an Army General who sees the Surgeon surprises him by telling him that the Army has been expecting him but does not say why...until him and Amanda go into the General's office where the Surgeon asks a) what the Army wants with the missiles and b) why the Army was expecting him and gets both answers from the General:

At first, Amanda accuses the General of being a terrorist thanks to collecting the missiles until he reveals that Romania has no intentions of using them for war; instead, the missiles belong to Britain and Russia but are sent to Romania to be destroyed. The Army has been expecting someone like the Surgeon because A), the missiles have been sent to a destruction point but on the way there or even when they have been deposited into the black sea but have gone missing and B) Anyone associated with them have gone missing with them.

This situation leaves both Amanda and the Surgeon so speechless that all the former can do is to refuse help from the Army in probably the most polite fashion possible and both leave the Army to continue their exploration of Bucharest. It is also in the city of Bucharest where the War Machines strike and prepare to take the Surgeon and Amanda to their base which fails with the Army coming for the machines along with twenty shadowy figures who pull Amanda and the Surgeon out of the circle of War Machines.

Amanda is taken to a deserted Army base with the Surgeon where their saviors are revealed as twenty Romanian teenage girls known otherwise as the Romanian sisterhood who have also been fighting WOTAN and the War Machines, the latter of which now considers the girls a threat when it learns that Amanda and the Surgeon are with the Sisterhood so sends out a signal through Romania activating more War Machines and paralyzing the whole of Romania.

Inexplicably, the Sisterhood or Amanda are not affected but only the Surgeon is affected by the signal...or so it seems and it is her assumptions which prove to be true when WOTAN not only takes control of the Surgeon but uses him as a way of communications and also gives him a split personality thankfully for Amanda because it allows her to learn WOTAN's plan:

It intends to take over the world again by using the missiles that were sent to Romania to be destroyed, have them converted into satellites and have them launched into space where the satellites will transmit a signal all over the world which will activate all War Machines on a global scale and kill all humans that way. The computer then recalls the Surgeon to its base but before WOTAN takes the Surgeon's mind over completely, he manages to tell her that the fate of the world is now in her hands.

While granted, Amanda is a former politician it is her political background and her age that comes in handy when she has to lead the Romanian sisterhood but at first, proves to be a highly unpopular leader when she demotes Bianca Antonescu and Camelia Avramescu but she asserts herself over Nicole Marin and prepares to save the world from WOTAN.

After a huge fight, Amanda decides to change tactics by having the girls set a trap to capture a War Machine, reprogram it and send it to destroy WOTAN which results in the Sisterhood reprogramming War Machine 9 which accompanies them to WOTAN's army base where it battles other War Machines before setting off to destroy WOTAN; meanwhile Amanda fights her way to the Surgeon as the missiles are launched and even ends up fighting the Surgeon which ends when she destroys the missiles.

WOTAN is finally destroyed and the Surgeon is returned to normal but suffers from amnesia which forces Amanda to bring him back to reality. At the end of the story, Amanda joins the Surgeon in the SIDRAT as he tells her that they will go to a new place where the Surgeon can take a break from traveling the Universe for the time being but he does not say where and instead sets the controls for a new location.

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Widbrook Wood (geograph 2522197)

Widbrook Wood in Wiltshire, the Surgeon's destination in under and the Time Lord

At the end of Thunderbolt, the Surgeon promised that he would take Amanda to a new destination in order to take a break from fighting evil and traveling the universe. In Bounder and the Time Lord, he keeps that promise and takes her to Wiltshire in 1994 which the Surgeon describes as a good time in the history of mankind because it is five years since the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism and three years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Gulf War.

But Amanda becomes concerned when it seems that the Surgeon is not taking the timezone quite as seriously as he normally does and expresses concerns about why he is so happy when this is also the year that the Rwandan Genocide was carried out. The Surgeon however re-assures her that he has no need to be depressed because the Rwandan Genocide occurred in April of 1994 and the SIDRAT has taken them to the beginning of the year (believed to be January at the earliest and March at the latest).


One of the foxes seen protecting Bounder: Scarface.

She is then led through the forest where they have landed in the form of Widbrook Wood and it is during this moment when the Surgeon gives her the opportunity to eye the animals seen in Widbrook. However, the pair become concerned when the animals particularly the foxes act with more aggression than normal and the other animals feel a sense of paranoia as if there is a feud going on.

This is not helped by the fact that two blue foxes give off a strange green glow and Amanda tries to gain the Surgeon's attention to no avail because he is already distracted by another figure in the woods who is armed with a gun and pointing it at the Surgeon's direction if not Amanda's direction as well.

In reality, the figure is aiming its pistol towards a certain blue fox that has been under protection from another blue fox and its mate, both of whom are glowing with a strange green tinge and it is these foxes that turn invisible while the formerly protected fox is told by its instinct to flee; the vixen then goes after the figure as shown by footprints shown in the ground and the vixen slowly becoming visible.

