A Woman's World
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The Second Cold War: Agents of Tomorrow Invasion of the Reptiles
A Woman's World is a story set in the 23rd century and is arguably one of the few categorized stories of the pieces featured and is written in first person style, the only story to be so.

It is one of the stories to be covered in the Timeline of World History and is probably unique among many stories written by the wiki founder as it departs from the traditional serious storyline of other series and is far more sexualized with depictions of BDSM and bondage.


A student stands up to Britain's most infamous misandric school bully- and pays the penalty for doing it.


In the 23rd Century, the Second Cold War is over, the organizations around the world disbanded with many villains either dead or in prison.

Jesse Fairchild is an 18 year old student studying at the university of Manchester with his friends Benjamin Greaves, Gabriel Eaton and Noah Kimberly all of whom are bullied by the infamous Poppy Wright and her gang mostly because they are boys but also because of how susceptible they are to them.

But one day changes all that: On this day Poppy and her friends bully the weakest of Jesse's friends Noah by first stripping him naked in a P.E changing room and re-dressing him in a latex bodysuit and putting his hands in bondage mittens and securing his hands in front of him then taking him outside against a wall before Poppy's right hand girl Briana Carrington massages his buttocks and spanks him all the while being watched by the rest of the gang.

This results in Jesse getting into a fight with Poppy that ends when she gets hit by him. She and her gang swear revenge and blackmail him into coming to her house at night and does the same to Greaves, Eaton and Kimberly. At night, Jesse goes to Poppy's house whilst the others go to other houses. At their respective houses, they are all knocked out with chloroform, have cuffs fastened on their wrists and ankles, zipped into sleepsacks and taken by vans to Alkrington; Jesse with Poppy, Benjamin with Annabel, Gabriel with Jennifer and Noah with Kathleen. At the warehouse, the boys are sold into slavery and transported to an unknown location.

The boys are freed and brought before more of Poppy's friends: 97 Slavic women and girls and 23 British girls who reveal that they are at Alkrington Hall and they are now their playthings. The women then proceed to give a derogatory speech and slander the boys.

Following the speech, the boys are given leather, latex and spandex bodysuits, catsuits, zentais, gimp suits and boots before being taken to different rooms where they are ordered by the women in their respective rooms to strip and put on their latex bodysuits and boots. Then the women proceed to put the boys through BDSM, with Jesse being the first one:

He is fastened into a neck corset and head harness in an equipment room before being fastened into a leg sheath. Once this has happened, he is fastened into a monoglove, put into a strappado position and spanked both by hands and with a riding crop whilst also having his buttocks massaged. Finally her is attached to an electrostimulation machine which is gradually increased and put into a gas mask.

Benjamin is next to experience BDSM: He is stripped and made to wear his blue latex bodysuit and wear his boots. He is then fastened into a monoglove, hooded and gagged.

He is then fastened into a head harness and taken to an equipment room. In this room, he is fastened onto a hogtie machine which continually pulls him into a hogtie and back out of one. He is also the only boy to wear high heeled boots as straps not only fasten around his body but also on the heels of his boots.

Gabriel is also hogtied in a different version. He is told to take all his clothes off, made to wear a black leather suit, fastened into a corset, tape gagged and also has a helmet fastened on with a neck corset. He is also told to put on his boots before being fettered and fastened into a monoglove. The glove is strapped to his back and more tape is wound round his mouth. Finally, he is put into an extremely tight hogtie.

Like before, Noah is disciplined before being tied up. He is made to wear a red latex catsuit and boots before his captor sets him up to steal from her; he is then tied up and gagged and his boots are taken off by his captor and he is spanked.

Noah is then put into a tight hogtie and his captor whips his feet with a riding crop; after their first BDSM sessions are over, the boys are left alone.

Once this three hours is up, they are freed and then shown the girls who bullied them who are also in this world and are shown to a prison where they discover three boys kidnapped by the girls.

Jesse asks if there is a way out to which Poppy replies there is not and they are trapped on this world to endure endless BDSM. The boys are then taken back to their rooms with their girls and given wetsuits as well, back in their rooms the girls put the boys through different situations:

Jesse is stripped of his suit and is ordered to wear the clothes he previously wore, except to his chest. He is then laced into a corset then fastened into a monoglove and ordered to show off his body before being tied to a chair.

Benjamin is ordered to put on his wetsuit, is fastened into a deprivation hood and a garment that renders his arms unmovable. First he is put into a jacuzzi before one of the girls takes him into a shower and makes him "washed up" all the while receiving spankings and massaging of his buttocks with the other two girls watching this.

Gabriel keeps his suit however he has his arms tied behind his back, his legs tied together and is gagged. His captor then caresses him, plays with him, fondles with him and spanks him several times, his captor also kisses him.

Noah meanwhile is hogtied again. But this time with duct tape, Before being blindfolded he is put into the tightest hogtie he could ever imagine and spanked. Then he has his eyes taped shut and he receives another spanking. Finally, his captor holds him between her legs and spanks him again as he cries out before he is left alone.

The story ends with each boy being shown in BDSM with their respective captors: Jesse with Poppy Wright, Briana Carrington, and Kadia Bonniwell, Benjamin with Annabel Gillingham, Cordelia Heseltine and Isla Sherwood, Gabriel with Jennifer Sedgwick, Kierra Norrington and Imogen Randel and Noah with Kathleen Reckford, Victoria Summerfield, Tiffany Whittaker and Grace Workman. After one last BDSM session, the story concludes with Jesse falling asleep under unknown circumstances.

The boys are doomed to spend the rest of their lives trapped in the parallel world to experience their ultimate punishment: An endless marathon of bondage, sadomasochism, spanks and BDSM.

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