"It takes twelve members to make a gang but it makes even more to see it integrated into one of the finest gangs in the criminal world."

Abigail in The Mammal Wars.

Abigail Huntsman is a character from the Surgeon stories. She is the leader of a group of students who are part of a resistance group fighting the Great Intelligence in the 23rd Century. Abigail continues as the leader of the students when they return in The Mammal Wars.


Of all the women on both wikis, perhaps Abigail is the most vividly described of them all: She is a twenty two year old woman with very pale skin, brown eyes and very blonde almost white hair to match her very pale complexion.

Her clothing is also vividly described as Huntsman wears blue jeggings, jet black knee length boots with flat heels and zipper at the sides and a black top which she does not change in The Mammal Wars.


Owing to her very pale complexion, those close to Abigail describe her as being like a vampire with the only dark thing about her being her eyes. It is not known whether Abigail wanted to join the Army before the events of The Yeti Factor but it certainly appears that this is the case because she is shown to expect discipline from her fellow students.

She also appears to be very irritable owing to her describing the escape of the Eleventh Surgeon and Ghazal Rashidi from Greyfriar's Kirkyard as being the worst escape attempt that she has ever seen. In addition, she never introduces her fellow students until she is in Edinburgh castle hinting a sense of having a short temper.


The Surgeon stories:

The Yeti Factor:

Abigail first appears in The Yeti Factor at Greyfriar's Kirkyard where she helps the Surgeon and Ghazal escape from the cemetery by fighting off Robot Yeti and appears to fight fire with fire by setting her group's own Yeti loose on the Yeti once the pair have escaped from the cemetery.

She later takes the pair to Edinburgh castle where she introduces herself to the Surgeon and further introduces her allies: Christabel Davenport, Clementine Galbraith, Felicity Barbrige and Hester Cartridge. Ghazal asks why they saved the pair from the Yeti but Abigail silences her and decides it would be better for the whole resistance to explain.

The journey takes the group through the streets of Edinburgh where they see more Yetis on the streets which are seen attacking civilians which has an impact on Ghazal but it has no impact on the Surgeon or Christabel because the latter has taught herself not to get emotional about anything.

She brings the group to the Kirk of the Canongate which is another Kirkyard much to Ghazal's frustration and before long Abigail has to break up an argument involving Ghazal and two girls in her own group Felicity and Hester. She berates her own girls by telling them that if they behave like that again, then Abigail will betray them and hand them over to the Yeti.

At the chapel, Abigail orders two Yetis who are guarding the Kirkyard's chapel to open the doors for the group and when they enter, the group are taken through the chapel and it is here where Abigail shouts to a shadowy figure in the distance. That figure is her right hand girl Amelia Bedingfield, to whom Abigail introduces the Surgeon and Ghazal to.

The girls proceed to impress the Surgeon and Ghazal when they show how disciplined they have become since the events of this story. Once the students are dismissed, Abigail decides to take the Surgeon, Amelia and Ghazal back to where the Surgeon and Ghazal started: The church of Greyfriar's Kirkyard.

When asked why she brought them here, Abigail replies that if she talked to them at Canongate then she would be essentially repeating herself. Inside Greyfriar's church, Abigail with the help of Amelia explains everything: The year is 2257, a century after the Daleks invaded Earth and no sooner have the Daleks gone has Earth come under attack from a new threat in the form of the Great Intelligence which is actually not spoken of.

She further explains that the reason why most Robot Yeti are obeying the humans: During the war between the resistance and the Great Intelligence, the resistance has captured several Yeti and impregnated them with "The Human Factor" which makes the Yeti friendly to humanity and hostile to the Intelligence controlled Yeti; but the Intelligence has also captured human beings and impregnated them with "The Yeti Factor" which makes them obey the Intelligence and has replaced its traditional method of hypnotism and possession.

Abigail is delighted when the Surgeon tells the girls that he is going to help them overthrow the Great Intelligence and has the girls go back to the Kirk of the Canongate. It is here where the Surgeon ignores other resistance groups and focuses exclusively on the students where he declares that he is going to help them take back Earth for humanity; after he makes his announcement, the Surgeon sends Ghazal into the students then takes control from Abigail.

She is asked to choose a student to help him take back Earth and so despite some fears thanks to the Intelligence having two students in its possession, reluctantly chooses Hester Cartridge to accompany him. Hester is later joined by Kierra Hastings before the Surgeon allows Abigail and Amelia to carry on.