Lady Blue hq

Scarface's mate and the Vixen that pursues Jenna: Lady Blue.

When the vixen comes across the figure and forces her to retreat, it gives the opportunity for the Surgeon and Amanda to flee where they come across the fox that was initially protecting the normal fox (the fox that wasn't glowing). However, this fox merely takes one look at the pair and leaves with disgust and when it has gone, the Surgeon takes Amanda into the forest to get a closer look at the fox that was under protection.

Bounder lay

The story's titular antagonist: Bounder

At first, the fox is believed to have been under attack because it was injured or vulnerable to attack but upon close inspection the fox appears in a very healthy state and actually refuses assistance from the Surgeon and Amanda; however, when the figure that the vixen forced to retreat makes a comeback it flees again and so do Amanda and the Surgeon. She manages to escape but the fox is not so lucky and ends up caught in a fox trap.

The Surgeon and Amanda are forced to chase the figure into a secluded part of Widbrook Wood away from any wildlife and it is also here where the figure trips them off and runs away to a laboratory in the distance where the Surgeon and Amanda actually catch up with the figure but loses it at the lab when it enters the building.

In the laboratory, the Surgeon and Amanda do not come across Bounder or the figure but they do come across several other Blue Foxes in dog pound like conditions but a whole lot cleaner and like Bounder, display signs of misanthropy. Further in the laboratory, the pair discover an operating theater where two figures hold them prisoner or rather at gunpoint.

These figures are actually Forbflaith Hennessy and Katja Naganowska, two scientists originally from Northern Ireland for the former and Krakow for the latter. But the pair also meet the criminal who actually captured Bounder: Jenna Lillywhite, a British criminal whose record is about the size of Lincolnshire on a map of Britain. When Amanda asks what the scientists want with Bounder, Forbflaith instead takes them to another operating theater where all will be revealed.

On the way to the operating theater, Forbflaith told Amanda that everything would be revealed and inside the operating theater her words ring true and the scientist reveals everything: Forbflaith is a wanted woman in Northern Ireland and is notorious among animal rights activists who have repeatedly called for her arrest because of her experiments which have been carried out largely on foxes and these experiments have been deemed animal cruelty and illegal.


Bradford on Avon, the site of the Lab Fox attack.

It is also revealed that Forbflaith does not intend to dissect the fox but instead intends to alter it and forces the Surgeon and Amanda to watch with Jenna as the fox grows to the size of a coyote. After Jenna turns against her bosses, Amanda takes the opportunity to hold both scientists captive and orders them to remain at the laboratory while he tells her to come with him to go after Jenna who has escaped.

Thanks to Amanda, the Surgeon helps the Army turn the tide against the altered Blue Foxes and Bounder by telling them to use flamethrowers but it is also Amanda who reports that Katja and Forbflaith have escaped from their laboratory prison. However, the Surgeon does not care because unless Bounder is killed then he cannot leave Wiltshire, even though he contacted the Army to make sure that the fox stays in Widbrook Wood.

Instead, the Surgeon changes tactics and instead calls the police on Jenna Lillywhite who arrest her but under the Surgeon's insistence have her taken to a holding cell. When Amanda asks why he has Jenna placed in a holding cell, the Surgeon explains that whether she likes it or not, he is going to make Jenna and her bosses help him defeat Bounder so he can continue his travels.

Battle of the Foxes:

Unlike the Surgeon who is mentioned in a monologue shown at the beginning of Battle of the Foxes which details the Surgeon's previous two adventures and two weeks after the fight between the Army and the Blue Foxes who have been altered by Forbflaith Hennessy, Amanda is made to rejoin the Surgeon in his fight against the foxes when he is summoned to Trowbridge Police Station to meet Jenna Lillywhite.


Ranger, Bounder's opponent.

At first, Amanda is not convinced as to why she should trust the former criminal but gradually calms herself down and asks why Jenna called them to her cell. The criminal explains that she wants to help the pair defeat Bounder or rather, the fox that she had previously captured; when the Surgeon asks an explanation however, Jenna explains that unlike previous enemies, the fox is not an enemy he can defeat as shown below:

"If Wiltshire was to be saved, then the Surgeon and Amanda would have to work with their former enemies, however there was one thing the Surgeon didn't understand and he asked:

"How do we defeat that fox then?"

"How does Godzilla fight King Ghidorah? They're both fight a genetically altered fox Surgeon, you have to MAKE a genetically altered fox!" Jenna replied. Slowly but surely, the Surgeon and Amanda began to trust Jenna but could they trust her former bosses?"
The Surgeon, Amanda and Jenna had back to Widbrook Wood to carry out Jenna's plan all the while being watched by scientist Katja Naganowska and it is in Widbrook Wood where Jenna initially refuses to catch a fox to alter but Amanda blackmails her into doing it alongside the Surgeon because both have told Jenna that if she doesn't help them then they will turn her over to the authorities and she will go to prison.

