The Allies of the Space Fleet is the name given to various alien species that are friendly to the Space Fleet and hostile to The Invaders. They aid humanity in their journey to the new world of Iabrorth.


On their journey to Iabrorth, the Space Fleet come under fire from a hostile alien race known as The Invaders and their allies alongside various Space monsters and mutants.

But they are also aided by various other aliens who accept humanity and are hostile to the Invaders. And while the Invaders and their allies tend to be more monstrous and based off reptiles to a degree, these aliens are more based off mammals that are typically seen as friendly such as mice whereas other hostile aliens are shown as more hostile animals such as rats and crocodiles.

The aliens friendly to humanity

Species Leader Home Planet
Mepheb Tiniel Peplov
Geaceth Rakith Iuskiostea
Bloujikh Gleania Nacrarvis
Klubludua Acisa Cruemia
Draahx Thigowin Tryke 5PB
Wulna Galiewan Qegluazuno
Britrit Nerathiel Streiubos
Protrud Rhawia Glauthea
Greixxakx Rhujan Swion 27
Gnossynse Verihan Dofriea
Opsymnua Yerrasean Iomia
Sruopsaughie Mirardowien Glahostea
Klaram Adaleveth Jusleomia
Haebress Tadith Suglore
Zaqerd Kevia Spyria 6MX
Stelork Dilithien Qefluelea
Brox'unt Galelald Trayoria
Deolhash Eowarendra Blehanerth
Ellohtae Eoweilith Brolla Q2P1
Eoglun Umigothien Aglorth
Blemnepa Cadilanna Jafluyzuno
Crarrlka Eloaron Jeplion
Zapakho Firalia Boskiania
Takrelkoe Mirireric Brogaturn
Krutrohn Galardotha Yastrora
Tryhn Alireria Fupradus
Klaelmihqeo Eterawiel Rowhorus
Gevroks Glareswen Drion A4
Tahlaht Velabard Pudromia

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