Abigail is last seen with the rest of the resistance at the Kirk of the Canongate where she is told by Kierra that she is to take the resistance up to the Camera Obscura with the Yetis in the resistance's possession and as such, Huntsman jumps at the chance to do so. The battle goes exceedingly well with many Yetis being thrown off the roof of the Camera Obscura or even being blown up with grenades.

On the Outlook Tower, the Surgeon gets Ghazal back and Abigail gets Eleanor back which completes the original students before the Great Intelligence came along. But this time, Abigail is in for a shock...The instant the Surgeon gets Ghazal back, he abandons her and the students to the Great Intelligence which is actually destroyed by the students in the final battle.

The Mammal Wars:

Return to Buckinghamshire:

Along with her fellow students as well as the Romanian sisterhood from Thunderbolt, Abigail returns as the leader of the students or "Britain's Angels" as they call themselves in the series The Mammal Wars. First appearing in Return to Buckinghamshire, Huntsman and indeed her students are changed dramatically;

For one, the girls are based not in Scotland but in Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, with the university having been abandoned for a month and she turns from being a resistance fighter to a criminal with the same ambitions as Denisa Candea; to integrate the Angels into the British Vixens and therefore join the list of other animal motifed gangs.

These include the Eastern Vixens in not only the Slavic world but also in Afghanistan and Central Asia, the Western Vixens, the Jackals of the Middle East and the Tigresses of South Asia. But to return to the story, Abigail is first seen in the event hall at Buckinghamshire New University.

At first however, she and the others are disturbed by the sound of whooping but quickly return to form to deliver a very well received speech about wanting to integrate into the Vixens:

"Today in Britain, there's tonnes of gangs. It takes twelve members to make a gang but it makes even more to see it integrated into one of the finest gangs in the criminal world. Which is why, I have decided on this day that Britain's Angels shall increase its numbers; we started with twelve but by a later period of time, perhaps within a week or a month, our numbers will equal that of the Romanian sisterhood!"
Her speech is very well received but the second part of the speech is hampered by a combination of the presence of another huge cat, the roars that emanate from its vicinity and the sound of whooping heard in the distance.

Spotted Hyaena (Crocuta crocuta) (W1CDR0000381 BD12)

The sound of whooping heard by the Angels.

These whoops are enough to distract Abigail from her speech as are the sounds of fox barking which not only brings out the Angels but also brings out practically the whole of Buckinghamshire and in the case of Buckinghamshirean children, they are thrilled to see Seslinian back in Buckinghamshire and so disregard the "stay at home" warning broadcast around the country.

The warning is also disregarded by Abigail who takes the Angels outside to see the fox, but they also see the cat and the source of the whooping which is named by Felicity as "Jomnune" based on the sounds it makes. As Jomnune is revealed to the public, the Angels are forced to watch another animal appear: The Shadow Cat as Clementine Galbraith calls it but what Felicity Barbrige calls Vlaasarak.

Once the fight goes to Sheephouse Wood, Abigail is just as ambitious as ever about expanding the Angels and states they will do it, with or without the Mammal Wars threat.

Outback Vixen:

At the start of Outback Vixen, the result of Jomnune has resulted in the British government activating Operation Temperer and forcing both Britain's Angels and the British Vixens under the most clandestine conditions ever because the government has deployed 2,550 armed police officers on the streets of England, especially in London, Buckingham, Nottingham, High Wycombe, Ravenglass, Trowbridge and numerous other locations around the United Kingdom.

Even so, it doesn't prevent Abigail from being bold and still intending to expand the Angels whatever the consequences and it certainly does not stop her making this declaration:

"I promised that the Angels would get an expansion, and Abigail has always kept her promises. Jomnune may have forced police onto the streets but he hasn't taken away our freedom and if we are to get into the Vixens then we have to be brave. This time, neither soldier nor hyena will prevent us from expanding! And that is not a promise but it is something that will happen!"
That night, Abigail declares the Angels expansion begins tonight and splits the Angels into groups of three. During the night, all but one group of Angels led by Felicity Barbrige capture eleven British girls. This is the only time when the Angels are shown in the story however.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

Following on from the events of Outback Vixen, Abigail goes from being the leader of the Angels to revealing the Angels' prisoners to the British Vixen leader Claribel Bloodworth with the rest of them. She is first told by Claribel to reveal her first prisoner which Abigail does and reveals the first prisoner of the Angels, destined to become one herself: Laura Hamilton.