Eventually, Jenna settles on another blue fox that is "ranging" across the forest and so tries to catch it in the same way that she captured Bounder but the plan is almost foiled by Jenna's former bosses. Only the combined might of the Surgeon and Amanda manages to advance the plan which manages to work; with the fox in her grasp, the Surgeon has his allies go to Forbflaith's laboratory which Forbflaith refuses to do...only Katja Naganowska is willing to lead the Surgeon to Forbflaith's laboratory.

Inside the laboratory, Amanda continues to blackmail Forbflaith into helping the Surgeon telling her that unless she does, then the Surgeon will hand her over to the police with the intentions of handing her over to the Northern Irish police force. Once Forbflaith has shown the Surgeon how to use the equipment, the Surgeon immediately alters Ranger and all Amanda can do is watch in horror and she can also only watch spellbound.

Amanda later joins the Surgeon and her former three enemies as the Time Lord releases the fox into the forest to track down Bounder and kill him. Unlike the Surgeon however, Amanda joins her enemies in watching the Battle of the Foxes and when Bounder "kills" Ranger, she snaps and wants to A) Kill Bounder herself and B) Phone the police so she can turn her enemies over to the police.

However, she is prevented from doing either because the Surgeon has already phoned the police and Ranger is actually still alive. The Battle of the Foxes ends with Bounder's death when Ranger bites him in the throat and finishes him off with a beam attack; once the fight is over, the Surgeon informs his scientist foes that he has already called someone to see them and has Amanda accompany Katja to that place.

The people in question are the police who promptly arrest the scientists and once they have been put into a car and driven away, Amanda accompanies the Surgeon to the SIDRAT...but wanting to join him is Jenna who the Surgeon allows to join him because if she does, it gives her the opportunity to put her past behind her. Jenna accepts the offer and Amanda welcomes the former criminal into the SIDRAT as a new companion.

Part 2 (The Robot Saga)

The Sins of Doom:

In the prologue to the first story in the Robot Saga of the series, Amanda is mentioned in a recap of the Eleventh Surgeon's adventures so far since Strategy of a Surgeon through to Battle of the Foxes. It is also re-mentioned in this story that the Surgeon's companions have gone full circle because of the Surgeon starting with two companions and by Battle of the Foxes, his first series ends with two companions.

Latveria from Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 1 001

The Surgeon's real location: Latveria (initially believed to be Austria Hungary).

Amanda starts the story with the Surgeon in the SIDRAT alongside Jenna Lillywhite who she is seen conversing with while the Surgeon is concentrating on a new place to make up for the break that he lost to the events of Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes. Here, she tells Jenna that she has had little opportunity to learn about the Surgeon because since he met her in her own present and Jenna's future, there has been little opportunity to learn about him.

She also learns that, like most criminals depicted in other literature such as the Eastern Vixens (at first), Jenna does not carry out crime for money or for hire, but she does it for the adventure. Their conversation however is ended by the Surgeon tracing a signal and piloting the SIDRAT very erratically.

Once he lands, all three SIDRAT occupants are confused as to where they are: The scanner shows imagery that shows that there is life in the SIDRAT's destination, but registry shows up blank. Therefore, the Surgeon decides the best course of action is to see for themselves.

Outside the SIDRAT, Amanda, Jenna and the Surgeon are even more puzzled because it appears that the three have landed in Austria Hungary or some other Central European country during the 18th Century and while Amanda admires the beauty of the new world, the Surgeon warns her to be careful because it feels too good to be true.


The "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!" poster from World War II. This caption also appears on a poster of the country's leader.

Ultimately, he is right: Despite the medieval setting, there appears to be signs of anachronism, specifically of a personality cult including heroically built statues all over the city, along with portraits of the statue's focus, some with heroic slogans underneath such as "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!" (One people, one empire, one leader!").

Eventually, the Surgeon learns the subject of the statues and portraits by more captions written in German, Hungarian and Romanian including: "A sötétségből a Doom fényt hoz." translated from Hungarian as "From the darkness, Doom brings light.", "Doom aduce mântuirea." translated from Romanian as "Doom brings Salvation", "Doom este minunat. Doom este just." translated from Romanian as "Doom is Great. Doom is Just" and "Doom: Doamne, rege, țară." translated from Romanian as "Doom: God, king, country."

The last poster that the Surgeon sees has the caption "Doom ist Latveria und Latveria ist Doom" and it is this poster which makes the Surgeon finally realise where the SIDRAT took them: Latveria. Home of one of the world's most famous supervillains; the Surgeon and his companions are soon greeted by army officials who surround them armed with muskets and swords.

Along with her friends, Amanda is taken up to the place where the soldiers came from: An ancient castle full of modernised technology and it is in this castle where she and her friends come face to face with the figure from the portraits and statues that are prominently seen in Latveria: Doctor Doom. In spite of his reputation as one of Marvel's iconic villains, Doom welcomes the three of them into Latveria cordially.

