In addition to The Invaders and various Space monsters and mutants, the Space Fleet are also pursued by other hostile alien races on their journey to the world of Iabrorth.


Allies of the Invaders, as the name suggests, are several alien races that ally themselves with The Invaders in their desire to rid the universe of humanity and indeed many alien leaders such as Gralis, Sohakath and Kerran express a xenophobic hatred for humanity.

Like their allies, these aliens are based on reptiles and other predatory animals but are also far more diverse, including being based on Spotted Hyenas and Cheetahs in spite of most Allies of the Space Fleet also being based on mammals.

These aliens also join forces with The Invaders under the same promise that Nelarth, Lord of the Black made to Krizoumia and Crimgauros in Defenders of Earth: World domination and indeed, many of the Invaders' allies reside on Earth.

In spite of their xenophobia towards humanity however, these aliens also appear to have an intense hatred of alien races that are friendly to humanity and probably treat them even worse (likely because the Invaders' allies never capture any human prisoners).

Aliens that are allies of The Invaders

Species Leader Home Planet
Kausuth Trigorith Buglaothea
Icrog Uniradric Noswoigantu
Prydhish Olelari Tatreshan
Vikhihtea Gralis Huswion
Froumnyre Oloimeth Droria EV
Chophua Alaretrem Kiymia
Blearfell Sohakath Jogriuyama
Vouddarq Lothigodith Logloyclite
Auwalt Oliralith Aotune
Krygothy Adrudia Smore 3C0
Vlikmikheo Glalikith Presuhines
Qrylorq Trerrar Thiri ZBPZ
Krexxurt Broidric Abrunus
Phuelhehnea Drelilath Kuslora
Cylphelno Kerran Hasnaonides
Grytolhi Yoendra Wayphus
Xovrewth Kedia Cruvogawa
Stroustyks Glerath Pesnomia
Biclulho Laraulath Scugostea
Quaclulua Kedaedia Clillon T32
Deammuse Seathien Eabos
Trokorq Sevomach Streyocarro
Slaphinneo Velinn Broth 0SZ
Drothelp Ethamos Acrioturn
Baglulpha Lothirem Clesatov
Flueksila Abeindra Boscania
Tlecrilkea Delilith Bacrorth
Qrotrunt Phadus Toatania
Grupriks Tertalak Plusurus
Fryclels Akonia Cestuna
Brautrohz Amphale Yashoenus
Krarramm Gazori Prorix TYJT
Quomseog Ogrizi Wucriystea
Clitrann Halatane Moalea
Bearib Scaphale Baflagua
Traukkobo Analon Skuzenus
Zroushelf Khogossu Hestrurn
Drazylt Stylak Sluturilia