Woman wearing a latex corsete

The suit, corset and gloves worn by Alexandra.

Alexandra Nikolova Zhivkova is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Bulgarian criminal who is a member of the Bulgarian Vixens which is later revealed as the Bulgarian branch of a larger criminal organization known as the Eastern Vixens.

She is also one of two Vixens in Bulgaria to know about the Dragons alongside Boyana Strashilova who would recognize the awakening of Tyrath in King of the East and is one of many Vixens overall that knows of the Dragons.


She is a thirty year old Bulgarian woman with fair skin, brown hair and green eyes and in stark contrast to the other Vixens who wear dark clothing such as blacks and blues Alexandra wears far brighter clothing.

Her normal attire consists of a gold latex catsuit with black gloves and boots; but Alexandra is also different to the other Vixens because unlike some such as Kalina Toncheva and Stanimira Zhelyaskova who wear utility belts, she wears a black corset around her waist.


In contrast to her leader Stanislava Blagoeva who enjoys leading the Bulgarian Vixens but goes on her own and commits robberies on her own, Alexandra prefers to work with other Vixens as shown when Borislava Ilseva hands over the wreath she stole over to Stanislava when she tells her leader that of the loot she got actually came from several people.

She seems reluctant to want to read off the names of the conspirators however because she feels like she is betraying them but eventually reveals them as Borislava and three other women: Bogomila Danailova Gavrilova, Miroslava Bozhidarova Blagoeva and Grozdana Lyudmilova Ruseva.

Owing to being one of the eldest Vixens at the age of thirty, Alexandra is shown to be a lot more mystical and it is said that the legend of the dragon known as Firroth that Miroslava tells to the Vixens comes from Grozdana and Grozdana learns of Firroth thanks to Alexandra.

Defenders of Earth

Stranger of the Past:

Alexandra is first shown as one of the twenty eight (twenty nine when Borislava Ilseva arrives) Vixens shown at the Falcon Sanctum and it is her that also saves Borislava a seat between herself and another Vixen Bogomila; the Vixens are awaiting the arrival of their leader Stanislava Blagoeva who bursts through the door and orders the Vixens to show their loot.

For a large amount of time, Alexandra avoids managing to do this until Borislava Ilseva hands over her wreath and is ultimately one of the many women who hands over more loot; even going so far as to tell that most of the loot that she has got comes from many other Vixens: Herself, Borislava, Bogomila Danailova Gavrilova, Miroslava Bozhidarova Blagoeva and Grozdana Lyudmilova Ruseva.

As Alexandra reads off the names, all of them except Borislava hand over their loot which ultimately spurs Stanislava to hand over her own loot. Upon seeing the colossal pile of money, gold, jewels and valuables stolen by the Vixens, their leader has heavy praise for them which appears to be dashed when Grozdana talks of a hoard of gold in the mountains of Bulgaria that is guarded by a dragon known as Firroth.

This sparks a small reaction from Alexandra in which Grozdana gets shot with a death glare which dies when Stanislava further asks about this gold and this reaction is revealed to be out of fear that Stanislava could betray Alexandra to three different people: The police, the army or even worse, she could even be sent to Turkey where she could be betrayed to the Lionesses of Turkey (despite them being un-named).

She later loses her composure when Stanislava asks for volunteers to steal from the dragon and is ultimately a graceful loser when Stanislava gives the job to Miroslava which is rumored to make her an even more graceful loser. That night, Alexandra joins the Vixens in their journey to the mountains and at the end of the story, she accompanies Stanislava to watch a burning Firroth sink to the bottom of the Black Sea with another Vixen. Despite seeing the dragon die however, Alexandra believes that he is actually still alive and will return.

King of the East:

Alongside many of the other Vixens, Alexandra is first shown in the Falcon Sanctum and is one of the least vocal Vixens to complain about being forced undercover or rather being forced into giving up and refusing to go outside however, once Stanislava rings Yevgenia Agrafena she is made to go into the dining room where she once again takes her place next to Borislava Ilseva.

She is then shown listening to Yevgenia's instructions and alongside nine other Vixens (Borislava Ilseva, Bogomila Gavrilova, Grozdana Ruseva, Tanya Nakova, Miroslava Blagoeva, Tsvetanka Zhelyaskova, Kalina Toncheva, Bilyana Zhelyaskova and Stanimira Zhelyaskova) Alexandra is selected by Stanislava Blagoeva to be in her group to leave Bulgaria and go to Russia. After the briefing, she and the other Vixens are sent off to change and pack their bags ready to leave Bulgaria.

The Vixen later changes her attire and is one of the Vixens who leaves with Stanislava to Sofia International Airport, never to be seen again until the end when she is seen among countless other women in Russia who are actually the rest of the Eastern Vixens. At the end of the story, Alexandra cheers among numerous others when the Vixens declare a war of nerves on PHANTOM.

Monsters and Girls:

Owing to the capture of Boyana Strashilova at the end of King of the East, Alexandra takes over as the de-facto right hand woman of Stanislava Blagoeva. She is first seen beneath the Falcon Sanctum with the rest of the other Bulgarians by Stanislava's side and watches at first when the Bulgarian's leader orders another Vixen serving under Boyana, Kalina Dobreva to tell her the story of what happened when Boyana was captured.

While Dobreva takes time in replying, she tells Stanislava everything but not before breaking down and having to leave the stage in tears while being consoled by Kalina Zhelyaskova. But it is Alexandra who gives Stanislava a taste of her own medicine when she re-iterates the message given by Jeni Lungu in Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster about dragons coming to Earth.

She also mentions Venia, Lord of the Skies and Nelarth, Lord of the Black, stating there will be another fight soon enough in Azerbaijan between a dragon fighting on Venia's side (Rivelnesh) and one fighting on Nelarth's side (Sovmulnaar) and that while Bulgaria is safe for the moment, it most certainly will not be safe during the war that Alexandra predicts between Venia, Nelarth and their forces.

By the time Sovmulnaar has razed Azerbaijan particularly in Baku, Qusar and Lankaran, Stanislava and Alexandra are the only Vixens left beneath the Falcon Sanctum because the other Vixens have been sent away to change back into their original clothing and once the two Vixens are left, Alexandra collapses as if she is dying which sparks serious concern from Stanislava.

Alexandra however pulls round and tells Stanislava to listen to the roar; since the Vixen leader cannot hear anything, the psychic drags her outside the Sanctum to listen to the roar again. When Stanislava asks about it, Alexandra replies:

"That roar that Sovmulnaar heard and the roar that saved Lankaran from destruction by him, is the sound of his opponent; I told you and the other Vixens that Firroth will not return in Azerbaijan...his place will be taken by Rivelnesh who shall arise in rural Azerbaijan. There, she will fight Sovmulnaar..."
Back under the Falcon Sanctum, Alexandra remains by Stanislava's side where she receives one of the weapons that Boyana originally stole from Bulgaria's Armed Forces and listens by her side again when she declares two wars: One on PHANTOM and the second on Nelarth's forces.