In the past, Amanda was written as fairly cold hearted with very little concern for those that opposed the Super Soldier program and almost in the same way as most female characters are written in literature, but it is in the Latverian castle where her human side comes out: Before the Surgeon arrived in Latveria, there was a rumour of a presence of a figure within Latveria with very hostile intentions, possibly a terrorist or someone else.

Doom's first instinct was to send out soldiers on the streets of Latveria to trace down and capture this figure and imprison it in the dungeons of Doom's castle, which they did. At first, Doom believed the figure to be his arch enemy of 56 years, the leader of the Fantastic Four Reed Richards but it was not meant to be. In this case, Doom tortured the figure to find out where it was from and what it wanted.

It is during Doom's story that Amanda's human side comes out when she calls him a "monster" under her breath. But she restrains it and allows the Surgeon to be led away by Doom to see whether he can get the figure to talk while she and Jenna take the opportunity to explore more of the castle and to try and make up their differences from Bounder and the Time Lord.

During their exploration, the pair are in awe of the medieval lifestyle of Latveria but the modern technology inside Doom's castle and it is also on this exploration that Doom keeps his word as he has not let harm come to the pair. As the pair are left alone, Amanda and Jenna try to settle their differences much more than they could have done in the SIDRAT owing to the Surgeon's erratic piloting, starting as smooth but becoming wilder with time.

As Amanda reconciles with Jenna, she also wishes to see the prisoner that Doom mentioned and has it granted...only to see the prisoner about to be tortured:

"From the look on her face, Jenna could tell that the former politician had changed a lot and she wasn't going to let anyone stand in her way. But would the prisoner be as innocent as she thought, or would there be a different story that meant it justified all the contempt it received from the Surgeon and Doom?"
More of Amanda's human/compassionate side comes out when she meets the prisoner face to face while Jenna prefers to stay a safe distance away from it. As Amanda approaches the prisoner, it feels even more weak than before because of prior torture (the torture that Amanda previously saw on camera footage) and unlike the Surgeon, Doom or Jenna takes pity on the prisoner.

Which in turn proves a fatal mistake because Jenna's sudden warning causes Amanda to drop the sword which allows the prisoner to cut its chains free and kill one of Doom's men which causes the two women to flee. One of Doom's guards alerts his leader of the prisoner's breakout and Amanda admits her fault before the guard tells the Surgeon that the prisoner is sealed inside the cell.

As Doom's dungeon guards open fire on the prisoner, the two women are shielded by the guards before evacuated altogether as one of the guards continues to open fire on the prisoner before evacuating himself as the prisoner absorbs a computer terminal and regenerates itself. But the now transformed prisoner also leaves much of Latveria in the dark as it also absorbs electricity and information from Doom's castle.

While the Pretender turns into its true form, Amanda and Jenna are already halfway down a corridor led by Irina who is under instructions to get the two women to safety by whatever means possible; even if it means being pursued by a Decepticon pretender while Servo guards arm themselves ready for its arrival. The chase comes to a staircase where Irina tries to reason with the Pretender but its response is:

"Decepticons do not take orders from insects. Decepticons swat them into oblivion."
With this, the Pretender comes up the stairs for Irina who orders the pair to run away and not look back, which they do despite Amanda having to pull a protesting Jenna away. They also run across a battlefield full of Servo guards and Doom's men, taking Irina's last command all the more seriously.

The next time Amanda is seen, she and Jenna are running for their lives because the Surgeon has told Doom to seal the castle and the castle is running on emergency power which has been diverted to emergency exits. But the extra power isn't enough and the Surgeon is forced to close the exits; Amanda gets through, but Jenna falls at the last hurdle where she is shot and killed by the Pretender.

Or so it's believed by an especially furious Surgeon who berates Doom for not letting him kill the Pretender when he had the chance and accuses him of getting his priorities being mixed up, being more concerned with beating "Reed Richards" than getting rid of a potential threat to his people. Thankfully, Amanda arrives as the Surgeon has calmed down leading to a reunion of relief.

The Surgeon is even more shocked to learn that Jenna is still alive and Amanda is just as relieved because the women had bonded more than they had done the first time they met. Along with the Surgeon, Amanda remains in Doom's throne room waiting for Jenna and the Pretender to enter and when they do, both women experience the same amount of relief that they're both alive.

As the Pretender approaches Doom, Amanda watches the autocrat with particular contempt owing to her accusation of him being "a monster" for torturing a prisoner and watches the Pretender "kill" him. But the Pretender destroys a Doombot and the real Doom challenges it to combat while Amanda and her friends flee the castle and into Doomstadt,

In Doomstadt, both women take the phrase "no rest for the wicked" all too literally even though the Surgeon has done nothing but good since his introduction in Dreadnought in Danger. While the Surgeon and his companions believe that this universe is a potentially safer place, Amanda wonders whether they will meet Doom again as they head back to the SIDRAT.

