Ajla Bayat is a character from Defenders of Earth. She is a Turkish criminal who is the leader of the Lionesses of Turkey, a Turkish criminal organization based in Turkey and one of two rivals to the Bulgarian Vixens. Because of this, she is also one of two rivals of Vixen leader Stanislava Blagoeva with the other being Krasimira Varbanova of PHANTOM.


She is a Turkish woman four years older than her rival with tanned skin, black hair and brown eyes, despite these never being stated. Like many other Lionesses, she is dressed in a traditional Turkish patterned abaya and hijab, but what these colors are, are never stated; like many other Lionesses who wear traditional Islamic attire, she wears black sandals on her feet.


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Defenders of Earth

Invaders and Wives:

Granted, Ajla appears in King of the East but she has a very small role, much like the role of Radomir Pramatarov, also in King of the East and Zhakuh: The Eight Headed Monster. her first true appearance is the fifth instalment to Defenders of Earth in the form of Invaders and Wives. While she was the one who ordered the capture of Boyana Strashilova, Ajla finally meets her up close in this story after the Lionesses take her outside to see the rest of them and a giant decagram etched into the ground. She further goes to taunt Boyana by telling her:

"You'd better enjoy your last moments Boyana, because these may be the last moments you have. While we think about what to do with you."
The Vixen is then forced to her knees and even though she kept quiet since entering Turkey, she manages to muster up the courage to ask Ajla why the Lionesses kidnapped her when they could have chosen any of the Vixens, like Alexandra when she's also close to Stanislava. Ajla further adds fuel to the fire and tries to discourage Boyana even more with her response:
"Within your pathetic organization, Boyana there are two Vixens close to Stanislava; You and Alexandra. We chose you because Alexandra was safe and sound; even if she is a psychic. Stanislava made the mistake of sending you to Vurgas; but to return to principle.
What you're about to see Boyana, is not the rise of who you imagine; not Nelarth or one of his other dreaded dragons... You are about to witness the Tirade of the Force. Today Boyana, he rises..."
While Boyana watches in horror at the ritual being almost finished, Ajla merely smiles; once the ritual is finished however and a fire burns out of the circle, she's not laughing anymore and instead watches mystified at the dragon who arose: Sarmeyzmal. It is also this state in which the Lionesses are in that enables Boyana to flee from Lioness captivity and seek the nearest cover as quickly as she can.

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