Droid of the Outlands:

Since the events of The Super Soldiers at least, Amanda may have abandoned her political background, but following the events of The Sins of Doom it resurfaces when she asks the Surgeon why he may have liberated a universe if the "Decepticon" that is said to have been destroyed by Doctor Doom is the last in the universe, but not the country of Latveria. She also takes particular interest in his response:

"Even before Doom, Latveria's been a dictatorship. And even though he himself, is a dictator, the country's just like any other: If Doom is overthrown, then whoever takes his place will be even worse. They may be highly incompetent at ruling, or just kill everyone they see. Maybe even declare war on countries just for looking at their people.
Plus, his rule is better than anyone else's if they ruled Latveria Amanda."
Along with Jenna, she also takes intrigue at the fact that despite the Surgeon has not faced Doctor Doom in the past, he still displays a large amount of knowledge about him. This conversation however, is interrupted when something forces the SIDRAT off course and when the Surgeon finally stabilises the machine, the SIDRAT travellers are greeted by a shadowy holographic face who tells them:
"Greetings, travellers. You thought that you could escape into your own world? Think again!"
As the transmission cuts off, Amanda and the SIDRAT travellers watch helplessly as the SIDRAT pilots itself and refuses to let any travellers near it. Eventually it lands on some kind of battle cruiser, and when it does, the Surgeon and his companions decide to change their attire, the Surgeon's companions do it because they feel that their attire will be anachronistic for the time period.

Outside the SIDRAT, Amanda and her allies are confronted by six crew members on the battle cruiser, including the cruiser's commanding officer Harriet Burgess who demands the trio put their hands up, which they do. Harriet then scans the trio to search for weapons and when she finds none, orders the soldiers to stand down.

With introductions over, Amanda learns that Harriet is actually the second in command of the BC Star Finder but since the mental decay of the captain, takes over command. When the Surgeon asks more, Harriet takes the Surgeon and his companions to the crew's quarters.

In the crew's quarters, things start to get much more suspicious as the quarters contain the ship's crew, security and superior officers but no captain which causes suspicion as to how the Star Finder has managed to get where it is now without a captain. Harriet however, reveals that the ship does have a captain but that he is locked up below deck for his own personal safety (she says); Burgess then explains the backstory:

Years ago before the ship reached where it was now, the captain of the Star Finder was a strong, competent and brave captain and for years, the ship carried out its exploration of the universe unperturbed...for the most part. Then as the ship entered the unknown in the universe, the ship began to experience technical difficulties including power failures but still keeping the ship online and still in space.

Each time the power went off, a large amount of the crew had vanished and there came a time where the power didn't go off and whoever or whatever was responsible for the crew's disappearance came right on board the ship and captured a huge amount of the crew, eventually making the captain more and more paranoid, cowardly and mad so Harriet locked him below deck and took over the ship.

During the story, Amanda accuses Harriet of wrongful imprisonment and keeping the captain sealed in solitary confinement with no food to eat or water to drink but Burgess refutes this accusation by claiming that every couple of months or so, the captain is released from the cells and allowed in the open part of the ship. Even if Harriet is telling the truth, there is still considerable doubt that the story is fabricated in order to make the captain look bad and Harriet was merely power hungry so the Surgeon decides to meet the captain in person.

That doubt is reinforced when the captain is indeed brought in front of the Surgeon looking more like a gimp than the captain that Harriet described which makes Amanda's high sense of morality even more prevalent:

"Harriet told us that you didn't keep your captain prisoner on board your ship. The way you've shown your own leader to us only digs a grave for yourself. A grave so deep, it would put the mass graves in Cambodia and Bosnia to shame!"
Yet, once again, Harriet manages to get the upper hand on Amanda by releasing the captain's arms and giving him vision at which point he starts screaming like a madman and accuses Mycroft and her friends of being an agent of the one responsible for the disappearance of much of the crew of the Star Finder.

Despite Harriet's supposed treacherous nature coming out, Amanda refuses to believe the things that the captain has accused her of, such as overthrowing him for personal reasons and turning his crew against him (which she admittedly does in a speech she made to him). As the captain continues shouting like a lunatic, Harriet is left with no alternative but to zap the captain in the neck with a taser like device hoping that when he comes round, he'll be in a much more sane position.

Unfortunately, this is not to be and it turns out that whatever has been causing the Star Finder's crew to vanish has well and truly broken the captain. As it turns out, Amanda also learns that Harriet did overthrow the captain, but did so because at the time, it was the logical thing to do because without a captain, the situation would be ten times worse; either the ship would have no captain, or they would have a captain but the captain would be in one of two categories:

Either they would be incapable of leading and possibly get overwhelmed by duties along with possibly endangering the lives of the crew or they would be authoritative to the point of autocracy while also making sexual advances on women on the Star Finder such as Harriet. But Harriet's story is interrupted by one of the security guards shouting that something is on board the ship.

In the crew's quarters, Harriet and the rest of the crew watch as the one responsible for the missing crew comes on board and while expected to kidnap some of the crew, the figure does no such thing allowing the Surgeon to place a tracking device on it as the figure vanishes enabling him to track its location.

As the figure vanishes, Amanda goes from believing Harriet's story to be fabricated to actually believing Harriet's story about the captain's insanity and goes on to believe it even more when the captain finally breaks and begins acting not so much like a madman, but more of a Bedlam patient as he accuses the Surgeon of being in league with Harriet and considers himself the true captain of the ship in spite of Harriet overthrowing him.

The Surgeon gives the captain one last chance to allow him to accept his change in leadership, but the captain refuses and Amanda along with Jenna are ordered by the Surgeon to lock him up in his cell accompanied by security guards. As a result, Amanda and Jenna are seen dragging the captain kicking and screaming back to his cell.

About ten minutes later, the two women are back as the Surgeon goes down and ejects the captain into space. When he comes back, Harriet truly obeys the Surgeon as she now traces the signal that the figure that came on board is transmitting which leads to an un-named planet.

On board the planet are machines, and those machines take the group to an indescribable location. In that location, the Surgeon and indeed the rest of the group learn the fates of the crew from the Star Finder: They are kept in suspended animation pods. But they also see the one responsible for the vanishing crew.

And joining the crew in the suspended animation tubes is Harriet Burgess and all that Amanda can do is join the Surgeon and Jenna in watching Brainiac implant his consciousness into his prisoners; but he also forgets that Harriet was carrying a weapon with her and as Brainiac grabs Harriet and locks her in the suspended animation tube, he also made her drop that weapon.

As a result, Brainiac's consciousness transfer is halted after Jenna shoots the connection with this weapon allowing the Surgeon and his companions to drag the Star Finder crew out of suspended animation and back to the Star Finder; on the ship, Amanda and Jenna wait fearful for the Surgeon as he has gone to finish Brainiac off.

Following the fight with Brainiac, Amanda comes across a very injured Surgeon and in an act of loyalty, she drags him into the ship as it takes off until he is in the medical bay at which point, Amanda and Jenna are both by his side. Within a few minutes, the Surgeon recovers but with no recollection of where he is or how he got to where he is.

Ten minutes later, the Surgeon recovers his memories and him and his companions bid farewell to Harriet and leave the Star Finder. But on the SIDRAT, the Surgeon undergoes a very violent change as if he is starting to regenerate and judging from the reactions of herself and Jenna, Amanda believes that to be the case.


On board the SIDRAT, the Surgeon does indeed regenerate and as he does, he orders Amanda and Jenna to get him into the SIDRAT's zero room which both do. As the Surgeon is in the Zero Room, Jenna asks Amanda what's happening to him to which Amanda replies that when they first met, the Surgeon told her that whenever his body is seriously damaged, he regenerates and changes it completely.

Their conversation is shortly interrupted by the Zero Room door opening and revealing the Surgeon; still in his old form. When asked what happened, the Surgeon replies that he used the regenerative energy to heal himself and the Zero Room to speed up the healing process which in turn has kept him in this body.

The newly healed Surgeon decides to get him and his companions out of the multiverse as quickly as possible, lest they come across a more dangerous threat such as Darkseid. And going by the Surgeon's piloting, it seems to work...until they land. When they land, the SIDRAT scanners show the Earth as a barren wasteland but the Surgeon and his companions put it down to potentially travelling into the distant future and decide to investigate outside.

Outside, the Earth is practically empty...except for huge telescreens which makes the whole planet give off a 1984 vibe but on a much more planetary vibe (in 1984, the story is set only in Oceania). It doesn't help these telescreens give off the vibe of a personality cult or rather like someone or something is watching the planet (since these are all over the world).

After watching these screens for about ten minutes, the Surgeon decides to do further investigation so tells his companions to split up and look for clues as to what happened to Earth; which the SIDRAT crew do. As the Surgeon investigates the supposedly last standing building on the face of the Earth, Amanda and Jenna continue their exploration across the Earth.

During this experience, Amanda remarks that the whole setting gives off vibes of Nineteen Eight Four especially with the huge telescreens wherever they go displaying a face that Jenna nicknames "Bird Face" because of the avian characteristics the face shows including have the tip of what appears to be a beak in its mouth.

But the scariness of the supposed apocalypse feels undercut by the presence of vehicles on Earth; tanks, helicopters and other military vehicles that are seen, Amanda feels are understandable because there's bound to be military vehicles in some kind of apocalypse; it is undercut by the presence of ordinary cars on the planet which makes Jenna joke that the cars took over the world instead.

Amanda comes close to agreeing with Jenna...but a police car that is driving at an increasingly erratic speed stops her from agreeing. Especially after it reveals a tube like compartment in its bonnet and begins to scan the two women with it; the scary factor is played up further when the car, instead of driving away to patrol the streets, remains close to the area as if it has a stalker or a rapist or a member of the Mafia inside.

During their investigation, Amanda continues to make Jenna regret taking the apocalypse as a joke when she sees a giant robot consisting of an excavator for the torso, some form of truss crane for the left arm, a dump truck for the right leg, a cement mixer for the head, a bulldozer as the left leg and a front load shovel as the right arm. When she sees that robot, Amanda asks Jenna:

"Still think the apocalypse situation is a bit silly, Jenna?"
What makes this scarier is that these vehicles that make the robot were the same vehicles that both women encountered earlier. And what makes it even more scary than that is the revelation that the police car that scanned them was actually Barricade in disguise who alerted his leader to their position who in turn alerted Soundwave to their position.

This results in Soundwave sending Ravage and Laserbeak after them and during the ordeal, Amanda is held at gunpoint by Ravage while Laserbeak begins to make very predatory and rapist vibes towards Jenna Lillywhite. He further refuses to answer what the two want from them to which Amanda asks the same question...and ends up having Laserbeak switch his attention from Jenna to herself as he begins to slither around her neck.

After not being given an answer as to what Ravage and Laserbeak want with them, the vulture merely replies that his superiors want the two humans alive which leads to Amanda being shot by Ravage along with Jenna. Both are then taken away to the ruling leader's headquarters...all while the Surgeon is forced to watch by Soundwave.

But Amanda was actually shot with a knockout dart and as a result, wakes up strapped to an operating table in the Decepticon headquarters along with Jenna. Both women are shortly inspected by Slipstream who tells Amanda in particular that her cries for help from the Surgeon are pointless which silences Mycroft. Along with Slipstream, Amanda meets the one who was shown on the telescreens: Starscream.

The new Decepticon leader asks Amanda and Jenna how they got on this planet but they refuse so he sends in someone else who he believes will make them talk: Shockwave. As he enters, the cyclops shows disdain and surprise for both women as he believes that humanity is extinct in this world to which Amanda takes offence with him using "real, human beings anyway".

Shockwave silences Amanda by telling her:

"Not on this world. Real humans are Decepticon prisoners, the humans on this Earth are Pretenders."
Once he silences her, Amanda has electrodes attached to her head along with Jenna. He then tells Mycroft:

"You will now see why, my dear, I am one of Megatron's finest scientists and why Starscream has kept me on as scientist."
With this, Shockwave activates the machine which makes Amanda convulse and scream in agony as if she is having a seizure before her body goes limp. When it does, Slipstream, Starscream and Shockwave delve into her memories of her meeting the Surgeon, meeting Jenna and accepting her as a companion along with her most recent adventures in Latveria and outer space.

He switches off the machine and does the same to Jenna and once he dwells into both memories, the Decepticon leaders learn that along with Jenna, she is a time traveller which is likely how they got into the Decepticon ruled Earth; along with Jenna, she is used as leverage by Starscream to blackmail him to get to the Decepticon base as soon as possible or his companions will die.

At the base, Starscream keeps his word and along with learning how she saw construction vehicles and a giant robot consisting of construction vehicles, Amanda reveals that this is not Earth in the distant future; this is yet another parallel world and it is a world the Surgeon simply wants to get off as quickly as possible...

But Barricade destroys the SIDRAT and along with the Surgeon and Jenna, Amanda is stranded on the parallel world.

Old Enemies, New Allies:

With the SIDRAT destroyed, the SIDRAT crew are taunted by the voice of Starscream who boasts they will never leave this world; and just as he does, Barricade approaches the SIDRAT crew and sprays them with knockout gas and along with the Surgeon and Jenna, she is picked up by Barricade and another Decepticon in the form of Sideways (an un-named character).

The two Decepticons take the SIDRAT crew back to the Decepticon base where it is speculated if the planet will be their grave. In the story Revelation, it was Amanda who was tortured, but back at the Decepticon base it is Amanda along with Jenna who is forced to watch the Surgeon's torture at the hands of the same Decepticon who tortured them: Shockwave.

Both of them learn that he is not only a time traveller but also a Time Lord (though he says to have renounced the Time Lord society as they all died in the Time War). They also learn his name as the Surgeon; and on the Surgeon's orders, Starscream takes over the torture as he reveals why the Earth is like it is. But before doing so, Starscream has her and Jenna released so they can witness the background to Earth being like it is:

Since 1984, Autobots and Decepticons were introduced to the world (our world) with the Autobots being said as wanting to preserve life while the Decepticons were said to want to destroy any other life that wasn't Cybertronian. While Starscream was much more loyal to Megatron than in other continuities (like Transformers Animated for instance and especially Transformers Animated), his contempt for his old leader is still evident.

Though that may be to do with Megatron's General Failure characterisation during G1 since over time, the former Decepticon leader got more and more intelligent, vicious and evil (especially in Transformers Prime and to some extent Transformers Animated). Keeping on with keeping his word, Starscream shows the SIDRAT crew what exactly happened to the world: The Decepticons invaded in considerably huge numbers overwhelming the Autobots who struggled to keep the Decepticons down and protect the humans at the same time.

As the conflict intensified, both sides began to be helped by two kinds of supers (from the Marvel and DC universes for convenience): Super heroes for the Autobots and Super villains for the Decepticons. During the war (which is described like the apocalypse depicted in the Book of Revelation), the heroes tried to shelter the humans while Autobots fought the Decepticons while the villains tried killing the humans while the Decepticons fought the Autobots...except for one man who had unexplained motives.

During the war, the Decepticons already gained the advantage owing to Megatron's better sense of strategy but gained even more of an advantage when they unleashed The Fallen who wiped out Autobot and superhero alike. Some managed to survive however, and those who did were either imprisoned or killed by the Decepticons.

The villains on the other hand were either captured right away (like Mystique, Catwoman and Cheetah) while others were forced on the run (like The Joker, Black Mask and the Green Goblin) when the Decepticons had no further use for them. Imprisoned supers were then scanned by the Pretenders and impersonated giving the Decepticons two Amazon brigades owing to them killing off men, children and babies while sparing women and super heroines.

But The Fallen wasn't finished yet and so merged with Megatron, who had put a curse on his own body which meant anyone who merged with him would be cast into limbo. And that was the ultimate fate of The Fallen; Starscream also reveals that two supers weren't imprisoned right away who were Wasp and Kamala Khan; both were imprisoned and experimented on by Shockwave who took away Wasp's shrinking ability and Kamala's body stretching ability and imprisoned them both.

The villains on the other hand who survived the war were killed...but not by the Decepticons and it is not yet elaborated on because Starscream decides the SIDRAT crew have seen enough. But the leaders are attacked before they can kill the SIDRAT crew by two figures.

One of those figures, in the form of Two Face, goes after her and Jenna while the other one in the form of the Green Goblin goes after the Surgeon. As Two Face takes her and Jenna to his truck, Amanda remains defiant to the point that he has to drag the two women kicking and screaming into his truck before finally setting off to an unknown location with the Green Goblin in pursuit.

That location is ultimately revealed as an abandoned amusement park. At the park, Amanda and Jenna are taken out of the truck and put in handcuffs while Jenna is handed over to the Green Goblin; the pair and the Surgeon are then led to a secluded part of the park, akin to a theatre or another unidentified room where they are greeted by a mysterious figure.

Despite it claiming that "We can't be selling people like sweets, Goblin. It's simply not polite!" it proves a hypocritical side when Amanda and Jenna are brought in because it declares the two women "not too shabby. Not too shabby at all." and further proves its hypocritical side when it begins to make predatory vibes towards both women.

Once it is finished with the women, the shadowy figure is greeted even more with the presence of the Surgeon who is shown in when the Goblin and Two Face show him in. The voice who mocking berated the Goblin for "selling the pair like sweets" actually belongs to The Joker, who as Amanda learns, is also an old enemy of the Surgeon.

But their reunion doesn't last long at the insistence of the Green Goblin and as a result, the SIDRAT crew are taken further into the house. Specifically further into the dining room where along with Jenna, Amanda is first shown to the Joker's associates and the appearance of both women draw mixed reactions from them: Some of them show the same sadistic personality of the Joker (as in looking at them as if they are being advertised as sex slaves).

Others are said to greet the pair with such reactions that they are surprised real humans even exist on this world; though given that Shockwave does say that real humans are in Decepticon concentration camps and the only humans on this world are Pretenders, their reaction is justified. Along with Jenna, Amanda is introduced to some of the enemies the Surgeon has either faced in the past or may face in the future:

The Riddler, The Penguin, Lex Luthor, the Green Goblin (up and til this point, he has simply been called "Goblin"), Two Face (who Jenna initially called "Half Man"), Ra's al-Ghul, The Scarecrow and Black Mask. After the introductions, Black Mask calls for "Round 2" and the Joker goes ahead with it. "Round 2" in question being the Joker introducing very new enemies for the Surgeon: The ten other women sat right across the table in the form of Catwoman, Talia al-Ghul, Harley Quinn, Viper, Lady Bullseye, Mystique, Lashina, Dust, Cheetah and Silver Sable.

But after The Riddler asks the Surgeon "What do we have in common with Earth's rulers?", the Joker's associates are fakes; and all twenty associates of the Joker reveal their true forms in front of Amanda: Slitheen. And one of them opens a portal at the bottom of the room which is described as being a portal to somewhere like Hell, hinting one of two options:

Either the Slitheen intend to send the Surgeon to Hell and keep Amanda and Jenna for themselves, or they intend to send her and Jenna to Hell with the Surgeon. But the Slitheen do neither option and instead tell the crew to look further at the portal;

Coming from the portal appears to be an old friend of Amanda's: Harriet Burgess who eventually proves to not be her normal, animated self and instead treats the Surgeon and SIDRAT crew reunion as a dull surprise and for good reason: Because Harriet is actually Brainiac in disguise. And as she learns, Brainiac is not the only one coming through the portal.

Following Brainiac through the portal is another old enemy of the Surgeon: Doctor Doom. Who is also the first person that Amanda met in the Robot Saga.